Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan slapping Thapki. He says I end all my relations with you right away. They all get shocked. Thapki cries. Bihaan asks her to get out of his house and life. Everyone leave with him. Thapki and Dadi cry. Thapki leaves. Kosi smiles. She says you did right to lie, else Naman would have shot Bihaan infront of you. Dadi cries. Thapki recalls Bihaan’s slap and bitter words. She packs her bags and gets the notepad.

Vasundara tells Bau ji that Thapki can give her life, but she can never take anyone’s life. Bau ji says yes, but we have seen her so much against Kosi, we can’t deny all this. She says Kosi is such woman, we can’t believe her. I will talk to Bihaan. Bau ji says no, let Thapki leave, Bihaan decided and now it can’t be changed, maybe this is Lord’s wish.

Thapki walks downstairs and recalls the moments with Bihaan. She thinks of her family. She goes out of the house and says I can’t believe this, Bihaan always hears my heart voice, don’t let me go Bihaan, stop me, make everything like before. She cries and waits for Bihaan to stop her.

Thapki goes on the road, and thinks how she wrote the letter to Bihaan. She says he will know truth one day, their love sign is breathing within her, she is pregnant, he is going to become father, I know you will come to me knowing about our child, I will wait for you at the same place where you promised me of leaving your anger, I know you will come. She says Bihaan, right now my child and I need you the most, I know you will come to take me. Bihaan goes to room and sees the notepad. Thapki waits on the road.

Bihaan comes there on his bike and looks at her. He apologizes to her and says forgive me atleast for this baby’s sake, I promise I will not hurt you again, come home with me. She says but you don’t trust me. He says I promise, you and this baby matter to me, nothing else. He asks her to come. She hears the car horn and turns to see. She was imagining Bihaan. The car hits her and passes. Thapki gets injured and falls on the road side.

Someone throws water on Bihaan. He gets angry. Kosi tells him about the tea shop infront of their channel. Thapki comes in her new look. Bihaan gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Divyasri SivaKumar

    Is Bihaan a slave now to kosi bcs it seems kosi has taken over the channel..Bihaan u deserve it

  2. Has thapki lost the baby or not? Hope she hasn’t, and I don’t think he got the note thapki left. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  3. Oh!what a desperating episode.precap is just a surprising much of excitement to watch Thahaans love track.I am sure everything willbe reached in a happy way….Thahaan forever.

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG poor thapki suffering for something she didn’t do first everyone deceive her shraddha and dadi and then her Husband leave her and now she is gonna lose her baby that’s not fair why is she getting punished for something she didn’t do
    Really pathetic
    Maybe it’s also possible she didn’t lose the baby well I don’t think so
    Well new thapki avatar seems interesting
    She should teach all a lesson
    Well only reason why i watch this show is thahaan
    So not watching this show for a while
    Taking a break from Tpk for sure

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I wonder who got the letter i think it will be either kosi or sankara

      1. SANTHOSH

        today thaki delivery day hain na……???
        22 September se 1 October tak 9 days hogaya hain na iss liye (cvs calculation 1day equal to 1month)

        maine samjatha aaj delivery hoga aur bachcha delivery hothe hi seeda indian football⚽⚽ leguage match dekhne jayega wo bhi akele mai,???

        kyoun ki hai bachcha thahaan??? ke bullet baby hain na iss liye….????


      hai jo…
      indian serial mai tho pregnancy ke saath -saath miscarriage bhi free mai milega…. ?????
      maine samjatha kosi track end ho jayega lekin nahi hua….????

      tho kya hua vaise bhi kall ke episode mera last hain kyoun ki 6:30 pm ko serial dekhne ke liye mere pass time nahi.. ???

      chalo achcha hi hua kosi track dekhke mera mood aur jyaada kaarab karne se CVS ne muje bachaliya…..???

      its the rite time TAKE A BREAK ONCE AGAIN….???

      jaane se pehele CVS KI JAI HO…jai ho …jai ho…?????

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Chalo iss Ke saath mujhe Sirf Tpk nahi but Indian serials se break bhi bohot jal ?
        6.30pm mera busiest time slot hain ?
        Who cares ?

  5. Too good sad epi..

    Lovely precap?????????????

    Ab humein thahaan tashan dhkne ko. Milega…….


  6. Omg.. Old bihaan is back ???

  7. Today episode is very emotional and made the viewers cry. Thapki u really acted well. Keep rocking.

  8. Waiting for tomorrow episode.

    “Happy✨ ??
    Friday Night?”
    ???? ??
    \/()/\()\/~~~~ \\{}
    /\ /\. /\

  9. OMG!! what just happening… Channel?? Bihaan become the old Bihaan again.., too many question in my mind now & the answr is tomorrw ep. can’t wait for that.

  10. I hope everything get better but knowing that sly cunning wich kosi wil do something to separate thahaan. And on top it that Shankar she is so irratating.

  11. PLz fatarajo dhko thahaan tashan dhkne ko milega

  12. Spolier tha. Ki bussiness woman bnegi par madam to chai wali bnegi…. .
    Cvs ke pas lg rhe budget nhi?????
    Kyu santy bhai…
    Thapki chai wali
    Chai pyar ki…
    Cha cha chai???

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      ??? Areh Tpk Toh Low Budget show hain na that’s why and also if they make thapki woh rich wala then so much Budget plus also thapki family and also thapki family Ke saath diwakar free that’s why direct chai Wali banayi
      Modern Chai wali Wah Wah cvs hats off ?
      Hats off for making bad worse worst


      ???sooofffff….. haa maine peeliya achcha nahi…????

      iss liye maine faisa karliya ki jab tak thapki apni chai wali dukhan ko COFEE DAY shop nahi banayegi tab tak liye break…..???

  13. Belated BIRTHDAY WISHES Santhosh Bhai…


      thnk u &wlcm pooja…

  14. Thapki comes in her new look,but why she is style still the same like before?why thapki no wear mini skirt or something new,colors tv said thapki became a bisnis women,why they are meet at pandey house?not at the office or something new

  15. Koi bataona.. Kya tapki chair vaali banner vaali hai ?????

  16. Tapki Chai vaali banne vaali hai kya ?

  17. silent reader

    i was literally crying during this episode… sad ……feeling for thapki

  18. I’m thinking if Thapki loses the baby maybe she won’t be so nice anymore, hope she becomes a little bit hard

  19. Happy birthday Santosh…

  20. As long as the actress playing Thapki, a.k.a. Jigyasa doesn’t change as Manesh playing Bihaan hasn’t changed I’ll be good~! Already that those two have been through enough shit on both ends… They deserve a break~!

  21. Another thing Thapki should not have left the letter in plain view, in the PN zoo when do people ever shut the door and when do people ever knock before entering. so many people live in that house but miraculously when Kosi was getting frightened by Shraddha all that screaming and no one came even thought it was bedtime. There should be some common sense in the writers

  22. i was thinking that thapki will come wd a niece tshirt pent etc with high pony tail…look different …..but again cvs make senseless scnes…..if they hv no budget they should stop this nonsense……again repeat telecasttt…..i think this show will off air sooonnnn…

  23. If Bihaan is drinking then Kosi can’t use his kidney for John. I don’t know where the writers are going with that story.

    1. John already has anew kidney, Thapki arranged it cause she told kosi that the family knows top doctors so when he gets to London he will have a transplant. Kosi now hates Thapki because in front of John Thapki exposed her and in his anger he left and broke ties with Kosi.

  24. Alister La Frenais

    Very intriguing how the story has unfolded. However, I do not think that this serial will improve its viewer ratings in its present format. The script writers will have to insert a twist in the tale, to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. The old cat and mouse game between Kosi and Thapki has run its course and has become stale. Shraddha, should be given a free hand to expose the true face of Kosi and her husband, whilst playing the innocent bystander.
    Thapki, should revaluate her relationship with Bihaan, because firstly he struck her in front of the whole family, he then accused her of being a hate monger and finally threw her out of the house, which brought about her accident that could have cost her life.

  25. Divyasri SivaKumar

    Guys where can i see thapkis new look ??!

  26. Die for manyasa

    Guys this episode make me cry when i saw thapki’s condition suddenly tears starts flowing from my eyes this was the emotional episode but ab thahaanians fir se thahaan ka love track aane wala hai so all my friends dont leave tpk cheer up for thahaan/manyasa

  27. RANdomfANCreationz

    I really didn’t want to watch this epi until my Cousin was watching it and she didn’t want to change channel as she is a loyal viewer of Tpk. Really heart touching episode. I felt so bad for thapki. I almost cried while watching this epi well i m not at all emotional but this epi i didn’t cry but i felt so bad really amazing acting thapki Aka jigyasa did ?

  28. Is TPK gonna end ?? Colors gonna start a new serial at the same time of TPK ???So plz anybody tell….

  29. pooja prabha

    No…yaar its a slot change.TPK going to telecast @6.30 from Monday onwards.OK…

    1. Thanks pooja 🙂

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