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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Preeti planning not to let Vasundara reach message. Preeti says she will take Krishnakant’s phone and send other message. Krishnakant says maybe Vasundara is busy in work. Preeti talks to Dadi and says they should light diya in temple. Dadi agrees and asks Krishnakant and Poonam to come. Kiran asks Thapki to come, everyone is waiting. Thapki asks the man about Bihaan being his friend, and asks him to be scared of Bihaan, not Bau ji. Bihaan asks the man to come.

Suman makes a water glass fall and makes Vasundara fall to stop her from reading the message. Vasundara scolds her. They all stand for the puja. Suman goes and hides with Krishnakant’s phone. She messages other thing and Preeti manipulates Vasundara’s phone. Vasundara comes and says she read

Krishnakant’s message, and she has seen Thapki’s values. He gets relieved. Dadi asks for food.

Bau ji asks the man to sign on the papers and give his land. The man refuses. Bau ji scares him. The man falls in his feet and says you love your animals so much, spare me. Bau ji scolds him and leaves the man. He tells Bihaan that its his mistake, how did the man know about my love for animals. He scolds Bihaan and goes. Bihaan recalls Thapki saying all that and says Thapki is responsible for this, she did not do this right, I will not let you stay fine.

Thapki thinks to tell Nimmi the truth and comes to know they have gone out. She says she has to wait till Nimmi comes back. Vasundara sees Dhruv’s childhood video and wishes to hear soon. Dhruv gets the doctor. The doctor says he gave strong medicine, she should have been well. He asks her to show the medicine. Suman and Preeti come there and hear this. They worry that they mixed water in the medicine. Vasundara asks them to give the medicine to doctor from her cupboard.

Preeti thinks she will get caught and tries breaking it. Dhruv holds the medicine and Vasundara scolds him. The doctor says I will just come. Dhurv and Vasundara see the video and get busy. Suman and Preeti see the medicine there. They get an idea and use magnifier glass to put light on it. The bottle gets heated and breaks, before doctor gets it. The doctor says leave it, I will give another medicine which will be useful. Dhruv goes with the doctor.

Thapki shows her sarees and dresses to Aditi. They have a talk. Aditi sends her to try a saree. Thapki comes out wearing a blue saree and calls out Aditi. She asks Aditi to come. Bihaan comes there and puts black cloth on her face. He ties her hands and lifts her. Shubh hears her voice and runs to see the car leaving with Thapki. Thapki asks him to leave her and is shocked seeing Bihaan.

Shubh tells everyone that someone kidnapped Thapki and they are shocked. Thapki asks Bihaan to let her free. Dhruv looks for her. Thapki sees him and shouts Dhruv Sir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What this Bhiaan did? Y he kidnapped Thapki. If Dhruv comes to know about this what will happen?

  2. Nice!!!! Thapki osm in blue saree !!!
    Dhruv will be shocked seeing her in saree ! Eagerly waiting to see the next epi……

  3. Arae Bihaan !! Don’t you have sense ? How can you kidnap your own baabi ??? She is very cute ! Leave her !

  4. So sorry for thapki and I am angry on bihaan how can he kidnap his honewala bhabhi and pls dhruv thapki ko doond nikhalo na bachao thapki ko pls who bhi JAL se JAL??????????

  5. Bihaan I think this time bauji will also scold u for kidnapping thapki along with everyone

  6. Oh!! I thnk bihaan s up to anthr mischief…. Wndrful… He wont harm hr nd tats fr sure… Dhruv wl b amazed lukng thapki n saree… Nyc epi…

  7. Lovely thapki is looking awesome. Dhruvki will be faint to see thapki.waiting for next epi. I love this serial.

  8. Guyzzz dnt scold bihaan yaar… Till dhruv is der to support thapki no one can even dare to hurt her…and its really a gd thng tat bihaan kidnapped thapki or else hw cud dhruv be able to see his beautiful blue beauty….

  9. Vihan did wrong by kidnapping thapki….how could he do this……..i hope soon Dhruv will make free thapki and bihan should be punished for this…..

  10. thapki in blue saree very nice. Dhruv see in thapki in blue saree very romantic. What did bihaan you do. We dont like this. Bhabi means in steadd off mother. You take mistake to kidnap thapki. Please we want to see Dhruv and Thapki marriage as soon as possible

  11. O my ki sari limits par ho gyi suprbbbb in sari …o g sanu ki dsiya m e kudi to ekdm ptaka hi lgdi ve ..ab m to rab nu eko hi ardas krti ki e soni kudi da vyah hndsm munda o g mera mtlb dhruv nal jldi s ho jave plssss

  12. hey #bihaan ye kya kiya tmne

  13. oh!! guys don’t worry … bihaan did it purposely … in a bachelor party he dances with a lady dancer in police uniform … and thapki is in a cage and it’s keys is with a lady dancer . dhruve is trying to snatch the keys of cage… it’s just a twist

  14. Really I like it. And l am eager to see all episodes related to their weeding,

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