Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv refusing to stop marriage. She says she has seen Shraddha, she is not good. He asks how can I believe you. She says you know I never lie. He says yes, but this time I think you are lying, you have another reason in heart, tell me what I want to hear, then I will stop this marriage, if you have to prove Shraddha wrong, the get proof against Shraddha. If you can’t get proof, I will stay with Shraddha in this house, no one can stop this marriage then. Thapki cries.

Diwakar wakes up and wonders what happened. Aditi comes and smiles. He asks why is she shy. She says we had suhaagraat yesterday. He says yes, but what happened. She says what happens between husband and wife. He asks what, I don’t remember. She fools him. He says he will celebrate suhaaraat 2

tonight and she gets worried.

Thapki thinks she has to get proof and stop this marriage, mahurat is after one hour. Vasundara is making best arrangements. Suman and Preeti laugh seeing her as Dhruv’s marriage arrangements are happening for second time. Bau ji tells Vasundara that Sinha is good man, he has accepted your request to keep marriage here. She says yes, I m enjoying every bit. Thapki slips and holds the railing. The flowers fall. Vasundara sees this and scolds her.

A videographer asks Thapki to give her message for recording. She says I have work and goes. Thapki comes to Shraddha. She locks the door. Shraddha asks why did you come here. Thapki asks Shraddha why are you playing with family’s feelings, I know you don’t love Dhruv and family, why are you cheating them. Shraddha asks what are you saying.

Thapki asks her not to do acting, as there is no one here. Shraddha says there is someone, this spy camera. Shraddhra takes the camera and scolds her. She breaks the camera. Shraddha gets angry and says I don’t love Dhruv, I love his name, his status, you can’t do anything, and tells against Vasundara and family. She speaks all out the truth and says she is fed up of this family, she acts to be simple and good valued woman. She says she will get everything by Dhruv’s celebrity status, I want to become famous. Thapki asks Shraddha does she think she will win. Shraddha laughs and says I have won, I will marry Dhruv in some time, now no one can stop me from coming in this house.

She asks Thapki is she feeling jealous and makes fun of her stammering. This will be your biggest failure. Shraddha laughs and leaves. Vasundara comes to Dhruv and smiles seeing him. She says she has dreamt of his marriage. She asks him to come downstairs and leaves. Dhruv wishes Thapki stops him. He says if Thapki does not stop him, then he does not care for anything.

Shraddha asks videographer to take her video and pics, she is the bride. He says but Bihaan took the camera. Bihaan says amazing, now it will be fun. Thapki says it happened by our plan. He says he was hidden behind curtain and recorded everything. She says we will show this to Dhruv. He says yes, Dhruv will not marry Shraddha after seeing this. The memory chop falls and videographer takes it. He takes the camera back. Bau ji asks Thapki and Bihaan to come, its imp work. They get worried.

Suman tells about the memory tape. Shraddha takes it and mixes it in all tapes. Thapki gets confused.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Saarah

    Guys y always dis happens dat wen a couple is separated due to others conspiracy and a second guy cum den the love of frst guy is not at all valued atleast don repeat the concept in this series plz

  2. I think druv will marry shradda . And tapki or bhihaan won’t find any proof against shradda. Shradda is a Witch just like druv mother. Love you loads bhihaan.!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ally

    Yes this marriage will happen ….to teach a lesson to vasu:If an individual speaks sweetly it doesn’t mean that she /he should have a good heart too. She is the master mind behind all and spoiled her Only son’s life also ;she should suffer for her misdeeds
    I feel bad for Druv.. ???His mother’s love is now going to burden for him.

  4. I don’t know why dhruv keeps on saying that why thapki is not stopping him from marrying that evil sharda. but the thing is that she did and his not listening to her and wants proof against sharda.

    • Brity

      Cause… Dhruv thought Thapki will stop him as she loves him.. Dhruv don’t know that Thapki’s love for him is over now. She don’t want him… She is trying to expose Shraddha, Cause she can harm family.. She is not thinking it personaly only for Dhruv but Dhruv thought She will cause she loved him… That’s the only reason Dhruv is saying that continuously…. He is broken Shuva … Think it…

  5. I think Dhruv will marry the EVIL SHRADDHA…..she is sooooooo cunning and totally distracted Thahaans planning.Anyway,waiting for Thahaans scenes and only their own unification.

  6. Sarbani

    now this evil Vasu will ultimately suffer at the hands of her so called loving daughter-in-law Shraddha…. Can’t wait to see that lady work like a maid….. Whatever it is Thahaan is the best……

  7. Lifnaaa

    tody Noo thahaans romcee… thaHaaaan ROckzzzz druv vegam shradhaye mrg chyy aganekilum thahaan lyf n oyiju kittum.. bt druv paavan evil shredhaa…

  8. rs

    Does Thapki really love Dhruv? Dhruv is miserable coz of two women he loves most in his life, his mom and his love. All he wants is her to stop him but really telling him about his feelings and Thapki is doing everything but accepting that she loves Dhruv. Serials like this start with motovational message and then they ensure that the person fails at all levels and loose his identity, Dhruv is a harmless guy who is just true to everyone but in turn everyone in his family has done whatever was in their power to make him miserable. He being the lead. Character is actually suffering from identity crises. Anyone and everyone can just turn his life upside down. He is so blind in his mom’s love that he just can’t see anything. This plot is getting too messed up. Thapki and Bihaan angle is really crap. Thapki hated this guy and now she wants to do everything with him and can’t even make her guy believe what she wants. I hope they do something about this else this is just another daily soap going nowhere.

  9. appu

    Y u guys are cryng for thahan… It doesnt make any sense.. Hamesha sacha pyar ek hona chahiye.. 98% people r not thinkng about dhruv.. I think thapki doesnt deserve dhruv.. Thapki dhruv ko kitna dhukh dhe rehi he.. Dhruv ka dhardh usse dhikhayi nehi dhetha kya.. Me too in love for 8yrs nd getting married soon.. I know that he cant be happy without me.. I thnk almost alla true love r like this.. Then y these serial writers hamesha yesa kartha he.. Fed up of these serials..

  10. moni

    I hv seen in sbs n it is shown dat marriage will happen….thapki will try hard but no use….they showed druv n shraddhas interview after d marriage…n also said dat now thapki will be all bihaan’s n soon love will blossom between them but firt bihaan wud realise dat he loves thapki…love thahaan..tpk rockzzzz….

  11. ren

    This serial is really very nice earlier. But now I could say its a serial with good actors and WORST WRITER. Who is making audience fool. I am not watching this serial anymore.

    • mira

      Whatever u say…… Thahaan is the best……. Understand one thing guys….. ‘IN THE LONG RUN TRUTH ALWAYS WINS’ so though thahaan lost now in d long run they will win bcoz vasu is going 2suffer…… Ha ha ha….

  12. Anahita

    Why once after conspiracy they don’t try to unite the original pair.. It’s wrong. I want thapki n dhruv because then only love will win.thapaki can’t love bihaan coz he is the guy who spoiled her life.. It should never happen..

  13. Nelo

    I’m surprised that with all of this Bihaan isn’t all saying who was with him in the room that day… He is trying to expose Shaddra who is like her would be mum in law. Expose Vasu and Shaddra will be exposed. They like to hide truths in their serials. Is this how life really is? Please are there any writers of Hindu serials that can produce comedy and more all this bakwas things they put on TV for us to waste our watching? At least in IKRS, dhaani didn’t marry Tripurari. That’s one step in the right direction.

  14. nelo you are right. bihaan is the cause of what druvh is passing through… Evil cannot expose evil bihaan should know that. I always laugh at thahaan fans who feels thapki love bihaan.. no she feels sorry for him and not love. I know at the end vasu will want druvh to divorce shadd to make the soap longer. ….

  15. riya

    I plead d writers never ever unite tharuv……. The worst pair I have ever seen…….feeling happy ? dat Vasundhara will suffer due 2 shradha but also feeling sad ? dat there was no mistake of Dhruv……….
    Love ❤ u thahaan…….. U both roocckk 2gether……..

    • Roji

      What is worst in tharuv?? Don’t say that again. Dhruv loves thapki truly. Bihan’s character was negative in the beginning. He always supported evil. He walked in the wrong paths of bauji and then vasu.. he ruined dhruv’s life.

  16. Lifnaaa

    Ur right moni… thahan made 4 each other ….. real pair tapki & bihaan Guys!!! bihaan not cheat to tapki itz all evil vasu’s plan bihaan innocent guy and choclate boY…. 🙂 :-* Only thahaaan thahaan thahaaan 4 ever…

  17. ahana

    i agree with u all feels sry for bihan..
    thaahan fan wants druv mariage as vasudara will suffer n tharuv will never unite… bt wt about dhruv..
    everyone only cares for bihan…
    stry is not going anywhere as dhruv will now suffering even more by marriage with evil shradha..
    feeling sad for dhruv..

  18. Lifnaaa

    Hii ahana ….. Vasu is Emotional blackmail to bihaan , So bihaan mrred to tapki…. i m not tharuv fan Bt ilyk dhruv… so sad 4 dhruv bcz druv mrred to EVIL shradha….

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