Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aryan Khanna asks Thapki why she is following him and asks what do you want from me. Bani asks who are you? He says he is The Aryan Khanna. Thapki says you are not Aryan Khanna, but Bihaan Pandey. Aryan says I know my fans know me by different names, and says I am The Aryan Khanna. He says you are really ghajab. Thapki is confused. He wipes her face with tissue and gives in her hand. He asks her to go home and relax. Thapki runs from there. Aryan looks on.

Bani asks Kosi to have chana and tells you don’t know what to do. Bani gets angry. Kosi asks her to settle scores with everyone. She tells that Dolly have done mannat and wants Tina to do aarti, but we will not let Tina do aarti and abshagun will happen. Thapki comes home and goes straight to her room. Vasu looks


Thapki checks on her laptop about Aryan Khanna and comes to know that he shifted from London. Vasu comes and asks what happened? Thapki tells that her heart was wrong. Vasu asks her to tell. Thapki asks why Bihaan is not returning. Vasu tells that Bihaan went so far that he can’t return. She asks her to get ready as Dolly is coming to make Tina do aarti. Thapki thinks may be Vasu said right. In the night, Dolly tells that her mannat is going to be fulfilled and asks Tina to do nice aarti. Vasu says she does nice aarti like her mum. Kosi asks Bani to target Tina with catapult.

Tina sings bhajan and do aarti. Bani is aiming catapult towards her. Kosi asks Bani to aim at her. Kosi makes catapult hit aarti, but it hits the lamp there itself. Dolly praises Tina for singing nice bhajan. Bani sees Tina’s dupatta catching fire and runs to save her. Meanwhile Bani moves Tina and rescues her, but dupatta catches fire. Samar rescues her and throws her dupatta away. Everyone is shocked. Tina thanks Samar for saving Bani.

Thapki thanks the God for saving her daughters. She sees stone ball there and gets doubtful. She comes to Bani’s room. She asks if she has done this and shows the small ball/goli. Bani says Tina is her sister and she just wanted to ruin the aarti. Thapki says what would have happened if something had happened to you. Bani says I am dead 15 years back and says I will die, but will not let you be happy. Thapki is shocked. She recalls Bani’s words and cries. She talks to Bihaan’s pic and says Bani wants to give her life to hurt me. She sees Aryan standing behind her and gets an idea. She tells this is the way to get back Bani and thanks Bihaan for showing her the way.

Aryan asks Thapki what do you want from me. Thapki asks him to become her husband. Aryan is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a Episode now I realize that cvs never know how to move on in the story even sanker is back I mean bani = sanker the same behavior ?☹️ Why the cvs end kosi and start fresh new story with happy family and new evil people but make it more happiness than sad and revenge ?
    I know whatever I say cvs of tpk will never change anyway where are you people Manish fans, helllllo pooja where are an missing you ? and all my friends ?

  2. Same precap ?i don’t like writters idea someone tell them

  3. Manish ,What a superb performance!! U just mind blowing, awesome,super talented, versatile actor. u wasted ur talent for this ridiculous show.plz once again quite this disgusting serial and invest or use ur multi talent for another new project.and lastly one humble request,plz u n jigyasa join in big boss;next session. Plz,plz come…. we are waiting for it.

  4. So they making Samar go with Bani and not Munna.

    Bani is ruining her sisters marriage, and Samar is just marrying Tina because her mum says.

    So basically 2 vile characters are meant to be in the eyes of the writers.

    Im guessing Munna will end up marrying Tina.

  5. i know it’s a new character but when Aryan was talking even though his style, mannerisms and speech is completely different from Bihaan I was imagining Gajab at the end of sentence s where I know if it was Bihaan we would have got a couple. Manish has become so synonymous with the word Gajab you feel a part of him missing when you don’t hear him say it it’s just weird.
    As much as I can see Banis side where she was too young to understand that someone was imitating her mother she never gave her mother or the family a chance to explain or prove themselves. She ran off, she hid from Dhruv when he was searching for her and also just took Kosis word that she was her grandmother even once not thinking never mind my mum why did my dad never mention her.
    Also again the writers have shown how dumb and unrealistic they are because if Aryan Khanna is so well known how come Thapki and Samar did not know about him esp as they run a news channel. The rockstar bit made no sense either as that’s what they implied first because his daughter are young women and if someone is that famous young people generally know about it. Writers need to make sense

  6. For once can’t they show people marry who they get engaged to, unnecessary swapping all the time and so boring . I actually prefer munna to Samar and I’m not liking bani and they’ve not given Tina any substance

  7. really. Manish didn’t want to play an aged character so quit the show. As if thapki has aged or anyone else in the show has aged. so stupid CV why didn’t you just stop the show getting thapki and bihaan together a happy family. The end instead all this rubbish.

  8. I start to feel Bihaan hide him self as Aryan but the confusion part of it why Bihaan will do this what his explanation !!, if you watch swaragini when Laksh hide him self I never know that until he said it maybe cvs doing the same story I guess ?

  9. Lucy , your comment is right things. I noticed this. I will see what happen next tomorrow. Bihaan is gone ?.

  10. Reading some comments on instagram is really making me angry and wanting to scream, for those who want bani to be paired with Aryan, really people!!! Seriously you don’t see anything wrong with wanting someone to marry a lookalike and sleep with someone who looks exactly like your presumed dead father!!! Well in my eyes that is all sort of wrong! Also I can’t believe how many girls or women say Thapki is too old for Aryan, I must have missed the memo where only young people can fall in love and divorced or widowed women can never again find love again. I think it’s good to show that sooner or later it’s good to move on.
    Also I think Jigyasas acting has really improved, all the different emotions running through her face once she sees Aryan are right on point and Manish brilliant as usual, after playing Bihaan for nearly 2 yrs in the same show to play a different persona with different style and attitude he’s really pulling it off. I know Jigyasa also playing 2 characters at once which must be exhausting and she’s also pulling it off

  11. GOOD MORNING to all….
    how r u all…???
    now I’m sure that bani marry with Samar….
    nd if I talk about Manish so his new character Aaryan is old bcoz his beard style looking like a old man. SO, he is absolutly pair with Thapki…

  12. pooja prabha

    My dearies… Sandy,anu,garima,reshu,
    Kudrat,navamu,sruti,santhosh Bhai
    Rinks.. Miss you badly…due to sine network problems so I could not publish my comments..Iam sure Bihaan hiding his identity.Thapki don’t give up your confidence its your Bihaan…CVS execution part is not satisfied one.looking forward.
    Manish looking superb in a new look rough wala cute look…take care my hearties…

  13. pooja prabha

    I just left the name of my dear friend vino…miss you dear.take care my lovely friend

  14. Areey! Serial to kanhan se kanhan la diya… Acha kasa chal raha tha till Vasu was bad. Wo achi bani baad me sab kuch gadbad… So irritating show. Now Samar seems to be loving Bani. Or Tina will get heart broken… Kya yaar!!! read karna bhi paap he is serial ko

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