Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki lying in water tank unconscious. The water starts coming. Dhruv looks or her and thinks where did she go. He says everyone will worry if he calls her home. He finds her phone there and sees her sandals near the tank. Dhruv gets on the stool to see inside the tank. He gets shocked to see Thapki inside and calls her. He gets worried and recalls her words. Krishnakant and Shubh help an old man in picking his vegs and asks how did this happen. The man says a motor cycle man hit him. Krishnakant offers money. The man refuses to take. Krishnakant buys some vegs and tells Shubh that prayers of strangers and needy are good.

Dhruv jumps inside the tank and holds Thapki. He lifts her and makes her conscious. He asks her to hold the tank top and makes her stand on his shoulder.

He sees her still semi conscious and they come out of the tank. He lifts her and takes her inside the home. Vasundara asks Suman and Rachna to prepare for the function. She gets shocked seeing Thapki. Dhruv says she was sinking in the tank. Suman and Rachna think how did water come. Vasundara rushes to Thapki and they pump out water from her stomach. Dhruv asks her to call doctor.

He says we will take her to hospital. Suman says doctor is coming. Dhruv asks Thapki to wake up and gets worried. She coughs and gets conscious.

Suman and Rachna worry of Vasundara. The doctor checks Thapki and Dhruv asks will she be fine. The doctor says you got the water pumped out on time, she is fine. Vasundara asks Thapki to take rest. She asks Dhruv to go and change. He says please mum, some time. She goes. Dhruv tells Thapki that he was worried and asks how did she reach there. Thapki tells him everything about getting butter milk needing zeera powder, and she slipped by oil. Vasundara brings haldi milk and asks Thapki to have it.

She apologizes and says bad incident happened here, why did you go there. Dhruv says I will say and tells her everything. Vasundara recalls Suman and Rachna being on terrace and lying to her about Thapki. She asks them not to go. Thapki asks Dhruv not to worry. Vasundara questions Suman and Rachna. Suman stammers while lying and Vasundara says her stammering shows she is the thief. Suman says plumber came and maybe Thapki fell by his mistake. Vasundara scolds them and asks them do they know who is she, she is this house’s…… guest….. will they do this with guest, now they will be punished. She asks them to come.

She asks them to fill water for the entire house from outside. Suman asks why, the tank has water. Vasundara closes the tap of the tank and asks them to do the work. She says if anything happened to Thapki, she would have not left them. Dhruv helps Thapki and they have an eyelock. Mere bina mai…………..plays…………. They smile. She says she will leave now and thanks him for saving her. He says how can I let anything happen to you, you are my…..She looks at him.

Vasundara says she has seen love in Dhruv’s eyes for Thapki, she will go to her parents to ask her hand. Bau ji says Bihaan is coming. Bihaan enters.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First
    Wow.. Awsome epi loved it…
    Who is the new character entering??!!! I think he going to create prblms…

    1. Oo.. Im 2nd

    2. That’s for sure

  2. Wow super epd

  3. Superb episode……love u both thapki and Dhruv..

  4. Well anyone saw the new promo

  5. In the new promo this bihaan is helping thapki amd dhruv was fuming seeing this both of them together. I think so they are bringing jealousy now

    1. Can u post the link plzzzz

      1. Sorry friends. I have saw in tv so I cant send u the link.

  6. wow wat a lovely scene wen dhruv saving thapki..
    love u both

  7. wow!!! what an epi

  8. Prius plzzzzzz tell me that promo

  9. I would love to see dhruv getting jealous over thapki. I just hope that bihaan is nt a negative character.

    1. Yes ritu I am also thing that he is a negative character

  10. Superb episode .And who is the bihan

  11. Who is this new entery………bihaan……what is this. New problem

  12. Bihaan is druv’s brother…. bt he s an adopted son

  13. Bihaan is going to fall in loge wiv thapki our he may cause problems due to being step brova

  14. I think that bihaan is going to bring thapki and dhruv together

  15. This bihaan will surely create problems for dhruvki!!!!

    But wat an episode!!! Dhruv caring for thapki it was really with watching!! Really dhruvki rocks!!!

    1. *worth

      1. I wish Bhiaan should not be negative…

    2. I think so

  16. Dhruv and thapki is such a lovely pair

  17. Dhruv and thapki is look like such a lovely pair

  18. Oopps! who is bihaan.i think he is create more prblm for thapki.

  19. I will very excited wait for watch today epi.because for bihaan entry.

  20. I luv dhruv and thapki

  21. Again and again dhruv save thapki wow… you dhruv and thapki.i think new character is negative and he create new prbls

  22. Waow I like druv and thapki the way they are helping each other

  23. Picture please

  24. Luv u dhruv &thapki….who was the new character?hope he is positive character

  25. Hey Guys. You wanna know who bihaan is!? So I want to help you of all 🙂 . I read every day in written updates but I don’t write in comment ? anyway. I hope Dhruvki will be together… but what about Vasundara? When she will come to know about Thapki’s stammers? I hope she accept her as Dhruv loves her. She can’t broke his heart, this why what mom always care for her children. I hope Bihaan will be positive character. I know he will fell in love with Thapki as Dhruv fall in love with Thapki. But I hope Thapki often goes to Dhruv than Bihaan. I wait and want that Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage…. I think Bihaan must be negative role because maybe he don’t like his brother or he don’t want that Dhruv marry with Thapki. I don’t know that I’m saying right or wrong. I just GUESS…. so have a nice day 🙂

    (Ps. My real name is not “haii” ? )

  26. Upps sorry I forge something….

  27. I think dhruv in luv with thapki.

    1. Yeah!he is fall in luv with thapki.

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