Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Singh saying about Shraddha and Dhruv’s relation. Vasundara says she will introduce family. Shraddha says wait, I will say. She greets elders and impresses them as she knows everyone. Shraddha jokes on Suman, calling her old fashioned … Preeti laughs. Shraddha says I mean like grand Rajgharana people fashion. Suman gets glad. Shraddha says you are Thapki right. Thapki says yes.

Shraddha says Sumitra told me a lot about you. Thapki stammers and says nice meeting you. Vasundara says Shraddha and Thapki are so different, I wanted bahu like Shraddha, she is ahead of everyone by everything. Bihaan says I m Bihaan Pandey, Dhruv’s brother. He says your style shows you are very educated, and tells what all he has noticed about her.

Shraddha says great, Vasundara

told me about all members on phone so I identified them, I have to learn this art from you, Vihaan. He says B for Bihaan… She compliments Thapki and Bihaan as made for each other couple. Dhruv comes there. Shraddha says and you are…. Vasundara says he is my son Dhruv. She introduces Shraddha to Dhruv and says Singh got her proposal for you. Dhruv gets shocked. Vasundara asks them to talk. Dhruv says that’s not needed. He says I accept this proposal. The family gets shocked. Dhruv looks at Thapki. Shraddha smiles. Bihaan asks whats the hurry, they can know each other and then decide. Dhruv says I just said it, I agree to this proposal. Vasundara gets glad.

Dadi says they all like Shraddha. Singh asks them to do Roka. Dadi agrees. Thapki and Dhruv see each other. Krishnakant calls Aditi’s friends to know about her. Aditi comes home crying and hugs Poonam and Krishnakant. They ask whats the matter. Aditi says he was right. He says he wants her to be happy, don’t cry. Poonam sees her sleeve torn and asks what happened. Aditi lies about nail tearing the sleeve and goes to change.

Dhruv and Shraddha’s roka is done. Dhruv looks at Thapki. Vasundara gets happy and does the rituals. She gives shagun to Shraddha, while Singh gives shagun to Dhruv. They all congratulate each other. Vasundara says we will call pandit and get marriage mahurat. Dhruv says I will leave for office, I have work. He goes. Vasundara says she will do shopping with Shraddha. Singh says inform us after getting mahurat, we will leave. Shraddha takes elder’s blessings and leaves with her dad.

Vasundara says Shraddha is so nice and everyone agree. Thapki gets Shraddha’s phone. She goes out and gives mobile to Shraddha. Shraddha thanks her and says I want to share something, all this is happening so soon, we just came to talk, roka has happened, I m feeling nervous, you could understand what I want to say. Thapki says don’t worry, everyone is very nice here. Shraddha says her name Thapki is very sweet and has much meaning in it. Singh talks to Bau ji till now. He asks Shraddha to come. Shraddha says I m feeling better talking to Thapki, and leaves.

Vasundara asks Dhruv is he in any pressure to say yes to relation. Bau ji asks him not to spoil anyone’s life. Dhruv says I don’t like to spoil anyone’s life, its different thing that others ruined my life, I trust mum more than me, whatever she thought for me will be good. Dhruv says my marriage with Shraddha will happen if its in fate, as I could not marry Thapki even after reaching mandap. He leaves.

Thapki says Vasundara she will do everything. Dhruv taunts Thapki and asks her to make arrangements for his engagement along with Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ranu

    Scolding and taunting thapki is extremely bad and believing vasu is nonsense and idiotic dhruv because she does not understands others pains and do all the things by her wish and emotionally blackmailed bihaan to marry thapki! Instead of blaming vasu who is the root cause for all the misunderstandings you are taunting the ones you loved so much! This shows that you never loved them by heart that is only you are not understanding them!! And when will these directors reveal vasundaras true colour????????????????????????????……….
    No positive situations and only adharam is winning!??????

  2. Anu

    Nonsense episode..
    only bihans stunting dialogue is todays catchy one.
    druv make jealous to thapki
    but look thapki she is not jealous
    ha ha ha poor druv?….
    thapki starting love to bihaan..

  3. indira bhajan

    Goush well look like this show is a no no for me dont like how this story is heading really dissiponted

  4. Deepu

    Bihaan is the heart of show . his dialogues are awesome today rocks..
    druv chammy poyi thapkik oru jealosyum illa ha ha
    thapki bihaanea ishtapedan thudangi..
    luv u thahaan …
    ya Shraddha says 100% right thahaan is made for each other..

  5. Fairy

    Today dhruv shows that as he never loves thapki anymore! And i think if dhruv get married to shradha the truth will come out by shradha because in this epi she looks sooo smart!:->

  6. I m watching this serial only for bihaan…. Today epi nt bad… Thahaan rocks always…shradha looks nice and smart….pls writer reveal d truth very spoon bcz I can’t tolerate vasu’s play with others emotions and feelings…

  7. Priya

    oh in these serials writters dont like to unite t first lve i thnk…..can say many examples like swaragini ….always making fun of marriages and luv….nanum tamil tha …namma tamil serials li avuthu kalyanathukku tey giving respect….i want dhruv and thapki…i luv bihaan but nt wit thapki….

    • ash

      Enakku 1 puriyaveilla. Unmayave thapki dhuruva love pannala, illa abarimidhamana mariyadhaya. Adhuthan lovea. I dont know. Because I never saw a good chemistry between them like bhi and tha. Priya, marriage arpudhamana vishayam. Aana kannuku munnadi uyira ninaithavan vazha mudiyamal thavikkum pozhuthu, poiyana kalyanam pannavanodu vazhvadhu dhrogam aagadha. Kadhal enbadnu ullathin ullamaga arivadhu. Adhai kalyanam endra peyaril ematra mudiyadhu. Vazhalam aanal kaadhalodu vazhvadhu kadinam. Naan swaraginiyai than solren. Swaragini kadhalai adipadayaga kondadhu. But thapki kalayanathai adipadaiyaga kondadhunu ninaikiren. Whzt do you say

      • hip hop tamilan

        r u tamil nd u r true bcz if they loved truly means they cannot live with other person,even marriage cannot stop them

  8. Roji

    Dhruv loved thapki truly and he is angry with thapki as she cancelled bihaan’s case. In fact thapki never loved dhruv. Dhruv always wanted thapki to express her feelings towards him bt she never did. Bihaan as always tries to be oversmart. I hate bihan. Love dhruv

  9. Roji

    All the viewers are fool. Now they all r saying dhruv is bad as he taunted thapki. And what abt bihan who spoiled dhruv and thaoko’s life

  10. Roji

    Dhruv still has pain of separation in his eyes. Really feel bad for him. And idiot thapki she doesn’t care about dhruv anymore. She never had feelings for dhruv. Looks like she is happy fir dhruv’s wedding. Thapki u don’t deserve dhruv. Stay with that paanchvi fail bihan.

  11. Goms

    idiot dhruv..! Why he is doing this..? Did he became stupid..?!!
    Writters i dont want dhruv to feel bad again..pls unite thapki and dhruv.. Reveal the truth of vasundara

  12. I could feel something is wrong in Thapi Pyar Ki,Bihan you are awesome.i think there is a mystery behind the chracter shraddha.let see ………………….pls unite thahannn….and avoid the dragging situations.

  13. thahaan

    The only interesting scene was when bihaan make his bihaangiri dialogue awesome bihaan n shardha is a villain love it when she said thahaan are made for each other even dad I said so too

  14. ishu

    ty epi is so awsm….i really like that way of bihaan impress to shardha…c say true bzc thahaan is made for each other that bgm…wow…i really want to c thahaan romantic sceens…i think the enagement cermony is the best way of thahaan romantic sceens and also the truth will be revealved….then thapki make decision who will choose bhruv r bihaan…….

  15. Deepu

    Guys plz tell in any previous episodes thapki confess her love to druv?? If Any one time she said I luv druv
    iam new in TPK plz tell
    I love thahaan jodi
    I just asked..
    thapki really fall to bihaan or not?
    I think thapki would only for attraction on druvs image!!!

  16. Roji

    Jigyasa Ankit share amazing chemistry offscreen. They r so cute and adorable couple. Hope they remain together forever.

  17. diya

    infact dhruv and thapki should do khulasa of vasundhara’s thy did in ghanshyamlal case…and clear all thy r smartest of all in this show…and thy r madly in lov for each other so thy should get inner instincts and god should help thm by giving clues for doing khulasa…i wish this topic should not b over dragged..instead find new topic

  18. moni

    Shraddha is behaving so nice n perfect which is giving n indication dat sumthin is fishy…she is much mire than what she is showing….must be a new vamp…n dhruv plzz dnt taunt thahaan coz they did nothing it is your mom…n i tnow dat u dnt know d truth so its ok.but plz dnt be so harsh on them…coz thapki still respects u n bihaan loves u…move on dhruv…n thahaan u rock as always…best jodi..plz dnt separate n start loving each other…tpk…awsome show…only for bihaan n thapki.:-) 🙂

  19. Bihaan married thapki only bcz of vasu….then remember that he felt bad to stop his brother marriage….tried in someway to stop atlast vasu devil emotionally blackmailed him to marry thapki…when he knows abt dhruv love thapki he thought hid pavam to dhruv and thapki.diwakar insults thapki family in that wat dhruv has nothing do for thapki….after car accident he want to unite dhruv and thapki that idea was flopped.then he gone to jail bcz of his guilty.guys u just remember that shakshi scene in bachelor party,hotel raid,gas stove on scene,bomb blasting ,police arrest in all bihaan only saved her except car accident…I m asking y thapki accept all d things for pandey she correct? Bihaan unknowingly ruined dhruv and thapki life nt intentionally….he always wants his family happiness and he can do anything for that…so don’t blame bihaan its my opinion guys don’t mistake me….

  20. Pamela

    Funny how “marriage” is viewed as a joke. Your soon to be wife marries your brother via your crazy mother. So bring on another girl….so ridiculous…and don’t zoom in on the new girl. ..she is not very attractive close up. Cheers!

  21. Chanda

    Why is no one ticked about Vasu’s eagerness to get Dhruv hitched to someone else? Surely all of them should think that this is not right, considering Thapki was the one he should have married in the first place and the fact that Thapki still lives in their house??? Where the storyline is going does not make sense at all

  22. Deepu

    evryones know after thahaan mrge TPK rocks till now for as future thahaan to gether if there always rocks forever

  23. Roji

    Its nothing like that. When dhruv and thapki were in love, serial was at initial stage so it could not get more trps. It is obvious in every show. Gradually they start getting trps. And thahaan fans think its bcz of bihaan thapki union. But anywt I wish TPK team all the best. All of them r working hard day and night. And I live Ankit Jigyasa offscreen also.. They r such a cutiepie..

  24. Kp

    Why u r revolving the story around bihan nd thapki … Dhryv shld come back in thapkis life and plzz expose vqsubdhara fast…really the story is going very odd

  25. Lifñä

    deepu.. Ur crect… Thahan rockz.. Bcz old episode kanda manasilakaum.. Real hero bihaan thanneya……
    Karanam bihaan..the entry muthal… Avar randu pere kanikubol (i mean amalathil vach kanumbm ,tapki s hme l num,) smting smting .. Nalonam kannu thuraju.. Kanda manasilakum…
    real hero bihaaan..
    Ethayalum bihaan ketti katturub akan druv ethna varune… Bihaan and tapki awzm jodi…

  26. sankari

    Bihaan superb performance.bihaan and thapki pair superb
    Dhuruv and Aditi .i am Tamil only for bihaan for this show see….

  27. I m also Tamil guys.I don’t know Hindi.tellyupdates helps me to understand.I see tpk only for bihaan…his different Expressionsand dialog delivery awesome

    • ash

      Nanum bihan thapkikathan parkiren. But I know koncham koncham hindi. Sentence puriyum. So its interesting. You know my amma also dont know hindi even a single word. But she see swaragini very interestingly because of telly updates. Thankyou. Appuram marupadiyum pesalam.

  28. Ben

    Hello friends, i m a newcomer on this show and i m enjoying it,i m watching some starting episodes on youtube but there is a sound problem,in some part of the vedio the sound goes off.please guys help me out to watch these episods……….. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…REPLY

  29. Ruhi

    I have stopped watching this show after bihan n thapki marriage.. I really don’t understand y thapki giving up. N moreover in my point of view I could see that thapki dint love dhruv, she just had respect for him. But where as dhruv loved her truly. We can’t point anything bad abt dhruv, as read in the precap tat dhruv taunts thapki,I don’t find anything wrong in it. N why the ek thapki angry kitty dhruv! He dint do anything wrong, I agree that he promised her before marriage tat he will not break her trust. But how can thapki day tat he broke her trust and all. It was due to bihan , who hit dhruv and stopped marriage due to vasu’s emotional blackmail. N b for bihan really don’t have brain. Guys just imagine itself in his case, always taunting step mother suddenly changed her color and starts loving us, do v will believe her. Non of the serial on Indian television show the real nature of the human being. They actually build up them to an extra ordinary person. Here we can’t blame any of thr characters, this is due to the writer who is writing a poor story Iine in order to keep moving the serial just for TV sake.. I really feel bad for dhruv , he is suffering for others mistakes. N thapki , she can’t even see the pain of dhruv.. N moreover when he got to know the truth, she was saying tat “yeh shaadi mere liye koi maayne nahi rakhthi” if she is not bound by the marriage then y can’t she divorce him n may dhruv.. I know tat after dhruvki marries there won’t be any tadka in the serial but in the beginning y did they paired them n now hurting dhruv..

    This is my point of view. No offense. I dint read wat I wrote. I just wrote whatever came in my mind guys, Im hating this serial now.. In the beginning there was a nice concept of a girl thapki struggling among the world due to her stammering but the writers have forgot the concept of the story n focusing on something else.

  30. Ben

    Thanks a lot diya..but i have to watch it on my android mobile,on it is taking too much time for loading..

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