Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan asking Ram Pyaari what it is doing there. He says I can’t take you out now. Kabir thinks Ram Pyaari might know about Thapki’s whereabouts and asks it to take him there. Kabir reaches there and sees Thapki unconscious in the big box. He asks her not to worry and breaks open the box to save her. Thapki gains consciousness and cries hugging Kabir. Kabir asks her to relax and tries to comfort her. Bihaan comes there with Vasu and asks Kabir to stay away from his Thapki. Vasu asks Bihaan to take her home. He reads the chit left by Sankara in the name of Makhan lal, that he won’t leave her alive. Vasu brings her inside the house and asks Aditi to bring water. Aditi gives water and says what happened to her. Sankara gets upset seeing her alive. Vasu tells her that

someone tied her in the big box and tried to take out enmity on her. She says Kabir saved her. Bihaan says nothing will happen to my Thapki until I am alive.

Kabir thinks he got an idea to defeat Bihaan. He takes Thapki to her room. Bihaan looks on angrily. Kabir covers her with blanket and says I will leave. Thapki thanks him for saving her life. He goes and closes the door. He says I have to save you from Bihaan Pandey and asks her to marry him. Thapki is shocked. Kabir asks her to marry him and fulfill her motive. Bihaan is restless thinking about Kabir and Thapki and recalls Thapki hugging him. Vasu comes to him, and says Bihaan. Bihaan says how can I bear, my Thapki is with someone else infront of me. He says I am living with a dream that my Thapki will return to me. He says if my love is true then she will come. Thapki comes to him and says these flowers are for you and sweets for everyone. Vasu asks what is the matter? Thapki says she wants to share her happiness with everyone. Bihaan takes the flowers and smiles. Sankara looks on.

Bihaan tells Vasu that she is his Thapki who loves him and will marry him. Thapki says she is getting married but not with him…She calls Kabir. Kabir comes there holding the shagun stuff. Thapki says she is marrying Kabir Katyal. Sankara thinks now there is no need to kill her, as she is moving from her way. Thapki asks Vasu to bless her. Vasu blesses her. Bihaan asks Thapki to end her drama, and says you are my wife and loves me. Thapki says I am not Thapki, but Vani. She says my love is my to be husband Kabir and I am going to marry him tomorrow. She says you can give us good wishes on our marriage. Kabir says I hope we get our blessings and not fight. Bihaan breaks the table angrily. Kabir says I told naa. Thapki says it is okay, and says I only need the people who get happy in my happiness. Vasu thinks three lives will be ruined and thinks how to stop her.

Kabir comes to his sister Neha. Neha gets happy seeing her groom’s turban. She then acts mad. Kabir slaps her to make her come to senses and says I am taking revenge for your every tear. He says I am marrying Bihaan’s Thapki and says he will burn in jealousy. Dhruv thinks he has to stop the marriage somehow of Thapki. Aditi hears him and asks why did you say Thapki. Dhruv says I was telling about Vani and says I have to talk to her that her marriage decision is not right. Aditi asks Dhruv to support Vani and attend her marriage. She says same thing should not be repeated, whatever happened with Thapki. Dhruv asks her to go and freshen up. Aditi goes. Dhruv thinks even Thapki doesn’t know that she is giving pain to herself too.

Thapki recalls Bihaan saying that nothing can happen to her until he is alive. Vasu comes to her and says your relation with Bihaan is for seven births. Thapki asks her not to say anything and says it is a matter of my child’s life. Vasu says you are our bahu, and this thing is breaking you from inside. She says my bahu will never marry someone else, as we don’t have values like this. Thapki says I am not your bahu or Bihaan’s wife, but just a mum. She says I will marry Kabir Katyal.

Thapki and Kabir are getting married. Bihaan brings the goons and asks them to beat Kabir. The goons beat Kabir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    Its a another colorless episode of tpk,Thapki had to cross all limits for to hurt Bihaan….Dear,Bihaan don’t give up your should realize your negatives and positives then you have to start a new business or something like that.which will helps him to forget your painful days and its will useful to regain your self have a bright life man.don’t spoil your character with the overuse of drinks,anger,unnecessary thinking.
    Thapki you never ever deserve Bihaan.each and every Thahaan fans are really really feeling painful.

  2. Hey i am soumya….a biggest fan thathan. I m going to make a group of all the fans of thathan on whtsapp…if u all agree then plss call me or message me on this number… 8864057821 it is my whtsapp no

  3. noit baad good epidode.

  4. hggj

  5. Writers have gone back to spoiing the script of this drama…what a waste…hope to see Manish in a better scripted drama..change the name of this doesnt suit anymore..i dont sympathise with this new Vani character losing her baby anymore also..the writers have spoiled that the rest of Pandey family actors and actresses…it was a pleasure watching you in earlier episodes..i miss watching your acting…i miss the happiness..mischeviousness..crazines…i used to look forward to watch this more..what a waste..bye..

  6. Out of watching thapki pyaar ki…no manish…no watch…

  7. I am big fan of thahan. This show is watching only for seing them together. I can’t bear it any more. Jaldi ye track katham karo

  8. thahaan lovers

    I missed tpk season 1. Before thahaan merriage… I really missed it.. ?

  9. Thapki u will surely regret later

  10. Ohh no!!!…pls reunite thapki and bihaan….

  11. Can’t wait to see this episode…that sankar someone needs to bring her truth out. Evil witch ????

  12. What revenge does Thapki takes?..that too for Bihaan’s innocence ..She never asked about the letter directly to him..Thapki will repend for her revenge towards him once she get to know about the truth..Bihaan just leave her and start a new life..Then she will realize her mistake and cm back for u..Nowadays, It’s always painful to see Bihaan as well Tpk..always they show Bihaan’s sad face throughout the episode..Writers just bring back the Tpk’s old charming..

  13. stupid story,,,really hate serial thapki now ??????

  14. Today when she again broke Bihaans heart when she said she is marrying Kabir honestly I have never felt the urge to slap anyone more then her at that moment with the smug look on her face. I want now Bihaan to move on in his life find happiness elsewhere then Thapki to find out the truth which will be her biggest punishment and then Bihaan to reject her because she had no trust in him. Yes she is punishing Bihaan but he doesn’t even know the real reason he thinks it’s because of the slap and throwing her out of the house and at that time no one defended her. She’s already punishing herself as well, I actually want the truth to come out after she marries Kabir when it’s too late and she realises she’s the biggest culprit. But in these programmes marriage is a joke, she’s committing bigamy cos she knows she’s married

    1. Thakpi should be revenge kosi ????not Bihaan!!!!!!!

  15. I’ve just seen clips where Bihaan breaks relation with Thapki at her wedding, so glad because after what she has put him through I don’t know if any relationship can survive. It would be great if after the wedding Bihaan would just disappear so Thapki and Kabir would be trapped in their own revenge plans but it would backfire on them because Bihaan would not be around to see them and be tortured. Then a years leap when Bihaan comes back but happier in a better place and with someone who truly cares for him. The writers can no longer justify Bihaans torture, yes his guilty of certain things but the punishment does not fit the crime

  16. Well, guys!
    Bihaan must marry Sankar. Thapki doesnt love and desearve bihaan. .

  17. I guess this is the end of the thahan story…. we watched this serial because bihan and thapki is a matching pair … now they are even separated from each other so there’s no need to watch this series again. congratulations to the writer who have managed to make the viewers very disappointed….

  18. I don’t understand why dadi didn’t tell everyone in pandey family about kosi wanted to kill Bihaan. Then dhruv , Sanker , Kabir and Vaus already know real thakpi one. But they never support Poor Bihaan ???what a blimey ! I am disappointed that vani and Kabir getting married . I feel that Kabir will get hurt vani like Kabir ‘s sister hidden house or vani will find out Kabir ‘s sister? I miss Bihaan and thapki together .?

  19. Now there is no excuse for thapki’s behavior , she is become blind in revenge …..
    First I thought it is useless to watch this serial , I keep reading the updates though . But now I think that it is useless to even bother and reading the updates , it was one of my favorites but I hate it now and I don’t want to waste my time for it anymore …….
    This is super ridiculous ………

  20. All of them is crazy,none watch these series again in ny country.thapki should consult to psychiater maybe she is crazy now,or the writer is crazy too..he.the story from elemantary school maybe better than this….haaaaaa.

    1. I love your comments so truth ?????

  21. Bihaan can you do a favourite to me forgot about stopped thapki PLZZZZ I want to you to live your life without her crazy though how you get revenge from someone that love you a lot, I agree with all your comments we need to stop watching this stopped serial ??

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