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Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan calling Thapki selfish. He says I did all this for you, I felt I m most happiest person in this world, I did not know I m most unlucky one, I lost everything, I was orphan and did not feel bad, as much I m feeling now, you ended everything. She stops him and asks him to listen, he will regret later. Bihaan says you will regret. Shraddha hears them. Bihaan says now I will show such avatar of mine which you did not see till now. Shraddha says its great, now Thapki and Bihaan will compete to fail each other, and I will win. Bihaan leaves.

At home, everyone is dining. Vasundara recalls Thapki’s words and thinks will taking test be right, if this is Thapki’s new plan then… Bau ji asks why are you not having food. Dadi asks about Thapki and Bihaan. Thapki comes

there. Bihaan refuses to have food. Dadi says what happened to Bihaan and Vasundara today. Dhruv says Suman and Preeti went with Sanjay and Ashwin to prepare for tomorrow. Shraddha asks what tomorrow. Dadi tells about navratri puja and asks Vasundara did Shraddha order the idol. Shraddha says I did mistake once, I won’t repeat it. Dhruv says Bihaan gave order, we will get it tomorrow. Dadi says Thapki will stay with us forever, you manage everything. Shraddha says what will she manage, preparations are already done. She says I did my work too, I m waiting for tomorrow.

Its morning, Diwakar’s mum acts good to Poonam and talks to her. She says we did bad with you, but no one can win over fate, we realized the mistake. Poonam says realizing mistake is big thing. Diwakar’s mum fools Poonam by her sugary talk. Poonam tells her that she loves the temple the most, Lord gave us this house. She goes. Diwakar’s mum wants to know about locker keys.

Everyone do the aarti and puja. Vasundara signs Thapki to come. Bihaan leaves from there. Thapki gets sad and cries. The puja ends. Vasundara gives aarti to everyone. They all go from the temple place. Vasundara sees Thapki and Shraddha. She gives silver coins to both of them, and says I would have gold coin to Shraddha if I wanted, but … Shraddha asks why did you not give then. Vasundara says what I m going to do now, I will not be biased in it.
Vasundara tells them that she will take test of them, and it will be without any biasing, like a mother loves all her children equal. She tells them that along with Devimaa’s sthapana, it will be a test of their selflessness, goodness, honesty and all good qualities. She tells them about getting one kalash with one victory, Shraddha will cover red chunri if she wins, and Thapki will cover yellow chunri when she wins, the one who gets more kalash will win. She tells them that their real qualities will be checked by her this way.

Diwakar talks to his mother. She says she does not know where are they keys, Poonam said that Lord gave her this house. Diwakar smiles and says Poonam loves this temple the most, so the keys will be here, I tried finding everywhere, except the temple. He checks the temple and smiles seeing the keys. He laughs and says its locker keys and this is keys of our fate too, we have to wait till Aditi and her mother sleep, we will get everything from here, we will get this house, I will be new owner of this house.

Shraddha thinks why is Vasundara taking my test, I will win, I have to know whats this test. Vasundara says no one will tell about the test, there won’t be any cheat or favors in your test. She says the test will be infront of Mata Rani, we will see how is true, stammering Thapki passes this test or Shraddha, whom I chose as my bahu. Thapki says I accept your decision, I m ready for this test. Shraddha says anytime mummy ji, your choice can never be wrong, so I m ready for this test too.

Vasundara tells about the biggest quality which every bahu should have, patience, I will test this, you too will do aarti today evening, but after keeping the fast all day, without having food and water. Shraddha asks can’t we eat anything. Vasundara says not even drinking water, you will keep fast and then do aarti, devotion has power, the one who does this will win in first test. Shraddha says then I will win, as my name is Shraddha, I will do this test by full devotion. Thapki asks Vasundara for blessings. Shraddha took takes blessings. Vasundara says first time, I m blessing you both without being partial, the one who is honest shall win.

Shraddha tells Vasundara that your way looks good, you are going to bend Thapki’s heart well, how will you help me. Vasundara gives her a book and says you will get a way to make Thapki lose. Shraddha smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bihaan plz dont do like this i cant see you angry.. plz..

  2. I think bihaan should have listened to thapki.shraddha have spoiled everything and told to bihaan against thàpki.

  3. No bihan don’t do this with us thapki plz

  4. Thank you for he update Amena.

    A bit of a slow episode… For me.

    I do feel very sorry for Bihan. He is very deeply hurt by thapki, but I’m hoping when he cools down he’ll hear the tum tak song and he’ll be fine again.

    The precap was ermmm predictable. Shraddha asking vasu for help and vasu being the unbiased fair mother in law (not) helping her cheat. I’m sure there will be more to this but hmmm.

  5. Youuuuuu Vasundara ithnee cheap. I hate this really.

  6. Totaly Time waste. ……..
    Saasu bahu drama shuru hogaya…
    Comidy nights live mai thapki ne kaha mai meri serial nahi dekthi .(I not see thapki serial)
    kya humm dekthe hai ….hum hullu hai kya…. ?

  7. I feel vasu cheat nahi karegi iss baar…..I’m not concerned about perfect bahu drama bcoz whatever will happen thapki will win finally…I’m concerned about only my thahaan. …bihaan u r too good..gusse mein tho aur bhi cute laga hai. ..

  8. Coming episodes may be very boring without Thahaan.

  9. What a silly story line! Bihaan, who married Thapki by cheating is complaining of his trust getting broken, and person who has been causing most trouble for Thapki now takes mantle of judging her!!
    Writers should take some social responsibility and should not promote such blatant examples of exploitation of physical handicaps and emotions.

    1. Well said dear
      Bihan khud cheater hai …or ab bina thapki ka sach jane gussa kar raha hai
      He is trusting that bxxxx shardha

  10. waiting for thahaan love story..

  11. bOring…

  12. we will not get any love story between thahaan until these stupid perfect bahu,dhoka ,saas bahu aur sazish tracks are completed

  13. Guys new updates..Dadi ma ask thapki to go to the vegtable market and bring fruits for pooja, and ask bihaan to go with her, bihaan is full angry comes to room in serch of vehicle key ,tryto find key but couldn’t, thapki say u always serch for key which is infront of your eye, ahe is about to approach the key hanger for key, bihaan reaches first and said I have eyes hand and legs I can do my stuff by my self, thapki said if you don’t wana go with me don’t go, I can tell dadi ma but bihaan you don’t need to say a word about me to any one. In the mean time bihaan recives a call , from some call center man is talking to him english. He got mad on him and thapki stanches the phone and said, y are u mad at him. It was his job to speak in english. And whats your prob with english I have installed an app in your mobile ,I u try u can learn he say stop …
    Next scene in veg market bihaan forced thapki to bought fruit without money. Thapki said what happened to you. Bihaan said its me real bihaan pandy, I change my self for you, I learnt to be good bcx of u . But what I get in return betrayal. She said I told you my reason and also ask for forgiveness. He said I don’t care. She said fine I m not going to buy fruits like that, n not especially for pooja. Bihaan said I will not let you buy fruits by right way. She said I will buy fruit by right way, n for this whatever I have to do in fast, I will do. It will be interesting to watch their nok jhok again.

  14. Bushra Aleem

    Vasu be fare plis.
    Thapki you always dont have to be savi savithri.
    Love u bihaaan

  15. Bihan is a cry baby and a loser. He deceived thapki from the beginning. This show is not the love story of Bihan and Thapki. So you hopeless romantics need to get over it. True love is not forced neither flourishes by lies and cheating. It is pure and innocent as was Dhruv’s love for Thapki and vice versa. Bihan is a douchebag and a BULLY!!! I hope he continues his pathetic downfall.

  16. Bihaan who cheated thapki is against her, thapki who don’t want to live with bihaan but wants to prove she is good daughter-in-law. Wowww, what hell yaar. Why do they write scripts like dis, wife never supports husband or husband cheats wife but wannabe good bahu. OMG ,when she doesn’t need love of bihaan thapki can go away exposing vasu, why sud she give test.

  17. This show is juSt pathetic the only reason why I used to watch this show was because of thahaan and Bihaan’s funny dialouges. This show is going really slow like a tortoise. In one month they only show 1 week good and the 3 weeks just pathetic. And the show is going on because in that 1 week show gains good trp . Makers should start thahaan love track as ssoon as possible, even viewers are fed up of vasu drama (trp dropped to 1.9), I think this week trp may increase due to Bihaan’s love realization but next week again trp will drop for sure. Many people are saying show will end at 2017-2018, but if the makers continue being slow show may go off air this year itself.

    1. True that..I also watch it to see thahaan..! The writers really need to show to the point episodes and not drag it..and also show more of thahaan scenes.! Thahaan is the only reason they are gaining trp. ???

  18. DISGUSTING………..

  19. thapki did not like bihaan..not become wife…then y she proved better bahu…she want her marriage truth…nowshe knew…then y she stay here…she will pack all her stuff n left…ds s correct…y they again started pooja n drama…silly storyline without positivity….only for bihaan i watch ds serial…otherwise i never watch or read updates….pls intro anu gud n self respect women to bihaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn……writer ji do this for bihaan fans….

    1. Right as now thapki knows the truth she should leave the house because bihaam se shadi to kabhi usney mani nai
      Alag rahegi to shyad bihaan ka pyaat samgh sake …or vasu ko bhi sharda ki sachi pata chale pichey se
      Wants every body yo know the real faces of sharda n vasu
      Or in sab mai poor dhrauv ke bare mai bhi to socho koi

  20. disgusting show. dhruv ko bhi to pata chalna chahiye uska shadi actual main kisne todhi thi. aur bihan thapki ko cheat kar sakta hai to thapki kyu nhi? bihan ne to uski lyf hi spoil kar di. usse sab kuch chhin lia. aur ab use kyu bura lag raha hai? thapki ko bhi pura haq hai sach janne ka. aur kisi bhi angle se bihan thapki k layek nhi h. thapki educated hai, aur bihan ak numbr ka dumb.

  21. In upcoming episod.. thapki try to win Bihaan’s heart.. Thapki gets upset by seeing changes in his behiour.

    Bihaan avoidance make her worry for him and she tried to find way to bring smile on his face.

  22. i think this way thapki will understand what bihaan means to her…..

  23. I just hate Shradhha and Vasu when they will get exposed…i don’t wanna watch this serial without my thahaan love story…I’m feeling bad for Thahaan…???

  24. I still have hopes …thapki is a mahan aatma rite..? Itni aasani se tho usko apne feelings realise nahi honge. ..zor ka jatka lagna hi padega…ab jab bihaan ne avoid karna shuru kiya thabhi usko realise hoga na….so I’m eagerly waiting for that with the hope that soon they will unite thahaan…sabr ka fal meeta hota hai….lekin kahi eisa na ho jaye sabr karte karte fal hi karab na ho jaye… thahaan. ..

  25. Why doesn’t anyone care for Druv???? He and Thapki should be together!

    1. Well dhruv married that scare crow shraddha willingly so now he’s stuck with her.

  26. love u thahaan

  27. waiting to see thahaan love story

  28. Don’t drag more writerji! we can’t see thahaan’s separation &any misunderstanding between them.pls make thapki realise her luv for bihan soon DON’T TRY TO DRAG IT UPTO 1-2 Months……YOUR SHOW IS GETTING TRP MOSTLY FOR THAHAAN’S NOK-JOK & FOR THEIR CHEMISTRY…IF YOU WANT MORE TRP FIRST CHANGE THEIR DRESSES ; DON’T SHOW THE SAS-BAHU FIGHTS;DON’T SHOW MORE THE BAKWAS DIBAKAR’S DRAMA….!!! USE THAHAAN’S CHEMISTRY & SHOW MORE scenes between them.. DON’T forget the main motive of the should show through this serial that a physically challenged person can establish in life & CAN ATTAIN ALL THE SUCCESS IN LIFE LIKE OTHER NORMAL PERSON IF HE or SHE GET WHOLE HEARTED SUPPORT FROM FAMILY.. SO PLS… THERE ARE MANY THINGS TO SHOW IN THIS SERIAL.. STOP THIS SAS BAHU DRAMA ..UNITE THAHAAN ….SHOW HOW BIHAN’s TRUE SUPPORT WILL INSPIRE THAPKI TO FULLFILL HER DREAMs …. & AIM IN LIFE…If Writer or director or any TPK member is reading my comments pls show it to script writer of TPK..I WANT TPK TO BECOME A INSPIRATION SHOW NOT A BORING SAS-BAHU DRAMA…..PLS THINK ABOUT IT WRITER & DIRECTOR JI?…ITS A REQUEST FROM ALL THE TPK VIEWERS…..?…….



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