Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv thinking to see whether Thapki loves him, she should stop him from marrying Shraddha. Thapki comes to him and asks him not to do mistake to hurt Shraddha. Dhruv thinks she should tell him she loves him and stop this marriage. Thapki asks him to marry Shraddha, but with heart. He gets angry and says I don’t have complete heart now, don’t worry, I m doing this by my wish. He goes. Thapki says why does he not look happy then.. Vasundara looks on and says I will tell you the reason.

She gets Thapki in Dhruv’s room and asks her to see the room, bedsheet and clothes, can she see any color, Dhruv has made all colors away from his wife. She shows the colored clothes and says he is broken, I chose Shraddha to make memories with someone else, so that he forgets

you. Thapki says even I want Dhruv to move on in life with Shraddha. Vasundara asks how will he move on when he looks behind always, he said yes for marriage on my saying, not by heart, as you are in his heart. She says I lied to him and said you are giving a chance to your relation with Bihaan. Thapki gets shocked.

Thapki asks why did she lie. Vasundara says how will Dhruv move on till you move on, I love Dhruv the most, I have seen him being in darkness and restless, just you can give him a new life. Thapki says I will do anything, don’t fold hands. Vasundara says you have to assure Dhruv that you really want to move on in life with Bihaan, you have to pretend that you want to give a chance to your marriage with Bihaan, will you do this. Thapki says Poonam told me that I take all problems of this house on me, I will fulfill your wish, Dhruv is gone from my life, and now I will bring Shraddha in his life. Vasundara smiles and hugs her.

Thapki goes downstairs to get water. Thapki pyaar ki……..plays………. She walks being lost in thoughts and slips. Bihaan holds her. He asks where is her focus. She recalls Vasundara’s words. She goes. He says strange, Dhruv said yes for marriage instantly and then Thapki who is lost. Its morning, Aditi gets newspaper and sees her and Diwakar’s pic not so clear. Krishnakant asks for paper. Aditi cries. He takes the paper. Poonam says you always read paper.

He reads the news and says today’s generation does not think of anything. Poonam says yes, they don’t think of their parents. Aditi hears them and cries. Krishnakant says we are blessed that our children did not show us this day, else I would have died by shame. Poonam says our children can’t even think of such. Krishnakant says I m proud of our children.

Vasundara talks to pandit and gets mahurat. She thanks him. She tells Dhruv about engagement mahurat after 10 days. He gets shocked. She asks him to take leave and come with her on shopping. He says I have work, buy anything you like, I will wear. Bihaan and Thapki come there. Vasundara tells the mahurat and asks Thapki to do all arrangements for engagement to help her. Thapki agrees. Dhruv says I m glad knowing this that you want to do arrangements of my engagement, I will be more happy when you do arrangements along with Bihaan.

He says Bihaan is my brother, he did a lot for my happiness, so he can do this too. Now you both are husband and wife, so help me together. Thapki says I don’t have any problems, I will do arrangements with Bihaan. Dhruv gets shocked. Dhruv says good, thanks Thapki, do arrangements well with Bihaan. Dhruv leaves. Vasundara thanks Thapki. Thapki says I will tell Bihaan about pretending to show Dhruv. Vasundara says no, don’t tell him, else he will tell Dhruv , it should be just between us. Thapki looks on.

Dhruv gives a ring to Thapki and Bihaan, and tells Thapki to make Bihaan wear this ring, only then he will get engaged to Shraddha.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Deepu

    Bihaan the saviour of thapki..
    every time thapki fall bihaan save ha ha thahaan really made for each other.

  2. mady

    vihan and thapki are nice couple
    i dont like druv
    i think this time vasu is planning something that will hurt thapki a lot
    i dont like over reacting vasu

  3. thapki show her intelligence in any problem comes , but she can, t show her intelligence in vasundhara matter . please thapki know the truth and come back to dhruv life and trouble to that evil vasu this is her time whatever she want that is happen .Now u get time and trouble her with the help of bihan and he always tried to rejoin true lovers.

    • diya

      exactly d same i was thinking..thapki n dhruv show intelligence in all matter cant thy do khulasa of vasundhara

  4. thahaan

    Wow dhruv beta unknowingly u r making thapki n bihaan come closer u r doing there engagement ring exchange ritual thanks to god . god is amazing n daily soap god is cvcs

  5. Rs

    Well done thapki nice answerd to dhruv؛؛………….nd dhruv you happily marry shradha………. Thahaan rocking pair

  6. puppy

    Stupid creativity …..idiot Thapki ….. Foolish Dhruv …
    Story plot shows that director doesn’t have clear idea…
    No comments… My view…

  7. Roji

    Why does she want dhruv to move on. Why can’t she marry dhruv after divorce with bihan. M not getting her really. stupid thapki. She must feel herself lucky for being loved truly by dhruv. I hope she regrets in future.

    • diya

      ya true and infact she has such common sense to directly ask dhruv wat was he doing wen bihaan was in mandaap to marry her…..thapki is vry intelligent shouldnt she ask such silly question..infact this question should hav commoly arosed in everybody’s mind wen thy cam to know dat bihaan has can this fact b hidden and y dhruv is not disclosing it

  8. I feel really bad for dhruv,he still love thapki…but thapki wants dhruv has to move on his life with shradha…I think dhruv will do all d marriage rituals to thapki and bihaan….. Then thapki have to do that bcz she promises vasu….. then thahaan marriage will compete with all d rituals…this is my guess

  9. Maine spoiler m pdha h ki Dhruv Ki shadi Shraddha se ho jayegi fir vo negative rol karegi or thapki k liye problems create karegi . Sabhi m vhi ghisi piti story bakvas main Ki shadi doosre s kra dete h fir vhi rona dhona shuru ho jata h. Thapki me, swaragini me,tere shaher me sabhi m main Ki shadi dusre se kra di .serial KO ekdam se bekar kr Diya.

  10. cc

    How many ppl will thapki luv??? Frst diwakar next dhruv… And now wil it be bihaan?? No pls… Let thapki join with dhruv… Frst luv can fail but nevr shld secnd…

  11. fairy

    vasu is so clever first she trap bihaan by emotional blackmailing and now doing the same thing with thapki/

  12. Ally

    Yes….. Now Druv making Thapki and Bihaan’s relationship more stronger…
    Druv wants Thapki say no to his marriage that’s why he is doing all these….. unknowingly Druv will help to complete all marriage the rituals of Bihaan and Thapki….

  13. neetu

    One thing is sure.thapki will nt marry Dhruv evdn if shedivorce Bihaan..And she z once eventhiugh he married her by cheating still she has cmpltd saath pheras withhim…and then y troubling Bihaan 🙁
    Poor Thahaan both of thdm trapped by Evil Vasu….

  14. Thahaan is the real attraction of the serial…..vasu like a devil in this serial.Thapki pls tried to understand the innocent character of Bihan.donot separate THAHAAN,its a request………

  15. I want to say that this soap is not inspiring at all, what happens to that beautiful, innocent, truthful thapki who will always Go back to her dad to seek advice in whatever she’s doing. what happens to bihaan who will do anything to get two lovers married at any cost. what happens to dadi supporting sham marriage. I still love dhruv character who won’t compromise for anything. Please writer bring back thapki whose soul is pure and detest evil, who will stand for truth and not compromise. bring back thapki who will fight for herself and to the top and not marriage/love trangle… I don’t care if she got married to druvh or not. at first I found this soap inspiring cos I have same flaws as thapki but now I think the message the writer is sending is not good. bihaan and thapki is not right except he tells the truth and then they fall in love. bring back thapki(bbt).

    • vivian

      Flawless I think you are right the story is no longer inspiring the writer is trying to tell us that sham marriage should be accepted that totally wrong the are not sending good message to us viewers the should stop this their stupid story line is totally nonsense.

    • diya

      suprb conclusion …u r right…wer d storyline is heading too..first i also thought this serial might not hav negative character its like earlier balika vadhu but no ….unite dhruv n thapki …show some value for love and value for indian culture,,, dont rupture it by continuing illegal marriage..respect couples feelings

  16. Priya

    Oh stupid thapki she spoke like she did not lve dhruv anymore.. Plz unite dhruv nd thapki..make aditi character strong so oly v can find who thapki choose…but I think bihaan nd aditi ill make a gud wen u c frm strating

  17. lijiya

    Oho what is this?thapki pls realize dhruv’s love.thapki pls trust dhruv. I think if thapki is clever she should have to enquires the truth of her marriage.why did she ask to dhruv what happend in the time of mandap?I think she didn’t ask about this

  18. Anu

    Fate will unite each together ..
    thahaan always rocks
    good job druv u unknowingily unite thahaan..
    thahaan is the main attraction of this show…

  19. Ben

    Hi friends…i m a newcomer on this show and i m enjoying it a lot. So i thought to watch it from begining on youtube but there was sound problem in some episodes, some part of the vedio get muted.its really disgusting …….so guys please help me out to watch them,how and where should i watch them….., PLEASE PLEASE PLEADE …REPLY

  20. revathi

    Thapki and bihaan pair superb.thapki ,bihaan ur husband and bihaan is innocent
    Dhruv ur overacting….
    Bihaan ur rocks hero….
    Thapki ur good way choose… Ur r superb….keep it up ….life is one time …marriage is one time in life …thapki marriage is not festival .onnly one time in life in marriage …..
    Thanne superb…….

  21. moni

    Dhruv u r just behaving childish…but whatever by giving d ring to thapki n said to make bihaan wear it by her was ur good decision n thapki plz do make bihaan wear it…he is perfect for u coz he kniw how to sacrifice n love his family….no one can give u so much love like him not even dat overreacting dhruv…n vasu is such a villain..soon she is going to pay for her deeds…whstever i m just waiting for more thahaan romance…i just watch d show for them..they dam cute n adorable when they fight…n when d fights ends with some romantic pose…its mind blowing…thahaan n tpk rocks..:-) 🙂

    • What kind of sacrifice is that. This is a force marriage, Bihaan cheated his brother and thapki. Bihaan is mature enough to know what is wrong and what is right, if ur mom is wrong it doesn’t mean you follow like an idiot.

    • diya

      no pls,,,think wid heart not brain …feel it… can u go romantic wid one who hav cheated u at the biggest point of life…no matter for his mother but cheating is cheating…unite tharuv

      • I absolutely agree with you. Their marriage started with lie and cheating, how anyone expect such couple to be in love. I don’t knw anything abt Indian but M sure no culture throughout the world promote such values towards marriage. Make Thapki independent women who thinks critically anything doesn’t accept forceful marriage.

  22. riya

    seeiously vasu is a big devil. She is emotionally blackmailing everyone .
    ab iska sach kab same ayega pata nhi. Writerji jaldi vasu ka sach reveal karo warna sab par afad ajayega…

  23. Achu

    Thahaans jodi is superb..
    bihaan wore the ring accept thapki as a wife live together.
    we want more thahaans love scenes ..
    slowly thapki realise bihaan is better than druv he knows everyones pain u also think how much he did for u even though druv doesnt do if bihaan did..

  24. Thahaan

    Wow mnday thahaans engagement ??
    druvs jealousy act thahaans become more closer than before but its just acting by planning of vamp Vasu and thapki .poor bihaan he trusted blindly everyone he think thapki fall him.

  25. If dhruv married thapki I will not be nice…bcz vasu’s over love on dhruv only d reason behind all d cheating… that vasu still cheating bihaan and thapki….they r really innocent both of believing blindly vasu.if truth will comeout what will happen? Is thapki marry dhruv? Defenitely no she will fall in love with bihaan…then dhruv he will hate his mother he will nt marry thapki…and he realise bihaan’s sacrifice and love on his n his family…even bihaan is nt Belong to pandey family how much he love that family….

  26. Chanda

    I don’t like whatever is happening: the plot is going to hell. This story was to empower people & make them believe in true & respectable love but we are somehow being forced to accept a sham marriage.
    Sorry writers & some silly Thahaan fans, their bond can’t be going on as it is based on deceit. Surely of all people, you should know that’s wrong. Bring Tharuv back together ASAP please

  27. Man

    Why so early to reveal the truth, overall best concept, afterall illogical and no value is showing of individuals, these all emotionally blackmail of viewers like happens in bollywood.., illogical doom3, nonsense insane happy new year, egoistic mindless pk, that’s all bcoz this is India everything will be accepted by no mean coz we know who stands where at lost… I wish you have infinite useless mind… YOU MSM PEOPLE GET BRAIN SORRY HEART IN WORK..

  28. Ks

    Extreme hate is become love.
    they were wt ever in fast doesnt matter how will present in btwn us might be love start each other is thus betrayed fast….

  29. Swathi

    Boring …………I love THARUV omg plz unite them??‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍?

  30. we can, t stand a forceble love , marriage, and forceble relation for a long time it broke down for a few time. but love , marriage, and relationship only stand based on trust . Bihan break the thapki and dhruv trust . bihan and thapki relation its not going to long time because he always cheat her and whatever is matter cheating is cheating its not a good thing.

  31. maaha

    Plz unite dhruv and thapki. If this doesnt happen then wat is the use of the promises that thapki and dhruv has taken. Plz dont seperate dhruv and thapki

  32. revathi

    Bihaan cheating in thapki I accept but bihaan is love in family more …no vasu real face then real face come bihaan ?…. Bihaan is innocent guy all r know that’s time guysss……
    This is my opinion……my favourite Jodi is BIHAAN and THAPKI SUPER …..
    THAPKI,BIHAAN Only helping all time …..

  33. Manu

    I agree with ranjitha. Why should Thapki n Bihaan be one when it was by cheating. Unless other who wsnt Bihaan n Thapki together means they do not trust in love. Would any of you love somebody and after getting married you find out he is not the one you loved it a different man? Wake up guys. Don’t make love to be a joke n relation to be a game. Thapki n Dhruv loved each other. They need to know the truth n both needs to be brought together. Love should win not cheating.

  34. Krishna

    Thahaan always rocks
    we wnt thahaan only in onscreen not offscreen..
    we dnt care abt offscreen relation btwn jigyasa and Ankit..

  35. Priya

    Wat thahaan fans say s v shuld accept t marge whch s dne by cheating just bcoz bihaan s cute nd put sme kids fight wit thapki ah.. I really don’t get it in wat bases u guys r telng..I’m sry I doesn’t mean to hurt anyone..bihaan did a big mistake he just thought abt vasu feeling nor thapkis r dhruvs hw can thapki move on wen daily seeing t one who she truly lved..she shuld cme back to dhruv tis s t correct way

  36. Priya

    And writters plz show smethng. Gud to youngsters like us…lvng sme marng smeone….u all making fun of luv nd marge….just can’t tolerate by seeing these things

  37. Ally

    Good news for Tharuv fans…… Ankit and jigyasa are in a relationship in real life reports and Their Facebook pages shows same…….
    But I luv Thahaan……
    Thahaan rocks…

  38. Babu

    We dnt care abt real screen relation btwn jigyasa and Ankit.
    in reel life we want only thahaan
    thahaan rocks together new spoiler out thahaans in drunken. they share bed in uncoscious state…
    omg wt will thapki react were in conscious ??

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