Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma Maayi coming back and holding Bani. Vasu says why did you come and says you don’t want you son to marry mad Bani. Prince keeps knife on Bani’s neck. Bihaan tries to rescue his daughter. Amma Maayi blames them for fooling them and says she will get Bani married within 24 hours. She asks Kesar to lock Bani and Tina in the room. Kesar takes them. Thapki comes there and tells that Shraddha is the mastermind of this conspiracy, and worn her mask and had gone to Amma Maayi to fix Bani’s alliance. Everyone is shocked. Amma Maayi asks her not to lie. Shraddha comes and asks what nonsense? She says if this happens that I can become Thapki wearing a mask and asks Amma Maayi if this can happen. Amma Maayi says this family is all mad and says once Bani and Prince get married,

then she will never see them. Thapki tells Shraddha that she has never seen such cheap woman in her life. Shraddha asks her why she is blaming her and asks her to let her stay in peace. She pushes Thapki and goes. Bihaan holds Thapki.

Tina cries. Bani asks her not to cry and says if you cry, then I will cry also. They hug each other and cries. Tina tells that Mamma will make everything fine. Bani says why she will do, as she has done this. Kesar comes and asks them to have food. Bani says why you have come. Kesar says when this had happened with me, I was alone. She says you people are like my sister and asks them to eat. Thapki cries and asks Bihaan to trust her, says Shraddha did everything. Bihaan says I have done mistake when I didn’t trust you, and says now he believes her. Vasu curses the day when she brought Shraddha home as Dhruv’s wife. Bihaan says we have to do something so that Shraddha accepts her crime infront of everyone. Shraddha looks at the mask and thinks to burn the mask else her crime will be caught. She then hears Bihaan and Vasu talking to each other. Bihaan tells her that he will go with his family from here. Vasu says I will mix sleeping pills in Shekhawat’s family food. They leave. Shraddha thinks she didn’t think about this angle, and thinks to go to Amma Maayi and tell her about Bihaan’s plan.

Monty is dancing on the song. Thapki comes there and stops the music system. Monty asks why did you close it? She asks him to make his tongue alright first. He says even you stammers. Thapki says I can speak better than you. She slaps him again and again. Monty says I am a man and that’s why don’t raise hand on woman. Thapki calls him atku and slaps him repeatedly. She goes. Monty thinks to settle the score right now. Thapki thinks Monty will not leave Shraddha now. Monty gets the gun. Shraddha wears the mask. Thapki sees her and smiles. Monty comes to Shraddha thinking her to be Thapki and says he will shoot her. Shraddha runs and calls for help. Thapki thinks she will be caught now.

Monty runs after her and shoots bullet in air. Shraddha throws something on him. She asks why you are after me. Monty says you have slapped me 4 times. Amma Maayi and others come there. Shraddha asks her to make him understand. Amma Maayi says she must not have slapped you and asks him to forgive her. Monty says she called me Atku. Everyone says Atku. Amma Maayi asks her to forgive her. Monty forgives her. Vasu says he is shameless and shall get 4000 slaps. Shraddha says yes. Monty says she said yes. Shraddha says just because Maa said. Monty says I will kill you now. Bihaan asks Thapki not to worry. Vasu says he can’t do anything. Monty says he will shoot her now. Shraddha asks him to shoot Thapki and removes her mask, says she is Shraddha. Everyone is shocked. Even Dhruv is shocked to see Shraddha removing Thapki’s mask. Shraddha says I am Shraddha and asks him to keep the gun far and kill Thapki. Monty says so you was wearing Thapki’s mask. Bihaan says yes, and tells that real Thapki is there. Shraddha realizes that she is caught.

Bihaan stops the marriage happening in the happen and says his daughter will not get married. He fights with the goons. Amma Maayi points gun at him. He moves the gun and warns her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    Finally we have to move on the remarkable performance of Manish…our Bihaan…today I just really enjoyed the funny convo.between Bihaan and vasuma…the funny wala BGM, tomorrows episode located on temple according to spoiler Bihaan get shot on Friday…
    Which means I have to count my days on here…my dearest reshu,sandy,
    Santhosh Bhai,vino,sruti,navami
    Rinka,kudrat,garima anu…

    1. Garima

      Pooja I am so sad that Bihaan are leaving the show but on the same time I am exited to see manish on other show hello my lovely dearest beste friend how are you dear.

  2. manish manish and manish goplani, we want to see manish. not this crap show,only Bollywood movie.

  3. I just hope this time sharddha get her punishment for real, if the let her go i will not watch the show anymore… She has done so many evil things that were so disturbing to even humans eyes???, they should really make her suffer so much for all the evil she has done… I also hope the should stop this marriage track after knowing the truth of sharddha!!!! Both family should make her suffer for her crimes…if they continue this marriage thing after the truth then I will believe the CV are f**ked up ??

  4. I am very upset I can’t enjoy the serial and scenes now a days.I don’t know y I like bihaan too much. I saw many serials but I didn’t addict to any hero like this.I know anything in the world should have end.but if this serial have happy ending with u is is not like this. But I have option to see thahaan for another one year in my mother tongue Tamil.they telecasting the serial in name of Indira. bharath (bihaan)and Indira(thapki).I will enjoy the serial , old cute scenes. This thing make me happy.

    1. How is it cvs .
      Tz not enough for u all cvs ..u have to hear more bad words from all fans y means u worst cvs deserve tz ..after manish exit from tpk ,tpk ratings will go lowwwww. ….so low ..waiting to see tpk rating going down

  5. Will we get thahaan/manyasa together in golden petal awards ?


  7. If bihaan leaves i will leave this show trp falls or not i dont care this is not Fair and that shraddha mjst be killed for sure

  8. One thing to say, THAHAAN will remain everfresh to the heart of all the thahaanians. Miss them badly.

  9. 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000HATES FOR THAT CV. WISH FOR LOWEST TRP.

  10. pooja prabha

    Oh!!!! My best friend Garima…I miss you a lot dear…each and every day I expect your comments here…but you didn’t publish any comments…I can understand you are in a work so not able to comment…if you can pls comment the upcoming three days…miss you a lot dear…take care I am fine u hope you too good…

  11. The pre cap makes no sense, as its proven that Shraddha was behind the marriage fixing then surely then the family should accept the parents wish and leave. What really annoys me is that today’s episode was really good because they exposed shraddha but in a humorous way, i just don’t see the logic in a 15 yr leap. It took them 6 months to show the 3 month divorce period and now in the last 6 months they’ve had a 2, 7 and now 15 yr leap that’s aging them 24 yrs in 6 months absolutely ridiculous

    1. Also this would have been a good time to end the show, Thahaan coming together and saving Bani and exposing Shraddha instead they will show evil win over good by ultimately giving the win to Shraddha because with Bihaan dead Goodness will have lost. Even though there’s a few days left for Bihaan and I know they’ll kill him off and overall I think it’s best if Manish leaves for his own career I’m still devastated. Wishing Manish all the very best for the future!!!

  12. Normally Shraddhs is so clever and smart she always gets out of trouble but yet today she the way she got caught is such a dumb and stupid unbelievable way. She is so Machiavellian this just doesnt suit her character. Thapki foiled her plan in 1 or 2 episodes whereas normally it takes months LOL

    Seems like they rushing these episodes and stories.

  13. Knowing that Bihaan is gonna die, is not only gonna make the show lose it’s viewers, but also lose what’s left of it’s popularity and eventually it’ll fade into nothing~! I’m sorry, dear producers, writers and editors of the show, no amount of Thapkis are gonna bring back any viewers after the shit bomb you dumbos are about to drop~!

  14. Good morning to all my coolest friends,
    how r u all?

    reshal, santhosh bhaiya, pooja didi, garima , dewi, heera, afshan, vino, vinni di, sandy di, rifa, sakshi, simi di, mala di, nandy, NaiTan, alm, Sj, rinku di ,suhana di, arbaz, juvi di, sri, fataroj ,anu, alia , navmi di nd rest..,

    I know that we have..
    aap sab k paas itna time nahi h ki aap roj yha aa ske or without thahaan to Ye or bhi muskil h..
    lakin v r friends na to kya hum log ese hi aleg ho ja..e gne
    muje pta h ki aap logo k pass friends or besties ki kami nahi hogi
    but aap ko esa nahi lgta that v r special our friendship ,love, care or misses special kyoki hum logo n kbi ek dusre ko deka nahi h , phir bhi hum log ese baat kerta h ki hum ek dosre ko ache s jante h..
    filmi line..
    kya kroo actor ho na..]
    muje pta h ki aap sub k lea Y koe nae baat nahi hogi , lakin mere lea Ye phla exp..anc tha kyo ki mene phli baar koe social site use kia h…

    or reshal tune esa kyo kha ki “kahi hum na chale jae” pta m kitna der gae thi

    please s

    1. Hello.., Kudrat..
      have a nice day… ?

      TPK show makes me feel so sad… ??
      I wish there would be a happy ending…

    2. Hai kudrat. How r u? Have a nice day . watching TPK is a type of torture. It will increase our tension and sadness

  15. Please muje chor k mat jao..

  16. Please pooja di ,
    don’t live me alone..
    pleaz friends mat jao…

  17. Manish show chor k chale gae..
    duk to bhut hoaa…
    lakin as a actor I’m very happy with his decision..

    bus duk or der es baat ka h ki kya manish or jigyasa ko dobara kaam milega ki nahi..
    bcoz I love this jodi very much..

    vese mene pichle ek hafte s TPK nahi deka..
    begvaan kre TRP -[negitive] m chle jae mja aa jae ga…

  18. Kaan khol k sun lo sab ager!!!
    Ager koe muje chor k gya to dek lo baad m muje mat khna ki bhut dard ho rha h..
    kyoki m sab ko gher m gus ker maroo gi wo bhi dende s mote wale…

  19. Acha ab m collg ja rahi hoon…
    3 bje milugi ok!!!
    or khi os s phle aa jaoo to brekna mat..

  20. I have already stopped watching tpk as I started waching for manyasa chemistry.I really gona miss them .I started waching on Rishtey now as their initial romance is showing on rishtey.
    I was the first person who gave this news that Bihan will dia as Manish left the show.
    Miss u Thahaan

  21. Best of luck cv’s for getting trp rating soooo low in tpk..u deserve tz because of tz stupid leap manish sir is quitting the show and many co stars ate also quitting

  22. Vinolin.d

    hai my dear kudrat…how are you? i am very disappointed. i don’t like to see tpk. i have already stopped watching tpk. seriously, its better to end this show…or pls cvs try to bring bihaan back to serial due to story line. i mean another character with another name. its possible after the leap. but we all know this tpk cvs is very bad. so they don’t do this. they are spoiling all the characters. monica, manish, lavneet, nitanshi, preethi, and suman has left. now only jaya mam, jigyasa is there. I dont know when they are going to left this show. first class nonsense story. every month or every 2/3 months leap. hats off to all ff writers. each ff writer has a capability to become a writer. special thanks to rinka, vinni, garima, sandy, simran, naira, navami, anu, juveria, alm.abi, ratanmala, and to all writers. i am so sorry if i left anyone name my dear friends….

    hai my dear friends pooja, garima, anu, jo, reshal, leena, navami, naira, kudrat, rifa, sri, ritz, juvi, sruthi, and all my tpk friends how are you guys??? pls share your opinions. I know all are so sad. pls dont get worry my dear friends…

    1. Yes you are right. Its better to end this show. Manish and jigyasa is the cute pair.but CVS always spoils. All fan fiction writers are better than CVS

    2. I agreed with Vinolin. I knew thapki pyar ki were mess up!!! It started with kosi and Sanker big spoiled thapki and Bihaan marriage life. I miss romance Bihaan and thapki. They are gone as well as pandey family . Sad!!!

  23. Thanku so much to all thahaan ff writers..
    guys, u all are doing such a great job..
    dek lena aap sabi ko jant nasib hoga…
    kyoki aap logo ki wajeh s hi hum aaj kel kush rhte h, heste h…
    love u all
    take care
    thanku so much..

  24. Manish ki deewani

    hello kudrat yr kaisi ho meri temater .kaha ja rahay hai hm friday tk hoo mai is written update pr .us kay baad tata bye bye tpk ko yr tujhay thodi chod k ja rahi hoo abhi aai b teray liay hoo chal apna dyaan rakhi

  25. Mansak

    i think that cvs have serious brain problem
    they should consult a psychiatrist
    how they even can think that we will this show without manish and able to bear jigyasa with anybody else
    jigyasa you too pls leave the show you are wasting your time in this disgusting show
    we only want manyasa not anyone else
    after manish will leave the show trp will decrease more and more and this cant be able to survive for a month sorry i must say for a week this crap will end in just a week after manish quitting
    till then wathing tpk on rishtey our thahaan

  26. Reshal bus friday tak…
    to kya oske baad hum kabi nahi milenge… Yaar ese mat ker..
    TPK mat dekeo but baat to ker sakti h..
    please mera chona babu don’t live me I can’t live without talking u nd all…
    love u reshal..

  27. Simrank

    Dnt wry kudrat and all the frndz we will ways talk toeach other nd i wd suggest to all the writers who wrote ff or r writing on thahaan plz continhe it coz its the best way to imagine them together nd hope to see manyasa in any other show nd this show will definitely go off air what the hell will jigs do without mani. He was the charm of tpk nd manyasa was magnet. Trp will definitely fall. Plz guyz stop seeing this crap no body shud watch it after mani goes

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