Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha doing arrangements wood sticks. She ignites fire there to make honey bees attack Thapki. She says she knows Rithvik’s status. She goes. Vasundara takes the mehendi. Thapki comes there and says she wants to talk to Vasundara. She says you will know Shraddha’s truth soon. Shraddha gives money to Rithvik. He says his love can’t be sold. She says this is not a price, its my love, I did not cheat you as you got poor, I love you even more now. She starts acting. She cries and says her dad will not understand, he is making her marry Dhruv, she can’t hurt her dad to lose him, her dad will die but not break this relation.

She asks does he love her. He nods. She asks him to come on her place and see, her dad is not wrong, her dad wants her to be happy. What

shall I tell my dad, you are poor, my dad wants my desires to be fulfilled, if you think I will be happy with you, I will come along you, let anything happen to my dad, I will do as you say. He says no Shraddha, our love is not bigger than our parents, love is name of giving, I will be happy if you stay happy. she says you are really nice, please keep this, I will feel I helped your family. He says no, I m poor by money, not by self esteem, I will get money but not you, take care, I will not show my face again. He leaves. She gets glad.

Bihaan sees him leaving. Rithvik says I m leaving, Shraddha is not wrong, her dad is ill and wants her to marry Dhruv. Bihaan says she lied, her dad is fine. Rithvik says no, if I had money, Shraddha and her dad would have not been against me. Bihaan gives him blank cheque and says you just tell her truth, you call her and say you have everything, her dad and she will be happy, if she truly loves her, she will come, else you will know her truth.

Rithvik calls Shraddha. She asks why did he call. He says our fate does not want us to be away, I m going to become president of big company, your dad will be happy, refuse for marriage, come to me. She says she can’t hear him. He says I know you love me. She acts and ends call. Rithvik tells Bihaan that she ended call. Bihaan asks did he see her real face now.

Suman and Preeti argue while having mehendi applied. They think where is that Shraddha. Thapki waits for Bihaan. Vasundara gets mehendi and says she will get mehendi applied on both hands, as its her son’s marriage. Dadi asks Thapki to sit and get mehend applied. Vasundara gets irked. Kiran takes both mehendi bowls to add water. Kiran brings bowls back. Vasundara asks which mehendi is mine. Kiran says both are same, have anyone. Vasundara gets mehendi applied.

Shraddha comes there with Dhruv. Vasundara asks them to sit. Thapki looks on. Shraddha holds Dhruv’s hand and thinks Thapki thought I have run away, Thapki will run now, as you will be applying honey mixed mehendi. Dhruv wishes Thapki stops him. Dhruv gets call and goes. The honey bees get disturbed by the fire. Kiran says she will apply mehendi to Shraddha. Bihaan comes with Rithvik and stops Kiran. Shraddha gets tensed seeing Rithvik. Bihaan says we have to tell you all something. Thapki is relieved seeing Bihaan.

Shraddha thinks she will not leave Thapki. Thapki falls in quicksand and shouts for help. She sinks inside.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Only dragging and dragging. Now m not gonna watch it anymore unless tharuv unites. Bihaan earlier said that he wants to unite dhruv thapki but now he is not doing anything to unite dhruv thapki. Instead he is always coming close to thapki. Everyone cares for bihaan but no one cares for dhruv. No one can see his pain. He is the one who is really suffering. Even thapki can’t see his pain. Shame on you thapki.

    1. No that’s not the case tahaan look too good together ……and bihaan is not comming close to thapki but his fate is bringing him and dhruv is a fool to accept the marriage if he loves thapki

      1. Just becz they look together u guys all support thahaan
        Dhruv is suffering due to this

      2. Ya exactly. Just because thahan look good together doesn’t mean they should fall in love. There was true love between tharuv whereas there has been only fight and no love between thahan. So tharuv should unite and they make the best couple. I support only tharuv whatever the situation is.

    2. Ya exactly. Just bcz thahan look good together doesn’t mean that they should fall in love.. there was true love between tharuv whereas there has been only fight and no love between thahan. I wish tharuv unite again. I support only tharuv..

    3. Are you ok?who the hell are you to say” shame on you thapki”
      If you don’t like this show stop watching it simple.

      1. Its my view. I can say whatever I want. I used to love thapki but the way she is neglecting dhruv’s feelings, I have started hating her like anything. And ya I have left watching this show. I am only reading telly updates only for dhruv.

  2. I also feels noone care for dhruv…
    Everyone say bihan is gud
    Then wt wrong dhruv did that he lost his lv…

  3. Episode was quite nice…. How can shraddha be so cruel hearthed… Thapki n bihan expose her truth as soon as possible…. N u both r rocking… u both make a nice couple… And I know soon u both will fall in love with each other.

  4. Crap… Totally stupid… I started to hate Thapki… She is a dumbo… She can’t even beat such foolish plan of Shraddha… And one more thing, don’t she want Dhruv after divorce? Where is her love now? Oh God… How can it be a story of inspiring people… Jigyashya herself said that she doesn’t want sympathy, she wanna inspire people who are hated by society… Now where is it??

  5. @ roji U r also ryt… Dhruv’s feeling is very offended… Thapki should realise his feeling… He is suffering a lot.

  6. I think this is the worst serial of colors channel…hate this hero&heroine..

  7. I think this is the bad serial of colors channel…hate this hero&heroine..

  8. Yes i think only dhruv loved tapki
    If tapki lv him truly she can’t fall for bihan .

  9. Bihan really cares his bro so thats y he is stopping shradhas marriage. though its dragging but i like thahaans growing closeness.. dis shradha is so cheap hate her 4m starting. Thahaan so adorable couple.

    1. @ rs bihaan doesn’t care for no one except his foster mom’ love. He can go to any length for that. bihaan can stop that marriage if truth be told to druvh abt their marriage. One good feature I luv abt druvh, he stands for truth… bihaan is selfish who can make pple’s miserable at the detriment of others happiness.

      1. U r right flawless. Dhruv always stands by truth. He is not like bihan. But nowadays people only like those people who look good , who is stylish. They don’t like nice people like dhruv.

  10. I don’t think its inspirational stry
    First i thought its stry of struggling for respect of stamering grl
    But now its gone out of track .

  11. Thahaan r the best n please add more scenes of both of them to make this drama more interesting n y don’t u guys update any fan fiction on thapaan…please admin update it too u guys r rocking u b for best bihaan

  12. I hope coming episodes willbe much better……….dragging is soooooooooooo irritating.

  13. I hate thapki more than bihaan now. She is being more stupid. only thing she can do is cry. She can’t fight for herself and her love. Bcz of her dhruv is also suffering. Poor dhruv still thinks that thapki loves her. How can thapki fall in love with any guy she is engaged with. First she loved diwakar then dhruv, and now that she got married with bihan, how can she forget dhruv and love bihaan. Never seen a girl like thapki who can’t fight for her love….

    1. And i hate dhruv :p

      1. For what you hate dhruv. Plz tell a single mistake dhruv has done till now. U love bihan who broke his brother’s married and married his would be sister in law. And u love thapki who doesn’t understand what true love is..

    2. And i hat

    3. Dear it’s my personal opinion

  14. It’s only a serial… Don’t feel this much depression and arrogance. They want to increase TRP if Thahaan will work then they support them. Daily soaps are only a part of business yaar.

  15. If this is business then what about the inspiration the makers wanted to give us. This serial has become more of a saas bahu serial now.. initially the serial was very good and totally different from rest of the daily soaps. But now the serial is loosing its charm. And trp hasn’t increased now also.. this serial is way behind other serials

  16. Guys plz comedown. Ayega jaldhi sahi trackme ayega.kyabolthehe safarka fal mitahena. Gud9t.
    Love Tpk♡♡♡♡.

  17. Nice.y dhruv is always crying.he is a head of news channel.y dont he think abt bihaan.he always crying and try to find truth behind his marriage.

  18. Tmrw thahaan was rocks… Sure because thapki fall in quick sand bihaan will save…
    they are close together and intensive eyelock with heavily rain…
    thapki going to forest brought medicine for bihaan.,
    because bee bite on bihaans hand…
    it was awesome..
    finaly thapki alone going to forest for saving her hubby….
    thahaaan is best cute jodi..
    oh god last one week druv had only one dialougue ***end the mrge thapki*** sooo boring…

  19. @Roji…
    u dnt like thahaan so y u saw daily tpk..
    fact is fact yar bihaan is the hero of thapki in tpk…
    they wnt change..
    every soaps has its own inspiration is there here in tpk also dnt forgot it was serial not real life they r just entertainment us…
    in real life thapki is not a stammering girl..
    so it was commercials every one is want money..
    open ur eyes as a entertainment enjoy tpk..

  20. Why shd a girl fight for her love nd not dhruv….he cud hav tld vasu dat he dont wana marry bt he was waitng for da indicatns dat thapki n bihaan r happy..dat means he doesnt hav da trust on thapki…if he loved her he wud b very sure dat even if she lost trust on him(due to wrng marrge) he wud hav felt dat she stl loves him nd wont leave untill its gained again..he wud hav brought da world down to show dat thapki can trust him instead he was cryng n playng such a passive role…..

  21. Average epi..Spoiler is great 😉

  22. nyc epi………

  23. Nice episode…
    no thahaan scenes today it was damn boringgg….
    thapki expose shraddha very soon

  24. Crying baby druv shit should away from thahaan…nowdays he is boring..

  25. Writer ji Add more thahaan romance plzzzz….
    spoiler is amazingggg
    eagerly wtng today episode

  26. Hey guys why r u fighting with each other….its only a story and we r here to comment opinions……..if it’s tharuv or thahaan….watch the show….dont create any problem with each other…..each one hav their own likes……..and writers are responsible for this story line….if u want to abuse anyone then quarrel with writers

  27. worst serial

  28. Guys this is my view
    Thapki and shrub loved each other but unfortunately because of his mom dhruv lost thapki. Bihaan is also not bad BT he too is not being liked by vasu.tharuv was gud but thahaan is the best……
    Dhruvs only mistake is that he doesnot stop his mom

    1. Hi mira
      Well said I totally agree with you. And 1 more thing the reason why dhruv is going through right now is because of his mum’s bad deeds. What goes around it comes around, what she did was evil and now dhruv will pay for her bad deeds. She used bihaan like a piece of shit and now she is being mean to thapki, insulting her regarding her stammering. And that psyco sharda she is evil and I’m sure that she is a younger version of that evil vasu.

  29. And Yeh
    Thahaan rocks.?

  30. What’s the spoiler guy’s?

  31. i think vasundara will apply honey mixed mehandi/henna/mylanji.
    enyku thonu vasundara enya anu a mylangi itu povua.

  32. Even the fight started here…I was expecting better comments but I think I should quit reading as I have done for swaragini…I don’t mean to offend anyone and yes I took this decision for my guys keep going

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