Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thapki tells Bani even if she forgives her, what about others in the family. Thapki says she can’t forgive Bani because it would otherwise be unjust to Tina, Munna and Samar. Bani was ready to tell the truth to everyone. Thapki forbids her to do so, one of her truth would make many relations as fake. A daughter, a sister and a granddaughter will be proven wrong. She is a mother and can bear anything over him. Aryan heard this. Thapki says when children’s are wrong it’s the parents’ mistake; Bani forbids her say this. Thapki asks Bani not to tell anything to anyone, may be this is the punishment of them both. She forwards her hands, Bani places her joint hands over hers.
Vasundra comes there and asks what’s happening here. Panday ji and Suman also stood there. Vasundra asks Thapki if

she is crying in front of Bani to plan and stay in this house. She says Thapki must leave surely. Thapki looks towards Bani, then silently turns to leave. Suman cries but Vasundra stops her and silently watch Thapki leave. Bani announces at once that Thapki won’t go anywhere. Thapki comes to her at once. Vasundra asks if Thapki’s tears have melted her as well. Bani says she can never forget what she has done, she can’t let Thapki go away from here and let her life easy. She has to witness a lot now. She must remain in front of their eyes to realize every moment about who is right and who is wrong. She pushes her suitcase away. Vasundra agrees to Bani, such a mother must witness her daughters die every day.
In the room, Aryan was packing his bags. Thapki comes there. He says he has done what he came from. Thapki tells Aryan that he has a heart and a very nice man, thanks for whatever he has done. Aryan replies Ghajab!, this is what Bihaan would have said. He tells her to consider Bihaan did this. Thapki takes out a Hand Catapult and gifts it to him, it was the dearest to Bihaan. Aryan assures to keep it with him always. He turns to leave but his bag got stuck with the bed post. Aryan wonders why his heart stops him from going away.
Downstairs in the lawn, Bani stops Aryan and asks if he himself began walking the wrong path now. She throws his bag away saying he can’t leave this place now. Aryan says Bani has no right to stop him, there is no relation between them. Bani insists they are father-daughter; only a father can do what he has done. Today, she herself wants to request him not to leave her. If he leaves toady, everyone would know he is Aryan Khanna. Everyone would hate Thapki even more than. She boasts of being very stubborn. Aryan smiles saying there is no question of going now. He looks upstairs to see Thapki watching them. Aryan wonders why he is happy to stay here and live with Thapki. Thapki says she is very happy today, atleast her Bani got her father.
There, Tina was cleaning. Kosi ruins the floor Tina was cleaning. She questions what she has done. Kosi tells her this is Kosi’s house, she must not argue with her here. Tina says this is her and Munna’s house as well, she isn’t used to work and won’t do the cleaning again. Kosi says after all Tina is Thapki’s daughter, she would argue like her mother. Tina replies she must not call her as Thapki’s daughter anymore and silently cleans the filth Kosi continue spreading over the floor. Aryan comes to meet Tian. Tina goes and hugs him tightly. Kosi was shocked to see him. Tina tells Aryan she was crying because she was missing her home and everyone. Aryan says he came to take her back, Bani sent him. Her family is there, she must return for the sake of them all. Tina thinks that living at this place is even difficult and agrees to come with Aryan. Munna comes there and asks Aryan if he would ask him to come along as well. Aryan insists it’s because of Tina, what if something happens to her? Munna agrees to go with Aryan for sake of Tina only.
Aryan comes to Kosi and asks her to come as well. She was elated, Aryan clears it’s not Panday Nivas but jail where she is going. He shows Kosi her arrest warrant; Kosi was afraid at once. Aryan keeps the warrant in his pocket and warns Kosi to stay away from Thapki’s family.

PRECAP: Samar’s mother makes Bani put Sindoor over Bani’s hairline. Tina watches this with much pain. In the room, Bani hands Samar legal papers to end their wedding.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. mohammed aminat


  2. Apeksha

    Hello friends. How r u all? Sorry for being absent but I was busy somewhere but now I’m completely free and u all will soon get to read my ff too. Today’s episode was ok. Thani scene was good but it seems really irritating to watch manyasa as father and daughter. Manyasa are giving their best but storyline doesn’t seem a worth watch as there are bimar scenes too which are a waste of time. Let’s see what happens…

  3. Completely a nice episode.I hope Bihaans memory loss drama going on here…Thahaan scenes are really gajjab.hopefully believes very soon everything will be alright…Manish simple wala smile has to make today’s episode more vibrant.hi to all

  4. Stupid Thapki and her methods thanks to her there are even more lies and secrets 😀

    This stupid woman never learns.

  5. Hi to all today epi is excellent

  6. Very nice episode… ?
    Awesome Jigyasa.., as Thapki & Bani..? ?
    Love to see Thapki & “Aryan” scene..
    Until now I still hope finally cvs will declare that Aryan is really Bihan.. ?
    What ever will be will be.., I just want to see a happy ending for Thapki & Bihan (Aryan) with their family..

  7. Sabiha

    Hi everyone I am new here hope everyone accept me as a part of manyasa family. I really want Aryan to be bihaan. Fans just miss him. I really feel bad for munna though. So sad.

  8. hate this shw….wht nonsense…i cnt see mnyasa as fthr daughter even how can bani regard aryan as hr fthr even he is age felw of her ….its betr to end this crap instead of runing in the narow ending street….hats of to the cvs jigs will romnce wd two boys at a time ….moralless….ethicless….nonsenee….seneless …shww…..

  9. Is bihaan have memoryloss?? i just want to arhan is bihaan..and iam sure he is…i didnt liked vasu’s behaviour..she did the same with thapki..but she forgave her..anyway hope a happy ending for thahaan

    Hii friends…how are you all???

  10. Sure… I guess Aryaan khanna is Bihan….

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