Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki going to Bau ji and crying. She tells Bau ji that she feels strange when she sees Bihaan and Sheena together, I don’t understand, I feel that I m losing some imp part of my life. He asks her to find the answer, and tells a story of a devotee doing Shiv ji tapasya, Shiv ji got happy and asked what do you want. Devotee asks for Amrit, Shiv ji then checked him, he has tested the devotee by making him stand in water, when he started sinking, his breath was stopping. Shiv ji asked him what was his heart saying at his last breath’s moment. The devotee said my breath was asking for my life. Shiv ji then told him to ask for Amrit when he can see Amrit in his final breath. He asks Thapki to be in that devotee’s place and recall what she wants in her last breath, her breath

of life or anything else, then he will get her answer. She closes her eyes and sees Bihaan. She opens eyes and smiles. She thanks Bau ji and touches his feet. He smiles.
She goes to the diya and recalls Bihaan and Sheena. She sees the diya blowing off and worriedly holds the diya. She recalls Bihaan’s words and runs holding the diya. She goes downstairs and sees just Bihaan standing in darkness. Bihaan gets surprised seeing her.

She says I did not let this diya blow off, I came here, you asked me does this matter to me or not, yes it matters, everything related to you matters to me, when you get hurt, I feel the pain, if your eyes get years, my heart also cries, when you are happy, my face gets smile too, when you are with someone else, it matters to me when your name is linked with someone else, when you get away from me, it affects me a lot. Bihaan looks at her and asks why Thapki.

Thapki cries and says you are still asking why, is my words not my answer, can’t you see my state. He says I can see everything, I told you but you did not agree. She asks can’t you wait, will you get engaged to someone else. He says I was waiting but…. She says then why did you get ready for engagement today, I did not realize, but you had love for me right….. She looks at him and goes to keep the diya. She says you are in hurry to go away from me, I will make you get engaged, bride is here and rings are also here, come. She takes him towards the assumed bride. Bihaan lifts the ghunghat and shows a mirror to her. Ranjhana plays…………. She gets surprised seeing the mirror. He says my bride, you were always my bride, you are and you will always be my bride.

She cries and looks at him. He smiles and nods. He says I was going to make you wear this ring. She says but Sheena…. He says Sheena is my good friend, nothing more than that, she did this to get us together and make you realize our love, this engagement was just a drama. She asks drama, then all family members….. He says they all are involved in this act, but I came to know this today. She asks why did you not tell me before, you said yes for engagement. He says if I did not say yes, how would I hear your yes. She says you are very bad and beats him. She says you know what was my state, I was afraid to lose you, you are very bad. He holds her hand and they look at each other.

Bihaan asks her what would happen if you lost me, tell me atleast now. She says you say eyes are mirror of heart, then why don’t you understand yourself. He says I had more fear than you, if this diya blew off and if you did not come, my love would have been proved wrong, today I just want to hear it from you, answer me. She says because I love you, I love you a lot Bihaan…… He happily cries. They have tears in eyes and get into an intense eyelock. He says even I love you a lot Thapki.

The family comes there smiling and clap. Vasundara says sorry, we did this to unite you. Dadi says main work was done by Sheena. Preeti says Thapki did not doubt on Sheena. Sheena says it was about my best friend’s love, sorry Thapki. Thapki hugs Sheena. Sheena says now I can leave today. Bihaan asks why so soon. Vasundara asks her to stay. Sheena says I have exams, I will come later, now I have two best friends now. They smile. Thapki thanks Sheena. Sheena says always welcome, Bihaan is very lucky to get a life partner like you. Bihaan asks is Thapki not lucky that she got me. Dadi says Lord made your Jodi like Ram and Sita. Suman and Preeti ask Shraddha to smile too and remove the tape. Preeti asks Bihaan to take the ring and make Thapki wear it. Bihaan makes Thapki wear the ring. Music plays………….. Everyone shower flowers on them and smile. Thapki also makes him wear the ring. Ranjhana ……plays…………… Thapki and Bihaan see each other and smile. They hold hands.

Bihaan tells Thapki that water fell on the sofa, I have to sleep on wet sofa all night. Thapki gives him place on the bed. They look at each other. Na na na na ……plays…………

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Roshni

      Haha….yeh finally it happnd aftr their long bumpy journey! Ironically…did u guys notice tht druv had playd the same trick on thapki? Waited for thapki to feel bad abt him getin married to someone else and stop the weddin herslf. Bt it didn’t hv ny effect on her


      Abi tho trailer a dosth picture abi baaki a……
      Aap tho ekdumm climax mai chalagya…….!!!????

      Abi bi marriage pending a na

      Cvs tho confession se confuse kardiya tho…..!!!!!????
      Phir se thahaan love ship per kohi rukaavat haajaye tho……!!!???


      Serial chal na padega tho dragging karna padtha a…
      cvs se request a ki thahaan love track ko dragging math kaena……

      ek suchh hai ki….

      Humm sab Kush a kyon ki ongoing track achcha a isliye…….

      • sag

        Hey santosh first of all Aaj to confession ho hi gaya..

        mere liye to ye climax hi tha..

        aur marriage ka to aisa he ki “Miya bibi razi to kya karega kazi”
        Phir se thahaan love me rukaavat to aani hi hai,kyo ki show bhi chalana Hai cvs ko…

        ab koi dragging nai…(at least 4 me 😛 )

      • Roshni

        I really thot it wil drag for 1 or 2 more days. I saw last 2 episodes togthr (didnt see prev episodes)… it ws cute how manish said ystrdy “ghee kam to nahi”.
        Btw… how cud thapki not hav realisd engagement is fake wen none of sheenas relatives wr arnd. Chalo…il lev logics for a day. Let them keep this love track draggin for a while b4 the next drama starts.tht wil keep the trps up?

  1. Tamil ponunga - Adithi

    Oh oh… Koi ithni cute kaise ho sakthi hain.. Oh God Bihaan looks so so cute.. Oh God at last I’m very happy.. I was smiling all over the episode today.. Cutest episode of tpk.. I loved it.. ??????
    But this is the 1st time I’m seeing after marriage engagement ??
    Hi sangam girls.. Neenga enna solringa..


    highlight of the episode…..
    bhauji aur thapki scene

    aaj mai tho….
    k for KUSH aur k for KAMOSH hoo…..

    Finally. …
    thapki se jyada bihaan ka ring bahooth koobsoorath thi…….

    • vinlora

      Finally yyyyyyyyyyyyyy our thahaan fans dream come true. .whole thahaan confession sequence was picturized so well….loved it…jab thapki bihaan ko maar rahithi wo scene tho cute tha…aur precap tho ….hmmmm….thahaan romance shuru hogaya hai….wow….and yes even I loved bihaan ring…it’s too good…

    • Roshni

      Apne engagement keliye vaisa hi ek ring banvalo santosh?.kya pata apki thapki jaldi hi mil jayegi. Hmmmm or do u alredy hv yr thapki???

  3. Fatarajo

    wow what an episode best episode of TPK love this show so much nowadays, I knew how will they confess love but I will say again it was ghajab 😛 and wow the diya part was so cute finally they showed it and everything was so nice and also no scenes of that shraddha churail but precap is superb n cute haha

  4. Tamil ponnunga-Shobi

    Somebody please pinch me….am I dreaming? I can’t believe my eyes. Finally Bihaan’s MLA(Thapki) confessed.I were flying on air…can’t control myself.En chella Tamil ponnungale naama nenachadhu nadandhuduchu…happy dhana & precap kooda semmaya irundhudhu illa?

    • sag

      yes amena thanks…
      ur fast updates… today I was busy at 7 pm
      so I first read confession in ur updates
      than watched…

  5. tanu

    awesome episode. Awaited episode. Thahaan rocks. FINALLY THAPKI CONFESSED. GUYS HERE IS THERE ANY RAGLAK OR KASAM FAN?

    • sag

      hmmm But itni asaani se thodi yes kaha…

      is garami me 180 degree tak jalaya tab Jake mani 😛 🙂

  6. Tintu mon

    Aggain typical serial dramas will starts ;water falling on sofa\mat etc. Sharing the bed with a wall of pillows across … Aggainnn…. Eyelocksss… Bla bla bak bak filmy style uniting OMG agggain wat all 2bare???

    • sag

      @ tamil ponnunga-kumutha
      @ tamil ponnunga-mozhi

      gajjab n L for lovely n L for likeable….


    • sag

      agreed with you…

      guys v should appreciate cvs because v scold them when thay put nonsense so v appreciate them for thahaan unity….

      cvs THANKYOU n great job.. 😛 😛


    Latest IF news …..

    Readers, it’s time to welcome a new character in Colors’ Thapki (SOL & Shoonya Square) with arms wide open.
    The viewers of the show have already seen many characters trying to create trouble in Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) and Bihaan’s (Manish Goplani) life. Here comes the latest one in the lot.
    And the man, who is all set to enter the show is popular RJ Sidhu. Yes, the popular radio jockey, who made his television debut with the show TV Ka Pehla Radio Show (Sony Mix), is all geared up for his fiction space debut.
    A source associated with the series shares, “In coming days, Thapki will plan to surprise Bihaan by dedicating a song to Bihaan. She will call RJ Rahul aka Sidhu for the same. Unfortunately, Rahul would be Shraddha’s (Monica Khanna) friend and the lady will ask Rahul to bother Thapki. So, the young man will make fun of Thapki because of her stammering problem on air.”
    Not a decent act we have to admit.
    Later on, Bihaan will visit the radio station and will threaten Rahul for making fun of his wife.

  9. Nusz (T!B!H) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) you need to rock the world!!!

    I Swear to god this epsiode was amazing!!!! I loved thahaan so much they were so cute!!! The way they confessed their love for each other was full of emotions!!!!
    The promo is also rocking,
    Sharing a bed I can’t aha~Nusz

  10. Thapki

    What a beautiful episode..waiting for tomorrow i mean this precap eagerly waiting to watch their awkwardness ???
    And roshni see they finally show this scene today ?

  11. Tamil ponnu...SMN

    Atlast everything is done….I’m happy for their union n now I want haf rest for few days from Tapki bcoz after tis vil b their love journey so….My turn to b vit my hubby….Tamil ponnugga sorry again ….where r u guys….FB join panungga….waiting yar….not for Tapki but to get noe well each other….Okwah….Tc

  12. anu

    precap omg

    today epi is too good

    Thapki finally confessed

    So lovely epi

    Very nice

    jumping on my bed

    Yipee yo
    Our Patience ends

    thahaanians i m so happy

    love thahaan

    precap too good

    Love thahaan

    Missing DS want to see his face when he comes to know that thapki Loves bihaan

    • gina_baron

      anu, I have no idea how old you are, but I’m sure you are too old to be jumping on your bed! I have to wait another 2.5 hours before I can watch on Rishtey. I read the update and cried. I am SO happy for Thapki and Bihaan. I don’t give a rat’s behind about Dhruv Sir; let Shraddha worry about him! I think he will be TOTALLY DEVASTATED when he learns about Thapki and Bihaan. I think he will lose his appetite for many, many days 🙂 Can’t wait to watch the episode tonight!…

    • Roshni

      In a way druvs condition is sad… he tried the same trick on thapki bt she didnt bothr to stop his weddin. Poor chap

  13. Thahaan ❤️

    It was totally an awesome episode… So romantic and lovely.. Enjoyed every moment.. Precap is really amazing ..eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode!! Literally can’t wait !! Manish you look dashing ❤️ Engagement of thahaan was yet so nice ?❤️?
    THANKS AMENA for fast update

  14. anu

    want thahaan remarriage
    how many of u want????
    🙂 🙂
    tell me guys

    Again thahaan marriage
    lets request directors
    /\ plZ cvs u have listen to us finally

    plz Thahaan remarriage plz

    guys please read my ff last epi
    thapki pyaar ki (anjaana anjaani) epi 7
    do comments if u like

  15. Tamil ponnu...SMN

    One more tq so much Ameena….I dont noe who r u but u helped me more on get better pic of this story….Tq again….Tc.

  16. Tamil ponnuga-Nisi

    Wow awesome episode…, I really loved it.
    And precap…………… No words to explain my happiness…!

    I am egarly waiting for tomorrow episode.

    And hi Tamil ponnuga sangam, na unga ellartaum onnu kekanum….
    Unga ellarukum oruthara oruthar munnadiye theriuma………?
    Nenga comments la peasikiratha pakum pothu enaku apdithan thonichi athan kekuren, thappa nenaikama pathil sollunga plz…….!


    I am talking about precap….

    Bihaan ne janboojke ya anjaneme kiya wo sabb….!!!!????

    Muje lagtha a ki anjaneme hogaya a ………
    Kyon ki a moti buddhi itni fast nahi a…..!!!!!

  18. Ally

    Awesome episode….. ???

    At last Thapki realized her love. But Druv was not there. If he was there he could have understand Thapki is now Bihaans. And he should have to move on.

    Naughty precap…..

  19. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Hoooooooooo. Solitaley ava kadhala… solumbodhey. sugham kanala…
    Bihaaaaaaaann… Give the treat for us…
    We want treat… But how…. its ok…. Happy life going to start now….
    Ooo my frnds…. This one … we want … Superb bihaan… Now are my moost lovable person..

    Hey chellakutingala. darlings. . why dont understand me… pls.. put numbers with ur name.. I jus confused… i dont know how many of u in my sangam… Pls..
    Now im going to count the members. whether its right or not..

    1. Kana
    2. Ash
    3. Juggu
    4. Smn (nages)
    5. Kumutha.
    6. Goms.
    7. Adithi
    8. Jasmine
    9. Devi.
    10. Mozhi
    11. Nisi
    12. Shobi
    13. Mouni
    14. Umarani
    15. Anuya
    16. Fira.
    17. Bala chitra
    18. Tamil neelah
    19. Gayathri.
    20. Sangeetha
    21 . Marees.

    wWOW. Totally 22 peoples.. including… me..
    Thank u guys.. Thank u for supporting and joining this sangam…
    Other languagess… If i did any mistakes.. any wrong approach.. pls.. forgive me… We are all one family.. In Thahaan ff family.. Am i right..?
    Come dears. Mingle with us .. If u are interested. i didnt force you… Love u guys..
    And Lovable and lovely Thahaaan…

      • Fatarajo

        Yes i m a girl and u can call me jo actually fatarajo is the combination of my full name and jo comes from joyee

      • Fatarajo

        Don’t worry many people thought I was a guy in other pages too due to the id name 😛

      • Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

        Roshni look dr,i wanted to quit but u made me speak,you have already decided that i’m a rude person and i have two faces etc etc… so here arguement won’t work,ok fine watever if other ppl who don’t knw tamil ,read ur comment abt me then they will definetly feel that i’m a rude person.
        U want the translation nah?? I will do it now
        I replied to my friend juggu when she bad i told her,hey juggu don’t feel bad if u feel bad i will slap u rascal,let’s move our chating location to fb,then let’s see whoever will come and stop us,so plz keep quit rascal
        That’s it,i used the word rascal not to mention you guys i mentioned my friend,when we talk with my friend with my friends we do not speak formally we uesd gang realted words and cinema dialogues so if u translated it u will get a different meaning and that comment i replied not to you i wanted to friend when she felt bad.

        And u said that when i speak in english i spoke politely nahh!! I said sorry for inconveniece nah! Yes that time i wanted to consol when non tamil speakers felf bad,it is two different situation and two different emotion i needed to express.go and check 2nd june update

        Watever i don’t want to argue anymore,your point of view i’m a rude person and having two faces ok thank you for such a good analysis abt me 🙂 i come back to explain my point of view i don’t knw whether if u accept it or not,but i have a responsibility to clear my side point bcz if i quit without any explanation then my frirnds also.might feel bad.and now i cleared everything for my friends and hereafter i fon’t want to bring this issue that’s y i replied here.
        And finally this is my last comment 🙂
        Bye tc friends

    • bala chitra

      Hi girls do u all have twitter account. so letz start a new group my I’d Is @balaguru1110

    • Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

      Finally pandey parivaar did a great job to unite our thahaan 🙂
      Nasreen i felt little sad when the ppl who are not ready to accept our sorry and explaining us by paragraphssss 🙁
      However,we all are here bcz of thahaan and now it’s the time to celebrate thahaan confession day 🙂
      And ash i knw u will read all our comments,plz come back we are missing u badly 🙁
      And all my lovely tamil ponnungale don’t ask any permission to join our sangam,all are always welcome 🙂

      • Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

        Illa juggu apdi sollatha naan ennoda uyira vida nesikira ore vishayam tamil than,aana athu veruthu othuka padura idathila atha naan upayoga padutha virumpala and atha unara vendiyavangaluku englishla sonna than puriyum athuku than

      • Roshni

        Kana… my this msg is exclusively to u amongst the tamil group and to all the non tamil speakers.
        Im not at all a short tempered person and u wont find a single hostile msg of mine here to date . But theres somethn calld as limits!

        Ur english msg ” not ready to accept
        our sorry… writing paragraphs ” has made me cros tht limit and quite frankly im furious! It ws in englsh so it caught my eyes els i wasnt gona read ny of ur comnts nywy even though forum is public.I knw ur too narrow to undrstnd wat il be sayin bt
        for the sake of othrs leme make this
        clear .

        Yes… i did ryt a msg whch, unfortunately, al of u tamil ponnugal hav taken the wrong way.Again my apologies to the tamil ponnugal. But read tht msg again. Did i say not to use tamil? Did i say we dont like ur language? Did i say i hate u or anythin rude? Did i ask u guys to apologise? Did i say u commited a crime? Did i say not to use tamil?
        ? Wat did i say?… i jus said tht a language specific group ,in my opinion, wasnt warranted in a forum like this coz others wil feel like minority and they wud wana b a part of this forum too. “I clearly highlghtd its an opinion”!
        Y did i adres it to kana and nasreen?
        Coz a lil over a week bak i had read a tamil conversation between u both sayin “evrybdy is talkin in hindi n al. Al we can do is enjoy and ignore. I

        we may bcom a minority and later our msgs may disappear alghtr”. U
        guys wr plannin to form a tamil sangam coz u felt left alone. That day
        i sent u guys a msg sayin we wil translate watevr u want and tht u guys r alwys welcom. Me thapki…sag..
        we al started usin more english and
        sometyms we even put word
        translation in brackets . U wr so happy seein tht msg from me ( i.had even spoken in tamil to make u feel more welcom n u askd me if im tamil


        Ystrdy i saw the situation being
        turned . I saw others talkin in their
        own language regardin howthey r findin it diff to comprehend wat ur sayin. N they decided its bettr to
        ignore. Like last tym i thot “y shud ppl
        ignore eachothr wen they can b
        friends beyond borders “. So i wrote para to be as gentle… as polite as posbl to convey tht others may feel unwelcom. Sayin it bluntly in a sentenz wud hav hurt ur feelings…dats wt i thot. So kana… tel me… y this two faced attitude? Wen i tried to help u guys feel a part of the non tamil group u wantd to b my friend. Wen i thot i cud xpress an opinion ( read my comnt.. i said its my opinion…not a complaint or order or anythn) to help evrybdy intermingle… this tym u tuk offenz even though the intentn was no different from wat i did u help u guys. Like i said i hav many tamil
        friends and so even though many requestd to use english… i didnt even ask u to do tht. Evrybdy hs ryt to opine in their own language. So y this much of fury over an opinion whch ws xpressd politely as posbl ( i even apologsd in” tamil ” at the end of tht comnt for any unintended unpleasantness in wt i said).

        I… gina baron… we al wrote paragraphs just to make it as polite as possbl so tht i guys dont feel bad and tht u gt the ryt meanin.. and tht its only a view point n not a hostile msg to mak nybdy feel unwelcom. u can chose to see tht point of view or lev it. Its as simple as tht. No need of apologies .
        Y am i writin anothr para? Not for u kana coz i know u wil only get more furious n write a hate reply.But as u know i understand tamil. I hav seen tht u send sweet msgs in english sayin “sorry for i convenience ” and then u write in tamil “hum hare elake mein jayenge.dekhenge ki kaun hame
        rokta hai….” “koi rascal kuch bhi kahe hum jante hai ki hum kaun hai”. ( ur reply to.juggu ystrdy). ” if we leave our mothr tongue and
        speak in english we wil bcom americans”. I understand u r proud of ur language bt y is this pride turnin into arrogance? Y two faced comments. U speak politely in english and then u talk amngst urslf as though we non tamil speakers r trying to destroy ur language. Did v ever say tht? Evrybdy wants to b a part of wt ur sayin so they requestd to speak in english.not bcoz we hate tamil. Wat part of our comnts made u think we hate it? I didnt even say not to use tamil. I ws only askin if thres a need for groups wen we r all tpk
        viewers.n the idea ws not bein forcd upon u guys. I knowu guys wr only havin fun . I thot as a friend i cn shw u a diff perspective whch may b ryt or wrong.
        Non tamil speakers cant undrstand ur comments.but i can. I sw ur msgs ystrdy. Stil i let it go. Today u write a msg in english whch clearly shows u wntd me to read it. So naturally i felt i ought to make it clear. Wat i said ystrdy was only a suggestion ! U can chose to see tht point of view or lev it. It was intended to “unite” evrybdy.nt to separate the tamil ponnugal frm othrs. Unfortunately u guys got offended and i apologised for the unintentional hurt several tyms. Ultimately ….we decided to lev it there ystrdy. Today ur bringin it up again and creatin a quarel.pls stop?. We r al matured adults. Other tamilians… nages… nasreen … fatarajo etc hav atleast accepted tht it was only a point of view. I totally admire nages’s reply.n im thnkful to fatarajo n al to interact without any spiteful comnts. I truely dont hate u guys. And nasreen… i know ur the
        leader… again… i hav no issues with the use of tamil language dear. U guys r jus like sisters to me so i thot i cud xpres myslf. Thts al.i knw ur grp ws wel intendd.n i hv no prob with u guys continuin it coz i ws only tryin to promote minglin coz i like u ppl. So i hope theres no hard feelings in ur heart even though u have spoken sweetly ystrdy. I ws only tryin to increase the bondin jus like how i felt bad seein ur msg earlier regardin how u enjoyed our jokes but didnt feel part of it. Do u undrstand nw y i sent tht comnt nasreen?
        As for kana…. i can understand tamil… even though many others here cant. Kindly stop bringin up the issue again and again in english or tamil with spiteful remarks abt us tht othrs cant undrstnd. And its not maturd to write somethin in english and act as polite and then chat in tamil as though we non tamilians r from some other planet. We r all one and the same…no matter wat country v belong to or wat language we speak. We al love our mother tongue but tht pride dosnt make us disrespect other languages. Lev this issue onz and for all coz i shall not waste anymore tym writing “paragraphs ” to make u understand somethin without being rude. Wat u wrote really made me furious coz i had repeatedly mentiond tht i didnt mean any offense to ur mother tongue. Do wat u like…. make grps.. talk in nythn but DO NOT BRING UP THIS TOPIC AGAIN IN ENGLISH OR TAMIL OR WATEVR AND DO NOT SPEAK ABT NON TAMILIANS AS THOUGH WE ARENT EVEN FROM SAME PLANET. WE CARE ABOUT EVERYBODY AND EVERY LANGUAGE HERE!i shal not even bothr to send u a reply if start commentin like this again! Good bye.

      • Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

        Roshni y u translated the sentence in hindi which i said i tamil,bcz i don’t knw hindi if u translate the things which i didn’t share in tamil then hindi ppl also might feel bad for me nah??
        No more arguements,bcz i don’t have this much of strength to argue,anyway thank u for everything and now i feel i’m suitable for this forum 🙂 so girls this will be my last msg,really i will miss u my tamil ponnungale 🙁
        Nasreen,juggu,ash,nageska and my other lovely tamil buddies love u soooo much and thank u for ur love and support 🙂 i don’t knw y i’m leaving but it’s better to leave frm here,keep enjoying and keep rocking 🙂
        Bye tc

      • sag

        guys what happened…?

        matter ko khichna to cvs ka kam hai hamara nai….

        this show n forum for all…..

        I said earlier keep commenting in that language which u like the most…..

        plz don’t do languages issue

      • Roshni

        Kana…. again… im nt askin u to lev bt to lev ” me” alone. U hv many frens here .And i translated it to hindi on purpose so tht u know wat it feels like wen u speak nicely to us in english and then speak rudely abt me /us in tamil and i send a reply to it but nobdy realises wats made me feel
        bad abt ur comments.
        Languages r meant to unite n not divide.nw wen u ask ur friends to translate wat i said ul realis tht askin
        to avoid “lang specific GROUP”ws a
        sign of
        acceptanz… nt to belittle ur language. U shud hv jus ignored if the pt of view didnt suit u.Coz v al
        need to undrstnd 1 anothr. Sry for tht
        . I shudnt hv bothrd. My mistak.thot u wr a fren n i ws helpin.
        ofcourse u “dont” hav to lev. This is between u and me. N its ur forum too. Hmmm Do u want me to lev kana? I wantd to make things clear coz u r goin on n on abt it in ur msgs. Lev me and others ( hu hv askd u to convrse in eng) alone .dat wil b more than enof.
        But yes… fair game.i want translation of jus one msg whch i cudnt understand fully. Ur words.. pls tel me line to line without manipulation… wat is meant by ” bad ah feel panna kannathila oru arai vuduruvan RASCAL pesana iru….. fb… anga vaa pesikal. Anga nammala evan thadukiranu parpom.athu namma area”. Dos tht cmment promote friendshp btwn diff langauages? As for the othr hindi words… i jus wantd to remind u tht onz upon a tym i had extended a hand of friendship sayin il translate to u watevr u want. U so easily forgot abt tht and jumpd the gun at the sight of a wel intended polite msg and start instignatin ur friends against us as though askin to commucate in english is equivalent to east india company tryin to conquer india onz.
        So.. my last msg to u. This ws a personal retort to u sinz we wr supposeto hav been friends. Atleast i thot so til u proved me wrong. I dont need any reply from rest of ur tamil friends as i hav nothin against u guys. And kana… stay bak in the forum as u like coz its as much urs as its anybdys put refrain from insulting others even if its ur personal tamil discussion coz this is a public forum . Ofcorz.. ur eng msgs r rathr polite.My msg ystrdy ws written as politely as possibl under my false impression tht “u” wr a fren. Alas i ws wrong! One last request .tanslate tht rascal line. I think i undrstud it wrong.
        K then. Im out of energytoo. Bye kana. U and me neednt bring this topic up again. N for rest of tamil ponnugal… i hv no prob if u wana keep the grp.its fun..i knw. This is btwn me and kana coz i xpressd a point of view thinkin a friend wil receive it well and react maturedly.

      • Roshni

        Sag… i knw ur tryin to cool things down. Its really sweet. But i had to reply aftr seein some of kanas discusions regardin this topic despite agreein to lev it and me apologisin for unintended hurt. Sinz i udrstand tamil its hard for me to ignore the tamil msgs draggin the same stuff ovr n vr again. But yeh… im done with it now! Huff… kisi ki madath karne ka itna bada sazha. Apas mein aise baatkar rahe hai ki hum sabne inn logon ka bhasha cheen liya ho. Pehle toye log chahte dhe ki hum madat kare. Ab mein ne vahi baat boli to aisa lag raha hai ki roz ka discusn ek war hai.god

  20. juhi

    OMG!!!!!????? finally thapki ne confess kar hi diya
    I m so happy……today’s epi was awesooooome??????

    I can’t wait for tommorowss epi. ….. The precap is tooo good actually its awesome????

    • Roshni

      Yeh…. interestin precap??? wonder if bihaan spilled the water on sofa on purpose ???? tht sofa is anyway not comfy. Sleepin on the floor ws far bettr. High tym for him to claim his bed bak?

  21. ammu

    omg superb episode liked it a lot. the scene was so cute when thapki beat bihaan and i am really happy to see the future episodes of thahaans love storyyyy

  22. fira

    Wow….super epi….final la thapki bihaan ta love va sollita….thapki bihaan ta love soldra scene super ra irunthuchu……precap super….waiting for next epi……thank u kumutha….neenga enakku comments pannirunthinga once again thanks…..

  23. woooow finally they confessd their love!! amazing….noe their romance will start….eagerly waiting 4 the next epi! 😉 😉

  24. Jaaan

    Awwwwsome episode finally they united. Semmmma. THAHAAN for ever.
    Druv should know about this.
    Shradha vukku ennadhan prechana? tharuv sera koodathunu nenacha ok. thahaan sendha avalukku enna problem

  25. Taraputri

    Yaa ithu vanda best episode ever! Namma thapki rocked it today. Thapki akka oomaaa! ?????

  26. Gayathri

    Gajab awesome superb thaan kya lagthe ho dhono love confessing karthe huvey keep it up guys ?✨✨✨

  27. nithya

    i am also a tamil girl
    the episode is awesome enjoyed a lot………..
    love u thahaan……

  28. Nowdays tpk trp become low 1.3 but in 10 position nd Nagin in top with 4 trp frnd make more people to watch tpk … at least ur family member..

  29. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

    OMG…!! Yeh bhavaan.. wat an episode???????????wat a precap..
    Thapki-Bihaan….love yu both…
    Dhruv kamichangala episode la..??
    DS face eh na paknum

  30. Mariaaaxxx

    WOW Todays episode was just aammaaaazzzingg after a long await 😀 <3 Thahaaan forever<3

  31. Rinka

    BEST BEST AND THE BEST EPISODE OF TPK….. I have no words to describe it… I am just mesmerized and this will remain upon me for the next few days…. just love love and love Thahaan…

  32. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

    Intha thapki ponnu “I love you Bihaan” nu 4 vaarthai uyireiye vangiduchu…??
    Irunthalum paravala…epdiyo soliduchu..?

  33. Malika

    Superb… Amazing episode love Thahaan scene finally Thapki confessed her love ? I’m very happy)))

  34. Tamil ponnunga-fira (16)

    Thank u nasreen neenga enna unga team members list la sethathukku…I am very happy…thank u so much…

  35. Tamil ponnunga-fira (16)

    Kumutha thank u ma….neenga enna unga team nu sonnathukku…I think U r kind hearted person…..sry inneme thanks solla mattean yen da namma ippa frnds?….neenga en frnd request ta accept pannuvingala….

  36. Sharonne

    This is so unfair to Dhruv..poor guy. He deserves to be with his love Thapki.
    The writer changed d story and made fun of pple wt disability. Thapki lost Dhruv bcos Vasundra thot she wasn’t gd enough simply bcos of her speech impairment. .soo sad. … I stopped watching for a while and now am done finally. Tharuv fans sorry

  37. Sharonne

    Bihaan thapki. .not true love at all. ..a man partnered with his partner in crime mum to cheat a girl and now pple want them together really? Wat wil happen wen Dhruv finds out and also shradahs lies of consumating their marriage – all lies. Really done watching y’ll

    • Anu

      U just now said i was quit to watching after thahaans mrge..not yet u saw any thahaan scenes that’s y u saying like this so many months ago belong to live with bihaan and she could do anything for bihaan that she was said to ds bihaan is saved thapki so many times..even thpki not yet tell to ds love u…hw could be fake in all thahaans love is precious ,lot ofbelieves on their loves..thpki already said i was first time in love..

    • Roshni

      Hey sharonne. Yeh wat u said is valid. Druvs story is really sad. Thapki fell in love with bihaan coz he didnt cheat her purposefully. She used to hate him initially. But onz she found out hes innocent….things started changing. Bihaan is sort of a heart before brains person. He loves evry1 whole heartedly and wil forget all logic for their sake. Sorta did the same for vasu wen she blackmailed him to marry thapki. I can make out ur a tharuv fan and ur point of view is valid. But may b u can see bihaan in a different light to like him and enjoy seein the serial. He was trapped n forced to marry thapki even though he had no issues with her bein the pandey parivaar bahu.n hes been held as the culprit by his entire family.yet hes been suferin alone and repentin for it sinz. As for druv…. yeh… writers hav really screwed up his life. I hope he atleast marries sheena or someone nice. Poor chap!

    • gina_baron

      Sharonne, if I had a pound for every time I said I was done watching this serial, I would be a very rich woman! I totally understand where you’re coming from. If we chose to, we could write huge, long essays on all the things that are wrong with/bad about this show. The truth is that (for me) I can see traits of my own character or people I know, in some of the characters. For example, the character of Bihaan is 99.9% my husband; the abandoned child always craving love and affirmation, but never genuinely feeling entitled/deserving. I could go on and on, but what I’m saying is that there are reasons why we are somehow drawn to certain dramas. Maybe it’s because they reflect our own lives, characters, dreams and aspirations or experiences in some way. Do you think that’s possible? Or maybe we watch them simply for entertainment or out of curiosity. Whatever the reason, we (all of us in this TPK community) have to give ourselves permission to take 30 minutes out of ‘life’ each evening and be a silent by-stander in the Pandey family nivas and not feel that we need to justify WHY we do it. We are silent witnesses to their joy, their sadness, their drama and everything else they experience. Sometimes other people’s drama can be a welcome distraction from our own…
      Sharonne, you raised some interesting questions concerning Dhruv, but please remember that nobody FORCED him to marry Shraddha, neither was he ‘tricked’ into marriage. When Thapki told him that Shraddha was no good, he didn’t want to listen. He said that whatever she is (good or bad) she is his going to be his wife. Unfortunately,Dhruv is a weak man who put the responsibility of preventing his marriage on Thapki’s shoulders. Wisely, she chose not to interfere. Dhruv was not willing to fight for the love of his life. Bihaan (on the other hand) is like a junk yard dog. He will defend those he loves to the death. He was willing to defy the whole family for Thapki. The 2 of them have had to defy the world, the family -everything- together. Admittedly, they were thrown together initially, but I genuinely believe that through all the adversity, true love and affection has developed between them. I am interested to know what makes you think otherwise? Please keep watching or at least, keep in touch with this forum.

  38. sag

    yes amena thanks…

    ur fast updates… today I was busy at 7 pm so I first read confession in ur updates than watched…

  39. natalia

    Oh my goodness, what a lovely episode! I’ve watched the whole series for that and i actually cried. Thank yhou for these written updates, i love reading them and all the comments. I’m English and rely on subtitles so thank you all you lovely people who post in English. Thapki and Bihaan are a gorgeous couple xxx

    • Roshni

      Wow…. tpk seems to hav so many viewers outsid india.Hmmm… im curious as to how u came cros the serial…?

      • Fatarajo

        Promos roshni promo actually i feel tpk is one of those shows which have been least promoted in beginning parts but i watch other shows so when i was watching bigg boss(jabra fan of that show) i saw the maha episode of tpk and i loved it but b4 that i used to watch it sometimes as my mom watches it from day 1 and i used to watch sometimes but when i saw thahaan nok-jhok i loved the show a lot already even though i was quite surprised initially when thahaan got married instead of thapki-dhruv

      • Roshni

        Thnx fatarajo. Actually i hav seen tht some serials and sharukh movies get translated to arabic as wel. I never thot indian tv reaches audiences beyond india and pakistan. Gud to knw!

      • Fatarajo

        Well actually there have been hindi chaanels available in overseas since long time but u must subscribe te channel first if u have a set up box I remember when I was 5-6yrs old only zee tv was there after 2-3 yrs star plus n sony also came in , so I only knew about these 3 channels but I didn’t have any idea about colors whenever I used to go to my homeland I see people watching colors and then finally in 2014 my mom subscribed colors too and the first show we watched in colors was Beintehaa. And then we started watching colors more and then I realized that most of the actors who were seen In zee shows r now in colors shows . But in between I found colors boring but now it’s good channel we watch most is sony n colors. And my 3 all time fav colors hindi serials r Beintehaa, Thapki Pyaar ki n meri Aashiqui tumse hi others r good also but these 3 r my fav but I used to watch Madhubala sometimes when I was in my homeland with my cousins But when we subscribed Madhubala took a leap

      • And SRK movies r popular worldwide even b4 I was born I remember as a kid my parents used to go to theatres everytime there was an SRK movie n all my Malay friends in singapore love to watch SRK movies so even if u don’t understand hindi at all SRK movies r still quite popular

      • natalia

        Hi Roshni, i discovered Rishtey tv last year and have been addicted ever since. I dont have Sky but can get it on freeview ch 77. My worst time was when the channel went off air at the begining of December in the middle of a flipping programme! I couldn’t even watch it online as there was no subtitles. After much searching i came across these written updates and was able to keep track of my much missed Thapki & Bihaan. The wonderful Amena was an absolute Godsend to me, thank you Amena for taking the time and trouble to keep people like me informed. I always hoped Rishtey would come back on air and was delighted when it did. I still read Amena’s updates and the comments from Thapki watchers. My own friends and family think i’m funny cos i love Rishtey tv but i don’t care. I watch news, sport and Indian drama’s, thats me folks xxx

  40. Sunita

    Fantastic…..Bhihan and Thapki have good chemistry between them.Our future Raj kapoor and Nargis.Todays episode was just perfect. Love u xx

  41. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

    Adithi at number 7 reporting ??
    Hey guys… Nethu konjam headache thoongiten.. Adukulla ivlo comments ah..
    Anyways Tahaan rocking..

  42. Syed Hussain

    What a episode, thahaan is way & way better than any other filmi jodi. God has created them for each other. Just imagine if they marry in real life, then how cute their child would be….omg

  43. Princess

    Its been a long journey for thahaan from their forced marriage to their hate, from hate to understanding, from understanding to friendship and from friendship to their love….C for chuk chuk gadi and M for moti buddhi are one of d cutest couple…..they look perfect with each other……thahaan forever……?????☺??




  45. anu

    Link here:
    where family caught Bihaan hugging pillow..thinking its I think its the continuity of that scene.
    :Family provokes bihaan that, you can’t hug thapki in real , and like that and he take is as challenge..And dadi said to everyone that don’t go to hall..but all of them secretly seeing them..ashwin sanjy hides in stairs, preety suman bauji fav corner. Dadi vasu by the side of temple.He goes to thapki who was sitting in the hall, cutting vegetables..He comes down slowly in full shyness ,that what to do then get fb of family provokings.. so he get courage stand near thapki..
    B: I need courage..T:what
    B: I mean I need courage to stop u to cut this much vegetables. Who cut this much vegetables…
    T:actually family wanted to eat Chinese thats y..
    B: okh, but someone else did this work u come with me.
    .T: no after this I have to boil nodels in two min..Bihaan get pissed ..he sit on sofa little away from thapki
    B: okh then let me help u
    ..T: u never helped me before.
    ..B:gajab, when I m doing, u r complaining..
    T: okh…Biahaan act to take out pea..Bihaan takes pea bucket from thapki and go close to her…Thapki gives him look and starts cutting capsicumAnd then bihaan slowly try to put hand on thapki shoulder.
    .T: bihaan plx pass me the capsicum..He suddenly push back his hand..Pass thapki capsicum after some time then in anger he stands up..He puts hand on thapki shoulder..Thapki stands with jerk
    .T:what are you doing?
    B: mm..mmm I wanted to hug u…Thapki ignores and about to leave…Her dupptta get stuck..She think bihaan hold it..Bihaan gets more shy..
    T:bihaan leave me..She turn.. to see then & get embarrassed seeing bihaan was not on mistake. She again about to leave bihaan holds her hand with confidence and trun her to him..
    T: bihaan what are you doing? Someone sees us..Both analysis the hall..Everyone hides…Then they slowly slowly come close to each other thapki closes her eyes…Bihaan hold her and about to hug her..That very moment, suman bhabie fall on preety bhabie with bang and they fell .both get shy everyone appears bihaan runs outside ,and thapki with vegetables runs to kitchen..Dadi scold suman and preety, vasu laughs..Suman said but dadi u too was sneeking..dadi said yes our mistake let make another plan..Vasu laughs and hug dadi and everyone gets on thinking.

    too lovely
    here i write full description

    thahaan r looking too.awesome

    manyasa rocks

  46. abi

    outstanding episode…dream comes true..the way of proposal n intense look…best among ever….love u bihaan mahatma alias Mrs.Bihaan….cute cute cute..fablous episode ever…no words to explain..pls thapki wear mangalsutra n sindoor…then u look more pretty than others….dreamy episode now true thing…..enamo kanava ninaivaanu therila pa…but sema pa

  47. bihaan ki deewani

    omggggg wat an epi just wishing for more n more thahaan romance scenes muaahhzz bihaan n thapki love u both

  48. Prtibha

    I missed the episode n not able to watch anywhere even on voot app that’s y i hate friday n Saturday’s episodes coz colours doesn’t telecast their repeat….not getting what to do…they should give repeat episodes too……Sooo Sad..stupid colours

  49. Saritha

    Hi, am new to this group, Tamil Ponnunga rocks, yennaiyum vunga sangathila sethukuveengala???? am from Bangalore,

  50. Thank Anu for updating upcoming interesting moments of is your studies and project?I think its going on good.Iam also confused because my exams are started on next month….anyway Good Luck dear…Vanakam chennai girls….

    • Tamil ponnunga-yaz (23)

      Hi nisha …i rly miz u dear ….aprm oru name la msg pannu ….suhani or nisha …k va chlm…

    • Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

      Vanakkam saritha,nisha,suhani,yaz,abi ellaraiyum anbudan varavetkirom
      Fb group la join pannunga
      Yarum sangathila seralamanu kelvi kekave koodathu sariya urimaiyoda vanthu serthiranum ok

  51. rek

    I really so happy abt today episode…awesome…love u bihaan lot…one more thing s the way of cute proposal…BUT THEY did not hug reason s they have love each other, more time to unite n hug thats cute n best…love each other

  52. Nimisha

    Watched late so only just commenting now

    Basically it was


    Ooh thapki watch out for all those diyas they look like a fire hazard???


    Lovely episode! Very lovely.

    Manish’s face was so expressive and awesome all the way thru. Jigyasa’s very sweet.

    Loved it!

  53. Attention pls if someone want to see the episode on… There is a way to watch all & any episode…I had watched 6 times the tomorrow episode on voot…those who are unable to watch on voot …….1) First go to and select YouTube TV shows. 2)Enter thapki pyar Ki in the search button of YouTube tv shows. 3)Then many episode options like thapki 28 march ,22 April will appear…select those episodes where u can see the voot icon..4)After selecting any episode u will see on the video scene a box where it will show A link for full episode of the episode you have the link…5)Now if the selected video is loading then select on the Series page icon just below the video….6)Now from the series page u can see a no. Of videos including latest one. Try friends. ..and sorry for any other mistakes…❤

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