Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki and Bihaan taking rounds. Vasundara thinks she won’t let Dhruv know that she broke his marriage. Dhruv is still in the corridor. Vasundara thinks this marriage is meaningless for her. Bihaan thinks he is marrying for his mum’s happiness and to save Bau ji’s respect, this marriage does not mean anything till now. Dhruv gets shaken up. The wedding rounds get completed. Bihaan fills sindoor in Thapki’s maang. The mantras play in BG. Dhruv falls down and closes his eyes. Bihaan makes Thapki wear mangalsutra. The pandit says marriage is completed, they are not husband and wife. He asks them to take elder’s blessings.

They ask Dhruv to show his face. Vasundara also refers Bihaan as Dhruv infront of everyone. Bihaan cries. He is about to remove the sehra.

Thapki faints as she was hungry since morning. They all take Thapki to clinic. Bihaan stands there shocked. Dhruv gets up and sees Bihaan wearing his clothes and sehra. He comes downstairs and asks whats all this, where is everyone, why did you wear my sherwani, and this sehra.

He asks him what happened here, where is Thapki. He calls out Thapki. Bihaan says he has married Thapki. Dhruv scolds him and asks him to say the truth. Bihaan says I really married Thapki. Dhruv beats him and says you don’t like Thapki, this is a lie. Bihaan says this is the truth, I married Thapki. Dhruv pushes him down and asks how can this big cheat happen. He slaps him. Dhruv beats Bihaan and asks why did he do this. He says mum and dad did partiality between them, but he did not do any partiality. Bihaan says I did this for your good, you don’t have any match with that stammering girl, I know you are showing pity to her, you are good hearted.

Dhruv says no pity, I love Thapki the most in this world. Bihaan gets shocked. Bihaan recalls Vasundara’s words. Dhruv cries asking Bihaan what should he do now. Bihaan says Dhruv.. Dhruv folds hands asking him to stop it, else he will forget Bihaan is his brother. He says Bihaan ended everything. He goes. Bihaan says Dhruv loves Thapki, and Thapki loves Dhruv, I did a big sin to ruin my brother’s happiness. He sits crying.

Everyone come back home with Thapki. Dadi says she got unwell by her fast. She asks Thapki to take rest. Vasundara looks for Bihaan. Vasundara asks Bihaan to come to Thapki and tell her that he married her. He cries and says Dhruv loves Thapki, its big sin. She says I know this that Dhruv loves Thapki. She says if I told the truth, you would have not understood. She says she has experience of life, she has seen love to get down in few days. Dhruv got mad with the first girl in his life, kids can get mad, not parents. She explains him in her way.

Dhruv cries and says he has broke her trust, a big cheat happened with her, he was not in mandap with her, it was Bihaan. He says her marriage happened with Bihaan. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. it is NOT a fair ……………………………………?ye kya ho gaya ? shaadi toh thapki ki dhruv hogi se he hogi……………………………..\ GOD BLESS U ALL

  2. Brity

    Dhruv you got late….Bihaan there is no way now,so stop it.Vasu you are too much.Thapki will be broken.Bihaan you a brainless boy,you got blind in Vasu’s fake love.

  3. megha vijaya

    most hopless serial pls stop the serial immediately we have not seen this type of family and this type of mother

  4. Madhu

    I had a small hope after reading that precap..everything tell the truth I felt really bad when dhruv cried..I even more of this serial..1 whole month I waited for dhruki marriage..hereafter over..

  5. Madhu

    And in Wikipedia it’s still as vani dhruv pandey..felt so happy seeing that..feeling very very bad..

  6. puppy

    Dhruv don’t tell the truth as nobody knows Bihaan married Thapki!!
    Pl. Bihaan help him….
    At last a very great tataaaaaaaaa baibaiiiiiiiiiiii to this stupid ……….
    Directors don’t think that people see this for relaxation not for getting tensions…
    This is my opinion!!!!

  7. Candy

    this z completly a shit. i hv alrdy stoppd watchng it but jst hoped for sumthng gud to happen but der z no sense in watchng or reading update of dis serial anymore. Ven true love got separatd der z no point in watchng the crap.

  8. Honey

    Still I thought something will happen stopping that marriage. But no. Now it’s over. No use of watching it anymore.

  9. Litu baba

    Now thappki totally broken .how she handled this most critical situation……the real marriage is only from menta & heart marriage……..she already connected with dhruv with love,heart,mind & marriage(because in total marriage she knows that d marriage is with dhruv & all parents are know also that,so this marriage is not true only fake)

  10. rajina

    Guys plz dnt stop watching d show.. I am vry hopeful that dhruv n thapki will be one again… this is just a twist in the story…

  11. Rocky

    The camera was showing bihans face from all sides. Only the members in the family could not see… Wow!! Do u think we are fools?? No use watching this now. Tha tha tha tha thuuu

  12. simple

    Never liked Dhruv-Thapki. He behaved more like a father or a protector not like a person who loved her. Now hoping for the best.

  13. Riya

    Really the Indian serial story writer are full of dramebazz
    How can they do this at first paired a couple start romance in between them & insert a great drama with their families….
    Like TSM (star+)
    In this show start a passionate love between mantu & amaya
    But now amaya going to marry her sister fiance Rama , The viewers are shocked & fully irritating for the current track……..

  14. Saeed

    worst drama and worst episode..o writer sahb and director sahb kutch reality sey qareeb bhi dikhado.. kiya feka fek lagai hei…full of bakwaas…83 episode tak dhruv sey mohabbat dikhai or 84th mei vihaan ghusa diya..aqal kay nakhun lo..aisey dramey dikhao key kutch sikhney ko k aisey dramey dikhao jis mei maa aisee dikha rahey ho… hei koi maa puri dunya mei aisi….

  15. Nikhi

    I like bihaan more than druv….
    Why everyone him and loves druv only the two characters and good on their part

  16. Nikhi

    I like bihaan more than druv….
    Why everyone hate him and loves druv only the two characters and good on their part

  17. srividya

    I think the serial is going good and i am eagerly waiting for dhruv and thapkis marriage and after thapkis marriage i didnt watch the serial again so stupid serial stop it plz

  18. zainaa

    Bihaan is jst so clueless…. I wonder wat will he do now…. He made a mess…. I pity thapki and dhruv…. I hope something happens…. Anyhow it’s jst a serial

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