Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Preeti cutting fruits for puja outside the house. Thapki asks Bihaan to see the daal she kept on stove and goes. Suman and Preeti get tired, and Preeti asks Suman to make someone cut the fruits. She shows Shraddha and they smile. Bihaan looks on. Suman asks Shraddha to cut fruits with them to make Prasad. Shraddha says sorry, I don’t do low market servant type work, my manicure will get bad, you both cut it, its Prasad and everyone should get it. She goes.

Preeti says see Sharddha is so clever, now we have to cut these fruits. Suman says Thapki would have…. Preeti says Thapki would have cut fruits herself. Bihaan smiles. Suman gets an idea and says Sanjay asked me to iron his shirt, you cut the fruits. She goes. Preeti says Suman thinks I m stupid

to cut fruits alone, I will do this work when Suman comes back, and goes to talk to her friend. Thapki comes back and cooks food. Bihaan says you have to talk to everyone, and gets some idea. He sends Ram pyaari to eat the fruits. He gives bath to Gulabo and asks Thapki to give bucket, he has to get Gulabo’s milk. Thapki gives the bucket and sees Ram pyaari going to fruits. She says Rampyaari will spoil the Prasad and asks Bihaan to stop her.

He says I m busy, you go. Thapki stops Ram pyaari and takes the fruits. Suman and Preeti come running, and see Thapki with fruits plate. Thapki says don’t worry, Ram pyaari did not eat the fruits. Suman thanks Thapki, else we would have made it again. Vasundara and Shraddha look on. Preeti says yes, thanks Thapki. Vasundara scolds Preeti and Suman. Dadi and Bau ji look on. Vasundara asks Preeti and Suman where did they go leaving puja Prasad, careless, now we will feed this to Ram pyaari. Bau ji looks on. Vasundara says Ram pyaari did not eat fruits, but Thapki has touched the Prasad, we don’t keep liar’s touched Prasad to Lord, maybe she forgot we kicked her out, its fine. She asks Shraddha to get writing board and pen. Shraddha gets it and asks what will you do of this.

Vasundara writes outsiders are strictly prohibited to come inside. Shraddha reads it. Thapki cries. Vasundara keeps the board there. She says house and family are made by and for loved ones, not for outsiders, this is your limit Thapki, don’t cross it. She asks Shraddha, Preeti, Suman to come. Bihaan thinks I did this to make things fine, and opposite happened, I should think well and do something. Thapki cries. Dadi and Bau ji look on. Bau ji says don’t misunderstand me, but its bad happening with Thapki. Dadi says Thapki did wrong to hurt Vasundara, even I would have done the same thing.

Shraddha says I would have done same, you showed right place to Thapki. Vasundara says no, we have to send her away. Shraddha says we have big chance, its Shiv ji puja tomorrow, why don’t we invite Thapki and…… tells her plan. Vasundara smiles. She asks Shraddha to get Shivling. Shraddha says I will order it. Vasundara asks her to personally get it, like Thapki used to do, I mean she did for showing others, but you do it by heart. She goes. Shraddha says they always do puja, I will order Shivling and say I got it personally. She calls the shop and places order.

Bihaan eats the food and sees Thapki sad. She does not eat food. He says forgive me, it all happened because of me, I did not know this will happen, have food, the food looks bad without salt, that’s why you are not eating it right, I should have got salt, I can make it eatable, and adds sugar in the daal. He eats the daal. She looks at him surprised. He says its looking tasty, you have also it. he adds sugar in her plate daal as well. She says stop, does anyone add sugar in daal, what are you doing. He asks her to taste once, and feeds her food. He asks her is it not tasty, have more. She cries.

He pauses seeing her crying, and asks what happened, don’t eat, if you don’t like it. She says you made daal fine by adding sugar, but can you make my life fine, why did you stop me here, I can’t bear more pain. He asks her to wait for few days, have food now. She eats food. He thinks he will make things fine.

Vasundara and Shraddha come out for walking, and talk aloud. Vasundara sees Thapki and acts as if she is indirectly inviting her in puja. Vasundara and Shraddha leave. Thapki says I understood Maa told this to me, and smiles. Bihaan asks her why is she smiling. Thapki says its Shiv puja tomorrow and I will go. He asks what, that board is there. She says anyone can go in puja. He says you are not invited, don’t go. She says I can stand at gate and attend puja. He says I know you want to go, but not good to go without invitation, and tells Sati’s mistake to attend puja at her father’s house, when Shiv ji stopped her, then Sati had to bear insult and burnt herself, Shiv ji then did tandav, all because of going without invitation. Thapki says I believe Maa, I will attend puja for her happiness.

Shraddha asks Thapki to do some work, and asks her to manage the guests shoes and sandals. Thapki obeys her. Bihaan gets angry seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. come on thapki r u educated

  2. y can’t u b a strong women. bechari thapki

  3. Bad epi..wt d hell shraddha n vasu r doing?

  4. OMG….
    what’s going on in TPK;Thapki herself saw vasu mixing rat poison in milk in order to defame Thapki and throwing her out. Then also she believes vasu and ready to go for puja .amazing Thapki.You’re the only piece in this world worth to stuff in museum so that everybody can see. ???
    Writer’s brain also gone while writing TPK.


  5. ha ha ha so nice of u bihaan please fall in love fast

  6. Today epi was really awesome…… Omg!!!!! Bihaan fed Thapki…so lovely……arae Thapki…….morning only that vasu insulted…then how she will invite u now…..think a minite….do u think the one who wanted to put thief name on u….will invite u for the pooja……..just listen bihaan’s words…OK…….pl….yaar hear bihaan’s words…..
    By the by thahaan scenes were ghazab…..thahaan rocks…..

  7. by taking others wrong doing blame on yourself will not help vasu. in fact U r making her more vicious

  8. Daal Mein sugar!!I like only Bihan’s acting in this serial.He is a true man in this serial.Precap Mein shraddha ek accha kaam dia thapki ko.Bohot mohan banna chahti hona?Aab mohan bano guest Ki shoes take care kar ke.Bashu all time eki saree key pehenti hain?

  9. Thahaan scene was nice.don’t worry thapki bihaan will make everything fine in ur life…both d evil doing too much of humiliate to thapki…I don’t know y this thapki always bear these humiliation…she can’t stand for herself…very poor thapki…I think in pandey nivas pooja won’t happened but thapki will do in her new home then that will b d big nosecut to both d evils

  10. loved the part when bihaan tries to make thapki eat n also when bihaan is telling story of shiv n sati to thapki
    love u manish

  11. Stupid Thapki,,.She still believes Vasundara,,..Bihan and Thapki should go out and live somewhere else,,then all things shradha did should be revealed and then the family should go and apologize to Thapki and bring them back 🙂 ,,.bt poor Dhruv 🙁 he is cheated by all,,his mom,wife,..

  12. Thahaan scenes always makes the show look good only reason to watch this show as concept for now is out of syllabus . lved The part where Bihaan gives love to Thapki so cute. And this week TPK trp increase next week trp will increase more hopefully TPK is the only show I have hope which can beat SSK as it’s less than 1 margin compared to SAK

  13. Hi guys…
    This thapki will never think for herself…she deaf and dumb…..but i am glad that now this shraddha will be scolded….Everyone will get annoyed and bihaan will arrange shivling so that Thapki does her pooja without any obstacle………. All shouts at shraddha for not bringing shivling at correct time….deems they just shout for this huge mistake…………
    But I want bihaan to shout at Thapki for going against his words….only then thapki will realise what he is……

  14. to all fans of thapki pyaar ki who is eager to watch the show in tamil
    thapki paar ki is going to telecast in tamil channels as indra in raj tv at 9:30 Pm

    thapki pyaar ki


    1. Sure 9.30. What about ahagiya laila

      1. hai ash azhagiya laila is going to end

  15. I dont understand..what is this MAA KI KHUSHI..
    Arey yar..will u do anything for ur so called devil maa…
    So stupd..
    Watching this only for bihaan..hope thahaan love story stars ASAP

  16. not bad

  17. oh!madam……you don’t have any sense?you always concerned about pandey family and always underestimate Bihaan’s words.Are yaar………Bihaan is the only person can make you happy.Anyway,MANISH YOUR A SPECTACULAR ACTOR yaar……your acting is like a magic and eagerly waiting for wonders from THAHAAN……..

  18. How can thapki who is supposed to be very intelligent be such a stupid when it comes to vasu

  19. This is my last comment………
    I decided not see the serial thapki pyar ki ……
    Title change karna padega THAPKI ROYGI ya MAREGI……..
    Ab bahoth jyada hogaya evils drama….
    Kya bakwas story a yarr….
    Age dekoonga tho paagal hojahoonga …….reel hain tho real ki tara diknna chaiye total bakwas ….bakwas…. bakkkkkkkkwasssssssss……… stupid writers. ……..

  20. What’s this going on…….!! Thapki can’t do that ……… the writer going mad…?? But, bihaan fed thapki it was so sweet

  21. There is a limit to all these irritating things. Too much of negativity. people should stop seeing it such things continues. It only poisons a mind with such negative forces.

  22. Thapki is a kind of person I would never want to be ,One with no self respect and too much cow like .Somehow the character is coming out all wrong and disgusting. What a shame .Thapki is a portrayal of an ideal servant not an ideal person

  23. Wow how sweet thahaan scene bihan feed thapki.
    eagerly waiting for thahaan love story..??

  24. Nice episode
    but precap is weird…
    thapki dnt worry bihan will let help you frm vasus humiliation…
    as he will bring ur life lighter than before….
    aey fool understand bihaan..
    wt i talk all is in cvs hand hope they bring thahaans love story soon..

    1. i agree with you

  25. Fed up with this crap o god cnt bearing ma anger cvs really gonna mad because tpk compete with sns they must addict in sb drama
    now days tpk too so irritating cmprng acters sns actors was too good every one justify their roles and emotions but in tpk only bihaan and shradha did grt job wt could rise in common man voice commercials needs money and trp . tpk cvs fcsed on trp no story line oops eventually in top 5.

  26. A lot of very no sense main characters in Indian series. What rubbish! Thapki is acting like an orphan. For goodness’ sake she has a family she can go back to or she can totally ignore the Pandey family and stop won’t like a fool with a rope round her neck. Bihaan is doing so well and I can imagine his annoyance at the way she behaves like a slave most times. She knows the truth about vasu and yet wouldn’t mind dying for her sake just to make her happy. Please this storyline is boring. Get thinking writers so our time isn’t wasted watching your program!

  27. When will the truth come out. So fed up of seeing this every day. When will someone see or hear these two plotting? When will Thapki speak out. Is there any point in watching WRITERS?

  28. Illiterate people also don’t b like u thapki…I hav seen tomorrow’s’s weird.
    How could u touch n clean others chappals with ur chunni yaar..

  29. Cvs destroyed thapkis character as a dumb.everyone hate thapki now cvs plz get u know the reality check educated women never do like this use commonsense avoid this type of scenes boring still no hope for thahaan love story hate cvs too..

  30. Where is Thapki pyar ki A loving part (fan fiction) episode 6………..? I am eagerly waiting for next episode………. Plz update fast……..

    It’s true………. Indra will telecast at 9.30 pm. Date……?

    1. I was suppose to update it on Sunday but as I m very busy these days I will update the episode on Monday 🙂

      1. What ya, honestly I am telling, eagerly waiting for your ff , equally with tpk serial. Ok cool. I am waiting…

    2. yes nishi but on raj tv

  31. What rubbish always Thapki becoming mahaan atma after getting insulted so many times writers are you mad please finish the serial soon else it will become bad example and will only grow evil .

  32. ok this show is becoming just stupid. i thought this show was about overcoming your flaws and living life with dignity but it turn out to be stupid saas bahu drama how could thapki be so blind. that she couldn’t see that vasu hate her guts. and shraddha is like gali ki gundi but she is perfect bahu in Vasu’s eyes wow just wow. also i feel Vasu is Bihaan’s stepmom thats why she never treets him equelly as Dhruv.

  33. Thanks for your reply..! But plz don’t late, i am big fan of your fan fiction

  34. thapki is so fool
    always say ma ma and ma u r fool thapki
    love thahaan scenes and manish acting is awesome

  35. Love u bihaan u r so cute

  36. Bihaan is trying so hard for the family to all love and accept Thapki but keep in mind if this happens the chances are he might loose her to back Dhruv , that would be terrible.

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