Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha asking Dhruv what did Bihaan do last time. Dhruv says nothing, family secret. Shraddha laughs and says this ring is also good, Dhruv’s choice is very good. Dhruv looks at Thapki and says yes, that’s true. Shraddha sends the ring’s pic to Vasundara and calls her. She says this is my gift for you, you have to wear this in engagement. Vasundara says fine, did you choose ring for yourself. Shraddha says its surprise. Vasundara asks Suman and Preeti to learn from Shraddha, she cares for me so much, I will get rid of you both.

Diwakar asks Aditi to marry her, as she has broken his marriage alliance. Aditi asks how dare he think this and scolds him. He says you have time till tomorrow morning, decide fast, if you don’t agree then be ready to see the pic

in newspaper. She cries. Dhruv asks Shraddha to wait in car, he will do payment and come. He gives rings to Thapki. Thapki says but you did not choose this for yourself and Shraddha. Dhruv says its for you and Bihaan.

Bihaan is on call. Dhruv says Bihaan and your engagement could not happen, it will happen now, I will get engaged to Shraddha when you make Bihaan wear this ring and get engaged to him. Dhruv gives her rings and goes. Bihaan asks the man for the rings. The man says it will take some time. Bihaan says we will go to have food and just come. Bihaan and Thapki leave from shop.

Aditi says she did not imagine Diwakar can do this, I will give him in police, but I have to tell mum and dad. She hears some men taunting and speaking bad about such girls. Bihaan orders food. Thapki recalls Dhruv’s words and she asks Bihaan to order. Bihaan asks for some cold drink. The waiter thinks of drinks and names. Bihaan asks him to get it. He asks Thapki to come out of her fantasy world, he has given order, he will just come. The waiter comes and serves the food.

Thapki does not like Chole, and asks him to add some spice in it. He says but the guy…. She says change it. The waiter takes Chole and leaves. Bihaan comes and asks did food not come till now. The waiter brings Chole. Bihaan eats it and finds it spicy. He drinks water and scolds waiter. He asks waiter why did he add chilli in Chole. Thapki says its not his mistake, I told him. Bihaan says you know I don’t like spicy food. She asks him not to do drama and sit.

She says you know I want spicy food, so you got spiceless food. Bihaan asks waiter to get spiceless food and also the drink. The waiter says strange people, now they want drink, make it with wine. Bihaan likes the drink. Thapki coughs and says its very bitter. Bihaan taunts her as she has just had lemon water and challenges her. She says lets see. They drink many drinks to win the challenge. The man brings the rings and gives him. Bihaan says lets leave now. Thapki asks Bihaan to accept he lost. He says I never lose, never with girls. She says I m Thapki. Bihaan orders more drinks. They continue drinking. The waiter worries. Bihaan says one more. The waiter says drinks got over. Thapki laughs.

Thapki and Bihaan go out. She asks him to catch her and runs. Bihaan sees 4 Thapki and holds a tree. Thapki sees a man sleeping and tells him that Bihaan troubles her a lot. The man leaves. Bihaan asks her to come. She slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock. Music plays………

Bihaan and Thapki come home. Thapki says don’t tell anyone I m drunk. They slowly get inside. Dadi switches on lights and sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thahaan rocked today….
    Hope soon luv blossoms betwn them…..

  2. no. Thahaan thahaan and thahaan is the best

  3. thahan rocks….super cute today

  4. Thahaan rocks everyday
    interest to watch this soap …..
    gain the top definitelyyy

  5. Look at thapki she had no feeling for bihaan.. but today onwards bihaan starting blinging her eyes like flirting lovers how cheewwt both lkng awesome .wt will happens thapki become consious???
    oh noooooo

  6. wow….ty epi is awesome…i cant xpresss my feeling….its so funny…its d first time thahaaan together….bt drunk mood its k….very soon willbe real…..
    oh that eyelock….bgm….its mindblowing….i just njy this epi….i hope this engagement its made the nw relationship btw thahaan…we want more romantic sceens for thahaan
    THAHAAN rockkkkks……..

  7. i want thahaan together……….not tharuv

  8. It feels like Thapki is married to a villain. Bihan the liar, the betrayer, couldn’t care less whos life he destroys, so long as no one upset his mother who don’t give a damn about him. How could he be Thapki’s partner. He is not a gentleman like druvf. Thapki deserve more than that. Please unite the two lovers.they meant for each other.

  9. How do u speak like that. Dnt repeat it bihaan is innocent u cnt saw the previous episodes. How will Vasu blackmailed imotionaly to bihaan . Also he was try to unite tharuv but miserably thapki distracted his mission.
    if this inncidents is proof of bihaan is nice guy.
    dnt blame thahaan

  10. Thahaan rocks

  11. We want more romance between bihaan and thapki….

  12. Thapki didn’t know it was alcohol but I guess bihaan well knows the taste of alcohol. But he made thapki drink more and more alcohol.. this is not called love. Dhruv only loves thapki truly.

  13. Thapki is a intillegent girl so y dnt she realise its not cool drink..
    in precap she says he had drunk.
    he didnt make drink thapki thapki challenge bihaan so she drink the alcohol wt evr its not concern we like saw thahaans romance.
    its not mistakern by thahaan only waiter

  14. Plz anybody wrote fiction plzz

  15. Thahaan fiction

  16. wow thahaan looks so cute together .and it was so funny on yesterday epi..and i love to see them romance plz unite thahaan ..waiting for next epi..lov u thahan they r the best ..

  17. thahan both r rocking .waiting for nx epi..

  18. I see the cast biography of tpk . jigyasa elder than manish and shraddha elder than ankinth.

    1. No
      in instagaram jigyasas age was 21.manish 23

  19. plzzz tharuv
    i wnt tharuv bck

  20. Super episode …….nd super pair is thahaan ..؛…..

  21. Thapki 24 age and bihaan 22 age ……
    I like bihaan and thapki pair

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