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Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diwakar provoking Shraddha against Thapki. He tells about Dhruv and Thapki’s love story. He says your sindoor, mangalsutra and bangles, its all Thapki’s jhutan. He calls her unlucky to get someone else’s love. He laughs on her and leaves. She fumes. He says my work is over, Shraddha will trouble Thapki here and I will trouble Aditi. Shraddha recalls Dhruv’s words.

Bau ji tells everyone that we will celebrate Shraddha’s victory. They all get glad. Vasundara asks Shraddha is she fine, why is she not happy. Shraddha says yes. Vasundara asks her to come. Kiran asks Bau ji to get her fav icecream. Bau ji agrees and tells how he used to get icecreams for Vasundara. Thapki notes everyone’s choices and goes to Dhruv. Dhruv is busy on cal. Thapki calls out Dhruv

Sir. Shraddha looks on. He does not turn. Thapki holds his shoulder and he turns. Shraddha gets angry seeing them.

Thapki asks Dhruv about his fav iecream flavor. He says you know it Thapki, pineapple. Thapki thanks him. Shraddha looks on. Thapki asks Shraddha about her choice. Shraddha recalls Diwakar’s words. Vasundara asks Thapki why is she asking Shraddha again and again, and gets angry. Everyone look at Vasundara. Vasundara says I mean, Shraddha is tired, she will have same icecream as Dhruv, how can their likes be different.

Thapki asks Bihaan. Bihaan says I will get myself. Bau ji asks him to say. Bihaan says pink one. Thapki asks strawberry? He says yes, Dadi used to feed me that. She says its flavors girls like. He says anyone can have it. Kiran asks Thapki her fav icecream. Thapki says get chilli one for me. Bihaan says your choice is strange like you, and goes to get icecreams. Dadi asks Thapki to get Durga chalisa paath. Shraddha stops Thapki and asks him to get kada for her throat pain, I will give Durga chalisa to Dadi. Thapki says fine, but remember it. She goes. Shraddha takes the book and keeps in the exhaust fan. She says I wish to kill Thapki.

Shraddha says Thapki makes Dhruv realize her presence every day, you touched my Dhruv, I will not leave you, you can’t even see Dhruv. She says when you put hand in exhaust to get this book, your hand will cut. Sanjay and Ashwin keep the ice box there. Sanjay says I called that man, he will take this ice. Thapki gets kada for Shraddha and asks her to drink that. Shraddha thanks her. Thapki asks her did she give book to Dadi. Shraddha says no, sorry, I did not get it, I have seen everywhere, maybe its in storeroom. Thapki says no, you take rest, I will check.

Thapki goes to storeroom and sees book on the fan. She throws her dupatta to get the book. The exhaust fan starts and her dupatta gets caught in the fan. She gets shocked and pulled upwards by the fan. She struggles to save herself.

Dadi says Bihaan did not come till now. They all count down and cut the cake. Thapki is still struggling and faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Varsha Darshini

    OMG! Nothing should happen to Thapki, dhruv r Bihaan pls save her as usual

  2. U stupid , can’t u see the thread toed to it !! First when u go to such place u should light the room!!! Doesn’t know even a small thing…
    U invite problems itself thapki idiot….
    Hope bihaan or that man who will come to take ice cubes will save her….

    1. I meant she invites problems herself….
      Pl…writer ji expose vasu…how bad she scolded thapki in front of all and everybody will just get shocked all time….

  3. Really it’s annoying but I want Dhruv and thapki to unite love you so much my dear Dhruv

  4. Why can’t Thapki have a normal day???!!!????

    1. Bcoz she is a mahaan atma…
      Suffering always.. ☺☺☺

  5. Dragging………waste whole epi revolving around ice cream!!!!!! But precap is intresting

  6. Cheddar shraddha go to hell

    1. I mean chuddal


    1. Lol ally haha u r so funny 😛

  8. Guys once again i think bihaan will help out thapki

  9. Hat trick of boring episodes of Thapki Pyaar ki. Today’s episode was also boring but better than the previous 2 episodes, only because of the ice-cream scene, and happy to see Bau ji supporting Thapki. Thapki has a weird choice, how can someone like Chilli flavour ice-cream. Lol tht scene was funny when Bihaan says ur choice is weird like u 😛 feeling bad to see the torture Thapki has to tolerate. And this Shraddha has crossed all her limits, Yeh to ghamshamlal(dhruv’s enemy) se bhi age nikal Gaya
    Precap seriously????? Thapki faints :O
    Hope Bihaan saves his Thapki on time

  10. Feel bad for thapki….we all know wat will happen tomorrow…as usual bihaan save thapki….then she will scold him like y do u help me or saved me….instead of thank him she will give lecture…guys I get really tired of thapki Mahan aatma

  11. There is nothing interesting element in todays episode….tomorrow Bihaan will save her and she will tried to scold him without any reason…hey,madam…..dont misunderstand him,he is always like a saviour for you….anyway, i think next year willbe a turning point in their life…..ITS A TIME FOR NEW DESIRES…NEW HAPPINESS…AND NEW BEGINNING…..HAPPY NEWYEAR ,MANISH AND ALL MY TPK FRIENDS……..lets enjoy the NEW YEAR…

  12. Disgusting vasu n shradha I am feeling like to kill u both witch ladies u two don’t have a place in hell too,ye thapki b na !musibat is k pas nahi ati hai ,ye khud musibat ko dawat deti hai ,bihan save thapki plz !! Koi itna innocent kaise ho sakta hai??????????????????????????????????????

    1. U r duniya ji kisi corner Mae be aisi ladki nahin rahoongi….pagal,bewakoof…..

  13. Wish u all a HAPPY NEW YEAR guys……

  14. thapki knows evil vasu’s likes & dislikes but doesn’t know dhruv’s likes… strange mrs, thapki…

  15. Thapki knew but may be she didn’t want to show it. Precap is scary.

  16. Stupid 31st day episode…!!!

  17. I like thapki and dhruv

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    1. Happy new year right?

      1. yeah cutie but when i type that it is easy to identify but after posting everything is collapsed but thank u you identified that

      2. U r welcome. Varsha. Srry for delay reply.

  19. Ranaji(narendran)

    Happy new year guys I think dhruv will save her

  20. Not …bihan ………pls dhruv sir save your thapki. And makes jealous on shradha . I think it will running like this.hum………tooo boring.

    1. Haha lilijya if Dhruv saves Thapki Shraddha will kill Dhruv along with Thapki 😛

  21. Hi guys… Only Bihaan will save her….as usual……

    1. U can see tois spoiler….

  22. such mein yaar yeh thapki duniya ki sabse ajeeb ladki hai…..aur shraddha duniya ki sabse buri aurat hai………..please unite thapki and dhruv and let vasu realise her mistake and understand thapki”s true nature…………. and HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR ALL THE THAPKI PYAR KI VIEWERS………

  23. whats the spoiler for tommorow ??

  24. Bihaan save thapki.then they go out for ice cream date but not really date it was caring side of each other

  25. Happy new year thahaanians

  26. Happy new year.
    wow is it true spoiler cnt bear ma cntrl amazing eagerly wtng for thahaan unity

  27. Happy new year to all TPK fans. Have a glorious 2016 🙂

  28. Happy new year friends….. ???

  29. Happy new year thapkians…

  30. Happy new year..
    today thahaan moments sooo excited

  31. Hope new year will unite thahaan..?????????

  32. For now, we have seen Shraddha’s (Monica Khanna) hatred trying to cross new limits towards Thapki on Colors’ Thapki…Pyaar Ki.

    Now the show will present some gripping drama where the former will cross all the limits of animosity due to the jealously brewing in her mind, watching Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) and Dhruv’s (Ankit Bathla) increasing closeness.

    Our source informs, “Shraddha will now plot a vicious plan where she will tie a holy book to a fan, connected to an electrical circuit. Soon, Thapki will notice the book and to reach it. She will use her dupatta which will eventually get caught up in the fan. Bihaan (Manish Goplani) will later reach the spot of the accident and will rush to her rescue. It will be interesting to watch how Bihaan helps her.”

    Keep reading this space for more updates!


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