Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi thinking she has to tell the truth to Vasu and calls her saying she wants to say her something. Kosi comes running there and asks why you are becoming enemy of yourself, and asks her to take tablets. Vasu says she will bring and goes. Kosi tells Chacha that Dadi was about to tell truth to Vasu. Chacha ji tells Dadi that he has brought gift for her and shows the head of a doll. Dadi gets shocked. Chacha threatens to kill her family. Kosi tells that it might be Bihaan’s head and tells her that she is not alone now, and her husband and love is with her. Dadi gets tensed and worried. Thapki hugs her pregnancy report and tells that she will do puja for him/her. Dhruv comes and asks her to keep the reports safely else others might see it. Thapki says she will keep it safely.

Dhruv asks her to do puja for her child and goes. Thapki looks on.

Dhruv comes to Kosi and says Vani sent you something and says she strictly asked you not to tell anything to anyone. Kosi opens envelope and sees letter and money. She gets greedy reading the letter, in which Thapki asked her not to tell anyone about the money and that she will double the amount after her marriage and will give her money every month. Chacha comes and asks her what she is hiding? She says nothing. Dhruv hears her. Dhruv and Aditi see Shraddha trying to strangulate herself. They get shocked. Dhruv runs to save her. Shraddha laughs and says she is not weak to commit suicide, and tells that she took his test. She says you still loves and care for me. She hugs him, and says although we are divorced now, but we can make a new start and no third person can come in between us. Aditi goes hearing this. Dhruv asks Shraddha not to repeat this bad joke, and says he don’t like it. Shraddha says I like you. Dhruv follows Aditi. Aditi says Shraddha told whatever was left, and goes.

Preeto tells that she has kept vrat. Bihaan comes and asks if you have kept fast for him. Vasu blesses him. Dhruv comes and asks what about me. Vasu blesses him. Bihaan tells that he is lucky as two mums have kept fast for him. He asks Kosi if she has kept fast for him. Kosi says yes, and thinks she didn’t know about John’s whereabouts because of Thapki. Chacha tells Kosi that he will bring food for her. Kosi asks Thapki to taste something. Thapki tells that she don’t want to eat and will eat later. She excuses herself and goes. Bihaan comes to her room. Thapki is shocked and says elders should knock on the door. Bihaan asks her to dress up accordingly to their customs and asks her to wear saree and sport sindoor.

Thapki tells him that she don’t know how to wear saree. Bihaan says I will make you learn it. He drapes saree on her waist, and holds her closer. Thapki removes the saree and says she will wear it by herself. Bihaan says that’s why I asked you to back off from marriage. Thapki says I have never learnt to back off and thanks him for the help. Bihaan says okay, one thing is left….I will help you. He picks sindoor bottle and opens it. Thapki stops him and says he can apply only after marriage. However sindoor falls on her which makes her surprised and shocked.

Thapki cries and tells her baby that she has kept the fast and hopes his papa would have been with them. The report flies off from her hand and reaches Bihaan. Thapki is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow amazing episode.and very nice precap.I am waiting for bihaan emotion when he know about his child. pls show him about kosi truth and his unborn child.

  2. Yes….yes….bihan will know thapki pregnant report and misunderstanding over soon…


      over expectation…???

      1. Hahaha…I am tired wait the truth come to before thapki and bihan santhosh bhay…so long story, dragging and make me boring. Just because bihan and thapki I see this serial…

      2. hahaha… right bhay….hahaha
        I am soo tired waiting the scenes bihan and thapki end their misunderstanding…
        Happy Deewali Bhay…

  3. Ohhhhh…..nice bihan make thapki wear saree…romantic scenes….

  4. 3th merriage bihan and thapki…7 live off birht x 3….wowwwww congratulations bihan and thapki..


      3rd marriage comong soon..???
      but, still no children in thahaan life…. ?????????????

      in tpk serial …???
      M for Main lead pair ki M for Marriage game is going.. ???

      1. Gajjjabbbbb….

  5. Garima

    oh wow today episode and precap roack and thanks santHosh for don’t take it seriously and I know it is very big mistake because they are so bad different from dear and dead and it is not done in future this is because my phone is new and android now ? smart phone.
    And once again happy diwali santHosh.
    happy diwali pooja Manish ki divani and die for manayasa Anu fatarajo and all my dear friends.
    Hello pooja santHosh how you celebrate your happy vali diwali .


      hi garima finally u registered…. ??

      chodo tumhari mistake ki baatein?

      aaj ke 2 main point …
      1 naya phone
      2 registration
      iss kushi kiparty kab hain….❗❓

      DEEPAAWALI ki baat kare tho bahuth badiya celebration ho raha hai lekin with out dhamake ke saath…???

      ha ha ha ha ha…??
      capital “H” liknevki kohi zarurath nahi… ??? sirf santhosh bolo…


      khoun sa phone hai…❗❓

  6. Its an really a lovely episode…specially the sindoor falling scene.Thahaan is heavenly made couple…
    Thapki I like your idea for exposing kosijis relation with chachaji.kosiji will do anything for money,she is such a greedy person.anyway good luck for your mission.
    Precap is nice,I think very soon Bihaan will get the report…Guys…where are you???


      precap ke baare mai jyaada expectations math karo…. ???

      but, episode is good…??

      but, day by day. ..
      D for DJ scene D for digest nahi ho raha hai muje…???

      u know… ❗❓

      u r the MOST SENIOR member in TPK comment page…..
      try to register… ?
      (jaldi register karo…?)

      pooja aur prabha 2 naam kyoun..❗❓

  7. Who is preeti here? There’s a word preeto. Is there any new character?


      I don’t know what is u r question..❗❗


      Preeti is Ashwin wife…
      he his also bauji’s adopted son. but, not orphanage(cousins son)

      Ashwin & Sanjay biological brothers

  8. What’s going on in it can anyone tell me as I didn’t watch the show after leap


      thaki ki revenge….??

      B for bachche ki moth ke badla B for Bihaan se…??

  9. Garima…iam fine how are you dear ?Diwali celebrations were gajab.what about your celebrations???I wish your network problems will over so you have to comment properly…

  10. i thought she lost the baby? someone help? why does she have pregnancy report?

  11. Good morning friends….your right santhosh Bhai,TPK writers always tried to do something for confusing the viewers.
    Not only me but also Anu,Jo and you are also the senior memebers of this page….Pooja prabha is my full name Bhai.I will try for registering.
    Have a wonderful day friendsss


      but, u r the most senior pooja … ?

  12. Thahaan…please get united again…

  13. Lovely episode..Precap is interesting..Thahaan always rocks…

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