Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandey family coming near the river to do Chhat puja. Vasu tells everyone that they will do the puja once other family finish it. Kosi says till then where we will sit? Bihaan asks her to sit. Kosi sits down and asks Bihaan to keep down the stuff. He is keeping it down, but it falls and Thapki comes and holds it. They both looks at each other. Vasu explains to Preeti about Chhat puja’s fast. Preeti tells that she will keep this fast for her child once she becomes a mum. Kosi tells that she is hungry. Chacha says I made you eat so much. Kosi says everything is digested and she is feeling hungry again. Chacha says he will feed her Pizza once he gets a chance. Dhruv asks Thapki, how she will do puja as everyone is around. Chacha takes the tokri, but Bihaan says Puja needs

to be done. Chacha says okay.

Dhruv sees Chacha taking Pizza for Kosi and tells Thapki that he will be back. Chacha brings Pizza for Kosi and makes her eat..Dhruv sees her eating Pizza and thinks to make Bihaan see her eating pizza. He comes to Bihaan and asks where is Kosi. Bihaan says she is sitting under the shelter, and goes to call her. He comes near her and calls Maa…Kosi and Chacha are shocked. Chacha takes pizza from Kosi’s hand. Bihaan asks why you are eating pizza and asks about her fast. Thapki says you have kept fast for Bihaan and asks how did you start eating? Chacha ji covers it up and says I was eating Pizza. Kosi haven’t broken the fast.

Dhruv says Kosi was holding Pizza piece. Chacha says she stopped me and asked not to eat. Kosi says she is sad as Bihaan doubted on her. Bihaan says no, and says he came to called her for puja. Dhruv asks Bihaan to take care of her. Shraddha calls Dhruv and asks him to come home, says she is feeling unwell. Dhruv says okay and thinks to message Vasu. Shraddha thinks she wants to romance with Dhruv and can rule on his money, house and family. She has to be extra careful. Vasu tells her family that Dhruv went home. Thapki thinks to do puja somehow for her baby and looks at her pregnancy report. Bihaan comes there and stumbles…Thapki hides the paper behind her back, Bihaan looks clueless.

He asks why she is looking tired when he is doing all the arrangements. Thapki asks him to concentrate on puja instead. Bihaan says yes. They pick the same tokri. Bihaan asks her to leave it. Thapki asks him to leave it. They argue. Kosi tells Bihaan that Vani is helping her.

Shraddha is waiting for Dhruv and thinks she will make him mad, else she is not Shraddha. She gets a call from someone and tells that she will repay the loan amount soon. She does her make up while talking and ruins her eye brows make up. She gets tensed seeing it, wipes it, but her make up spoils further. Aditi thinks to go to puja. Shraddha calls her. Aditi comes to Shraddha’s room and sees her make up malfunction, laughs. Shraddha asks Aditi to give message to Dhruv that she will come after getting ready, and says she has planned romantic date with him, says they will get very close today. Aditi smiles vanishes and she goes.

Vasu, Kosi, Thapki and others do the chhat puja on the banks of river. A tradition song plays………..

Dhruv comes home and sees romantic ambience. He is quite surprised, just then he sees Aditi coming downstairs.He looks at her and smiles. He asks where is Shraddha and asks about the arrangements. Aditi says I……, and turns to go. Dhruv holds her hand and pulls her closer to him. Aditi looks on……Dhruv asks why you are doing this? Did I do any mistake? Aditi says no, and asks him to leave her hand, and says I don’t want to get closer to you. Dhruv asks why? He asks why have you done this? Aditi says because I love you. Dhruv is shocked.

Thapki sees her pregnancy report again and tells her baby that she has completed the fast. She tells I wish your papa would have known about you, but he was not that much fortunate to know it. Just then paper flies away from her hand and falls near Bihaan. Thapki walks upto him and takes back the paper and hides. Bihaan looks clueless.

Thapki sees her paper (pregnancy report) drowning in the river and gets in the water to get it. Kosi warns her not to go further as the water is deep. Thapki loses her balance and shouts for help. Bihaan looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Anjana Aloshious

    Plz reveal the truth to bihaan n adidhuruv seen awesome

  2. Garima

    ???santHosh or santosh I am confused. ??
    and my new phone is Samsung galaxy duos.
    and party????????? enjoy?
    and hello santosh or santHosh and pooja i enjoy so much diwali how are you hello Manish ki divani and die for manayasa and Anu fatarajo were are you?


      thanks for ur big party.. ??
      Samsung galaxy duos ok.? but, which series…?❗❓( i mean grad, J ,A ,S series )

      u r still confused my name … ??❗❗

      hare yaaarrrrr…..??don’t take big letter “H” middle of my name..??
      my name is Santhosh???

      Santhosh ?
      i hope u understand ??

      fatarajo in big boss page?.
      but, i don’t know others…??
      (baaki sab ko kya hogya patha nahi…??)

  3. Anjana Aloshious

    Plz reveal the truth to bihaan n adidruv seen was awesome

  4. its just OK episode.precap is nice.but so much of dragging in this story place end this track.its so boring.still thapki didn’t shows to everyone about kosi.

  5. Lovely episode….super excited for seeing tomorrows episode…


      abi main tum ko tomorrow episode ki bhavishya batha tha hoo.. ?


      (kall bihaan banega Olympic gold medal winner in swimming) ??

  6. Riama Agnestine

    Why it took so long for bihaan to know the truth?and to know that kosi was the evil?

  7. Alister La Frenais

    The whole make believe story of a baby and the revenge that this Vaani/Thapki is planning. Firstly, just look at what was the storyline when Thapki was ejected from the house, two years ago. Just before her eviction she received her medical report stating that she was pregnant, which by any one’s understanding would have given her condition to be in the first weeks of pregnancy. Shortly after that she was kicked out and then met with an accident, which resulted in her miscarriage. Therefore, there was no baby, just a few days old foetus, so the bull crap of a baby is totally nonsensical. Why is it, that the writers of this second class soap opera assuming that the viewing audience are all morons. Whilst, the program is based on fiction, but if the producers and writers and the show directors are mirroring real life then common-sense dictates that the events that unfold must also be believable.

    1. Well said Alister


    where is yesterday precap…❗❓
    (i mean bihaan take that pregnancy report in yesterday precap but, CVs edit and eating that scene … ❗

    ab muje patha chala hum sab ko CVS Deepaavali bonus dikhaya tha….???

    Cvs ki jai ho.????

  9. Adithi Dhruv scenes superb..Shradha funny ..

  10. Anjana

    If people wake up after a year also, thapki pyar ki will be stuck in the same place 😛


    BIG BIG confusion ….. ??

    in today episode thapki say in the last moment⬇
    “She tells I wish your papa would have known about you, but he was not that much fortunate to know it”.???

    what’s going on in TPK…. ❗❓
    THAPKI??? definitely mental hogayi hai…. i mean CVS ???…????

  12. Very happy ??? itne dino baad comment kar rhi hun …time hi nhi mil pata tha comment karne ka..?i think abhi tak saare mujhe bhool gaye hoge??


      pihoo ki jai ho…???

      kaise ho..❓
      bhoolne ki bimhaari CVS ko hai hum ko nahi..????

  13. Alister La Frenais

    My earlier comment was based on reading the written update. Then I managed to watch the episode aired this evening on Rishtey and I was totally disillusioned. I sat down to watch what I thought would be an entertaining episode, but like all the previous episodes this one was a real let down. Lets analyse the storylines. Vaani/Thapki, a weak and quivering individual that sheds tears at the drop of a hat. Now in real life what sort of woman would be in a constant state of weeping. Her acting is mediocre and her disguise is so bad that a blind man could see through it. Her false teeth is so obvious that I am surprised that the Pandey family members have not questioned this anomaly. Then we got the antics of Kosi and her secret husband, poor acting. The only actress that is very entertaining to watch is Shraddha, her facial expression, her comical actions and general demeanour is a boon for a boring serial. I wished that the show producers and directors would give her a bigger part in the serial and send the actress that plays Vaani/Thapki for acting lessons, so that she can learn how to portray anger/annoyance, the attitude of a well to do business woman and a woman on a mission to exact vengeance for her ill treatment by the Pandey family. This constant crying at every twist and turn really drives me up the wall.




      1. zabardaast

  14. Garima

    I am also anjana santhosh what’s going on in tpk I think that thapki don’t know that bihaan don’t saw letter santosh please tell me.

  15. Joylin

    hey santhosh happy Kannada rajotsava as ur a kannadian


      thanks for your wish…?
      rajotsava nahiiii…raajyotsava ??…

      who r u.. ❓how do u know me..❓
      (are you JO ?i mean fatarajo…❗❓)

      1. Joylin

        nope I’m not fatrajo I’m Joylin from Karnataka ( M’lore)

  16. I want thapki and druv.bhihan always doubt in his love…than druv is always trust in thapki…go tharuv…bihaan with shrada,they will be good couple,…

  17. Save thahan…save thapki and bihan…united bihan and thapki soon…plisss cvs ji….

  18. second pregnancy of tapkhi? i have no idea about that, really second pregnancy?

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