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The Episode starts with elders praising Thapki for making perfect Chinese food. Vasundara asks Dadi shall we give diamond ring to Thapki as nek. Suman and Preeti get shocked. Dadi gives the ring to Thapki as nek. Thapki says I can’t accept this ring Dadi. They all look at her. Thapki says she did not make this Chinese. They get shocked. Thapki says cow has eaten the Chinese she made and spoiled it. Dadi asks how did get this. Thapki says she went to market to buy vegs again. Bihaan says he has got 5 star chef make this Chinese food for Dadi. Dadi asks Thapki not to get sad, and asks her to keep the ring. Thapki refuses to accept it.

Bau ji says that cow Gulabo is part of our family, so its fine if cow has eaten the food. Suman asks Dadi to give ring next time. Dadi says fine, we will

get Chinese again. She asks Bihaan to return ring to Vasundara. Bihaan gives the ring to his mum and looks angrily at Thapki. Suman and Preeti tell Vasundara that Bihaan started liking Thapki, so he has helped her, love has started between them. Vasundara says fine, we will see who gets this ring.

Raghav is at his office. Diwakar comes to attack him and scolds him for helping Aditi. Raghav says forgive me, I did not do anything, and they start laughing. Diwakar says you saved me, have this apple. Raghav says we will drink wine today, as we have fooled Aditi. They drink wine and talk how they have fooled Aditi. Raghav says she did not know it was my plan, sorry to get your court marriage postponed to win Aditi’s trust. Diwakar says its fine, I m not in hurry to marry Khushi, I m just wishing to get Nimmi’s property, it will be fun when Aditi knows you are my best buddy. They smile.

Bihaan asks Thapki to pack all her clothes and starts packing. She asks him to leave it and starts arguing. He says you are leaving from this house, I can’t wait for 3 months, you have to leave right away, that too you will be going to Delhi’s famous mental hospital. She asks what. He says just that place can cure you, I m a fool to help you. I got the Chinese made by five star chef, and you are Satyawadi to tell the truth. She says leave this, you thought I will lie along you, did I ask you to lie? He says this small lie is not called lie. She says small or big, lie is lie, you understand this. He says he will never help her. She switches off the lights to avoid seeing his face.

Its morning. Bihaan wakes up and closes his eyes to avoid seeing Thapki. He gets hurt and she looks on. He tries goes to the mirror and says I will see my stunning face today and opens eyes. He sees her in mirror and asks her is she any ghost to be around always. She says she is not interested to see his face. Dadi asks Thapki to get her medicines and Thapki leaves.

Suman and Preeti talk to Vasundara. Vasundara asks them to prove that love started between Bihaan and Thapki. She goes. Preeti and Suman talk about getting the proof. Bihaan comes and asks for breakfast. Suman asks him to sit and sees the long hair on his tshirt. She shows it to Preeti and asks did she understand. They get an idea and say it means Bihaan and Thapki are coming closer. Suman says we have to tell this to Vasundara. They talk to Bihaan, and Preeti asks for a selfie with him. Suman says she means they want a complete pic. Bihaan stops Suman. Suman says I will take and clicks pics of the hair on his tshirt. They check pic in phone. Thapki comes there and looks at bihaan. She takes water and leaves. Suman tells Preeti that love story started between them. Preeti says we will show this pic to Bihaan. Suman says she won’t believe this, she will wish to see solid proof, we want Thapki’s hair. Preeti asks why will Thapki give her hair to us. Suman says we will pluck it.

Bau ji talks to Thapki and says you spoiled goat and cow’s habits. Suman and Preeti come there to pluck Thapki’s hair. Suman makes Preeti hold the goat and signs her. Thapki feeds the goat. Suman tries to pluck the hair and falls on Preeti. Bau ji asks why did she fall. Suman makes excuse. Suman says there is fly on Thapki’s hair and tries touching. Bau ji asks will she fall on Thapki now. Preeti says she will try now and tells Thapki that there is something on her hair, she will clean it. She smiles and plucks the hair. Thapki gets hurt. Preeti says its cleaned. Suman say we have work, and they leave.

Suman and Preeti show the pic in phone and Thapki’s hair sample to Vasundara, asking her to see its same. Suman asks will she agree now that they did not lie. Vasundara says one hair matching does not prove anything, you have to do more to get diamond ring. She goes. Bihaan talks to Bau ji about their business. Dhruv comes home and Vasundara asks him to have tea with them. He sees Thapki and refuses. Vasundara sees the hair on Bihaan’s tshirt and asks him about the female’s long hair. Bihaan gets shocked seeing it. Dhruv looks on.

A man tells about special party. Dhruv sees Thapki and Bihaan there. The man tells about a romantic game, where husband will make their wife wear bangles. Bihaan and Thapki take part in the game. Thapki gets hurt and Dhruv turns to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. we want more scenes of thapki n bihaan…for making n love blossoms scene…dont want suman n preeti scenes..they r idiot n create misunderstandings….make any gud pair to dhruv…he s innocent n lonely…thapki s not gud pair to dhruv,bcoz they paired serial will bore…both r same character,not interested to watch..bihaan s rude n smart ;thapki s cute n innocent…their pair s best

  3. Pls make thapki reunite with dhruv. Pleeeeeeeease!

  4. I just read this stuff for a laugh now. Utter stupidity. Writers have made the lead over goody good to the point that she is just being plain stupid now, not to mention have no self respect.

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