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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki crying and saying I can’t do this. She sees her family pic, and cries recalling Dhruv’s words and Krishnakant’s pain. She recalls Diwakar’s humiliating words and says no, I have to reach the truth, I got insulted and my character was stained, I had an answer for my parents who had to bear so much, I need an answer, I will reach the truth. She goes to Vasundara with that bangles and sees her wearing same bangle. Thapki gets shocked seeing Preeti wearing same bangle. Even Suman is wearing same bangle. Vasundara looks at Thapki. Dadi asks Thapki to sit with them. Thapki sees even Dadi is wearing same bangle. Vasundara thinks Thapki would be confused, I have same bangles to everyone, I won’t let truth come out till I m alive.

Bihaan gets Thapki’s pic

and walks downstairs, smiling and staring at the pic. Music plays……. He sees Thapki there and stops. He smiles…. He looks around and puts hand over his heart. He gets shocked realizing his heart beating for Thapki. He goes to Thapki. They all look at him. Thapki asks what happened. He holds her hand and puts her hand over his heart. Suman and Preeti smile. Thapki gets tensed. Suman asks Bihaan why did you hold Thapki’s hand like this, are you telling her your feelings. He says no, and asks Thapki to check his heart beating so fast, did anything happen to me. Dadi asks are you fine. Suman and Preeti ask Dr. Thapki to check Bihaan.

Thapki says maybe Bihaan did lots of exercise, so heart beat is high. Bihaan says exercise, yes, I did much exercise today. He gives her photo which was flying outside and he stopped. Bau ji looks on and smiles. Bihaan goes. Thapki says how to tell you Bihaan whats going on in my mind, I don’t have any clue to reach truth. Shraddha asks Suman for breakfast. Dadi asks Shraddha to clean temple first. Shraddha says its clean. Dadi says we have to clean temple daily and not forget Lord, as Lord gives us courage and sense. Shraddha goes. Thapki sees Vasundara with the bangle.

Bihaan comes to storeroom and gets an old box. He sees some sketches of a woman like kids, a kid with cows, poor people in a small house. He makes a new drawing, and recalls Thapki. Bau ji asks what are you doing, show me. He sees Thapki in drawing. He asks will you not agree, that you are in love. Bihaan says no Bau ji. Bau ji says your drawing is showing your feelings, like person needs water, air and food, you need Thapki too, and now you can’t stay without her. Bihaan gets shocked.

Shraddha cleans temple and gets glad seeing laddoos. Thapki comes there and prays. She tells that she lied to Bihaan and everyone that she is giving a chance to her marriage, she just wants to know truth. Shraddha hears this and gets shocked. Bau ji tells Bihaan that you can’t live without Thapki, what did you think now. Bihaan says I don’t know, I was going to ask you, tell me what to do. Bau ji asks him to just tell Thapki. Bihaan says I can’t even say anything. Bau ji asks him to confess love in such way that Thapki remembers that moment all her life.

Thapki says I feel all the ways are getting shut, please help me Lord, show me way to reach truth. Shraddha hides and goes. Bihaan is in storeroom and wind blows, as Thapki prays. One of his sketch flies to Thapki. Thapki gets that. She sees a guy beating another one with a stick, and a train in background, with a peacock feather. She says its date of marriage day, Bihaan makes such sketches, I won’t know what Bihaan wants to say through it, I should know it from him.

Thapki asks Bihaan to say the name of the thing related to that word, and asks about peacock feather. He says Lord. She says Lord…. And gets thinking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Only dragging and nothing BTW thanks amena for fast update

  2. Thanks for fast updates Amena.
    Really Thahaan love is very pure,funny as well as bihaan is very romantic. Love this episode.Hate vasu more than shradda.
    Thahaan ROCKS !!!!

  3. Too dragging ……..writer jee bring some twists in this serial day by day getting worst……………

  4. Before going to investigate… or after getting any evidence; Thapki will make speech with loudspeaker ?? and others (witches) will understand what is going to happen… they will make their plan according to it… and successfully execute it ??..

  5. Ho no……… Again and again dragging.
    See the new promo thapki abb perfect bahu ………!!!!!!!!
    Thapki first p for perfect aur p for perfect pathni bano…..
    I love the bauji and bihaan scene more than thahaan scene ………he is a good father and also best friend…..
    I want to more scene in between two

  6. Tomorrow episode. …..depending on precap. …
    I guess thapki baghavan (lord) ka name liya …..bihaan tells maa …..!!!!!!?
    Wow what a way thapki……too interesting ….. waiting… waiting….
    I think I am 100% correct

  7. Bihaan scene was so cute???.i think in tmr ep thapki will know the truth.Waiting for 1st April ep.???

  8. Druv loves and deserves thapki not bihaan.

    1. actually, thapki does not deserve bihaan….Bihaan is a gem, which thapki does not yet realise just like you …but what to do ..they are destined

  9. Thapki……iam also agree with your intention to know about the real truth behind her marriage,its ok…but,on that way directly or indirectly dont tried to use BIHAAN as a tool and dont tried to play with his feeling.Bihaan will realized his inner feelings about his ladylove,he is completely lost his mind.MANISH YOU ARE A FABULOUS ACTOR.

  10. S santhosh u r right at d same time bihaan plan to propose thapki in a romantic way but shradha tells d truth reason behind thapki back to home then bihaan gets heartbroken…..very sad

  11. What’s there in 1st April episode guys plz tell?

  12. Enjoyable episode 🙂

  13. Bihaan is so cute ..awesome acting manish….according to the sketch one boy hitting another boy…a train in background and a peacock feather…that means Bihaan hits Dhruv…..according to bihaan pandey peacock feather means Bhagavan and bihaans Bhagavan is his Maa..and the train that is bihaan s sweet chuk chuk gaadi thapki. ..that’s how thapki comes to know the truth. ..very creative writer ji…loved it…nw just unite thahaan plzzz…

  14. Now a days one thing is good that bihaan falls in love with thapki,…..hope that thapki also feels the same….I really like thahaan scenes…..the way bauji tells him to express his feelings towards thapki was awesome… u bihaan…u rockzzz…

  15. Thapki is soooooo stupid……………. She’s sooooo concern about others………… When d hell will she realise her feelings for bihaan……???

  16. Wow! Itna jaldi bihaan ko thapki se love bhi ho gaya ……..nice episode

  17. Again they’ve started to drag..what a story is this?? And thapki y r u thinking so loudly??everyone knows wt r u going to do?I sw the april 1st promo..thnk god vasu accepted she did all the things to stop her marriage with dhruv..if the truth revelation is on april 1st what will they gonna show 2mrw??dragged till hell..they took one week to show a one day..wtever I watched this serial only bcoz of still they are dragging. Bt now um watching this only bcoz our gulram(gulaboo+rampyaari)..they are so cutee and more wiser than PN members..

  18. Yes ….yes……. yes……
    Bihaan drawing thapki investigate. …
    Train -THAPKI
    2 boys -DHRUV &BIHAAN
    peacock feather-VASU
    indirectly bihaan tells the truth. …..

    1. Exactly tomorrow thapki know the truth

    2. Bihaan drawing really heart touched. .
      I see the drawing really tears in my eyes. …
      When thapki see the drawing definitely she falling in love. …….
      Any budy can observed bihaan sketches. ..???????????

  19. Why have they stopped the English subtitles? This has been so for the last week or so, am not enjoying the serial like I used to…..please put back the subtitles

  20. eagerly waiting 4 2mrow episode …cnt wait

  21. Hahahha Bihaan is crazy in Thapki’s live heart beat very fast and also need doctor lol, this Bihaan is so funny wen he speak or hit , he is even more funnier in romance lol I think when he confess love to Thapki, Thapki will burst out laughing instead of being shocked lol 😛

  22. U dint post my comment

  23. So funny bihaan……watching ths serial only for u….

  24. So true joyee?????

  25. Lovely episode.

  26. super bihaan..he s cute…the way he express her love abt thapki s awesome…no one like him…he s just awesome…but feel bad for him…i know thapki use him n giva very big dialougue n hurt bihaan…leave him…she s such a stupid n idiot…i hate more thapki than shraddha n vasu..

  27. Only bihaan deserves thapki..♥♥
    Love u bihaan..

  28. Only dhruv deserves thapki not bihaan
    Indirectly he spoiled life of dhruv but good that he helped thapki he can only be her friend but cannot deserve her

    1. actually, its opposite…thapki does not deserve a gem like Bihaan..she is such a stupid girl, that she doesnt understand who is best for her…..
      Dhruv , who loves her ,doesnt even wait for 3 months , instead wants to make jealous and goes to the extent of distroying shradha’s life , he didnt even trust her and didnt help her when she was thrown out of the house , if he can stop his risponsiblities toward his love just because he is married then he should also move on and stop his so called love drama , it just only bring problem for thapki because of his stubbornness…and on the other side Bihaan , who hates thapki (initially)..helps her on every step…did so much for her, even risk his life many times and got shot for her, why because he was in fake relationship , the person who can do so much for his hater , then think what he can do for his lover and you say Bihaan doesnt deserve her…what is thapki?…she is such a stupid girl who literally cannot exist in our world , she is just innocent sanskari girl…i wish Bihaan can get another girl..but we had waited for so long, now i dont want that happen again

      1. I agree with you. …

      2. Hi there.

        I think Bihan does all he does for thapki because basically he is a good person. I think he made fun of thapki in the beginning but didn’t really hate her, her was just immature.
        He has always felt that what he did to her by marrying her was wrong, but he was driven to it by Vasu, his bhagwan(peacock feather)
        At which point he fell in love with thapki is hard to tell. It has just grown as he has always done hepis best by her. He also hates injustice and has seen her face more than she should have so has often just tried to help clear all the misunderstandings,

        Simply put, he ‘gets’ her. I.e. He understands and knows her. It’s very sweet.

    2. Dhruv has been a bit of a wimp since the wedding incident,

      Thapki tried to warn him about shraddha, but because she did it without declaring her undying love for him, he married shraddha anyway.
      He kept thinking thapki will not let me marry shraddha even though thapki had told him that for her, marriage is one off and that for her to think of someone other than her husband is impossible, even if the husband she ended up with was the wrong one.

      Through the whole aftermath of the wedding to Bihan, Dhruv has felt more sorry for himself and hasn’t really put himself in thapki position. He also got himself married to shraddha knowing what thapki felt about marriage so has basically shot himself in the foot as thapki will honour his union as much as hers.

      So I also don’t think Dhruv is right for her, or ever was.

    3. Nimisha , i said na, INITIALLY, THEY HATE EACH OTHER ( maybe , bihaan did not , but he said so), they became friend on diwali week…..and yes…bihaan did help thapki , just because he was a good hearted person and was in guilt too

  29. Helloooooo

    Why dos thapki not ever close the door yo their bedroom?
    Why does she speak her thoughts out loud, esp when shraddha no Vasu always here her?

    BIhan is so cute.

    But in yesterday’s epi he was surprised when Bauji said Bihan loves thapki, but the day before during the beautiful tum tak scene he shouted out that he lives thapki,
    I saw a promo yesterday for April 1st where thapki finally has THAT conversation with Vasu, so
    it seems today will be a bit slow again.
    Oh and in the precap yesterday for today’s show, thapki says Pyar, and Bihan answers chuk chuk gaadi, but she totally misses that.
    Looking forward to tomorrow esp. Xxx

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