Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan saying Thapki is sleeping so much today. He wonders is she unwell and asks her to wake up. He moves the cloth off her face and sees her with open eyes. He asks why are you teasing me, why are you getting up. She says what to do, where is bathroom here, how to do puja. He says so what, tiger does not bath, look at me, I look tip top without bathing. She says its first time I can’t do puja for the first time. He gets thinking.

Bihaan goes and gets some things to make it a bathroom type closed structure. He gets water supply pipe and makes it like shower. He asks Thapki to get her clothes to change and towel. She asks where. He says hurry up, come. He shows the bathroom to her and says this is your new bathroom, I made it using the mind, go and take bath.

She checks the bathroom. He says I can’t do better than this. She says no, its very good. He says then go, don’t thank me, I did not make this for you, but for myself, as you would fight with me all day. She goes to take bath and checks around. She says there is nothing to shut door. He says I did not get door, I m standing here, no one will come, go. She goes.

She takes bath and comes. He asks her was the water cold. She says no. He asks her to do puja now. She takes the diya and bell. She does aarti seeing the Lord’s idol. He thinks Thapki will ring bell and now it will be heard by everyone, which I want. Everyone hear aarti bell and realize that Thapki is not in the house, then who is doing this. Bihaan looks on and smiles. Bau ji asks who is ringing this bell. Bihaan says see Thapki, your memories are still in this house, I will get you back with respect. They all go out to see outside. Bihaan rushes and stands praying.

They all see Thapki and Bihaan praying. Vasundara asks what are you both doing here. Shraddha says they are staying here, I saw them at night. Vasundara scolds them and asks them to get out of the gate. Bau ji says let them stay here, it does not matter.

Bau ji thinks I m not forgiving Bihaan and Thapki, but doing father’s duty, if they stay here, I will have peace that they are fine. He goes. Diwakar asks Poonam why did he not invite her for puja. Poonam and Aditi scold him and ask him to stop this acting. He laughs. They all stand together and pray. Diwakar keeps some money in the sweet box. Krishnakant gives Prasad to the constable. The constable sees the money in the box and asks what is it. Diwakar and his parents fill his ears. Constable scolds Krishnakant for bribing hi, and says I will tell my senior. He goes. Diwakar taunts them and laughs.

Shraddha says Vasundara is worried seeing Bihaan and Thapki, but its okay as its first day. Vasundara says you don’t know her, come and see what is she.

Suman and Preeti try to get off the white color from the walls, so that they can paint it. They say now Thapki is not here and we have to do this work, as Vasundara told us. The paint falls on Preeti. She gets shocked. Vasundara and Shraddha look on. Preeti and Suman argue. Shraddha smiles. Vasundara asks them to stop it now. She sends both of them. Vasundara shows the termites and says it won’t go on its own, else it will spread in the house, Thapki is also like this, we have to make her leave the house, else she will come back house. We have to do something to kick Thapki out of Pandey Nivaas premises and not let her come back again.

Thapki makes the stove. Bihaan comes and says great, you worked fast, I have all the items, daal, chawal, utensils and everything, tell me if there is anything left. He makes her wash hands and says its there on your face as well. She asks where. He tells her and she can’t figure out. He cleans her face. They have an eyelock. Na na na na …………….plays……….. He says its fine now, check items now. She checks everything. She asks where is salt. He asks salt, and thinks I intentionally forgot it, so that you talk to family and ask salt from them. He says I forgot and ask her to ask Suman or Kiran for salt. She says just look at me once. He asks what. She says I understand, you made me ring bell in morning and now this salt drama, you are doing this intentionally that I talk to family. He says no. She says I m staying here in stable being helpless, don’t think you will make me go there, you will eat food without salt now. He thinks I will make you talk to family, doing anything.

Vasundara says we will show Thapki her place, and break her self esteem. Shraddha says we have a way, we have Shiv puja, and tells her plan. Vasundara asks her to do what she wants.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such a worst drama but today thahaan scene is nice….but where is dhruv today??

  2. Why can’t bihan show the evidences against shraddha to all??how stupid is thapki….y can’t she react….even bihaan can react….god knows

  3. thahaan scenes very cute.

  4. Thapki & bihan’s romantic scene wow.Shradda madam ab Keya karna chahti ho?Druv ladki Ki mask kholkar ab thodi si awaj uthao bihaan ki tarah.Ladki Ki tarah pura din roo Ti ho.Saradin office Mein pata nehi Keya karti ho tum.I don’t like u at all.

  5. THAHAAN scene dekh ke full kush hoo
    Really nice episode
    Evils abb kya karne wale hain…?

  6. I like Thahaan scenes only…..

  7. Oh!!!! I just loved thahaan scenes……just don’t wanted to stop at that point……but they ended it…..this time what a nonsense montage…..Thapki as servant and vasu and shraddha as head….I just couldn’t digest myself….but it’s OK… least now Bihaan will take her out…..
    And main thing i loved was “Thapki turning herself and started going without even giving a glance” and shouting at Bihaan for trying to make her talk with home people…….

  8. thahaan scene r Gud
    n loved bihaan’s effoerts , he looks so cute

  9. Seriously writers u still want to drag this…when will vasu and shraddha get exposed..they went to the extreme to kill thapki ab aur kya baki hai….

  10. awww…bihaan iz so caring ..he cares a lot for thapki .Bathroom waz pretty gud made by him…n why can’t shraddha n vasu stop now….n..vasu shez sch a dumbo woman…olwayzzz trapped in the game played by shraddha

  11. I just wish that someone in the house sees or hears shraddha and vasu planning and doing bad, at least that way they will get some clue/idea whose doing the wrong deeds and whose innocent. PLEEEEEEEEEESE

  12. Thahaan part is only good……….waiting for more THAHAAN scenes.

  13. I only love thahaan scene……..I waiting for their romance?

  14. Nice only bcz thahaan scenes….so cute bihaan…I hate both d devils…

  15. Thahaan scene was gud but when vil vasundra and shradha get exposed……??? I just hate them

  16. Bihaan doing good job taking care of Thapki but i think he could have done better than a cow shed.

  17. Again irritating title picture.
    Why writers made Thapki as MA. THAPKI RAISE UR VOICE. DON’T BE A TYPICAL GIRL… only meant for crying ,suffering &sacrificing

  18. it’s very very boring.i heard that in real life Druv got a film offer.that’s why he is missing.

  19. Tuffy ji vasu real hair tho choti si bachhe ke tara short hain
    usko kya bolthe hain bob cut na ……? Wahi

  20. Dragging nothing is happening in this serial??

  21. Ri8 nw luving SHRADDHA a lot, she is d only spice in d dish, else r so deaf n dumb , I thnk only VIHAN N SHRADDHA hv brns n they r d real charactrs, doing nethng 4 their own good…not 4 d sake f othrs lyk thpki n d family mmbrs r just sooo irritatng…they neva eva apply logic!

  22. Thahaan scene was nice.I hate dos churails.

  23. Nice episode.

  24. Started off with a bang but now its fizzing and dying out. Really bored of the same thing. Thapki was clever to start off with, but now they have made her dumb. Everyone else is also dumb. I don’t bother watching this anymore. Story isn’t going any where. Perhaps Druv will get to the bottom of things. But then again they made him dumb too. Writers please make this a little bit more realistic!!!

  25. I thought today’s episode would be a waste but thahaan scenes made all amendments for it, how cute, so sweet of Bihaan to clean Thapki’s face , n Shraddha’s truth dragging, vasu’s truth too much dragging

  26. highly bored wid saas bahu type of story….the writers have side lined the original concept and dhruv too..and have made this serial typical household saas bahu type…n how can they show thapki wid such high values and morale fall in love wid someone else wen they (tharuv) were in true love and without dhruv’s mistake…how can she love a cheater…baddddd story…thapki was shown to fight for right n stand up for right ..all goneeeee

    1. ya i agree.. its very unfair towards dhruv…

  27. pinki karmakar

    areeeee……now stop this stupod drama of vasu and shraddha….how long are u going to stretch this nonsense……show something sensible things man!!

  28. pinki karmakar

    *show something sensible man!!

  29. Vasu and Shraddha very much irritating

  30. bihaan keeps on saying that he always do that for himself, but we know that he did it for thapki’s happiness…..yaar thapki pe gussa ata h mujhe…jyada koi reaction hi ni hota uska bihaan ke taraf

  31. boring ….. only watching 4 see thahaan love scenes…
    show more thahaan scenes…
    eagerly waiting 4 valentine epi….
    hope that writers will add more than eyelock in that day …
    something special….

  32. Friend Naina,not VIHAN its BIHAAN.

  33. Only thahaan scenes r nice.
    hate saas drama how boring
    but sad thing is trp also increases
    cvs will continue this crap sure..

  34. Nice episode
    thahaan rocksass

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