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Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara asking Bihaan to bless her to be his wife always. She bends down infront of Bihaan to touch his feet. Vasu asks what you have done. Suman says you told that you will die, but will not accept her as your wife. Bihaan recalls telling Sankara that he will die but not accept as his wife and says he is dead today. Sankara continues to smiles and holds his hand. He looks sadly with teary eyes and walks off. Thapki feels bad too. Bihaan wipes his tears and goes. Thapki looks on sad. Shraddha says congratulations to Sankara and says finally you are married. Today you have won, and very soon I will win too. She says Bihaan is your husband now and only you have right on him. She asks her to go. Sankara goes. Preeti tells Thapki that she did wrong with Bihaan. Suman takes

her side and says she didn’t do wrong, she is a human and woman too, and says you did right by marrying Kabir, atleast he will keep you happy. Aditi says you might not be destined to stay with Bihaan, as he is not suitable for her, and says I am always with you.

Vasu asks everyone to go and says she needs to talk to Thapki. She tells Thapki that she trusts her fully….Thapki is still in shock. Vasu says I know you haven’t done any mistake. Thapki says everything is done by Kabir Katyal and that’s why he was silent today, and haven’t told the truth to anyone. Vasu says I know, and says who will make Bihaan understand now. Thapki says Bihaan will accept and says she will expose Kabir’s truth infront of Bihaan. She says Kabir wants to break my relation with Bihaan, but he himself will break first and then there will be nobody between us. She says I have suffered enough and circumstances made me strong. She says I will not leave Kabir Katyal.

Bihaan comes to his room and imagines Kabir kissing Thapki’s hand. He gets angry and breaks the mirror angrily. He cries. Sankara comes to room and smiles seeing him in pain. She gives him water and asks to drink. She says I know you are very sad and that Thapki gave you so much pain….I am with you. Bihaan says I love you Thapki very much, why did you do this??? What I will do now..Sankara says you will do same as which she did. She says you will live life with me and I will give you so much love that you will forget her. She is about to kiss him. Bihaan pushes her and says I just loves Thapki. Sankara asks what about me? You have filled my maang with sindoor. Bihaan says my heart beats for Thapki only and when it stops beating for her, then you will get your rights. He goes. Sankara thinks to get that right also, and thinks I will see until when your heart beats for my sautan Thapki.

Aditi is in her room and is about to fill her maang with sindoor. Shraddha comes and takes sindoor and fills her maang. Aditi asks what nonsense? Shraddha says she has done all which she did. Aditi says Dhruv is my husband and this sindoor belongs to me, and says your relation is illegitimate. Shraddha challenges her that Dhruv will fill her maang with sindoor and make her his wife legally. She says when Sankara and Kabir can get their rights, then why not I? She says I will clear the illegitimate tag very soon. Aditi looks on sad.

Kabir hits himself with hunter and gets bleeding. He feels apologetic and thinks Thapki’s character was questioned because of him. He asks how can I let it happen. Thapki enters the room. Kabir wears shawl and stands infront of mirror. Thapki breaks the mirror and asks how can he face himself after giving pain to others. She says don’t think me weak. One day I will break devil inside you, and asks why did you do this. She asks him to answer and says you have separated me and Bihaan. She asks him to tell about his motive. Kabir says even I have a motive and tells that my motive is Bihaan. Thapki asks what? Kabir stands silent again. Thapki says do cheap tricks, but remember one thing, Thapki Bihaan Pandey is always his. She says my only motive is to make you lose, which I will do. She says nobody can come in between Thapki and Bihaan, not even you…Kabir katyal. Kabir is also teary eyes.

Later Kabir is standing in the balcony. Sankara comes to him and says I knew that you will do this to do penance. She says I brought lep for you and says I will apply on your wounds. Kabir pushes it and blames her for the happenings. Sankara asks what wrong did I do? I did what you wanted. She says I was helping you. You might think me stupid looking at my face, but I know that you have some motive to enter this house. She asks him to let his madness go, and separate Bihaan and Thapki for forever. She says nothing is more important than motive and asks him to apply lep, as he needs to be fine for their motive.

Precap: Kabir tells Bihaan that he and his entire family are going from this house and asks if he haven’t read the notice. Bihaan reads the notice and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    RIP TPK….hurting feelings…

  2. still borring Borring bulshit story

    1. Right, they say sachai ki hamesha jeet hoti hai. But it never happens or happens very late, when everybody stop seeing the evil shit..

  3. this serial gotting so borring Before was so nice but now it is so boring and full aof bulshit story that don’t make any sense

  4. Where is the progress in this stupid story? Can the creative tell me how the story has moved on from a month ago? Kabir’s revenge- not complete. Thapki-Bihan- haven’t reunited, they’ve taken a full circle and come back to the same place. Thapki-Kabir haven’t happened. Neither of Thapki or Bihan have moved on. Bihan-Sankara he just married her again for the heck of it. What was the point of that spectacle yesterday? The story has just taken a full circel and thats it, no ones moved on

    Does Bihan use his brain? Think logically? For once man use your brain, stop being so useless and destructive all the time.

    Thapki- why dp you try to justify yourself? Why? If someone loves you they’ll believe you regardless of the proof, MOVE ON woman. You and Bihan just aren’t meant to be, why are you trying to save a sinking ship? With differences and a complete lack of trust like that, even if you do get back together its pointless, there will always be dent in you relationship, you’ll be walking on egg shells around each other waiting for one to accuse the other and snapping. You’re NOT a criminal, stop trying to prove yourself right constantly. Know when its futile to pursue something, just accept your differences an move on.

    Kabir- You deserved that whip and all that pain, thats what you get when you stop using your brain and listen to people like Sankara who only look out for themselves. You still have time, make u for whatever you’ve down, apologise to Thapki. You’re kicking out the Pandeys, give the reasoning that you cant live with anyone who disrespects your wife, you didnt want to get involved in the family politics the previous day but you wont stand for anyone you humiliates your wife. Speak up and use your brain, dont turn into another logic-less zombie.

    Come on CV’s, give this story some sense and logic, salvage whatever you can. Start by writing a story that MAKES SENSE, let there be character growth. It doesnt mean you have ti show Sankara dumb, she can be the same conniving person just like Shradha is, I get you need a proper villainous character now that Kosi has left the show but that doesnt mean you’ll make all the other characters dumb. Stop butchering your characters in the name of TRP!

    1. You are absolutly right !!! Its so boring compare to the biginning of the série. I mean, when Thapki meet Dhruv, their relation was cute. After she have to live with Bihaan, she learned to love him, her love had changed Bihaans négative bhvr… There was fun in Pandeys house… And story évoluate good. But now, the Story has no sense, no value. I miss a positiv Story. Thapki has to be strong. If i was Thapki, i Will let Bihaan, i Will be tired to convince always this man about all i say, all i make… I Will give a chance to Khabir so the Life and show must go on .

    2. So true it the characters are all messed up, Thapki can be the best wife ever save Bihaans life countless times and he just need a excuse to start fighting with her and he forgets everything she did in the past, they seem to have the memory of goldfishes.

      They not going to make Kabir have much reddeming qualities eventually he be a bad guy too.

      1. Absolutely! Why Bihaan dont trust his wife, why does hé complicate situation, allways he makes trouble. At least, Thapki make fault by having revenge on her husband, but she makes it on anger.. I am really sad, before thapkis serie make me enjoy, i was fan but now i am bored… The show dont evoluate, i dont watch it any more, just read tellyupdates praying for an évolution but days alter days i à mm desillunated. Snif ??

  5. Yeah Thapki act all tough with Kabir and get answers but when it comes to Bihaan you can’t do the same, you just let him shout at you and you just listen to his crap.

    And another episode and another tantrum where Bihaan smashed something just yesterday he broke a drum, today another item I wonder what the immature kid will break next.

    All Bihaan and Thapki are good for is pushing eachothers buttons, when she was Vani she said she marry the next guy who walks in, now Bihaan saying he will marry Sankar seriously the most stupidest couple has to be BIhaan and Thapki.

    Just 5 episodes ago when Vasu got hurt, BIhaan and Thapki had their little moment outside his words were “I don’t know about my mind, but this heart couldn’t stop trusting you”

    Yet just 4 episodes later he saying he doesn’t know who she is wow way to prove you love her and trust her. I know people gonna say all the evidence proves to Thapki being wrong but the same thing happened with his mum Kosi and look at how that turned out.

    Take her to a side room talk to her about it or ask her to swear on his life or whatever rubbish he normally does.

  6. What is shraddha still doing in pandey niwas? Where’s dhruv? Don’t think writers have any decent track, that’s why dragging this one. Why doesn’t anyone overhear sankara and kabir talking?

  7. @ nina . i reply u in that page and that is last reply u.

  8. Vinolin.d

    thanks dear hasan for updating.
    I love the way still bihaan loves thapki.but I am so worried always CVS giving only sad to bihaan.Sankara is very cheap and idiotic character. I like thapki challenges to kabir.I hope thahaan will reunite soon.thahaan is forever so there is no change…
    thahaan is forever
    thahaan is forever
    thahaan is forever
    ,naitan,kudrat,sakshi,anu,jo,sruthi,Priya,sadia,fitri,arooj,sulbi,shibil and all my tpk thahaan friends….happy new year.

  9. I’m not a fan of Sankar but the way she differs from Shraddha and when Dhruv did his crazy stuff is the fact she has did it so quietly behind the scenes that no one suspects her. No one apart from Kabir and Shraddha who she needs for her plans no one suspects because she plays an idiot. Even now Thapki thinks it’s all Kabir

  10. Missunderstanding again

  11. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    CVS may think the story of this great TPK once so keep watch fans … know CVS that makes fans survives only because manish goplsni and jigyasa …. so manish pull out of this series, will there still want to watch the fans of this great series? ??? very stupid …… come on CVS, please correction guide serial.what for CVS loss of money makes a great series that is not watched? really sorry for the players who had a good acting, but fans only watch offscreen, do not watch onscreen …..

  12. Am happy to see that Bihaan and thapki still love each other even if they married to other people, plzzzzzzzzzzzzz writer make thahaan reunion, guys I think the writer want to show us what is the really love like thapki and bihaan he want to show us that they both been in a lot of trouble but they still love each other I kind of liking the story and am sure that sanker and kabir track will end soon and we will get our thahaan back am ? sure be positive guys don’t say thahaan die never our thahaan still love each other it mean there is still hope ?❤️❤️

    1. nice comment.. ☺
      keep waiting for Thahaan reunite…
      I hope SW keep Thahaan’s love pure n secure.., no matter what will happen next..

  13. Awww poor Kabir, I can see him punishing himself but he deserves it, i hope he realises he can’t play with a woman’s respect.

    I hope Thapki moves on from kabir to thabir are given a chance

  14. Thabir forever! They’re the only reason I watch this show!

  15. Pls cvs show Kabir standing up for thapki tomorrwo, please please please unite Thabir

  16. THABIR are the best, thapki should move on and give Kabir a chance….he has morals and he even hurt himself today because he feels guilty

  17. Bihan as usual threw a tantrum like the little child he behaves like, will this man ever learn? Does he ever think rationally or use his brain? I don’t see half of the merits people see in him.

    Thapki is hopeless, she’ll never learn. Kabir needs to up his game, I cann see where he’s coming from, he didn’t stand up for thapki because he knew the only way their relationship would worsen would be if Bihan threw a tantrum and he had to make Bihan believe at any cost that they had had s*x but I dont like the way it was executed. He feels bad but I’d like to see him actively doing something about it and I don’t mean hurting himself- cos that’s not constructive in any way. Ngl though, Kabir has some kinky tendencies, i wonder if they’ll show his scars and make it seem like it was thapki who responsible for it whilst they were getting it on…

  18. Garima

    boring episode

    1. Bad for you ^

    I wish a successful,hopeful,colorful NEW YEAR for my dearest garima,reshal,vino,anu,sruti,navami ,santhosh Bhai and all dear friends.
    A very special wishes for dear Manish…this year brings enchanteur in your life….

  20. Where was Dhruv when this was happening? Boring drama now. The part where shraddha has a go at Thapki for ruining others happiness is not written, but when she was saying this, didn’t she think what she as doing? Why doesn’t vasu throw shraddha out? She knows what shraddha is like. When and where is this track going to end? How can you show a scene like Thapki being attacked and make it out to be something else.

  21. Thanks pooja.

  22. I am only badly sadden ,angry and disappointed the way writers are undermining ,devaluing or diminishing the values ,respect, traditions and meaning of sindoor in Indian culture. Stop this madness of Shraddha fills maang with sindoor to Aditi, even if is fiction story but show some respect of our values and traditions.

    Shraddha is evil,she raped Dhruv,writers still showing her too proud of what she did???!!!!! still thinks she will make sure regally comes his wife.

  23. Only hatred in the Show..No happiness..

    Why Bihaan doesn’t believe his ma itself?..And Thapki why don’t u explain clearly to Bihaan in privacy?..while you are Vani, you stood against Bihaan and where is the courage now?..

  24. How come there is no story on two bhabhi’s….please get rid of striangers in the pandey house hall and let’s have pandey family story like we did before…….please..

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