Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki going to storeroom and seeing the bamboo sticks burnt. She lights the sticks again and gets shocked seeing the fire. She says it means mandap is made of these wax bamboos, so that it catches fire, I knew Dhruv will do something. She goes out. Bihaan does rituals and sprinkles gangajal in the mandap. Dhruv looks on and scares Thapki by lighting a stick. Thapki gets shocked and runs to save Bihaan. She pushes Dhruv and his stole catches fire. Bihaan sees this and runs to Dhruv. He removes the stole and blows off fire. He asks how did you fall. Dhruv asks Thapki why did she push him, is everything fine.

Thapki asks Bihaan is he fine. He says yes, but why did you push Dhruv, his clothes caught fire. She asks him to move away from mandap. He asks why. She says mandap

can catch fire, it was something on bamboos which catches fire. He asks what is she saying. She says you won’t believe right, and lights a stick. She throws it near mandap, and there is no fire catching. Dhruv smiles and asks what happened Thapki, why will bamboos catch fire. Bihaan asks her why did she push Dhruv. Suman comes and asks Thapki to come and try her bridal dress. Thapki goes.

Dhruv says its okay Bihaan, Thapki is in marriage stress, it will be fine. Thapki wears the bridal dress. Suman compliments her and goes. Thapki recalls the fire incident. Dhruv comes and compliments her beauty. He shows the sindoor and says she will have sindoor of his name. She says I will better die. He says someone else will die. She says I know you wanted to harm Bihaan today, don’t dare to do this. He says I proved you wrong so that Bihaan thinks you are wrong, not me, now Bihaan will trust me. She asks what are you going to do. He says everyone cheated me in life, but I don’t want to cheat you, I don’t want to begin marriage with a lie, I will say truth, the truth is Bihaan won’t get saved today. She gets shocked.

Dhruv smiles and shows Bihaan’s car brakes. He says Bihaan has gone to get care decorated for your bidaai, the brakes failed and Bihaan will leave us forever. She says no, you are lying. He says good, my work will be easy if you believe so, I will get Bihaan away and then marry you tomorrow. She runs. He asks where are you running, you can’t save Bihaan. Shraddha hears them.

Bihaan is with his friends and getting car decorated. Thapki is on the way and calls Bihaan. His phone is in the car. She takes an auto and leaves to reach Bihaan. Vasundara looks for Thapki and says where did she go. She worries. Thapki is still on the way. Shraddha tells Vasundara that Dhruv is trying to break Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage, and breaks the truth. Vasundara slaps her and asks her not to blame her son. Shraddha laughs and says he is not innocent, he is a poisonous snake who is biting your family.

Vasundara gets angry and raises hand. Shraddha holds her hand and tells her that Dhruv madly loves Thapki till now and is ready to go to any extent to get her, what do you know about him, Dhruv has done many things to stop their marriage. Thapki did not break and saved herself and Bihaan, now Thapki can’t do anything, as Dhruv turned mad. Vasundara says you are lying. Shraddha says why will I lie against my husband, you go and find out. Vasundara gets worried. Bihaan is with his friends. The car gets ready. He sits in the car and starts. Thapki reaches there on time and stops him. He asks her how did she come here. She tells him not to drive the car, as the brakes are damaged. He asks what happened to you. She says someone wants to kill you, so he failed your car brakes. He asks what are you saying, who will try to kill me. She says Dhruv did this, he wants to kill you. He gets shocked.

Thapki gets ready as bride. Dhruv dresses as the groom, and hits Bihaan. Dhruv sits with Thapki in mandap and says this time, Thapki will be mine. Thapki and Dhruv take wedding rounds.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. all tv ppl have made marraige and love relationships a joke.. and we are fool enough to laugh at it..

  2. the precap gave me a shock?⚡

  3. OMG…

  4. Arrre iss ko itna khicho mat
    Hum viewers ke liye bas thahaan ko ek ho jaane do

  5. So here is a spoiler history will indeed repeat itself and thapki fate lies in a matter of fact that there will be no end of her sorrow. Bihaan will find out eventually,then he decides to move out of his step house and will leave behind everyone after this betrayal and show will take a leap. Sraddha char will be ripped.

    1. Wow…lekin yeh sab pata kaise chalta hai

  6. Kaash precap dhruv ka sapna ho jab bhi ma dhruv ko dekhti hun toh aise lagta ha ki use diwaar me chun vadu

  7. Truelove

    Okay maybe dhruv and shradhaa will take rounds. That will be so funny. But why did thapki run in wrong direction after Bihaan had accident.

  8. Iswarya_santhosh

    Dhruv sir pls leave thapki she dont deserve u. shraddha is better than thapki. She likes u bcoz of ur money but she wont leave u as like thapki did. Thapki first loves u and now she loves bihaan and now she is saying that she never loved u. Then u she up to say luv u on ur sangeeth day.? That means she is not true to u! Leave her. Better shraddha openely showing she wants ur money she is better than thapki. thapki u love bihaan very much go and marry ur lover. And just get out of dhruvs house. Once u go out ul come to know what bihaan will do for u. This is bihaans house and he is the only person who earn more than other 2 brother. Thapki and bihaan are not earning anything they are simpling sitting and having food by dhruv earnings and just romancing. U both dont deserve to be near dhruv. Dhruv sir ur love is true but she is not worth for it. let her go and marry her love.when dhruvs engagement happened na from that minute thapki became bhabhi for bihaan but they showed later bihaan married thapki and now they are loving each other again dhruv trying to stop their marriage. height of stupidity. Cvs ruin the storyline and they are worsening the storyline day by day.

    1. Porkodi

      I agree with u iswarya… thapki is not worth for u duruv sir… leave her… let her marry bihaan.. director destroyed the story line after thapki’s marriage… I stopped watching this show after that…i used to follow the updates….very worst story never seen in television… still following updates because want to know what will be climax of the show… what is the message director wants to give this society…

      Being not happy ankit sir playing a negative role but at least he got some scree space to act… director totally sidelined his acting after marriage….

      1. Iswarya_santhosh

        Hello porkodi!atleast u are here to accept dhruv is a true person. Whenever i read the updates and comments i felt like frustrated.everyone wants thahan now and before marriage they want thaaruv. I dont know y they are not considering the truth. Someone had commented that dhruv didnt told her truth for whole night and cheated her about their marriage. So she is not ready to belive him at all. What is this? Is dhruv knows that bihaan is going to cheated them and going to be a groom instead of him? i want to remind u people onething during his marriagedhruv was hitted by bihaan.
        If thapki thinks that dhruv cheating her by not telling the truth means what about bihaan? Bullshit he ruined her life, marriage. Now she is trusting him amd loving him? dhruv gives her love other than that he didnt try to hurt her? But bihaan, Wow wow wow what a story? These people are trying to make bihaan wright. Thats all. once the marriage happend bauji asked them to waut for 3months and he promised her he will make her free from this relation. On that time dhruv approached her but she only told that our relation has no future blah blah…. U people dont know how much it will hurt. It means a lot.

        Now dhruv is doing wrong i accept that but if we r in dhruvs position whatwe will do? We might kill both thapki and bihaan before itself! Now also dhruv abdruptly accept he didnt like hermarriage with bihaan but what bihaan Did? he was acted like a very good brother and atlast only he showed his original face to thapki. All the glitters are not gold. Dhruv is like a pure gold to me.guys Try to be true to yourself pls. everything is fair in love and war. love should be true and must be in a good manner

      2. Hmm. I dont know abt money .. i thnk bauji has a major business even if its corrupt. Hes well known even by police. Dosnt matter.
        Yeh.sad that druv didnt get his love. But if druv was afraid to tell thapki the truth that night out of fear of thapki suiciding then thats wat even bihaan was afraid vasu wil do. And if druv thot supporting his brothers wife is shamefull.. then y chase after her now. Supporting is the right thing to do. But forcing to marry when u have complete control over the situation is bad. I do get it that u like druv from the lenghty comment even though it wasnt for me .But he has to move on right. What is the point of all this? U cant force some1 to love u . Sad it may b.Shuld accept reality… vasu ruined every1s life.

    2. I read yr yestrday’s comment. Yes… druv did support thapki in office.EASY HELP. And thats how bosses try to woo the girls they like. By shouting at ur employees.. yr only shutting them up due to fear of losing job. It doesnt do any good in long run. Ultimately thapki is only a housewife. She helped druv with work even while not being married to him. But what about druv? He helped her only whn she was AVAILABLE to marry.
      U said “bihaan doesnt listen to mother always”. Yes he doesnt. But that day he was blackmailed with a suicide threat and thats y he couldnt refuse. Today druv is getting all these episodes to shine BECOZ THAPKI HASNT REVEALED DRUVS DIRTY PLOTS TO BIHAAN.SAME WAY BIHAAN COULDNT TELL DRUV THAT NIGHT. Bad script. But may be he thought vasu will indeed kill herself if her son knows the truth.
      BIHAAN DID TEASE THAPKI but PLAYFULLY. That is why he SAVED HER FROM THAT HOTEL INCIDENT. CONFRONTED VASU WHEN HE CAME TO KNOW SHE WAS AGAINST THAPKI. There is a difference between pulling someones leg and actually causing harm. Director did that so that bihaan and thapki dont like eachother and do not form a relation of even bhaiya bhabi. So thank you. U gave me one more point against druv .BIHAAN AND THAPKI DIDNT LIKE EACHOTHER.SO BY MARRYING THAPKI BIHAAN WAS DESTROYING HIS LIFE TOO. WHAT ABOUT DRUV? he just wants to FORCE PEOPLE TO LOVE HIM.
      I will agree with you that druv did support thapki. And so she thought he is a good man. But after she became bihaans wife, druv didnt bother to help her during vasus domestic abuse. BIHAAN DIDNT ACT AGAINST MAA ONLY WHEN SHE MADE A SUICIDE THREAT.BUT WHAT WAS THE THREAT STOPPING DRUV WHEN HE SAW SHE MADE THAPKI A MAID. So after seeing all this… any girl.. even if she was in love , will finally realise that druv is only a fancy boss but at home hes just a silent doormat obeying his mothers commands. Aur finally kya accha beta nilkla? Vo bhi nahi.FOR YEARS DRUV HAS BEEN SEEING VASU TREAT BIHAAN BADLY WHILE TREATING HIMSELF LIKE A CHILD OF GOD. HE SAW VASU TREATING THAPKI BADLY. KUCH NAHI KIYA. BUT THE MOMENT HE CAME TO KNOW VASU DID SOMETHING AGAINST HIS WISHES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE and that too for his own happiness ( whatever be the result) THEN DRUV FORGOT EVERYTHING SHE EVER DID FOR HIM. HE KICKED HER OUT OF THE HOUSE AND TOLD HER TO SUICIDE. Vah. Kya beta hai. Sautela beta zulm par zulm seh raha hai aur ye sapola ko ek chott lagi aur maa par hi zehar khol diya.
      DRUV WAS A FANCY LOVER BUT DID NOT PROCEED WITH LOYALTY. HE DIDNT TELL THAPKI ABOUT THE GROOM THING SAME NIGHT AS WEDDING. DIDNT STAND BY HER AS SHE STRUGGLED MENTALLY TO COPE .out of shock and anguish she said that she wont marry him. And looks like druv thought ” no point helping her now.she wont marryme”. Salute that kind of true love!
      As for druv earning, TELL ME ONE EPISODE WERE THEY SAY THEY USE HIS MONEY.BAUJI USED TO DONATE AWAY DRUVS MONEY.plz watch serial properly. And that way thanks for bringing that up and showing what a hypocrite this guy is.DRUV DOESNT APPROVE OF BAUJI AND BIHAANS CORRUPT WAYS OF EARNING AND YET LIVES IN THE HOUSE MADE BY SAME MONEY. HE PUT THAPKI IN TV SHOW TO SHOW THAT PPL WITH STAMMERING R GREAT BUT IN HIS OWN HOUSE DIDNT PROTECT THAPKI FROM HIS MOTHER OR WIFE. HE SAYS HIS BROTHER IS A CHEAT FOR SEPARATING 2 PEOPLE WHO LOVE YE HE WANTS TO SEPARATE THAHAAN that too after they fell in love when he was about to become father.DRUV HAS FAILED AS A SON LOVER BROTHER AND HUSBAND. bihaan did one mistake. But on a course to gain his own happiness and seek revenge DRUV HAS COMMITED MORE OFFENCE THAN EVEN VASU AND BIHAAN PUT TOGETHER. u guys say shradda is better. Ok.. then that also means that if druv was a good husband then she would have become good too. So he made shradda bad! Thank you bcoz u guys only reminded me of all these aspects of druvs character

      1. Great reply, funny how someone can said Dhruv love is true while he needs to blackmail people to marry him. I thought the first rule of true love is each side should have same feelings but thats just me.

      2. Kalpana

        Beautifully put! Well, Vasu planned and Dhruv got cheated yes… But its better to move on… Yes Thapki moved on.. Why shouldn’t she? Its her husband… She fell in love with his nature… Whatever happened to Dhruv was regrettable.. But that doesn’t mean that he can do anything… When u love someone, u understand them… Their feelings… How can this be love? Love isn’t obtaining someone… Is Thapki some sort of trophy?

      3. Iswarya_santhosh

        U read my yesterdays comments na? Then pls reply to my Yesterdays question! how will u feel? Ur lover married to ur brother and whenever u saw them they were in a eyelock sequence? Tell me that first. See if u people like somebody, then u are sincerely trying to prove that they r doing correct. Dont do like that.
        Coming to tpk…. Dhruv started to support thapki before itself. After that only he slowly fallin love with her. So he didnt support her intentionly. and one more thing, bihaan teased her playfully… If our small smile hurts someone means itl be also considered as a sin. No one is ready to stammering thapki but dhruv accepted her. Being a good hearted person, a famous news reader, he did that. Pls dont ever tell like that…
        Bihaan supported her? Ofcourse he must support her bcoz he must try to overcome his sins wright?
        On marriage day dhruv didnt tell her about the change of groom….. He tried but he was scared bcoz thapki might committ suicide. On that night they must share their juice but dhruv felt very guilty to touch her hands bcoz she became his bros wife. This shows his good values but bihaan he cheatingly marry her who is almost his bhabhi. But u people are saying dhruv as a shameless, psycho blahblah… Dont u have any senses…even bihaan and vasu knows the truth wright then y they didnt tell that her? Now vasu became ma to her and bihaan became sathyavan to her but dhruv became cheater wright? What kind of concept is this?
        And coming to revealing the truth of her mom… Dhruv asked her to committ suicide…… See marriage will nit come to an end in a single day. Wife will come till the end of our life. Vasu ruined his life by taking a wrong decision. She doesnt like thapki but she choose shraddha and make him accept for marriage by changing thapki to bihaans room and make him believe that they two were moved on in their life. So he accepted his marriage for angrily not happily…
        Dhruv didnt supported her when she made thapki as a maid. Y would he support her. There is bihaan to support her. A guy from a gud reputated family will never do support someones wife. He didnt support openly infront of everyone but he felt hurt inside. Whenever he tried to spoke to her, she was behaving like a sati.after every single time insulted by thapki how he will go and support her. If he did yhat means also u people will say that dhruv is a shameless person how can he support someoned wife? After marruage also he is flirting with her blah blah blah….
        Money… Who is earning in that house.? I didnt watch all the episodes k but u used to do that na? tell me. In baujis money dhruv wont have food. I didnt saw till now bauji did some work and bihaan he is not worth for anything except fighting with anyone. That two bro’s are working. Do you think, they can maintain the whole house expenses with that two brothers salary. Never that house is running of dhruvs money.
        Before thapkis marriage with bihaan she is upto say i luv u to dhruv. If she didnt love him means y she tried to do so. If some one is forcing u to say luv u means will u say? No we wont…she is telling now bcoz of she had respect on him so she accept his marriage proposal. That means she is behind his reputation only. Thapki doesnt deserve dhruv.
        U people cant understand dhruvs feelings bcoz u are in a fantasy world. I dont like tharuv or thahan… I like bihaan jigyasa, ankit also but what im saying is about the story only. I dont have enemity with anyone.
        U people want thahan that is what i also want. Dhruv pls let thapki go and marry bihaan. U deserve more than these two women(thapki $ shraddha)

      4. Vinlora

        @claraLa ???big salute to u. …very well said…I think u read my mind ?
        Dhruv s love is True love? ???????? actually it is not love at all…..Pagalpan hai pagalpan ?

      5. Iswarya_santhosh

        I need to ask u something. What do u mean by easy help? If we meet one stammering girl means will u support her? never we used to tease her and by teasing wel enjoy and made fun of her. We wont support her. Dont tell that is a easy help.

    3. LYour comments is long but there so many contradictions. So what if Thapki is Bihaan wife, what wrong is wrong and if dhruv really cares about Thapki he should step up and defend her, because thats whats a good person do. This shows that dhruv was a coward fro. The start since he has no courage to defend a poor victim being shamed in frnt of his eyes. If dhruv also againts torturing thapki maybe his mothet will think twice before mess with her.

      1. Dhruv’s love was true but now he is in psychological condition nd gone to madness now this is not love….this is what thapki,his mother nd bihaan nd also shraddha did with dhruv…..

        Now he is in junoon nd want to take revenge….

        Jab har koi uskay bura kr skta h to wo kyun nh….☺
        Thapki ko pta chalna chahea k us ne bihaan k sath agay barh kr dhruv ki feelings ka mazaq bnaya….

        Jb dhruv ne shraddha se shadi krnay se pehle bhi thapki ko bht baar kaha tha k chali jao PN se…

    4. I do agree druv was hurt. But he is reacting too late. DRUVS OWN MOTHER TUNRED BIHAAN INTO AN INSTRUMENT TO MAKE DRUVs LIFE was wrong ofcourse. Druv could have used his super cunning evil brain( which now we know he has) to undo the effect of it on his own andthapkis life. IF HE WANTED REVENGE-COULD HAVE TAKEN THAT BEFORE HE MARRIED SHRADDA. If he loved thapki HE SHOULD HAVE WAITED FOR HER INSTEAD OF MARRYING SHRADDA. If he wanted to clear thapkis misunderstanding ( tht he didnt tell her the same night).THEN HE SHOULD HAVE SUPPORTED HER INFRONT OF MAA. HE LET BIHAAN DO ALL THE HARD WORK TO SUPPORT THAPKI AND IS NOW SUPRISED THAT SHE SAW THE BETTER SIDE OF BIHAAN?!
      u say druv is so decent he didnt want to touch thapkis hand since she was bihaans wife. That “y should he support thapki when bihaan is there”. OK… NOW ALSO HE SHOULDNT GO NEAR HER BCUZ SHE IS BIHAANS WIFE. NOW ALSO BIHAAN IS THERE TO SUPPORT HER. lol.. funny how everything u say ultimately is against druvs own good.
      As for earning..this is a serial.they dont have to have a real budget to “need” druvs money . However inthe starting episode it is shown that bauji wont use even a penny from druv so that we can assume that bauji earns enough.
      bauji has his business of which bihaan is the right hand (its shown that sanjay and ashwin desperately want that position). Bauji is even more famous than druv in his locality as from reaction of neighbours and police followingthe stabbing they could just be controlling business from home .( like how now druv is dressing up statues at home but his channel is running).

      Your comnt was long and nothing was highlighted or in points so i hope that answers yr questions.
      FINAL WORD : YEAH DRUV WAS HURT .MY CONDOLENCES. BUT HE HAD THE OPTION OF TAKING REVENGE SOON AFTER (SEPT TILL april) … HE HAD OPTION OF WAITING AND STAYING SINGLE. IF HE WANTED TO KILL BIHAAN HE COULD HAVE DONE THAT BEFORE. BY DOING NOTHING HE ALLOWED THAPKI TO FALL IN LOVE WITH BIHAAN ( whether it be guilt or whatever bihaan supported thapki through thick and thin and sacrificed his own happiness for it. Falling in love was only a coincidence) . Bihaan did a misake bcuz of Maa and did evrything to take responsibility. Tried uniting tharuv.helped thapki warn druv against sradda etc. Now its too late for druv.
      @ aliza khan : i agree that druv has a “psychological condition” and needs medicine and admission to mental hospital now.
      Thanks vinlor jann etc

      1. Iswarya_santhosh

        I read ur comments. What i want is you want also. I dont want tharuv i also want thahan only….. I asked one question to you. U didnt replied to it till now.answer that first… I also accepted that dhruv became ferocious now a days.. He came to this condition bcoz of his mom, thapki, bihaan…..
        If u wentthrough the love failure pain means u might also feel the pain of dhruv… Or atleast u must have the ability to feel the pain of others.
        Im not the fan of dhruv but im speaking the truth from his side. I like manish and jigyasa also.
        If bihaans mom ask him to commit suicide means will he do that? bullshit dont try to prove him correct.
        I accept dhruv is blackmailing thapki.. That is wrong i didnt tell that what he is doing correct. But we should consider his situation…. He wants to take revenge from everyone his mom, wife, thapki and bihaan. As a human he is doing wright, he is not god he is also having feelings, emotions, everything. If we are in his situation wel become more ferocious than him. Think once from his side. Everyone in this family who he loves more were cheated him a lot. Atlast he tried to moveon fir his child but onthat time also he was broken by his wife. So he want to yake revenge from everyone. A normal human will do this only. If it is u or me or everyone will do this only. But we will not marry our to be bhabhi for our moms blackmailing (especially i wont do that mistake. Ever, never)i hope u people who r supporting bihaan will get it.

    5. I think tapki has change so much, im very shock when she says she will better die if she have to married druv..!! I cant imagine how sad and tortured Druv to hear that from the women he madly in love with.. 🙁

    6. If i were in druvs situation..yes i will feel hurt if i cant marry the one i love. I would wait for her. I would question the family members motives. I would live away from Maa and bihaan. But i wont turn into a pyschopath blackmailing a woman to marry him. If druv wanted revenge…he should have taken it soon afterwards. Not now . If he wanted thapki. He should have fought earlier. I would understand that i myself gave thapki the green signal to move on by marrying another woman and accepting that she may have my child. See… that was the point of no return for druv. That was the point beyond which revenge is not justified. If all human beings start blackmailing ppl and playing dirty tricks inthe name of revenge then world will end. Druv missed his he should take responsibility of his inaction

  9. Iswarya_santhosh

    Sorry i tried to say it is dhruvs house

  10. Vinlora

    Well…I haven’t seen today’s episode. ..can anyone tell me about precap. ..?kya thapki ne goonghat cover kiya tha ki nahi? ??

    1. Hey vinlora i think the precap would be a dream ….i dont think so that tharuv will mairrage…and thahaan hv already married so how it can be?????

      1. SANTHOSH

        dream nahi,sach hai…
        but, next twist kya hai patha nahi…
        ans.. NAHI

    2. Manyasa29

      Nahi vinlora….thapki ne ghunghat cover nahi kiya tha???
      Her face was seen clearly…..dream hi hona chahiye ye!!
      Btw…I just now read in IF that…
      Bihaan will not die in that car accident and he will come to know about dhruv’s reality….so he will tell ashwin n sanjay to check that dhruv does not reach mandap but then don’t know how dhruv will be free When dhruv will go to hit bihaan with stick….vasu will see that…..I hope she does something good!!??
      (Link given to me by santhosh bhaii )
      And I guess vasu ko ab toh sach pata chal chuka hai na…toh shayad wohi tharuv marriage rok de !!

      1. Manyasa29

        Sorry….nt sanjay n ashwin …but bihaan ‘s friends !!
        And one more thing …bihaan will tell dhruv that he will marry thapki the next day …after knowing the truth !

      2. Vinlora

        Ye tho pakka sapola ka Kayali pulav ??? I mean DREAM…..according spoilers when sapola about to hit bihaan vasu see it that means kuch tho twist hai. ..wo bhi vasu ke haatho mein…muje lagta hai vasu sapola ko rokhe gi shayad she may hit Dhruv iss baar achche reason ke liye Thahaan ko bachane ke liye. …

  11. pooja prabha

    Hi…friends,I am very happy to read your comments exams are completed.guys…what’s going our Thahaans life Dhruv tried to kill Bihaan ….precap is disgusting.Manish you just superb.

  12. silent reader


  13. Aaj ka ep. bahot boring tha …n the precap was shocking..dhruv will marry thapki …plzz cvs we don’t thahaan to be separted…again wahi drama..what will happen in tomorrow ep. Let’s see..

  14. Shruti precap me. Thapki ne goonghat cover kiya tha ya nahi…pls reply if someone knows…pls…?…

  15. Precap was shocking. Hp tht is dhruvs dream r he taking rounds with shradda. Hp to see thahaan s marriage

  16. Uthaya

    I am agree with you ishwarya -santhosh , really thapki dosnt deserve duruv but I hate shradda and cvs


    tpk comment page tho jung ke mydaan hogayahai…???

    agar kisine boora bala jo bhi kehana hai tho CVs ko kahiye character aur actors nahi……????

    CVs ko kisine BRAIN donate karo plezzzzzzzzz…????

    1. Manyasa29

      Ha bhaii….sach me ….yeh toh jang ka maidan ho gaya hai????
      Roshni (lightsabre) ne kitni mushkil se tharuv vs thahaan debate ke liye special place banvake jhagda kam kiya tha…..
      But now …people have started fighting again !!???
      Plz guys stop blaming any character….it’s all CV’s imagination !!??

  18. Even though dhruv marries thapki bihaan and thapki would be legally married as they are not divorced.. and legally shraddha is dhruv’s wife..

    1. Yes but cvs think that we are fools and they think us that we don’t apply logic while watching shows.

  19. Bihaan aur thapki ko pta chalna chahea k dhruv pr kya beetee…revenge to bnta h na…
    It would be great if this marriage happens…☺

    1. Vinlora

      Agar marriage ho bhi gayi wo void and null….kyunki Thapki already legally married with bihaan and sapola is still legal husband of shraddha. ..they haven’t divorced yet rite???
      But still shaadi tho hogi lekin pakka THAHAAN ki hogi. ..???

      1. Yeah…if thahaan marriage done then after that marriage i want to see bihaan die or thapki bcoz i hate these two characters from core of my heart….
        She can’t be thapki as she is leading character nd storyline is about her..

        So i want bihaan to die aur this couple should be cursed…..☺

        Ankit sir is best….

  20. ,thapki does not deserve thruv Sr.she was always searching a man in hers life ,(husband).lnmy country thirth cohice is the best and bihan is thirth man and is perfect for thapki(without money,without education,without family and has a profeshenal hit the people for bau ji).

  21. may be the precap is vasu dream bcoz now she knows the sapola truth

  22. I think in this serial the running track is not good cos the relationship of marriage has high moral values but they are showing just source of entertainment nothing else.
    Overall ankit is best actor in tellywood.
    . Good looking very charming ankit.
    Good luck for your better future.

  23. Shining Star

    Nawah o think i will quit watching this serial if history repeats it self again#Bad storyline#wonder y most indian movie series always feature marriage swap to the dislike of fans alike.

  24. Why do colours always give punishments to true and honest people like dhruv, I mean they always show that falsehood wins over truth, when dhuruv was honest and on true path,he didn’t get anything, and is fighting get tapki, in swaragini laksh did not get his love and was tortured,later raging won him over by being evil,if rags got laksh,why can’t dhuruv sir!, I mean he was also being tortured!!

    1. Truelove

      But rigini won his heart when she was changed. When she became good hearted. If you remember ragini save Laksh that’s why he fall in love with her. Not because she do wrong things.

  25. Upcoming
    After the accident.bihaan will come ou of th car and thapki will take an opposite direction goes to dhruv and pretend to cry and tell him that he won bihaan is dead and lectures him about his love for bihaan dhruv smug just then he lift his hand n.want to apply sindoor on her maang . His hand is being stoped tun tun tun it was bihaan n get shocked

  26. Sherry

    Latest Spoiler : Vasundhara will stop from repeating the history again…..she will stop Dhruv from spoiling the marriage of Thahaan maybe with the help of Shraddha…..this time nobody will stop the Thahaan from getting married…..Vasundhara and Shraddha rocks…..Thahaan rocks forever and ever…..

    Check out :

  27. lot of drama in tpk but i cant understand why the show is lagging in the trp race.. sns for six years maintained the top position.. tpk could not even compete it ever….initially the story line was good but later on it turned out to be an old typical saas- bahu saga.. history getting repeated… i think its better to end this nonsense asap………

  28. Fisrt time i watching serial. This serial was awesome. I was so admired the way dhruv and thapki. Hope this 2 couple married again. Let first love won.

  29. Hi guys once up on time dhruv is good and their lovestory is good…but see at present whom u r loving that person loves and cares for another u feel about that lady..u have to ignore her because she don’t deserve you..she is like going ahead where wind blows side..for her dhruv going to To this extend is really his never go mad..u have analyse wat happening and wat to do..wat will be the result…

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