Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki coming to Kabir and frees his hands and unties him. Kabir says whatever you have done is wrong, you are hugging a stranger and says legally your relation is illegitimate. Thapki asks him to stop and says their relation is not illegitimate, and the one who is illegitimate here is him and his behavior. She says whatever she has done is because of Badi Dadi, and tells that she had heart attack twice. She says I can’t give her shock and that’s why did this drama. Kabir says I didn’t know all this else…Thapki says it is in your blood to play with others’ lives. Kabir says yes, but I play with someone who deserves it. He says he will win the challenge.

Thapki says Bihaan can’t lose as this house and family is his priority. Kabir says he has already lost

his wife and love, and now he will lose this house too, and very soon you will know who will stay in the house and who will not. Bihaan asks Vasu to bless her for his win. Vasu does his aarti and blesses him. Thapki comes there. Bihaan says I have a big strength with me, my mum’s blessings, so how can others win and looks at Thapki. Thapki is teary eyes. Vasu goes to Thapki and does her Tilak and Aarti surprising Bihaan. Bihaan says you are doing wrong. Vasu says you have forgotten to read eyes, but I am a mum and can see the truth. Bihaan says the day you will see her reality, you will repent. He goes.

Vasu says I am a mum and that’s why can see your pain. I want you to see the truth and make your pains go away from your life. She asks Thapki not to lose strength and says I will not let any third person come inbetween you and Bihaan. When I can target pistol on my son Dhruv, then I will not fall weak to shoot Kabir and Sankara. Thapki hugs her and says even though I am with Kabir in the challenge, but from heart I am with Bihaan. She says I wants him to win the challenge. Preeti shows sport shows to Suman and says you will wear this and play cricket.

Suman says how can I play cricket wearing this. Preeti says I have already got your name registered and asks her to get ready. Ashwin says I will make you understand the game. Suman says I will eat kachori first. Preeti says you will get sleep if you eat it, and asks her to have it after match. Ashwin says Preeti is right and asks her to support Bihaan. Suman agrees to eat it later, and goes. Preeti asks her to stop and breaks the coconut and does her aarti. They wish her all the best.

Sankara thinks Mrs and Mr. Bihaan Pandey will win. She says Thapki couldn’t snatch her Bihaan from her. She says I will win Bihaan and this house from my other stuff, and plans to trap Thapki and Kabir. Sankara comes to Thapki’s room and ties the box in the cupboard. Thapki comes there and asks what you are doing here? Sankara says I came to meet you. Thapki asks why? Sankara says I thought to give you best wishes being Bihaan’s wife. Thapki says I hope you changes your thoughts soon, and says I hope you play clean. Thapki puts the hand on the iron set up by Sankara. Kabir comes there and offers to help. Thapki says I will not take your help. Sankara comes there and locks both in the cupboard. Kabir and Thapki ask her to open the cup board. Sankara says if you don’t reach there then how you will win the competition. She says she will win the competition and also Bihaan’s love. Everyone waits for Thapki and Kabir. Sankara comes out and says she must be with her husband and says she is our enemy. They might be together. Bihaan says we shall go.

Balwinder says we shall think about challenge only at this point. Everyone leave from there. Kabir says how dare you Sankara. Thapki tells Kabir that they both are same. Kabir says I am not like Sankara. Thapki tries to take her finger. Kabir helps her and frees her hand. Thapki cries. Kabir asks her to thank him. Thapki says I am trapped here because of you. They argue. Thapki’s hairs get entangled in his watch. Kabir looks at her and recalls their good moments and smiles. Thapki gets angry. Kabir says I will free your hairs. Thapki says I am trapped here with you. Kabir says even I don’t want to romance with you here. He asks if someone is here? Thapki says my Bihaan is truthful and will win today. Kabir gets angry.

Bihaan comes back home and calls Thapki. Kabir and Thapki continues to knock on the cupboard. Bihaan calls Thapki’s name and continues searching her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Shivani

    CV’s trying to keep both Thabir and Thahaan fans happy.

    As much as I want Thabir, just have Thapki choose a guy already! Stop playing with our feelings! I wont even care if she chooses Bihan as long as you stop leading us on!

    • Shivani

      If Thapki is going with bihan the least you can do is make Kabir’s character relatable and sensible again, let him take his revenge his with Bihan. Stop butchering your characters.

  2. Shahid

    Loved the Kabir and Thapki moments in the wardrobe was so cute.

    Why did Bihaan come back for why didn’t he stay with Sankar if they don’t show he has won the cricket match by default.

    Instead he returns home looking for another mans wife, how dare he, focus on your own wife Sankar and treat her like crap.

    • Baby

      you are right,CV`s what Bihaan doing in the house.

      But, I don`t feel any sorry for Sankar. She has no dignity at all as a woman,her criminal records is too much even if Bihaan is not aware of.

  3. pooja prabha

    What a stupid episode…CVS tried to recreate Thahaans nok jhok scenes with kabir.They used our Thahaans background music also.really shame on you CVS for the idiotic way of thinking and your boshful ideas…hello,friends garima,reshal,any,sruti,vino,santhosh Bhai…I really miss your comments,but I can understand your feeling after seeing this monotonous presentation of our Thahaans life…

  4. Shahid

    And no Thapki you idiotic woman this isn’t Kabirs fault, all this stemmed from the fact Bihaan slapped your face and chucked you out and then you wanted revenge, its also due to the fact you haven’t thrown Sankar out the house yet even tho you know she is bad now.
    Another reason why all this is happening because you were so smart you wanted to marry the next guy who walks through the door.

    Take some of the blame dont act like you and Bihaan are all innocent.

    • Avanti

      That wouldn’t make her Thapki then would it? Both Thapki and Bihan have this victim complex, they love blaming other people for their short comings rather than admitting they make poor choices.

      Looks like todays episode may just worth be watching then!

      • Shahid

        Deffo watch it for Kabirs wardrobe scenes was the highlight in my eyes, and Thapkis hair got caught in Kabirs watch maybe its a sign they will end up together like when it always happens with Thapki and Bihaan.

        Doubt it tho and I agree with everyone please don’t butcher Kabirs character any more than they have done so far.

  5. Maya Amin

    Wishing Bihaan couldnt find Thapki than win the challenge.
    So PN suppose to be back to Pandey family.

  6. Shivani

    I dont understand Thapki’s character, she wont attempt to divorce Kabir because she believe and respects in marriages, she got Bihan married to Sankara and as far as she knows its Kabir who’s betrayed her and not Sankara. So destroying Bihan’s marriage with Sankara or trying to get back with Bihan doesnt that go against her beliefes and values?

  7. Rani

    I dont understand Thapki’ character. She wont attempt to divorce Kabir or speak up against him in front of the Pandey’s because that against her values and beliefs. She thinks Kabir betrayed her fair enough but she doesnt know that Sankara has as well. She was the one to get Bihan and Sankara married and now she’s trying to break them apart just because she had a misunderstanding…whatever happened to respecting marriages there?

    Bihan- overdramattic, mannerless. Why does he not ask the right questions? Why does he not have the basic decency and patience to listen to Thapki? Why did he believe a bunch of pictures delivered by a stranger, for all he knows they could be doctored.I get that he has limited respect for women and he’s very rough but why defame the person you love in front of every one when you could’ve avoided that whole scene and sorted it out in private?

    Kabir- he’s seemed to have Thapki’s disease of staying mute when he’s require to speak up the most. Why let your ‘wife’ be humiliated in public like that. I understand he wanted Bihan to believe those pictures but surely he could’ve stopped Bihan when he started to get nasty and humiliated Thapki in front of everyone. Cricket matches? Really?? Is that how people take important decisions in life now? -.- Could have just as well flipped a coin.

    Vasu- quiet when her ‘daughter like daughter in law’ is being humiliated but speaks up at the most unneccesary times.

    Sankara and Shradha- both morally corrupt but the only characters that make sense :/

    Whats this show coming to?

    • Lucy

      Well they can’t divorce yet as thapki knows, how do you think Thahaan came together? They had to wait 3 months before they could divorce . Also she didn’t see it as a marriage anyway because she didn’t do the rounds with him, she put the mangalsutra on herself and the sindoor. So they are not religiously married only legally and that’s only because Kabir tricked her into signing papers.

      • Rani

        We haven’t even seen her attempting to start he process though. Call it whatever but they are married and she will need a divorce from Kabir, why hasn’t she even tried? She’s seems to do all sorts of illogical stuff but she hasn’t done any of the things that actually count.

  8. manish ki deewani

    CVS what is this .why u use thahaan tashan wala bgm for kabir and thapki? Really what is this why u can’t give them another music.don’t use thahaan bgm.I know u don’t listen us
    CVS plz end this kankar track as soon as possible becoz it is so frustrated and hurted us .

  9. anu

    what the helL giving thahaAn fan lollipop and then showing such rubbish next day and u thapki how could u do this sick lady and cvs using our thahan bgm wow amazing that forceD ugly bhai behen jodi kaani u both deserves tight slap froM me hi my old frnds

    • Pari

      yes we want thahaan….. Cv its a humble request plz unite thahaan…
      Dont want binkar or thabir

      we want thahaan


  10. Swara

    Thapki has this incessant need to take Bihan’s name and say how much she loves him each time she’s with Kabir, its almost as if she’s trying to remind herself and keep herself in check rathe than it having to do anything with the situation. 😉

    I for one loved the Kabir-Thapki element, give me more ThaBir!

  11. Lucy

    I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed with the fact they used thahaans background music when they used to argue, can’t the writers come up with something original also they pretty much gave the same dialogue to Kabir that would usually be Bihaans lines so that spoilt it for me give Kabir original lines not something we’d expect to hear from Bihaan

    • Lucy

      All I was thinking throughout that scene was how much better Manish would have done it given his past performance that is no disrespect to Sheban, he shouldn’t get Recycled lines and scenes

      • Komal

        His face is just expressionless in this kind of scene…he should be polished more….and our manish used to execute it so well..manish is as usual expression king…cvs is doing this for kabir to fall for thapki,then thapki will know kabir’s truth, kabir turns psycho for thapki..but thapki will support bihaan.. sankar is as usual devil so one day her deeds will be proved and bihaan will throw her out, but doesn’t mean cvs will put bihaan the ML to stay alone and kaani united…lol imaginary pairs are being cooked up in form of Kaani which is out of the show only..

  12. Ish

    Thank u CV’s!!!!! Finally after many boring episodes a decent Thapki-Kabir scene…..i love this pairing pls show more and unite them…

  13. Pari

    Cv plz save our thahaan..don’t give their nok jok and their background music to stupid scenes,,

    we wan thahaan



    • Komal

      @pari cvs are trying to gain trp…but nothing happened, it has been so many days since kabir entry and no change in trp so it means the loyal thahaan fans are still watching the crap show for their love of thahaan.. a few who has left the show is filled in by kabir fans..nothing else…so after all these, I know many thahaanians will stop watching.. their favourite bihaan tune has been used today because the tune has been the success of the show before.. you know what cvs is planning to show kabir falling for thapki and become a psycho soon.. cvs doesn’t give importance to Kaani so they didn’t make a new tune…so dont have to worry for that.. they are copying our Bihaan only but no improvement….so throughout the episode I felt relaxed…#thahaan forever

      • Doll.pari


        |Registered Member

        yes komal are cent% right…. we thahaanian watch this show due to Manish (Bihaan)……. Cv has destroyed the beauty of its main leadby adding non sence track and stupidity…. CV is using Bihaan tunes on kabir… and it was like yaaaakkkkk….

      • Doll.pari


        |Registered Member

        yes komal u are cent% right…. we thahaanian watch this show due to Manish (Bihaan)……. Cv has destroyed the beauty of its main leadby adding non sence track and stupidity…. CV is using Bihaan tunes on kabir… and it was like yaaaakkkkk….

      • Shehla

        It has been so many days since Kabir entry, they could have showed Kabir kicked the Pandeys out and Dhruv being useful and doing something to save the family with Bihan or Bihan finding more about Kabir.

        They didnt show Thapki-Kabir scenes for 2 weeks and there wasn’t any improvement in the TRP with the Thapki Bihan apology either so that means Thahaan dont pull in the TRPs either.

      • thahaan_forever

        Kaani fans comments make me laugh lol… thahaan separation is not pulling up trp… when thahaan unite, many will start watching…

      • |Registered Member

        Komal I agree with you 👍 the cvs planning is to make kabir to take bihaan place in the show 😑

      • dewi

        yess..! you’re right.. Komal
        Thahaan forever.. 😊
        I can’t wait sankara’s truth get reveal..

  14. Anita

    Everyone is actually forgetting the fact that thapki and kabir aren’t actualy married! Just signatures on a document and kabir also bribed the pundit! Therefore they Are not properly married!! Pay attention to the littlest details people .. Its stuff like this that the writers ignore and make u all go mad lol! But I agree.. rather than focusing on actual revenge and bringing truth back.. the story line isn’t going off track -.- #annoying

    • Shehla

      Last I checked signatures on a marriage certificate did mean you were legally married, so they are ‘properly married’.

    • Lucy

      I didn’t see you comment Anita when i wrote mine above responding tosomeone else. Exactly the point i was making!!!
      Shehla, you say they are propetly married but for Thapki unless the Hindu rituals were fulfilled she would not see herself as married so for her the legal one is just a piece of pape,r means ansolutely nothing to her

      • Komal

        Relationships are born out of love and not just mere piece of papers…bihaan and thapki would have been divorced too. but they realisesd their love.. and thahaan love each other deeply so there isn’t any question of Kaani.. yes cvs is doing this to bring in kabir psycho track for thapki similar to the dhruv track because there had been a few fans of dhruv too similar to Kaani…but cvs will silent them soon

      • Shehla

        She may not believe in it but it doesnt mean thats she’s not married. A egal document certifying you’re married means you’re married and thats the case anywhere in the world and frankly I dont see Thapki even taking any concrete measures to end the marriage, she hasnt even been seen consulting a lawyer, checking the validity of the marriage or filing for a divorce.

      • Lucy

        I get the point about seeking advice on the validity of the marriage but she’s been there before with Bihaan in regards to divorce proceedings and that time they were told they had to wait 3 months, so there’s no point in getting the ball rolling on that also I don’t understand the laws in India because I remember in ishq ka naam safed the ML sister got married within a very short time got separated and just as quick remarried it was like in a matter of a month or even less. Having said that I don’t see why she is keeping quiet she hasn’t even confided in her sister or Dhruv, but I suppose typical Thapki has to do it all herself

      • Komal

        When thapki got married to Bihaan instead of dhruv, it was a real marriage but she removed her marriage symbols because it had no meaning for her, so this is only a paper matter…she will do it easily once she gets off with making bihaan trust in her and finding kabir’s truth.. Thapki is a bit slow character from the beginning…

  15. kajool

    ThanksCV👹destroy the beauty of thahaan..
    CVS please decided if you want thabir than please show that bihaan dies then CVS happily make new stupid couple thabir
    .you never ever fulfill our wish since one year we are saying please clear misunderstanding between thahaan but no. Please mercy on viewer
    Why you always show evil win on innocent
    How much you draggged sankar track.. Itna tuo star plus k serial main dragginh nahi hoti .jitni tpk mein hoti hai
    Please cvs finishe sankar and kabir track..
    You can also so us how both sister aditi and thapki start fight aditi become bari bahu and ording on thapki then both brother fight for thier wife so many story..
    Please finished sankar and kabir today you break so many hearts becuse of your stupid track..

    • Shehla

      That doesnnt differentiate TPK from any other serial on TV. I quite like the current track actually. I do want to see some progress however. Come on cv’s since Thapki did manage to get over speech impediment why not show her talking normally? Or if she hasnt (not sure how hough conferring she could talk normally as Vani, lets see her getting over it). Id rather not see anymore kitchen sas bahu politics anymore

  16. Sagar

    Ye main kya dekh raha hu? thahaan fans tum log himmat kaise har sakte ho? aap sabko pata toh hai cvs k habits, wo log trp k liye ye sab kar rahe hai but koi fayda nhi ho raha..naya bgm milega tab na bajayenge… isliye ab kabir ko thapki k liye fall karwayenge dhruv jaisa evil track aayega phir thahaan milwayega..main kya bolta hu simple language me ki thahaan fans show dekhna chor do kuch din tv pe..dekhna cvs khud thahaan ko unite karenge kyu k aaj tk thahaan fans hi trp dete aaye hai, Kaani fans nhi…Kaani fans toh jo thahaan fans show chore hai unka fillers hai… so chill and stop watching tpk for now..

  17. thahaan_forever

    Thahaan thahaan and only thahaan…. Kaani scenes are just fillers in between.. they are showing kabir falling for thapki.. and yes as others said they don’t have any other new tune so copying bihaan’s.. it would have been effective when thapki was vaani and hated bihaan but now she is thapki again who loves bihaan..and here it’s not that ki bihaan is a villain, he is also a victim of circumstances like thapki and after all both are leads…so at the end thahaan only

    • thahaan_forever

      cvs are playing with the emotions of both the thahaan and kaani fans.. nothing else.. but new year pe thahaan ko cake khilwaye so be positive… itna trust toh hai cvs par

    • |Registered Member

      I just want to slap 👋🏻 the cvs soooooo hard until he realizes that this show only for our thahaan ❤️️

    • |Registered Member

      If any one know manish sir of he have an instgram account can you send this message to him that he should quite thapki show because the only reason for me watching this show is him please manish there are other show that you will be the truth man lead please quite thapki show so I can stop watching this boring show please 😩😫

  18. Fariha

    Maybe using the same tune is an indication that Thabir with replace Thahan something I can see Thahan fans aren’t ready to even think about.

    Thanks for the scenes today writers, Thabir rock!!!!

  19. soni

    Kay eventually Kabir hi aaya

    Using Thapki-Bihan tune for Thabir lol, maybe this means the lead couple may now be thabir

  20. Alex

    No chemistry between Kabir and Thapki. Always look forward to Bihaan as he lights up the show and especially with Thapki. The writers are killing the show with all the other idiotic tracks. Earlier, with Bihaan and Thapki love track, got hooked. now it is so painful to watch. Cheers,

  21. Alister La Frenais

    Will someone please explain to me, why Shraddha is calling herself Mrs Dhruv Pandey, did he not divorce her and is now married to Thapki’s sister. Also, why is the Pandey Clan tolerating this immoral woman who drugged Dhruv and had illicit s*x with him, Not being an Indian, I am at a loss to understand the strange customs followed by Indian families.

    • Komal

      If you are saying it regarding to the show, then we are ourselves confused with the customs followed by the pandey family, they have not left a single stone unturned and going against our culture… but if you wanted to mean it as a whole of Indian families then I must tell you, I am an Indian too. if you are aware of India’s rich heritage and culture, you must not say this because you don’t belong to our roots, you don’t know how people live here.. you have no right to insult or point fingers at Indian families either. This is just a show and will end at some point of time..

      • Alister La Frenais

        Komal, you have undoubtedly misunderstood my query. I was asking about the traditions adopted in the serial and not that of the culture or practices of India. Just for your information I have lived in India for 17 years so I know about India’s heritage and culture including the caste system. Finally, I thank you for your words of wisdom, even though you went on the offensive on a misconception.

    • Shehla

      Its a piece of fiction with no logic, it supposedly supposed to represent a north indian family but I highly doubt it represents any indian joint family. Take it with a fist full of salt and dont try and find any logic in it. It doesnt represent a typically indian family.

  22. Lucy

    This show could have focused on Bihaan and Thapki running Channel 365 instead of these pointless love triangles and revenge plans. The story with the minister was getting interesting and then instead of doing that justice they went onto the kosi drama. Thapki came to noida for a career she had the opportunity to turn 365 around after Dhruv left and it could have easily become a truly inspiring ahow but the writers destroyed that along with the essence and purity of Thahaan. So many sacrifices they both made, why couldn’t the writers have give them challenges in a professional capacity and showing them work together. With a news channel in the background im sure the writers could have got creative instead of rehashing old story lines. The only reason i watch is even though they have butchered him im still a big fan of Manish and remember the cheeky chappy Bihaan.

    • elika

      Hi Lucy… I agree with u.. The story can be more interesting after remarriage track if they explore about Bihaan & Thapki take over the channel 365, with this they can playing around about how can be two people with their limitation can running & managing the channel, it can be more interesting & inspiring story. they can improve their lead character become more mature & the relation both of them too.. They can bring bihaan’s background story about his real mother after bihaan gets success for next track, but they should handle that track sensitively. it’s not like what they are showing now.

  23. Baby

    I am confused by the writers,because today,
    Thapki`s hairs got entangled into Kabir`s watch , may be this is the future sign that we are going to have a proper wedding ceremony because for now are both regally married because of marriage certificate that Thapki was cheated and tricked to sign by Kabir including other official documents without are knowledge.

    When,Kabir said “I will free your hairs” I think may be those words had another meaning,like you know what Thapki, I am the only one will free you from all mess you put on yourself
    due to stupid flopped plan of revenge and luck of trust.

    or Kabir is the one will expose Sankara by telling the family the whole truth about her criminal records, because he also said,how dare you Sankara, also he said to thapki,he is not like Sankara.

    let`s wait and see.

  24. Dreams

    I only watch this show for Kabir. He is my favourite character. And I want him and thapki to be together. They make a better couple than thahaan. Bihaan doesn’t deserve thapki he dont value her. Kabir is the best. I hope they have more love scenes.

    • Komal

      They are better couple than thahaan? from which angle? thahaan’s pair and chemistry is one of the leading pairs in the industry.. your name dreams so you must be day dreaming.. lol

  25. Divya

    Not only the tune but remember when kabir saved thapki from molestation,In that scene kabir kissed thapki on her forehead ,after both reaching home thapki neither questioned nor scolded kabir for kissing her.thapki didnt even felt hesitated for that.So yes After watching today’s epi. I think that now Cv will give more focus on thabir cute scenes.

  26. fira

    Sankara is not end yet?to long,she always win use disgusting trick.
    I doubt that maybe sankara is the person who make the story and she will stay in tpk until the end just like shrada…bravo tpk,u show us that evil always win…congratulation,..

  27. Huny

    I have started to watch this drama! At first it was interesting but now it has become extremely boring ! Please end this drama with the good end! This is the most boring drama in this channel!!

  28. Lucy

    When Dhruv and Thapki got together I thought awww it’s very sweet and lovely but when Thapki and Bihaan got together it was dynamite and I was rooting for them all their funny scenes, the jokey arguments it was fun to watch and even though I don’t dislike Kabir I know their cute scenes are going to irritate me because it doesn’t feel as natural as Thahaan chemistry. Also Manish even when he did the badtameez did song, when he dressed up as Chulbul pandey and even when he did mohabbatein I feel he makes it is own, it feels fresh whereas when I watch Kabir it seems to me he is channelling SRK. Before non Manish fans gang up on me this is just my thoughts I don’t expect people to agree, just my opinion

  29. Sade

    Hello people ! I live in France and i follow thapki’s série singe thé beginning. And i havé to say that i miss the Thapki of the beginning, who was smart, courageous and strong ! I was Really happy by Thapki and Bihaan union, but since à few month i am sad about the new scène. I mean, writers have changed Thapki character. Today episod was ok, Kabir is not so bad, but he has to ex plain to Thapki, why he hâte Bihaan as she has explained him Her réason to take revenge. I mean, they have to Be adult. The worst personnage is definitively Sanskar. I hâte her. She has not honour and self estime.
    Bihan is stupides, he makes Allways the same mistake with Thapki. So he should to take a minute and think about their past, he Will realise then.
    Ufffff where are you bringing the Story writers ?? When Will we have The true Côme true??

  30. sadia

    i m not watching this serial but heart broken after reading updates so sad….how can cvs made a pure love couple into difrent pathways…if they go properly thn thahaan become the superhit couple but very sad they are rounding btwn two coples kani and thahaan a moralless serial one women two men….why cvs make new entries although these are all in vain….and more garbage is gathering into the show …inspite of new entries plz clr this misunderstanding soon by the old chracters….unite thahaan…nd where is this stupid dhruv now who can help thapki but he is not thre…..all are bull shit…..plz dont watch itm…until they unite thahaa..and acording to me all tharuv fans become the thabir fans bcoz thy did nt like the bihan….but thahanians cant change ….

  31. Lucy

    I just want the torture to end, if the writers are pushing for Kabir and Thapki that’s their prerogative, I Will carry on watching until Manish is in it but if they do make thabir then I hope Manish leaves so I can quit watching

  32. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I do not want to watch TPK during sankara and kabir still there …. better watch masha and the bear … can laugh and be entertained … watch the episode TPK now makes heartache … please CVS watching themselves your serial

  33. aradhana

    thahaan rocks… but these days why they are confusing the storyline… good characters , good plot bt…kabir,thapki scenes look good bt thahaan always my favourite…for godsake don’t continue this track…..

  34. aradhana

    felt like thapki’s character is spoilt , unable to prove truth, missing thahaan element, first dhruv then bihaan nw… pls stop this ..tpk one of my fav bt dont make it worser…with this thabir with bihaan in storyline…..

  35. fira

    If they stop the show,they will lose a job…so they will use rubbish story to make all thahaan and thabir fan still watch this…but remember one thing,they just known as bad story value.
    Kabir you just burn the pandey house so you fulfill you motive,then going somewhere with your sister.
    Thapki being alone,bihaan runs to everywhre but alwys catch by shankara and they live sadness ever after.
    Druv hide himself from two wife,and two children that alwys fight each other.
    Sanjay,aswin,preeti,suman built their house and live hapily after a few years trap in pandey house.
    Vasu maa and balwinder life with dadi ma,they are realized that they life will enjoyable without,bihaan,thapki,druv,srada,sankar,aditi….
    And the viewers also realized that one that make their life unenjoyable,sad is just because they watch thapki pyaar ki series…
    The end…

  36. Anjali

    What a treat for us Thabir fans after a very long time! I hope the story progresses from now on. Would love to see more Thapki-Kabir scenes!

  37. Kanika

    I hope Thapki realises it’s time to move on. Ratherthan goon around in the same circle I want to see character growth. Let’s see Thapki moving on (with or without Kabir) but Atleast from the Pandeys, finding her own identity, working on her career. She moved to noida for a job, surely we can see her working further then. Let’s see her working on her speech problems and move away from the Pandey’s where she’s not appreciated at all.

    If that’s not possible, I’d rather see her move on with Kabir than go back to Bihan and the pandeys where she has no value, all she has to face is humiliation.

    • Sade

      Your wishe join Fira’s story end at last. I agréé with you. Thapki has all capacity to start a new Life. And she has money for that, as she has herited fortune from Vani Obrei. I hope they Will not continue story with Thapki poor whoman who depend of man wishes (Bihan and Kabir even)

  38. Neha

    I’m just watching this show for Sehban and the character Kabir, I hope the cvs don’t butcher his character further. The day Sehban leaves, ill stop watching this show too.

    • Divya

      Yup u r right,we are all here for sehban.kabir is the sensible person in the show.but yesterday when thapki told kabir about najayaj,i felt bad for him.It is thapki who is pinning around his ex bihaan and interfering in sankar’s life .Thpki herself interfering in sankar’s life but blaming kabir for najayaz rishta.

  39. Pineapple


    |Registered Member

    So, Bihaan will come back and search for Thapki because he wants to prove he can win the game using his skills. By returning to the house he proved he wanted a fair game and not to win by default.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.