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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Preeti requesting the videographer to record their messages. Thapki sees this and thinks Shraddha’s truth will get overwritten. She asks the man for the tape. The tape falls down. Shraddha looks on and thinks it’s the same tape. The man apologizes and says tape was stuck. Thapki tells Bihaan about the tape and Vasundara stops Bihaan from going, saying she has imp work. Bihaan asks Thapki to go. Thapki looks for the tape in garden.

Shradhda asks Kiran did she get this tape in garden, its my tape. Kiran says yes and gives her. Thapki comes there and sees them. Kiran asks Shraddha to take rest. Shraddha goes with the tape. Kiran asks Thapki to come with her and takes her. Shraddha plays the tape and checks. She sees the proof of her truth. Thapki rushes

to get tape and show Dhruv.

Shraddha gets angry and says so this was Thapki’s plan. She says now she will end this proof. Vasundara and Suman come there to take Shraddha, as its mahurat time. Suman asks whats this tape. Shraddha says recordings. Suman says she will just see and see. Shraddha says its incomplete and stops her. Suman takes tape and says she will give it to videographer. They leave. Thapki comes to Shraddha’s room and looks for the tape. Thapki does not get tape and goes to Dhruv. She stops him and says she is trying to get the proof. He says marriage will stop only if she gets the proof. He goes. She worries. Bihaan sees Bau ji welcoming guests and wonders where is Thapki. Bau ji stops him from leaving and asks him to welcome guests.

Shraddha asks Suman for the tape and does not let Thapki take it. She keeps it in bag and mixes with other tapes. Diwakar comes to Aditi. She sneezes and has severe cold. He says I had suhaagraat program today. She says she is okay and asks him to come and sit with her. He says he has no plans to catch her cold and says he will sleep in hall. She succeeds. Dhruv and Shraddha sit in mandap. Vasundara says she has got nice girl for Dhruv. Dhruv gets teary eyed. Shraddha thinks now she will rule in this house. Thapki looks for the tape and puts all over 100 tapes on the floor. She gets confused seeing all tapes similar. She sees Dhruv and Shraddha’s marriage rituals starting. The kanyadaan gets done. Bihaan goes to Thapki and gets to know that they lost the tape. They get shocked seeing Dhruv and Shraddha preparing for rounds.

Thapki gets the tape and rushes to stop Dhruv. Dhruv and Shraddha take the 7th round of marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This marriag will happen so sad …???.Now I’m waiting to see vasu’s reaction after knowing her so called nice and good hearted Bahu ‘s reality.
    Poor Druv he is innocent then also going to suffer because of his mother…??

  2. I saw in u tube dhruv shradha marriage is over.poor dhruv I felt really bad for dhruv.he got everything best in his life except thapki bcz of vasu his life was ruined.

  3. Are thapki commonnn. Get d proof faster

  4. Thapki…dhruv is waiting for u……but i cant undrstnd onething…y dhruv is waiting for thapki to tell her love for him??dhruv can say it to her directly ,na?

    1. But chriz dont u think that bihaan is also starting to love thapki bcoz Ican see that in his eyes

  5. Why do I get the feeling that the video tape won’t show anything. And tapki gets all the blame from vasu

  6. I also watched in you tube dhruv s marriage over with shradda. It’s. does not matter if the marriage will happen,how dhruv living with shradha closely or separating? In the case of bihan and thapk they are separating in their room because you know how their marriage happens.but in the case of dhruv and shradha its not like that. Shradha believes dhruv is really loving her. I don’t how the writer twist in their marriage? I am waiting for tomorrow s episode.this episode is ok.writer don’t makes eye locks between bihan and thapki because its killing of love ❤ I told you the theory of love is if you have a perfect love you can live without thapki have a perfect love with dhruv so she can live with happiness in the past.(with dhruv).so don’t makes this type of eye locks.its my humble request for you.

  7. Boring episode…. thapki why are you so slow??? Plzz be smart.. shraddha turned out to be smarter than thapki n vihan.. fln really bad for dhruv..

  8. So this marriage happens ….uff….no no no..Damn…

  9. The marriage is going to happen as i said i hav seen it in saas bahu aur sazish…yess dhruv is going to suffer but it is good dat n evil saas is going to get evil bahu who is going to teach her good lesson..vasu is going to regret for what she did to thapki….but in a way it was for good as if she wud hv not done dis to thapki dan how thapki would hv got bihaan in her life….so vasu thanks for making thapki n bihaan together d best made for each other couple…n she himself did bad to her own son becoz of her evilish nature…thahaan u did ur best to save dhruv but vasu deserves it…poor dhruv….waiting now for thahaan romance as in sbs they said dat soon they wud fall in love…

  10. Dhruv is really such a nice and good hearted person.But,his mother will spoiled his life………….soooooooooooooo sad.

  11. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Bad episode. . Luv u dhruv

  12. New Spoiler Finaly Dhruv marred tO shradha….. then bihaan will fall in love with tapki soon.. wOooww … i w8ng only thaHaan Romance…. thahaaan thahaaan thahaan 4 ever thahaan jodi made by God….. 🙂

  13. gajab….ummeed hai ki kal ho jaye P for pyar aur P for pardafaash….luv u druv aur thapki….

  14. Sunny aka Roji,now u have returned under the name tharuv fan,m a thahaan fan but u r a true tharuv fan,hats off for that n I mean it.But y thahaan fans are quiet or are we less in number?ah whatever ,being a thahaan fan,even if I am a lone commenter no probs,thahaan rocks for me.

    1. Hi mira
      Yeh Thahaan rocks.?

    2. Hi meera.. whether I change my name or not its my choice. . And ya there is option to change your name. So anyone can change their name.. so no one should have problem with this.. and ya even I don’t care whether there are any tharuv fan or not.. I will always support tharuv and true love..

    3. This comment is for Anu ,Thapki and Riya also and whoever having problem with it.. sorry if m rude..

  15. Wow,SBS said thahaan will fall in love??then I will watch it from now on without missing any,Dhruv expressions honestly I don’t like,yea personal choice,not up for a fight, Bihaan is more expressive ,even the minute changes in his face n voice,superb.

  16. Have watched only a few episodes,may be cos of that this bias,still,I like thahaan.

  17. Thahaan rocks,just now read spoiler, waiting for thahaan love track.

  18. Fan of Bihaan Pandey,what will Vasu do when she sees Shradha’s real face bt she had changed to positive in pyaar ka dard,same may happen in this but after how many months,Dhruv and Shraddha make a good pair,appearance wise,Dhruv is more handsome than Bihaan who is a chocolate hero but Bihaan compensates hundred fold with his acting,love u Bihaan.I don’t know ,am I the only one who is feeling Dhruv’s off screen aura is much better nowadays,writers really not giving him anything to perform,same teary eyed,closed mouth expressions is boring,start thahaan and Shraruv track writers,now show some good scenes.

  19. Thapki or bihan ko mila do yar

  20. Yess rita sbs said thiss….i m a true thahaan fan…i just love manish…..n oly want jigyasa to be his heroine….dats it.

  21. Meera,Shuva,Moni and other thahaaan fans,yea,thahaan rocks and from now it is going to be thahaan,agree,writers spoiled tharuv but if thahaan didn’t have fans they would not have carried the track forward which means there are true thahaan fans as well,may be they are quiet here,so relax,tharuv is past though it is sad,and yea,our thahaan rocks and it is the future of TPK.

  22. Totally agree with u guys,Bihaan is a versatile actor,Dhruv has same expressions as somebody said above,handsome he is but not versatile as Manish,even acting experts will say that,I am sure.

  23. Meera,you are not alone,we are all thahaan fans,in my hostel all of us like thahaan,started watching after thahaan started,not coming here for a debate with tharuv fans,but thahaan rocks and thahaan is the best.

  24. Thahaan is the best,writers show thahaan love instead of their eyelocks,thahaan is the bestest,love you Manish,you are a really talented actor.

  25. Thahaan love to start?super super super,thahaan rocks.

  26. No doubt, hai to all thahaan fans above,finally,our wait is over,our thahaan will unite,oh,when thapki will realise her love for Bihaan,it will be a moment,tharuv is not bad but for us thahaan fans thahaan is the best.Thahaan rocks.

  27. drhuv has same expression as he lost his lv so anyone who lv truly will be in same condition of dhruv…
    dhruv cant forget tapki .. feeling sad for dhruv

  28. still i am tharuv fan..
    cant change it … n ya shradha n dhruv even marries.. she dont deserve dhruv.. .
    for his mother doing he is suffer…

  29. Thapki…. Pls confess your love to dhruv

    1. Thapki doesn’t love ❤ Dhruv

  30. and the stupid writer has no sense at all

  31. who says druv is more handsome than bihaan??? yes, druv is handsome, but for me not more than bihaan. Bihaan is more handsome. And watching this show only because of thahaan! and it’s obvious that at last thahaan will unite not tharuv. anybody can understand it. it’s the writers wish. And sorry tharuv fans I didn’t mean to hurt you, druv is really a good human being and feeling sorry for druv.

  32. dragging epi…………………but happy for thaaan!!!!!!!

  33. Thahaan is the best and Bihaan’s acting is superb,no doubt.

  34. Tharuv fan,sorry,but your reply tone to Meera is a little annoying,if you had read her message,she appreciated you,your reply made me read her comment, she didn’t interfere with your choice and she didn’t say that she has problem with you changing name,she appreciated you,that is what I understood as an outsider,sorry,no offense,it is just my opinion.

  35. People say true love always win. But it never happen in over television screen. Here it’s too easy too fall for anyone. How could they even show the track of thapaki with bihaan. It’s really a win of bad over good….

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