Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan telling that he will fight for his family and house, and then this pic will reach where it belongs to, but you will not be in our house and lives. He marks Thapki’s pic with black pen. Sankara thinks she will do her best to make Thapki go away from his life and get her place. Thapki hears her and asks how can you think of taking my place. She says very soon misunderstandings will be cleared and Thapki and Bihaan will unite again. She asks then what you will do. Sankara says you have enjoyed with your husband Kabir, and now following my husband. Thapki gets angry and is about to slap her, but Sankara holds her hand and says everyone believes this. She says you got me married to Bihaan. Thapki says I thought my Bihaan wrong else I won’t have let you marry him. Sankara

thinks you don’t know truth and thinks I am graham of your life. She asks what you will do if you will break my marriage, says she will support Bihaan and will win. Thapki thinks Bihaan have to win anyway, and tells that she can’t see him hurt. One misunderstanding have separated them.

Preeti and Aditi come out. Preeti tells Organizer that she wants to get their name registered for the competition. She asks him to write Ashwin and Preeti, and also Dhruv and Aditi. Aditi refuses, but Preeti convinces her asking her not to let Shraddha snatch Dhruv. Aditi agrees. Preeti gives Aditi and Dhruv’s name. Shraddha comes there and says she has one more couple name to register. Aditi gets upset seeing her. Shraddha tells that she wants to register her name. Aditi gets upset.

Everyone welcomes badi dadi. She asks Balwinder why he is looking weak and asks if Vasu don’t care of her. Balwinder says now she will take care of me and laughs. Sonu tells that badi dadi misses everyone. Badi Dadi says she came to meet everyone and also Bihaan’s wife. She points at Thapki and says she is his wife naa. Sankara gets upset. Badi Dadi asks Bihaan if she is his wife. Vasu says yes…and tells that she is Bihaan’s wife Thapki and asks them to take her blessings as a couple. Thapki and Bihaan touch Dadi’s feet and take her blessings. Thapki smiles looking at Bihaan. Badi Dadi blesses them and says their Jodi is like Ram and Sita. Bihaan is about to tell about his marriage truth, but Vasu stops him and asks Suman to take her inside room. Sonu tells Bihaan that bhabhi is good. Bihaan tells him that he don’t want to lie to him, and says he is now married to Sankara and separated from Thapki. Vasu says circumstances was such. Sonu asks them not to tell anything to Badi Dadi as she got heart attack twice. He requests them to act as husband and wife for a day, and says they will go tomorrow. Bihaan says I can’t do. Vasu convinces them. Sankara gets upset.

Later Sankara comes to room and tells Bihaan that she is wearing his name mangalsutra and sindoor, and says Thapki is wearing mangalsutra and sindoor of Kabir’s name. She asks how can you give rights to Thapki. Bihaan goes from there. Sankara thinks you are helpless, but not me. I will not let that Thapki come near you, I don’t care if Badi Dadi dies. She calls Kabir and tells that Bihaan and Thapki are acting as husband and wife because of an old lady. She asks him to come home or mourn for the new year. Kabir thinks he will make Bihaan Pandey mourn.

Sonu tells that new year is nearer. Dadi asks Bihaan and Thapki to cut the cake. Kabir comes home and says he will make Thapki wear mangalsutra and will apply sindoor on her forehead. They are about to cut cake. Kabir comes and stops them. He asks if this is how new year begin, and asks Thapki to wear new mangalsutra and sindoor. Just then electricity is off..Vasu and Thapki takes Kabir to room and ties his hands and puts tape on his mouth. They lock him in room and goes. Light comes back. Badi Dadi asks who was that guy?

Vasu says that guy came from jeweller and gave mangalsutra and sindoor. Dadi says she got shocked when he told such thing. Vasu says until I am here in the house, I will end all inauspicious things. Sonu asks Bihaan to cut the cake. Bihaan and Thapki cut the cake. Bihaan gives first cake bite to Dadi, but she asks him to make each other have first bite. They make each other have cake. Dadi says you are lucky to get Thapki, whose soul is so true. She asks him to be with Thapki always and never to hurt her. Bihaan looks on.

Sankara plans to stop Thapki and Kabir and compromises with the circuit box. She says get ready to fall in my trap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    A lovely episode…Badi dadima pls stay here,atleast one week so that way we can get some Thahaan scenes.Thapki and Sankara scenes were powerful…
    Today kabirs plan has spoiled by vaduji and Thapki.I think cricket track might’ve starts tomorrow heartiest wish is Bihaan want to win…but CVS always shows the victory of evilness over goodness.
    Anyway thank you writers for giving such a reliefing episode of Thahaan.

  2. TPK going somewhere…. Day by day one by one disappearing ….and new one s entering….
    So strange….TPK Makers themselves forgot their storyline..

  3. love you.., Vasu Maa.. 🙂 get rid of Sankara & Kabir..
    I hope it’s the beginning of Thahaan’s new relationship..

  4. Dragging track

  5. An episode where Bihaan didnt even break anything LOL had to watch the episode twice to make sure 😀

    1. ?? Its a late Christmas miracle! ?

      But even this miracle isn’t good enough for me to continue watching this joke of a show.

      1. Lol hahaha glad you found it funny

        And yeah I think I will probably just read the synopsis and not actually watch the episodes for awhile

        Had enough of Thapki being an idiot and treated like crap by Bihaan and Shraddha and she doesnt say anything to them, yet she always fights with Kabir.

        Yeah I get she did wrong with Bihaan but he always has done wrong by her too in the past.

        if you think about all the crap he has done and what Thapki has done she isnt as bad.

  6. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    be careful …. tonight thahaan united but false ,and tomorrow wait… falling apart again …. and so on like a vicious circle, until reaching 1000 episode … story ideas from cvs, not kreative. …this storyline like as serial anandi….

  7. THABIR forever!!!

  8. Cvs trying to get Thahaan fans back and drag the Thabir fans along as well lol. Thahan are the best!

  9. Kabir is the the only reason I watch this, come on cvs give him a meatier role, thapki tied him up ? Both husband and wife are into kinky stuff

  10. Thapki’s double standards ? She’s actively destroying someone else’s marriage because she thinks Bihan isn’t wrong anymore. This show just gets worse. None of the characters have any morals

  11. Thabir rockkkkkkkkk! Unite them cvs

  12. Come on cvs, give us more Thabir!!!

  13. The most brainless track ever, how an cricket match decide a whole family fate? Why not tell the dado truth? It’s better she finds out now than leading her on and telling her later. ? Does thapki have any self respect? Now it’s ok to break apart the marriage because she’s found out Bihan didn’t do anything wrong. So the only reason she’s not divorcing Kabir because she respects the institution of marriage but going by the same logic someone it’s ok to break Bihan’s marriage? LMFAO someone stop this stupid show, there’s just about no difference between this Sathiya and Sasural simar ka.

  14. Just watching. This show for Kabir…….thabir are one of the best Jodis pls unite them cvs

  15. Thabir rockkkk!! End this stupid show and track……..just show thapki going back to Bihan or moving on with Kabir…..stop torturing the fans of both fandoms

  16. This show has made a mockery of marriage…..both married to
    Different people but pretend to be married????? Who comes up with these stupid ideas? Just show thapki choosing one and everyone moving on…..Kabir will find a new way for revenge and thahan can be against him together or show thapki moving on with Kabir and Bihan with Sankara.

    Stop going round and round in the same circle……show the story moving forward. One day you show Thabir scenes, next day you show thahan scenes and you try to keep both happy. There’s only so long people will stay hooked on. Each fandom will begin to lose patience this way and ultimately TRP’s will dip

  17. CVS you once again proved that the end game of tpk is always thahaan… on new year day a special day, you didnt allow any evil in between, they got back together may be for one day but time will prove it….lovely cvs.. we know your ultimate motive…in between we can tolerate lollipops like sankara and kabir… but the chemistry of thahaan rocks as usual.. thahaan forever

    1. What does getting back on New year day have to anything to do with anything? Kuch bhi?They didnt even get back together though ?Thapki just kept on defending herself and as usual Bihan refused to listen to her. Such a proof indeed, throughout thew series thats defo gonna continue since Thapki will have to prove herself time and time again. If anything Kabir was shown with his sister and he got one step ahead on Thapki buy showing to her the property papers. Pandey’s were given a notice, so if we’re really going by ‘signs’ then Pandeys’s will get kicked out of their house the entire year and Kabir will always have a one up on Thapki?

      I believe its you giving the rest of the Thahan fans the so called ‘lollipop’ and not the CV’s ?

      1. thahaan_forever

        we are the ones watching the show from the beginning and we know cvs very well now…they are trying to keep thabir fans happy by giving Kaani lollipops… not us because the end game is always thahaan.. so no need to get hyper dear Shehla…if cvs wants Kaani they will pair Kaani but going by the show, wait and watch to see the magic of cvs…

      2. Just because you’ve watched the show form the beginning doesnt mean you know how it ends. The end game isn’t THAHAN unless the cv’s say so explicitly and neither is it Thabir. SO indeed No need to get hyper dearies, wait and watch the show 😉

    2. yes we got a special gift on new year..cvs again proved the worth of thahaan pair.nobody can separate thahaan.and kabir and sankar are really lollipops in between. those who call bihaan mannerless and kabir as full of morals have been proved wrong by cvs. cvs knows how to give 440 ka jhatka.Yaar kabir came to take revenge fr bihaan but he is paining the full family along with thapki.why don’t he face bihaan directly?and bihaan brought those pots to see thapki’s soul whether she breaks it or loves her family still but kabir broke it.he didn’t even respect relationships of thapki with others.saying sorry and lamenting behind won’t make a good out of you.even bihaan has lamented too behind,even thapki lamented causally that she did mistakes..overall it’s my pov..and cvs hats off to brought in dadi and then cricket match..hilarious

      1. Have been proved wrong, how exactly? By having 4 consecutive days of Bihan being shown destructive? Or him not believing Thapki and making a spectacle of her in from of everyone, despite her being insistent relentlessly. Aah what a special gift of 440 volts indeed ? Yes again face someone who doesnt have anything to lose, hasnt achieved anything in life directly, destroy his ‘career’ as a gunda vasooli bhai or destroy him ‘financially’ by destroying the family. I wonder why Kabir didnt think of already? ?

        Saying sorry wont make good of you, well then Bihan has a LOT to make up if he wants to get back with Thapki.

    3. Rinks u r right thahaan forever…. hope CV don’t break our truth and unite thahaan

  18. Thabir are the best!! Going in the same circle……where is the revenge by Kabir? How can this dadi Bua just come and stay?????? Wouldnt it be worse to telll her later?????? Such a stupid show. Cvs have no story.

  19. Stupid rubbish show……Bihan is violent and mannerless…thapki is stupid and mute….Kabir is becoming like his wife stupid. Sankara and Sharada are clever and then there are useless pandey family characters.

    The day they completely butcher kabirs character I will stop watching g this show.

    Show thapki moving on with Kabir or Thapki and Bihan and just end this stupid show.

    1. Welcome to Thahaans fans world, Bihaans character has been totally butchered. Thanks to the thahaan fans who have been posting old scenes on instagram that reminds me how great they were together. After depressing episodes watching a few of their old scenes always makes me feel bette

    2. thahaan forever
      thahaan forever
      thahaan forever
      thahaan forever

  20. It’s a sad day when the only characters that make sense on the show are Sankara and Aditi. You’ve completely butchered your own show Cvs

  21. love means sacrifice,to give not to take or to snatch,trust and understanding each other`s pain and feelings,love is unconditional without expectations, I can go on and on,but Sankara character, ohh my God,this is not love,we call it desperation of a woman for a man.
    she is so desperate with physical desire,just to get Bihaan,this desperation pushing her too far.

  22. Aditi winds me up, now she’s all my sister this and my sister that well her sister didn’t even bother letting her know she was alive, she has not confided in her about Kabir. Aditi has forgotten who got her out of her Diwakar mess which she bought upon herself because her plans also backfired.
    People are commenting how Thapki shouts at Kabir but not Bihaan, that’s because she knows she has wronged Bihaan and Kabir has wronged her (before anyone goes off on here I know Bihaan is also to blame) so therefore she feels she can take out her anger on Kabir just as she used to do to Bihaan. She was forever lecturing and correcting Bihaan before she fell in love with him

    1. Aditi used to hate thapki throughout the two years, but when thapki was proved innocent, aditi started saying I am her sister etc etc. and bihaan who did so much for her has no value.. how thapki casually said today to sankar that it was her misunderstanding that she did so many mistakes..but if bihaan does a little thing, everyone will pounce upon him.Why because she is a female lead and can’t be wrong at all? bihaan is completely justified in his place, his situation can be evaluated from his pov only..Thapki used to chide him much in those old episodes for being a goon and he had changed completely for her. so bihaan had some good qualities that thapki fell in love with him..

      1. Absolutely agree with you, it’s alright for everyone to say Bihaan is this and that but a person can only see things from their perspective. As viewers we see all perspectives. as for people saying he should trust her, well even when he first fell in love with her she broke his trust when she lied about giving him another chance and before anyone says he believed Shraddha over her for 1 what Shraddha told him he knew she had to be telling the truth because apart from Vasu and Bihaan no one knew the truth and 2 when he confronted Thapki she didn’t deny it, it’s just that Shraddha got to Bihaan before she did but even if she had she still hurt Bihaan very deeply

  23. Ohhhhh my heart is flying form happiness, love this episode is the best so far cvs I love youuu you come back with new track that alll thahaan will love it guys I tell you be positive thahaan reunion begin and am sure ? that Bihaan will realize his love and will give divorce to sanker and kabir will get divorced from thapki ???exited for tomorrow episode ❣️❣️❣️

  24. Why does kabir depise Bihaan what is the reason? Can you help me out?

    1. Because he thinks Bihaan is responsible for burning his sisters house down where his nephew and brother in law died making his sister crazy

      1. Thanks Lucy. But wha makes him think that it is Bihaan?

      2. thahaan_forever

        bihaan had gone to their house to threaten them to vacate the day kabir found house burning.. he assumed it is done by bihaan and without concrete proof, he came to take revenge from bihaan but is ending up into hurting the full pandey family.. atleast bihaan believes in concrete proofs though false proofs shown by sankar’s brain but unlike kabir..that’s what is happening in the show..

      3. ‘concrete’ proofs sent in an envelope that could potentially be doctored or sent by his mother out for revenge, what a character indeed!!!??

  25. I’m so glad they referenced the Thapki star that Bihaan gifted to Thapki in the new year. I was thinking of that episode where she nearly died and he saved her and then as he knew she lost the super bahu competition on purpose he gave her that special evening and the next day when bauji and Dadi wanted to know what he had decorated he made up some lame excuse about decorating for gulabu and raam pyaari that made Thapki crack up.

    1. How can we forgot the things done by bihaan for thapki.. his dhoka marriage with her had even pained him more than anything.. he almost gave up his life in order to save her from many uncountable bad things….and thapki star oh wow…both hated each other but both cared for each other..that built up thahaan… cvs can spoil the pair with funny and evil characters in between them but can’t break their bonding because they know thahaan’s value and popularity….we are thahaan fans forever

  26. Thahaan forever.. thank you cvs..

  27. thahaan_forever

    thahaan is one of the best pairs of tele industry…. love you manyasa… thank you cvs for making new year special for all thahaanians… you proved that thahaan is the final one of the show.. thahaan fan khush hua..


    1. They just kind of disappear, the sister left nearly a year ago but made no reference to it she left because she wasn’t happy with the way her role was shaping up. The other 2 haven’t a clue. Aditi i.e. Sheena left so they replaced her because she wasn’t happy then they bought in another actress and they stopped showing Thapkis family then they reintroduced Aditi. You’d think they would show the rest of Thapkis family esp as she has returned from the “dead”

      1. whoever doesn’t fit into the show for long, they disappear without notice.. and the ones who we don’t need like makhan lal is always brought back..

  29. thahaan forever… today episode rocked… love u thahaan… keep rocking…

  30. Pooja2109

    thank u cvs for the new year gift and cvs u again proved that the end game is always thahaan only hope dadi stays for one week so we thahaanians will get more scenes of thahaan
    hope now onwards vasu maa and thapki teams up together to find sankar and kabir truth early
    Thahaan Rocks
    THAHAAN FOREVER because they are destinied to be together forever and ever
    no thabir and no binkar thahaan is the end game and always will be

  31. Thahaan makes an awesome pair together.. definitely they will unite because the creatives gave a good episode for the purpose of new year.. the cake feeding and bihaan to promise new dadi all happened on the eve of New Year.. time and again cvs proved their ultimate motive.. thahaan is meant to be together forever

  32. Manish ki deewani

    Yesterday episode nice I love my thahaan after somedays they give us light moments thahaan r the best new dadimaa love u.plz bring our thahaan back unite them .
    Thahaan forever
    Manyasa rock .
    Hello friends

  33. bihaan and thapki scenes was very nice, i liked this serial very much but now a days i hate all these nonsense. so irritating about kabir and sankara. yesterday only i like the serial because of bihaan and thapki.

  34. Lovely episode..Thahaan scenes Gajaab..after so long there is happiness..make Dhadhi maa to stay for 1 month..then Thahaan will be reunited.. 🙂

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