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Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan telling everyone against Vasundara. He says Kosi is his real mum and Vasundara is a liar. Thapki begs him to stop it. Bihaan angrily keeps on saying. Vasundara and Bau ji look at him. Later, Vasundara goes to Kosi and begs her for her family happiness. She says I know you did all this. Kosi says yes, I did this, it was less. Vasundara says stop it now, its all over, we made this house with difficulty and earned some respect, you take revenge from me, don’t use Bihaan, I fold hands infront of you. Thapki asks Vasundara why are you folding hands, Kosi should fold hands, she is wrong. Kosi asks will you give me lecture.

Thapki says no, you are elder and my real mum in law, Vasundara was my mum in law before, today she is my mum. Kosi laughs. Thapki says Vasundara

is more than my mum, I can do anything for her, I m unlucky to stand against mum in law, but I m lucky to support my mum, I want you to accept our request, please stop doing wrong till Ganesh ji is in our house, maintain peace. Kosi asks what will you do when Ganesh Visarjan happens. Thapki says when Ganesh ji leaves from the house, he will take all sorrows and problems with him. Kosi asks are you threatening me. Thapki says no, this is my unbreakable trust on Lord. She takes Vasundara with her. Kosi smiles.

Its morning, Kosi goes to Thapki and wakes her up. She gives her tea and says I have changed by your words, I decided to keep peace at home. Vaundara asks whats this new drama. Kosi says Ganesh ji came in my dream yesterday, I have changed, I m saying truth. She asks Thapki to have tea. She thinks I changed so that I can fulfill my aim today itself and you both don’t become hurdle for me. She goes. Thapki asks what was this. Vasundara says she can’t change, we have to keep an eye on her. Thapki says I did not sleep all night and feel restless as if something wrong is going to happen.

Bihaan checks the watch and says why is this watch not working today, John asks any problem. Bihaan says this watch is not coming. John wears watch and it starts working. Bihaan says my time has become yours. Kosi smiles and thinks now your everything will be of John. She sends him. Naman calls Kosi and says I met doctor, its all set, Bihaan’s kidney will be transplanted to John, get them here. Kosi says you reach at garments shop, I will get Bihaan. She says I m world’s first mum to kill my son, but I love John more than Bihaan, I will get Bihaan’s kidney transplanted to John, and then Bihaan will die.

Sankara sees rangoli and asks Thapki did you make this, its beautiful. Thapki says yes and gives her Prasad. She asks Sankara to come and help. Sankara stops recalling how Kosi punished her. She says I can’t help you, I don’t know making rangoli. She goes.

Bihaan tries to tie a spiritual thread and Thapki says I will fix it. He says I will tie it myself. She holds his hand and ties the thread. Kosi asks Bihaan to come. Thapki asks are you guys going somewhere. Kosi says yes, Bihaan is buying a new saree for me. She acts sweet infront of Bihaan and asks him not to get angry. She leaves with him. Thapki stops them and says there are ants. Kosi asks who has made laddoo fall here. Thapki says I have put the Prasad for them, black ants are considered auspicious. Kosi thinks you will know it in some time. Thapki gives them laddoo. Kosi dies not let Bihaan eat and eats laddoo. She asks him to come. Thapki’s dupatta gets stuck in his wrist band. He removes the dupatta and looks at her. Kosi says see your husband well, you can’t see him again. Bihaan leaves with her.

Pandit comes and tells Thapki and Vasundara that Bihaan should not go out today, the day is not good for him. Vasundara says that’s why Thapki was restless. He asks Thapki to do puja, and the danger on Bihaan will get away. Vasundara and Bau ji make Thapki call Bihaan. They ask Thapki to call Bihaan back. Bihaan sees Thapki’s call. Kosi attends call. Thapki says pandit has come and said its not an auspicious day for Bihaan, he said Bihaan should come home before 5pm and do puja. Kosi says we will come, our work will end. She tells the same to Bihaan and thinks if you get saved, then we will go home. She smiles.

Shraddha sings aarti. Suman and Preeti joke that Shraddha does not know. Preeti says I know it and sings. She gets stuck. Suman says I know it well and sings. Suman gets stuck after many lines. Shraddha laughs. Shraddha sings Kal rata mata ka email aaya hai. Vasundara scolds all of them, and asks them to learn aarti till evening, they will sing aarti today. She asks Thapki to sing aarti and show them. Thapki sings aarti and stammers. Thapki holds her and asks her to sing well. Vasundara pats on her. Thapki sings well. Sankara looks on and smiles. Vasundara says see aarti is sing like this, be ready in evening. Preeti says we will practice.

Vasundara asks Thapki why did she stammer so much while singing aarti. Thapki says I was worried for Bihaan. Vasundara asks her to leave all worries to Ganesh ji, he will get Bihaan back home safely. Thapki prays for Bihaan’s safety. She sees the diya flickering and saves the diya flame. Bihaan asks Kosi to see the sarees. Kosi says Naman is coming here. Bihaan’s red thread falls off from his hand. Kosi takes his mobile and hides it. Naman comes and asks Kosi to finish shopping fast. Bihaan asks where do we have to go now. Kosi acts to be dizzy. Naman says she has no control on her diet, she maybe have eaten laddoo, come we will take her to hospital.

Thapki calls Bihaan. His phone is left at saree showroom. The shopkeeper finds it and answers the call. She asks is Bihaan/the phone owner there. He says no, phone is left by mistake. She says fine, I will come and take the phone. Bihaan admits Kosi in hospital. Doctor asks Kosi to get up, door is shut. Kosi scolds him and asks him about kidney transplant operation. She sees the laddoo she has eaten and throws it. The black ants eat the laddoo. She gives money to doctor and asks him to make Bihaan unconscious. The black ants get on the doctor’s coat.

Ganesh ji idol is shown. Doctor wears his coat. Kosi thinks Lord can’t save Bihaan Pandey today. Kosi reaches the shop and asks the man for Bihaan’s phone. She worries thinking of pandit’s words. Thapki prays to Ganesh ji. A rat comes and shows her Bihaan’s red thread. Thapki sees rat picking thread. She follows the rat and reaches the hospital. Naman talks to Bihaan. Doctor comes. Naman signs him.

Doctor goes to give injection to Bihaan. The ants bite the doctor. The injection falls and Bihaan steps on it. Naman asks what happened, you are going without doing the work. Kosi sees Thapki coming there and thinks to run away from there. Thapki says why did the rat get Bihaan’s thread and came to this hospital. Kosi runs. Bihaan says you were unconscious, your sugar level was high. Kosi says I m fine now, I dislike to stay in hospital, come with me.

Kosi leaves with Bihaan and Naman. The rat leaves the thread near doctor’s coat and goes. Thapki picks thread and says it means Bihaan was here. She tells doctor that she is finding her husband Bihaan. Doctor says there is no such patient. She goes. Doctor calls Kosi and asks her to go to her clinic, get Bihaan there. The rat hears this.

Kosi and Naman are on the way with Bihaan. She says I m fine now, and asks for water bottle. Bihaan gives her. Kosi adds some powder in it. Naman sees her. She asks Bihaan to drink water, he maybe tired. Bihaan drinks the water. He gets dizzy and faints. Naman and Kosi smile. Naman asks her to call John. Kosi calls John and asks him to reach clinic soon.

Sankara keeps Shiv ji idol with Ganesh ji. She says sometimes even Ganesh ji needs Shiv ji. The rat frees a snake from the snake charmer. Snake gets free and goes to help Bihaan. Thapki prays.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hahaha????what a episode icing control my laughter ???????????

  2. This time also Thapki saves Bihaan….

  3. Lol thapki zoo ki is back :p

  4. pooja prabha

    Nice episode….Waiting for to see Mondays episode.kosi you are a good actress yaar.

  5. Hahaha …lol???

  6. Oh God!!! What are these guys even thinking? Writer should be put in some zoo for inspiration:-/

    1. Ronnie Joseph

      Haha good one. This is beyond stupidity

    2. Yaa exactly

  7. yagavi yarun

    Hey is this children’ s cartoon. ??. Pls get some useful scenes. You idiots

  8. ????????…Super ants…..
    ????????….Super rat…..
    ???????….Super snake…
    Very unrealistic episode….Writerji thank u very much for this cartoon episode….

    1. Our Suhana can write more realistic & beautiful storyline than the original TPK writer….suhana pls gives the write some idea…..

  9. Dear thapki I saw rat with red thread near river…go there and please save your husband by jumping in the river…may be there fish or crocodile save you and fall in love with you??????

  10. Im going to watch Thapki tonight just for the rat scene ??????????

  11. a lot of animals in tkp i think the writter of tpk may b had some job in zoo in his past…….

    1. yaa earlier also they had brought a gorila in the house ????

  12. So much stupid things they show us. Even tpk most of cast left show because of stupidity. Only few members are left . thapki total family quite the show now thapki three brother in laws also not seen from some days. No one care about dadi mama …. CVS plz take some ideas from suhana even lost of brain u need CVS ➕ writer

  13. HAHS too much of cartoon today… bakwas

  14. anyone knw the writer and director twitter…?

  15. Firda bihaan pandey

    I am a muslim but i understand what the purpose of the story in TPK. Here shows the help of god for bihaan by anilmals related to god to save bihaan. Like rats its associated with ganesh. The snake is associated with shiva. So i always love love love TPK. #thahaan forever

  16. Alfiani Hermadianti

    bihan true death will die?

  17. Thapki will be facing a bigger & bitter truth that Sankara is bihan’s wife by the fact that their marriage ? was happened in childhood..according to spoiler….

    1. But how can? ?

      1. I don’t know how but according to new spoiler thapki will know Sankara & bihan’s child marriage truth….noting is impossible in TPK….?….

  18. Oh Jahnabi, it will be very complicated if that’s true ?

  19. Coming track thapki’s luv Vs Sankara’s luv……I don’t what will thapki do after knowing sankara is bihan’s wife….as we all know she is a Mahan aatma…..hope she will not try to make bihan Sankara together….☹ …

    1. I heard that thapki will be back to dhruv and bihan will be a bad guy and has another girl, bur nor sankar.
      Bihan will leave thapki in the end. Is that true?

  20. Dont the writer feel ashamed to show this storyline?
    I just wonder will thahan be together in the end?
    And ya, so Sankara is kosi’s daughter in law?

  21. I hope that’s not true and that’s only koshi’s trap ?

  22. Please tell me – what is lol ? I can’t understand the meaning of lol
    Vinni , neetu plz tell me what is lol ?
    Pls god save thahaan relation . They always live together , when they live together they both look very nice . When they will seperate because of kosi they look wild animal . Thapki !plz save yr bihaan , yr love , he his yr husband . plz do something to save yr mangal sutra and yr sindoor

  23. waykee mein guys, TPK ek bacho ka show hain. yeah per romance to deikatay nahin hain. aor bus her animals ko introduce karwatay hain.

    mujay sab say zada taab ahsee aay when, mouse was in the hospital roaming around like he is a chief guest and thapki is walikng beside him like she was on the date with him. Hospital mein mouse. just imagine. Ufff Khudayaa.

    Bihaan ko to mujay chammat laganay ka dil kara hain.
    Us kee bewakufiyaa ko lay kaar.

    Or dadi poor nah khana or na bathroom. she is old, she must of need to go restroom for 20 times in a day.

    Director ans writers plz kuch logic to lay kar ahow. TPK mein.

    Or Manish plz koi aur show deikoo.

  24. Why I cant find the next episode? Where are the 4th and 5th september?

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