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Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki bringing Bihaan to the lake and telling him about mannat. She wishes that they earn money by hardwork and they don’t get away from the family. She says our both families should always be happy. He asks are you done. She says I asked for my family, the mannat is for me. Bihaan wishes Thapki stays happy always. They throw the coins in the lake. Her coin sinks and says my mannat did not get fulfilled. She prays to Lord for her mannat and closes eyes. Bihaan jumps in the lake. She looks for him. She shouts Bihaan, what are you doing and worries. She thinks what to do now….. She shouts Bihaan….and starts crying.

Bihaan comes out with the coin. He asks Thapki to take coin. She asks are you mad to go inside water. He says don’t worry, I know swimming. She asks

why did you go inside water. He says for you, you said mannat will be fulfilled if coin comes up, see its here. He asks her to take coin. She asks why did you do this for me. He says I did not do this for you. You took my family name in mannat, so I went. She takes the coin and goes. He says whats happening to me, I know I did bad with Thapki and regret too, but I m stupid to jump in water for her.

Shraddha cuts the bed and says now no one can stop Dhruv from coming close to me. Dhruv comes and rests. Shraddha rests and falls over Dhruv. Preeti and Ashwin come there and see Dhruv and Shraddha fallen by the broken bed. Preeti calls them naughty and teases them. Dhruv says we are fine, bed broke. Shraddha smiles. She thinks Dhruv and I came bit close, we will come close with time soon.

Bihaan checks the money and says this will be finishing tomorrow, I need to get more money to run home and give rent. Debie’s card falls and he recalls her. He calls Debie and says I want to meet you. He sees Thapki sleeping and goes. Thapki wakes up and does not see Bihaan. She thinks where did Bihaan go, and looks for him. She wonders where can he go at night and calls him. She gets his number switched off and sees gate lock open. She goes out to find Bihaan.

Diwakar’s mum comes to Aditi’s room to do some work. She empties some packet under the pillow and says now Aditi sleep on this bed and see what happens. She goes. Aditi comes there and sleeps on the bed.

Bihaan waits for Debie. Debie comes to meet him. Debie says I told you fate and situation can change anytime, what was the hurry for money. He says I want money anyhow, I can do anything, but not wrong. She says its not wrong, but tough and risky, once you go ahead on this path, you can’t go back. He says I did not come to go back, I agree.

Thapki looks for Bihaan and a man tells her that Bihaan has gone ahead to that side lane. She thanks him and says I will go and see. He asks shall I drop you. She says no, I will go on my own. Bihaan goes to fight boxing. The man names Bihaan as Badshah and opposition Chakka, and announces their fight.

The man asks Debie can Badshah fight well, its his first street fight. Debie says helpless man can do anything, his helplessness will make him win. Bihaan gets punched on his face. Thapki comes that way. She sees the crowd. Bihaan sees the blood and gets angry. Thapki calls out Bihaan…. Bihaan holds that man’s hand and twists angrily. He punches on that man’s face. The man falls down. Thapki still looks for him.

Bihaan asks Debie for 10000rs. Debie says you will get money, but this is the contract, if you die during the fight, we won’t be responsible.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG!!
    HATE DIS Shraddha character but not Monica kanna.
    sharddha never becomes Dhruv’s Love n Only Thapki or Someone else deserves that Love.
    Love Thahaan

    1. Swasan fan ho…..

  2. Omg!!
    Bihaan Don’t do this and Don’t do this to thapki
    and You have Promised to her. Don’t Break that Promise.

  3. Today’s episode was good but I hope bihaan doesn’t dies the day this happen it will be the last day I will be watching this show

    1. Don t worry. Its never….. because he is HEMAN of this show….. And HEMAN never dies. So be happy. Me too happy with you, and eagerly waiting for your lovable, loving pat.

    2. Hai …….waiting for your pat of love ff …
      Please update yarrr. …

    3. U all will get to read it by tomoorrow and day after tomorrow and I have already finished writing episode 10, just have to find. a good pic

      1. Thanks for the information

      2. I like your interest. Thank you.

  4. Shraddha needs her husband’s love but she is always trying to get it by wrong way. ??
    I think this street boxing will be dangerous to Thahaan life. And I feel something is wrong with Debie and her people.

  5. Love u thahaan…bihaan u already fall in love with thapki

  6. what is now going on in this show
    they made bihaan a street fighter.
    god!!!…. plz give some brain to the writers. I think they r out of there mind now
    n when will they end the 3 months
    when will bihaan n thapki will fall in love
    but I think love is started between them
    bihaan jumped in lake for thapki wow…
    only thahaan scene was Gud.

  7. woow awesome episode… now bihaan’s character got its true importance…. now all will respect bihaan…shradha u wil never impress dhruv with ur evil mind…. true love is bihaan’s love for thapki…

  8. stopped watching. . right from the show started it’s on single track and dint finish this rubbish stuff. . andAlso Tharuv should be united not Thahan. . how can they fall in love. ?

  9. Nice episode…Love Thahaan keep rocking B for Bihaan Pandey…

  10. Lagta hai bihaan aur thapki ki story ki shurwat ho gai ab aye ka twist kahani main lekin next scean hala dene wala hai agar bihaan ko kuch ho gaya to nahi bhai nahi agar drama ke hero ko kuch ho gaya to dramma kon chalaye ga o my god……………………….

  11. NICE EPISODE…….but,really confused whats happening on Thahaans life.When they will realized their love.Bihaan,i feel so sad about to see in a street fighter,you have a intention in your life…and face all troubles to achieve that ….hardwork is the real remedy for all problems.waiting for something more interesting episodes.

  12. Abb street fighter ka drama kabbtsk chalega …..?

  13. Upcoming fight scene
    First, bihaan was beaten so vigoursly , then luka, hit thapki who try to unlock the ring, and then bihaan beat him till death.
    Omg bihaan thapki ‪#‎thahaan‬
    Romance scene after this fight.
    What do you think guys…i m super excited.

  14. Shradha is such a s*x deprived girl! so desperate! I hate her!!!

  15. kya bakwas dekhare

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