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Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara talking to Thapki. Suman and Preeti think to stop Vasundara, and come there arguing and not letting Thapki talk much. They take Vasundara and stop her. Vasundara scolds them and leaves. Sakshi comes there and Vasundara thanks her for getting a good bahu like Thapki. Sakshi asks what did I do. Vasundara says I know you recruit new people, so Thapki came in office and in our life. She asks about the girl who stammers, she heard her once.

She says don’t invite that girl in marriage. Sakshi is shocked. Vasundara says she hates stammering people, fire her from office. Sakshi says fine and smiles. She says aunty does not know Thapki stammers, now I got things in my hand, Thapki see what I do now. I will tell her truth to aunty.

Dhruv tells Bihaan that

its 49000, give me keys. Bihaan asks for 50000rs. Vasundara asks Dhruv to take money as loan from Bau ji. She says she can hear now, and asks him to talk. They all smile. Dhruv says I will always agree to you, but don’t force me for this. Bau ji gives money to waiter and sends him to help Dhruv, thinking he can’t see Thapki worried. Dhruv tells Thapki that he will arrange 1000rs. Thapki says she will not worry as he is with her.

The waiter collides with Dhruv, and all the money notes fall. Sanjay counts money and Dhruv says its 49000. Sanjay says no, its 50000. Dhruv says I counted thrice. Dhruv gives money to Bihaan and asks for keys. Bihaan says you won’t get keys so easily, the keys are there. Scarlett comes with the keys. Dhruv asks for keys and she dances with Bihaan on the song Ghagra……

Dhruv finally gets the keys and frees Thapki. They hold hands. Mere bina mai……………plays…………. Dhruv dances with Thapki. Suman and Preeti keep eyes on Thapki. Dhruv talks to Thapki and asks why is she upset. She says you danced with that girl and held her hand, so… He asks so? She says I don’t know why I did not feel good. He smiles and says he did this to get the keys. She says I understand but I felt bad. A man comes to Dhruv and she goes.

Sakshi tells Suman and Preeti that she wants to tell Vasundara about Thapki’s stammering, as she does not know this. They get worried of this new problem. Bihaan asks Thapki did she have fun, he acted well to kidnap her, and gave her good party, does she have complains. She says she was very angry, but she knows he did this for everyone’s happiness, but he should have not got that dancer, she got annoyed with Dhruv and fought for the first time, because of him, and points finger. He makes her finger down, and gets angry. He says nothing can happen of you, I was just joking, I came to say sorry for kidnapping you. Our ways are different and will always be. He goes.

Sakshi sees Vasundara and goes to her. She says she wants to tell something. Vasundara asks Kiran to go. Sakshi says its imp thing. Suman and Preeti come running and stop them. They say they have to talk something imp. Vasundara asks them to stop, and asks Sakshi to say.

Sakshi hurts Thapki and breaks her confidence. Sakshi brings fire near Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. On seeing that Bhiaan Thapki scene I felt that they are going to unite in future. Precap is not good

  2. thapki pyaar ki

    Swear down that sakshi she’s the biggest b***h in the world and so are suman and preeti

  3. Supperb episode!!Thanks to that Sakshi,if she tries to hurt Thapki then Dhruv will break her mouth and Dhruvki will be normal again.I like the way Thapki worried for Dhruv’s action.Like always they rock……

  4. I have a strong feeling that Thapki will end up marrying Bihaan. And the triangle love story will start and Thapki will be the good bahu and will devote herself to Bihaan inspite of not loving him…something like Saraswati chadra saga…I hope am wrong 🙁

  5. I really dnt want bihaan nd thapki to marry… I jst dnt want dhruvs smile to wash frm hs cute face…

  6. Pls do not comment that thapki and bihaan will marry then I will not watch this show anymore and we want dhruv and thapki to marry pls director sir pls don’t change the track and thapki should get married to dhruv only only only only

  7. I have stopped watching the live telecast…and have opted to read the telly updates as its absolutely a wastage of time…somewhere we too feel bad about thsee dramatic breakups…

  8. Something like this will not happen.
    There will be a love angle between Bihaan and Aditi.

  9. Hope that Aditi will be with Bihaan.I just don’t that that stupid Bihaan get married with our sweet Thapki.Dhruvis also sweet but he has to be much more free with Thapki like outscreen.

  10. a bi**? Hate her!!!

  11. Surely Dhruv and thapki will get married at any cost !!! Nice epi,….. Cute possessiveness of thapki , very lovely!!!
    Even Dhruv liked it !!!
    Shaksi just go to hell !! If Dhruv know about you he will not leave you!!!

  12. good romentic thpki indirectly ….like all girl no one can see hsbnd with any other girl…acting was. cute ..shakshi was looking like tantrik devi I donot under stand why she getup like that. .she heart thpki o no….dhruv will punish her definetly.jst want to see both together in all epi…love u dhruv nd thpki………

  13. ohh!! this sakshi go to hell… ek toh beautiful bhi nahi ho and also not nature …..
    waise nice episode

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