Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki joining Bihaan and Sheena in the game. Sheena asks her to throw melon seeds. Bihaan says she can’t do, anyways she can try. He makes a circle for her. Thapki does not throw right. Bihaan says i knew it, Sheena and I do this since childhood, anyways its late now, and asks her to come. Thapki says you guys go, I will come. She sits practicing the game. She asks Bihaan to see. She realizes he went and get sad.

Its morning, Bihaan looks for his fav tshirt. He checks Thapki’s cupboard. He finds the short dress and says how did this short dress came in Thapki’s clothes. He recalls finding that red thread yesterday and Thapki’s sudden cold. He says oh it means Thapki has done all this because…… He recalls Thapki turning jealous when he praised Sheena. He

recalls everything.

Thapki and Suman clean plates. Suman says Bihaan and Sheena’s Jodi looks good right, and even your and Bihaan Jodi is good, what can we do now. Vasundara hears them. Suman says your and Bihaan’s story is not progressing. Suman tells Thapki that eating in one plate increases love. She goes. Thapki keeps a plate for Bihaan, Sheena and keeps her plate back recalling Suman’s words. Suman smiles seeing this. Vasundara asks Suman what was she doing, we have to act and make Thapki confess her feelings. Suman says you see the effect now, Thapki and Bihaan will eat from same plate. Vasundara says fine, I will give you banarasi saree. Dhruv passes by and stops hearing them. Suman says Sheena and Bihaan’s drama is going well. Dhruv asks Vasundara what is this drama. Vasundara says its done for Thapki. He gets shocked.

Thapki asks Bihaan to come and have food. He stops her and says something is burning. She asks what. He says I m getting burning smell. She says I m not getting any smell. He says your heart is burning seeing me and Sheena together. She asks what are you saying. He shows the dress. She gets shocked.

He says this dress is saying all this. She takes the dress. He asks what are you doing and why, whats the need. Dhruv asks Vasundara whats the need to do this, its wrong to force Thapki, maybe Thapki does not love Bihaan. Suman says she loves Bihaan, she does not realize this.

Dhruv says it’s a cheat with Thapki. Vasundara says its for Thapki and Bihaan’s good. Shraddha comes and says Dhruv is saying right, Thapki’s marriage was done by cheat, you want love to happen by cheat too, when I saw all family is involved, I got quiet, but I agree with Dhruv, I think this is not right. Vasundara says you both did not see what we have seen. Shraddha asks Vasundara to say truth to Thapki. Dadi comes and says no one will tell anything to Thapki.

Dadi tells them that she has seen world, what they are doing is right. Dhruv says but… Dadi asks him does he trust him or not. Dhruv says I trust you. Dadi says then no one will say anything about this. Dhruv says fine, but I m not part of this. He goes with Shraddha. Dadi asks Vasundara not to worry, what we are doing is right.

Bihaan says you are not doing this right Thapki, you have cut dress and worn short dress, as I have praised Sheena, did you get jealous. He says you went with us on bike to get between us, you could not bear that I was alone with Sheena, tell me. She asks what shall I say. He says that you love me, you can’t see me with Sheena, you are jealous and your heart hurts, atleast answer yourself, if not me. She says what are you saying, why will I get jealous, I know you both are good friends and…. He holds her and says look in my eyes, tell me, does nothing happen to you, don’t you get jealous seeing me with Sheena, tell me. Ranjhana…..plays……….

She says yes Bihaan, something happens to me when I see Sheena with you, but its not like you are thinking. He says lie…. He holds her and says you are lying to me and yourself. She asks why will I lie. He says I don’t understand, why can’t you say you don’t love me, anyways nothing happens to you, I will show you what happens to you, how much jealous you get after seeing me and Sheena, then you can’t deny this. She looks at him.

Sheena comes and asks what is Thapki refusing. He says for taking selfie with me, you won’t refuse right. Sheena asks Thapki to come. He says leave it, she does not want selfie, I don’t force anyone. They take selfies and smile. Thapki gets jealous seeing him holding Sheena. She asks for his phone.

Dadi asks Thapki about a saree. Thapki says its good. Dadi says this bridal saree is for Sheena. Vasundara says we decided to get Bihaan and Sheena engaged. Thapki gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Annu

    Thapki payer ki serial wallpaper was so awesome the lovely movement between thahaan . Thapki was soo……cute face. I love the wallpaper. ?????????????????????????

  2. thapki pyaar ki latest promo was sooooooooo………………. awesome……….i love the bihaan words. he still love her wife soooooooooo……….. much. thahaan feelings was sooooo………… very awesome……….. i love the promo soo…. much. i am waiting for that. plz………. go on………..

  3. Nimisha

    Had t watched for a few days and just caught up.

    Thapki’s face when jealous is very cute, poor thing, she is really fighting her feelings. Must be hard for her being in the house with her first love whom she told she could never love anyone else and now she finds she has fallen for his brother. She is quite principled so it’s understandable that she’s reisisting it.

    Love how how Bihan looks when she can’t say it and love how he says not only is she lying to him but also to herself.

    I really like sheena. She seems to be helping Thapki as per he plan. I hope bihans new tack to make thapki jealous doesn’t make sheena think he actually really likes her.

    Poor dhruv, upset and angry and frustrated again.

    Looking forward to seeing thapki blow her top and say something!

  4. tamil ponnunga-ash

    Yar, yar enenna serial pakureenga? Patial podunga. Endha oor seriala irundhalum paravayille. Naan, Colors -ashoka, thapki. Sony-KRPKAB. Colors..shakthi paakalamnu partha time set aagale.

    1 kavanicheengala, comments la tamil ponuga thaan adhigam. Naama romba pesarom. Mathavanga kadupaidamatanga. Naama senjha ore nalla kariyam ‘ tamil ponunga’nu potukitadhuthan. Thk u for your idea tamil ponne.

    Elarum reply panni vayunga. After 2 hr I will be back.

    • Tamil ponnunga-Kana

      1.thapki payr ki
      3.kasam-daily paka madden

      Madly love in with one and only tpk,bcz of manish

      • Tamil ponnunga-Kana

        Sari naama ipdi tamila comment panratha “avaru” parpara??? Apdiye pathalum “avaruku” puriyathe!!
        Ivlo tamil ponnunga “avar” mela paithiyama irukirathu “avaruku” theriyamale poirum pola iruke 🙁
        Soo sad 🙁

      • tamil ponnunga-ash

        Naama englishla pesina mattum, avarukku theriya pogutha enna. Naamellam ezhaiketha ellurundaiya parthutu pogavendiyadhthan. So sad…illa…….so, so, so sad. Aana idhukelam asandhu poravangala tamil ponunga….sollu, sollu. Aama swaragini..sorry ganga, yamuna pakura idea irukka. Enakku theringi sindhubharavi ku badhila start panuvanga, so no way. Because namba manish time. 7pm. Indhira ungalukkelam pidichirukka. Ennala dialogue poruthukka mudiyala. Edho manishukkaga appapo parpen. Eana, manish varum scenes athupadi.correcta parthuduven.

      • tamil ponnunga-ash

        Jiggu, swaragini hindila parthurikiya. Naan 230 episode, oru episode vidama parthen. Namma thapki villian vasundhara, shradha..evangala sertha kooda ragini I think gangavuku equalaga mudiyadhu. Oru full tension kodukura character. Really irritating character. Apo odi vandhava thaan. Inni varakum swaragini pakkam thirumbi koda parkalai. Adhule 2 s. Hero, 2 s. Heroine.

    • naan malaysia ponnu athanala enga hindi serial pakarathu rombha kuraivu… sun tv la vani rani n raj tv indira parpen….eppathan oru 5 months ah hindi countines thapki ki pyaar parkuran….now intha serial mattumthan my fav serial

      • Adithi

        Na thapki swaragini kasam… Zee la kumkum bhagya.. Kumkum bhagya pakka arambichadula ore nalla visayam enaku porumai adigamaiduchu.. Enna ilu ilukuranga..

  5. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms

    Naan Thapki pyaar ki,
    Kumkum bhagya,
    Ishq ka raang safed parthutu irunthen timing set agathathala pakrathu illa ash..

  6. Rinka

    Good news, great news…. it’s not a BJKT.. They showed the promo today on colors t.v. as well… Thapki’s confession and bihaan just ‘tum hamari patni thi, ho aur hamesha rahogi’..
    I was just awestruck… Bihaan ko toh rahat mila but we thahaan fans ka dil bhar aaya… we were longing for this over a year….. just waiting eagerly now..

  7. Shobi

    Hi Tamil ponnunga sangam. Naan TPK apram indhra mattum dhan paapen.I luv 2 read ur comments.

  8. Fatarajo

    Wow 132 comments :O I think this is the highest for TPK page in TU right now I wonder what will happen once love confession happens loving this show a lot nowadays

  9. Fatarajo

    And yes I saw the promo my friend send me the link today morning it is so tempting can’t wait to reach home soon to watch TPK

  10. Fatarajo

    Hey ash I don’t understand Tamil much but do you mean like what shows u watch actually my best friend is a Tamil so that’s why I have some idea 😛

  11. tamil ponnunga-ash

    My last comment. Bye. Nalaiku varen. Aana neenga ezhudhara varikum unga ellaroda comments padipen. Ellarum last comment submit panum podhu bye solidunga. Thapki parthutu happy a thongunga. Iniya iravu vanakkam.

  12. Nd

    Guys Come on makes Group for Thahhan Fc on whatsapp or Fb…

    anyone want contact me…on whatsapp..

  13. Shobi

    Aama ash rendum contrastadhan irukkum.epdi irundha enna adhu Bihaan varadhanaala thamilayum paakren

  14. Princess

    Its good that pandey family involved themselves in this matter….otherwise thapki would have taken more than a month to realise her love for bihaan….

  15. Tamil ponnunga-Kana

    Adi pavingalaaaa!!! Innangadiii ithu??? Oru manushan oru 2 hrs velila poitu varathukulla ipdi comments ahhhhh alli veesirukenga!!!! Enaku thalaiye suthuthee,enga arampikirathu enga mudikirathune therilayes,summa comments ah therikka vidurukengadiiii,nenga venumna parunga telly update panravan namma thollai thanga mudiyama inime update pannave maddenu sabatham eduthuka poran 🙂

    Juggu ellam nee panna velaima neeyum tamil ponnunganu poddathum than podda membersum koodidanga commentsum koodirichu,ellam pugalum unake 🙂

    Ash eppidimmaaa ippidi thirantha puththagama irukka???

    Anyway puthusa vantha vara pora ella tamil ponnungalyum sangathuku varavetkirom 🙂

    Sorry gals ellarkum thani thaniya comment panrathukulla adutha episode vanthirum athan ella tamil ponnungalukum iniya iravu vanakkam,iniya kanavugalai kanungal athuvum enga manish kooda

    Ethu epdiyo antha kaalathila arignargal sangam vaithu tamil valarthargal naamalum ippa athaye follow panrom,nalla varuvom nanga ellam 🙂
    Tamil vazhga tamil vazhga 🙂

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