Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv hearing everyone talking and thinking he will do online shopping for his marriage with Thapki, as Bihaan will die and all his problems will end. Vasundara is near the other well and Bihaan shouts for help. Thapki worriedly comes downstairs and runs out. Bau ji asks what happened to Bihaan and they all run after her. Thapki asks Vasundara about Bihaan. Vasundara asks what happened to him. Bihaan shouts for help and recalls Thapki’s words. He uses the keychain whistle and blows the whistle. Thapki hears the whistle and says its Bihaan. She says Bihaan is calling me, maybe he is in problem.

Dhruv says Thapki should not find Bihaan. Bihaan is sinking. Thapki comes there and asks him where is he. She gets his umbrella and looks inside the well. She gets shocked

and shouts Bihaan. She shouts to everyone and shows them Bihaan. They all get shocked. Dhruv gets angry. Bau ji gets a rope and they all put the rope inside the well to help Bihaan. Dhruv leaves the rope intentionally. Thapki screams. Bau ji asks Dhruv to pull rope well. Dhruv had to agree unwillingly. They all get Bihaan out of the well.

They all take Bihaan home. Vasundara dries his hair. Bihaan says I m fine, Thapki’s whistle saved me. Bau ji asks why did he fall in well. Bihaan says I jumped in well to save Maa, after seeing similar saree like Maa’s. Vasundara says you risked your life to save me. Bihaan says I tied the rope to tree and jumped inside the well, don’t know what happened, how did the rope get cut. Dhruv thinks I have cut the rope. Vasundara asks Suman did she not tell Bihaan about the well. Bihaan says Dhruv told me about the backyard well. Suman looks at Dhruv. Dhruv says actually my rasam happened there, so I told you the same, its my mistake, I should have confirmed from Suman. He apologizes. Bihaan says anyways, it was my decision to jump inside the well. Suman asks how did that saree come there. Bau ji asks her to leave it now, Bihaan is fine. He asks Thapki to stay with Bihaan. They all leave.

Later, Thapki sits by Bihaan’s side and recalls the incident. Bihaan asks her not to worry, as he is fine now. She says I m scared of my fate, if anything happened to you then…. He holds her hand and says nothing will happen to me, as you are with me, Lord has made our relation and no one can break this, its our marriage day after tomorrow, and then you will be my Mrs and I will be your Mr, smile now. He gets call and she asks him not to attend any call, rest now.

He says Ghazab, wife’s domination before marriage. She asks him to close eyes and sleep. He smiles. She recalls Bihaan’s words and thinks how can saree similar to Maa’s saree will fall in well, did anyone do this intentionally, who can it be. She calls Malhotra uncle and says sorry to call at this time, I want to know Dadi asked maroon color saree for Vasundara, did anyone order similar saree from our house. He says yes, Dhruv came and took such saree for his wife. She gets shocked and thanks him. She ends call and says so this is Dhruv’s work, so he has sent Bihaan to the well, I wills see Dhruv, I can’t blame Dhruv without proof, I will find out truth, this time I will not leave Dhruv.

Vasundara asks Suman did she do packing of all neks. Vasundara and Bau ji are busy in arrangements. Thapki asks Dhruv what did he order. Sanjay comes and Dhruv makes excuses. Dhruv leaves and makes the men keep the mandap bamboo pillars in storeroom. He shuts the door and says I ordered these bamboos for Thapki’s marriage. He burns the bamboo sticks and says Thapki, a small spark has lit big fire, see how I end your Bihaan in your marriage mandap.

Bihaan likes the mandap and says its looking close one. Dhruv says this has 8 pillars instead 4, so that everyone do not come close to groom and bride. Bihaan says you will think right and goes to attend call. Thapki asks Dhruv whats his plan that he is designing mandap. He says I still want to break your marriage, I m just doing nothing now. The bamboo sticks falls down. Bihaan comes and asks how did this fall. Dhruv says I think I need rope. Bihaan says I will get it. Dhruv says its in storeroom. Bau ji calls Bihaan. Dhruv says you go, I will get it. Bihaan asks Thapki to go and get rope. Dhruv says she is bride. Bihaan says so what, will you do all work. He goes. Dhruv stops Thapki and says I will get rope. She says no, I will get rope if Bihaan said. She goes. Dhruv says what I planned for Bihaan, it can happen with Thapki, I have to stop her.

Bihaan gets ready as groom and says Thapki will be my wife and we will unite. Dhruv comes there and hits on his head, saying history will repeat itself now, I will be marrying Thapki. Bihaan faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aami123

    Thnx 4 wu hope its not true

  2. plz don’t break thahaan

  3. Cuteprincess

    once we wished for dhruv to return to the mandap to marry thapki, and he wasn’t able to come.
    but after seeing his real face, we want bihaan to marry her.
    there is a proverb that ” a wish of yours gets fulfilled one or the other day in your life”
    please do not make it true.

  4. Cuteprincess

    no more twists, turns and u- turns . fed up with it.
    let the story go in a proper manner.

  5. super dhurav.nice recap.

  6. Pls don’t repeat the same history in TPK…..lf thapki & bihan’s relationship is made by God how Dhruv can break it…..hope this time thapki will check the groom’s face before marriage…or Dhruv marry shradha instead of thapki. ???…

    1. Lol, Thapki will be very stupid if she doesnt check the groom face. If the track turned into Tharuv I swear Ill drop this soap opera.

    2. Their relationship made by lies not by God. Thaapki is super unfaithful. She and all family totally forgot that dhruv and thaapki was going to married but crazy mom and bihaan ruined their marriage. I hate thaapki because she doesn’t care who married to. Husband is husband doesn’t matter who is. If she gets married to dog she probably doesn’t care ????silly story

      1. Did you just watch the first 80 episodes and skipped the other 300? Thapki didn’t just change her feelings in 7 episodes or so, there is a long proccess how she fell in love in Bihan, Thapki hated him at first and even pretend that she loved him/gave him a chance. She won’t fall for Dhruv because Dhruv tried to win her by murdering and blackmailing people, unlike Bihaan who supported her and earned her love.

      2. You can’t say that dhruv did wrong because it was so difficult when you know your family cheating on you to ruin your future. I think everyone will do same thing but you know all story is bullshit because what kind of mom do this and what kind of mom think that a girl wrong person for one of his son and right person for another one ?

      3. Sandra… what… u really closed ur eyes and saw only druv throughout the whole serial? What do mean by “whole family cheating druv”? U have abolutely no idea about the srrial or what ?
        All druv fans… understand the key points in this serial please!

        Druv is the familys dearest son..their blood. Vasu BLACKMAILED bihaan to marry a girl whom he didnt like so that DRUV BE HAPPY. BIHAAN WAS FORCED. LATER HE DID TRY HIS BEST TO REUNITE THEM… AFTER HE MADE SURE THAT VASU dosnt kill herself. When WHOLE family heard about what happened they BLAMED BIHAAN.even thapki hated bihaan. His mother who planned this didnt support bihaan.
        AND WHAT DID GREAT DRUV DO? He kept it secret from thapki. Whole night and next thapki was so happy. Poor girl imagined that everything went well and her husbands name is druv. SO DRUV CHEATED THAPKI BY KEEPING IT SECRET AND FOOLING HER AND THATS Y SHE DIDNT WANT TO MARRY HIM AGAIN.WERE WAS DRUVS BRILLIANT BRAIN THEN? WHERE WAS HIS GUTS AND TRICKS? y? His intelligence works only in revenge mode only?

        and still. . He could have waited .BUT NO .HE MARRIED SHRADDA. HE HAD NO DIFFICULTY BELIEVING THAT HE COULD FATHER HER CHILD. Thapki was getting abused by vasu… lekin druv to maa ka pallu pakadke bait tha hai na. He didnt say a word. WHERE WAS HIS TRUE LOVE? even back then bihaan was culprit. Even now also is culprit. So ab thapki ke pichee kyon pada hai? Simple. Hes a spoiled brat who wants his own happiness . Real love means to even sacrifice ur happiness for ur loved ones. Not torture them.Thapki started loving bibaan AFTER DRUVS MARRIAGE. SHE AND BIHAAN CONFESSED LOVE AFTER DRUV ACCEPTED THE POSSIBILITY THAT SHRADDA IS PREGNANT. So druv is the filthy minded one whos after his sister in law. If this was love , he had so much time to do all this. Y be soooo late? Love so raha dha kya. This is just selfish wish to make his own life easy. He is angry becuz shradda wasnt his dream wife. Druv…”thapki told u so!!!” Lekin tuje to shadi ki badi jaldi dhi. And dont tell me “WHOLE family cheated him”. His mother did it for his own sake. His step brother was blackmailed. Even so.. there r more people in his family. DRUV HAD ENOUGH CHANCE TO WIN THAPKIS TRUST AGAIN. TO STAND FOR HER AGAINST HIS FAMILY ( NOT AS A BOSS IN OFFICE-THAT IS EASY). HE DIDNT DO A THING. NOW LEAVE HIS BHABI AND BROTHER ALONE MAN!

      4. What a reply ClaraLa,that is just perfect and perfect,that is it,in the name of winning his love ,going and doing all evil plan now when the girl whom he once loved is no more in love with him and moved on,where is love here,Dhruv?Bihaan didn’t do it for himself but for mother, Thahaan happpend eventually,not in a day or two.And now ,come what may,it is crystal clear that Thapki and Bihaan are the lead,just don’t care what happens to Dhruv,who is only a parallel lead.Dhruv ,do whatever you want to but Thapki pyaar ki will be known for Thapki_Bihaan (Thahaan).

      5. Vinlora

        @claraLa ??? perfect reply???….I totally agree with u…Dhruv is selfish psycho man…it is not true love….it is called paagalpan. …Thahaan forever ?

      6. Haha, quite long story but still I am no agree with you and I’m saying dhruv is right because he wasn’t crazy their family made him crazy. You know why I say the whole story is bullshit because actors easily changed their characters. For example dhruv was normal and good boy and bihaan was bully, their mom hates thaapki and so on but suddenly everything changed, dhruv become evil , bihaan and their mom become angel. And all this happened because of bihaan and mom. And crazy thapki she just like get married. If I were thaapki I definitely kill bihaan at the first day that I found he put himself instead of dhruv

  7. Nurasia Ngendrek

    please…i hope thapki and dhruv together again
    i like them

    1. 100% agree


    mere dhosth VINLO…

    i think tumhaari prediction sach nazar haa raha hai…??.
    kya thapki ki place par shraddha hogi…❗❗❓❓
    vaise, dhulan ki face tho cover nahi hotha na…❓
    dhoole ka face tho cover hotha hai…❗❗
    where is shraddha….❗ ❓❓
    kya wo bhi doosri shaadi mai thayyar lage hua hai kya.. .❗❓
    ho..ho…mera sar ghoom raha hai..???

    kuch bhi ho saktha hai ,jo hotha hai na wo sirf aur sirf CVs kohi patha hai…???

    Cvs ki JAI HO..????


      precap VASU ki dream bhi ho saktha hai.???

      1. Manyasa29

        Wow…San bhaii ….kaash aisa ho jaaye !!???
        Maza aayega phir !!???
        Mujhe toh episode ke baare me baat karne ka mann hi nahi kar raha ??
        Sach me yeh serial ko toh ab crime patrol ya savdhaan India me dikhana chahiye !
        Tpk was started as an inspirational show !!…but now…..??
        Yes indeed…it’s still an inspirational show….for CRIMINALS????
        like giving new new ideas for murder..?
        OK…leave now….just wanna end saying…..CVs ki hai ho !???

        Hi frnds…how are u all ??
        San bhaii, vinlo ,roshni, luvleen,joyee,pihoo,mridula,sumera,vaani..etc etc..hello to everyone??

        Roshni….missing ur bloopers badly !??
        And why some have left their fanfictions incomplete ??
        I am very eager to read them!!
        Like….mineey’s and that game of fate one and few more…not remembering now?

  9. Thank you for the update. Well now everything will come full circle. It will be sucks if Dhruv use thr same face covering trick. I have an idea how the story should goes on, Dhruv kidnapped Thapki and forced her to marry him or else he will kill Bihaan. Thapki complied as usual but on the lasr ritual she managed to find sharp thing and threatened to suicide if he still force her and torture Bihaan. Some scenes and Bihaan arrived, bloodied from fighting with goons or something and then they will fight.

  10. Please thahaan ye pirikatego please

  11. I said correctly know druv will do the same what bihaan did

  12. javeria riaz

    Superb.. episode how thapki saved dhruv…



      she saved bihaan not dhruv…..

  13. ,history must repeat again if there is a God and low karma

    1. That’s true

    2. This show is pretty good showing karma just like Vasu who must suffer what she made Thapki went through. I hope Dhruv can get his karma too for his killing and blackmailing spree.

    3. Then after druv hits bihaan.. then karma should hit druv as well for hitting bihaan. Someone should hit him again. Then may b he will become normal again. Criminals do not deserve karma anyways. This guy is a blackmailer…. his tricks to forcefully marry thapki r all cheap. He is just like vasu… blackmailer! If druv was decent he would have asked for thapkis hand in marriage like a gentleman.

      1. He just proved that he is Vasu’s son,we will see who pays when Thapki marries Bihaan.

  14. Kalih9

    Cute Thahaan
    Sweet couple
    Best onscreen couple

  15. Pls don’t separate thahaan because thapki loves bihan only…..she had no feelings for Dhruv except respetct that’s why she never proposed Dhruv..& always calls him as ‘Sir’……Sir means respect…..but she loves bihan truely & purely and bihan too…. We can’t deny that Dhruv had suffered a lot….but if Dhruv really loves thapki he shouldn’t take revenge from bihan after knowing that Bihan is thapki’s happiness….Love comes from inside if tomorrow he will get success in marrying thapki he can’t force her to love him….& Thapki’s hatred for Dhruv will get more increase…, at last thahaan will unite not tharuv…sorry if I hurts someone’s feelings…l just want that luv birds ❤ be separated ❤

  16. Sorry I just want to say that luv birds shouldn’t be separated…❤

  17. History should repeat. That bihaan ruined dhruv’s life and now this bihaan’s life should also get ruined. Tit for tat. ?

  18. Whenever dhurv comes on screen my little sister used to call him jali hui roti.
    Becoz his face looked like jali hui roti.

    He doesnt have any expression & stand like a robot. Yaar CVs ko koi accha actor nahi mila kya.

    Pls CVs again dont drag the wedding track again. Jaldi thahaan ki shaadi karalo & iss track ko khatam karo. Behtar hoga dhurv ko maar dalo, uska sada hua face bahut irritate karta hai hame. If u cant kill him then atleast change dhurv character with some else.

  19. Hi guys, i was silent, but now just feel like sharing my opinion, I just want druv to kidnap tapki and marry her, coz it’s not fair on what bihaan has done to him! Even though the selfish mother told him, he also done for his own selfish reason! To get vasu’s love. And that stupid tapki! After knowing that dhruv was deceived, she said he has broken her trust!!! Am 100 % with dhruv sir!.

    1. Bihaan didnt do it for vasus love. He did it to SAVE her life.n she is druvs mother. So he was helping druv too. imagine if vasu did drink poison. Then too druv would have been mad saying” u killed my mother. Thapki is not above my Maa” . Either way… druv wants everything perfect . Bihaan had no personal gain at all there. Vasu has and will always consider him adopted.

      1. Iswarya_santhosh

        I just want to ask u something. U people are saying bihaan supported thapki, dhruv doesnt! When thapki comes to office everyone was teasing her for her stammering habit even bihaan did same to her but dhruv supported her. Pls Dont ever tell that dhruv is a selfish person.if vasu blackmailed him to do so means bihaan would have have tell to his bro na? Why he didnt do that? After marriage he supported thapki, but vasu didnt liked that, she even slap him for that. On that time y he didnt listen to his mom. He loves his mom very much na? That means he dont always listen to his mom! Wright? Then during thaaruvs marriage y he listened to his mom? How do u feel when ur lover married to ur brother and whenever u saw him/her, if they are in a eyelock, how u feel? Will u be happy! No. u will feel the worst pain in the world. dhruv went through it and still he is goimg through it! Now a days noone is having values. Everyone wants to see some romance. Whoever it is( even they are lead pairs or not)they just want to see it. I dont know where our generation is going upto…. And most of the family memebers cheated dhruv his mom, bhabhis, bihaan and thapki…

    2. Hi. It was not for Maas love. Remember… after marriage vasu was so angry with bihaan for supporting her. Even started beating him etc. By the end . . During thabela days she looked like she hated him . Bihaan risked his relationship with vasu to help thapki even before falling in love with her .

      1. I think she said druv broke her trust as he did not do anything to help her when he knew the truth. He just accepted fate. Finally married. Almost had a baby

    3. I totally agree with you ??

  20. yes history will repeat & thahan will marry

  21. Anubhuti

    hate u cvs I KILL U


    new olv manyasa iv….

    manish always funny mood mai hi hotha hai.. iv mai tho jigs ki taang keeche bhi na usko shaanti nahi miltha…
    aaj jigs bhi thoda gussa hogayi manish ki baatho par… [xx(] [xx(] [xx(]…

    chodo hai baath friendship mai tho hai sab common hai na……..

    I love MANYASA more than THAHAAN…..

  23. Maybe Dhruv deserved to ruin Bihaan’s wedding but that doesnt mean he will get Thapki love with such cheap way. I doubt the marriage will happen or the track will be Tharuv after this since Dhruv has gone full evil. Bihaan just ruined his wedding, he didnt repeatedly try to kill people intentionally in the process. If Tharuv track happens, it will send a very bad messages such as let’s ruin your sis/bro in law happy marriage, its ok to do murder attempt to get your love, nothing is wrong with hurting your own wife for getting the woman you dream of. Etc, etc.

  24. Hey..this is just movie . the Director must be happy that you all fighting here. The Director just looks for ratings(money). He dont much care about norma,karma,etc in writing film , he just mixed all . the movie is going to out of the track, but thats the point..Ruining everything !!! Now..just watch n enjoy it, hope it never be happen in our life!!Agree..????

    1. Dear, I’ll only find it ridiculous when people start personal attack over fictional characters, but discussion like this, is totally normal. Its on everything from novel to tv shows and sometimes thats where the fun at. Why do you think forums and comments section exist if its not for people expressing their thoughts? Why can’t people show their frustation on certain characters or plotlines? As long as you didnt take it too seriously its all good.

    2. U think we didnt know its a serial and director wants ratings?

  25. Thapki and dhruv is the best couple forever…hope they will get married with gods bless

    1. Yeeeeee I am totally agree with you ??

  26. Hey..this is just movie . the Director must be happy that you all fighting here. The Director just looks for ratings. He dont much care about norma,karma,etc in writing film , he just mixed all . the movie is going to out of the track, but thats the point..Ruining everything !!! Now..just watch n enjoy it, hope it never be happen
    in our life!!Agree..????

  27. Today TPK had completed 400 Episodes …Congratulations!!! ..Manish Jivyasa and entire TPK Team…..???…?❤?…

  28. Today TPK has completed 400 Episodes …Congratulations!!! ..Manish Jivyasa and entire TPK Team…..???…?❤?…

  29. TPK keep rocking..thahaan forever….?

  30. Pls unite thahaan….???

  31. Shining Star

    Oh God i hope history will not repeat itself this time around.

  32. Still hoping fr thahaan s marriage. Nt tharuv at all. If dhruv wins through his cheap acts, the message given to audience is very bad.

    1. Why ???? Married with thaapki was dhruv rights not bully’s bihaan

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