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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha telling Dhruv about Thapki. She says Thapki went to hospital last night, go and ask her what is the matter, how is she. Dhruv rushes. Shraddha says I knew this, you made my work easy. Poonam gives tea to the constable and he says I know Diwakar is troubling you. Diwakar and his parents look on. Mishra asks Diwakar to do something. Diwakar says see how I change the game. He goes and puts ketchup on his hand. He says this is blood, as they have beaten me, this is my plan. Aditi hears him.

Vasundara recalls Thapki’s words. She says maybe I did mistake, I misunderstood Thapki, I should apologize to her, I will go to her. Shraddha comes and says I know you are annoyed with me. Vasundara says go from here. Shradda says come with me, I have to show something.

Dhruv goes to see Thapki and knocks the door.

Thapki wakes up and he asks can I come inside. She asks him to come. He asks how are you. She says I m fine, why are you asking. He says I know you well, you will not say your sorrow and pain to anyone, you went to hospital with Bihaan at night right. She asks who told you. He says I wanted to ask why you went. She says I had to go there as I was feeling weak. He says its good you told me the truth. Shraddha makes Vasundara hear them. Dhruv gives water to Thapki, and asks her to take care, don’t work today, if you need my help, please tell me. She thanks him. Dhruv leaves. Vasundara says Thapki told poison matter to Dhruv. Shraddha says she did not tell family and told Dhruv, so that Dhruv comes close to her, and the love increases in her heart, she is so clever to use you, see how much Dhruv was caring for her, she wants to trap Dhruv, she will not keep him happy, you scolded me a lot, now you know why I have hidden this, I know you are soft hearted, this girl is like chameleon, see she is showing different colors, she should not be in this house, else she will ruin mine, yours and Dhruv’s life. Vasundara says never, she will ruin just her own life, she was using me, I did not understand this, I will not let stay here, this is my promise.

Diwakar starts crying saying they have beaten me. He shows constable and says do justice now. Aditi says he is lying, this is not blood, its tomato ketchup. Diwakar says she is lying. Aditi asks constable to check it. Constable says this is real blood. Aditi gets shocked. Krishnakant says Diwakar is lying, he is trapping us. Constable asks them not to fight, I will tell my seniors and he will decide who is good and who is bad, I m sitting outside. Diwakar tells Aditi that I knew this that you are keeping an eye on me, so I did all this.

Suman talks to Dadi. Bihaan asks Thapki why did she come to hall. She says I m fine, if I come here, everything will be fine, else poison matter will come out. Bau ji brings Ram ji’s gold Mukut and gives it to Dadi. He asks Bihaan to get clothes for the idol. Suman and Preeti like the Mukut. Vasundara gets an idea. Dadi asks them to keep this Mukut, they will do puja in evening. She gives the puja responsibility to Suman and Preeti. They assure Dadi that they will do best and taunt Thapki for doing mistakes. Thapki asks Dadi can I help them. Dadi says those who will given work will do. Bau ji keeps the Mukut in the box. Vasundara tells Shraddha what to do, see where Bau ji is keeping mukut. Shraddha nods.

Shraddha goes to steal the Mukut and takes it. Thapki sees her. Shraddha sees Thapki and keeps Mukut back. Thapki goes and hides. She sees Shradha taking mukut and running away. She gets shocked. Shraddha gives mukut to Vasundara and asks what to do now. Vasundara says we will blame Thapki about this theft and this mukut will be found in Thapki’s bag, once she falls in everyone’s eyes, no one will trust her. Thapki will be out of Pandey Nivaas. Thapki hears them and gets shocked. Vasundara says I will keep this in my cupboard now and keep it in Thapki’s bag when I get chance.

Bau ji talks to Bihaan. Shraddha and Vasundara think Thapki is in her room. Bihaan gives the clothes. Bau ji says I will keep it along with mukut in box. Vasundara stops him. Dadi says keep it in box. Bau ji opens the box and sees mukut missing. They all wonder where did mukut go. Vasundara says don’t worry, mukut is kept by servant. Dadi says none can take it like this. Preeti asks did mukut get stolen. Thapki comes and says mukut is stolen. Dadi asks what nonsense, who can steal Lord’s mukut. Thapki says Maa has stolen it. They all get shocked.

Thapki asks them to check Maa’s room once and truth will come out. Bau ji says it won’t happen. Dadi says Vasundara’s room will be checked, as I want to prove Thapki wrong, I will prove truth. Vasundara gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very pathetic episode totally boring and also full of negativity this Shraddha is so cunning and Vasundhara is so strange she should understand tht the girl who drank poison for her sake won’t tell Dhruv the truth and there also many other kind of truth, okay Vasundhara is always like that but Dadi didn’t expect this from her, and also this Diwakar track is totally not needed at all

  2. oh….poor Thapki,don’t worry yaar….Bihaan will always with you,waiting for Thahaans stunning scenes.Writerji pls unite them…..

  3. And now thapki will be banished…………… oh god till when will she let herself loose ???

  4. frds…don’t forget to watch 2maros 1 hour episode.and plese publish its writtern updates.i can’t watch.because of moday ownwords model exam starts.guys pls pray for me and for all.

    1. Best of luck! ??

  5. Ranaji(narendran)

    Vasundra will not change in her life I hate her I was happy yesterday that vasundra is changed but now she is sooo cheap tmr thapki will go out tmr out of house bihaan will also go????????????today dhruv and thapki scenes were sooooo cute????????????????????????????????????? I mean their speech I loved that part very much

  6. Well I’m quite disappointed with today’s episode,… i saw precap it was not good but then I think that thapki knows all truth and after that she told the truth to the whole pandey family but they won’t believe in thapki…..and I think thapki takes vasu name she saw and listen vasu and shraddha was going against her and planning to throw thapki out of the house, that’s why she blames vasu but she kept that gold mukut on her bag intentionally so that vasu and shraddha’s wishes be fulfilled…and dadimaa finally throw thapki out of the house but bihaan will support her and they both leave the house together.
    Let’s see, what happens next in this show….but I request to the writers plz show thapki and bihaan closeness and atleast now write the story in favour of thapki and bihaan or at least thapki should change her MAHAAN behaviour for vasu and shraddha.

  7. Omg!!!! Y kya ho raha hein….it’s ok i will tolerate this as they are going to make thahaan leave the house together….but I am afraid that if thapki send him back then what happen……no no I could never see that…..she stupid nonsense fool I don’t know y they show the lead as irritating…..I just watch this for Bihaan…..great act……love u…..keep rockinggggggggg………..don’t ever let thapki’s hands yaar…pl……

    1. Whatever audience want they dont give. Whatever audience don t want they must give. Horrible Serial makers. I think so like you. I dont want thapki send back bihaan scene. Atleast few months or few weeks or few day or few hours, leave thahaan alone pleeeease.

      1. I totally agree with you both. Thahaan need some time for their love to blossom and this stupid Pandey family they are always after them. Every time Bihaan tried his best to save Thapki from Shraddha he was asked to do some work by this stupid family members.

  8. Vasundra is so cheap.Feeling sad for thapki but also happy that thapki n bihaan will leave this pandey house.

  9. too boring!!!!!!!!!!

  10. guys mujhe pta chala h ki ye thapki apni intention se kar rhi h, usko pta h ki maa chahti h ki vo iss ghar se nikal jae ,isiliye usne pehle hi voh haar apne bag me daal diya taki saara inzaam uspe lag jae….ye thapki mahaan atma banna kab chordegi …me to yeh soch rha hu ki bechara bihaan to dil se madat kar rha h ,par thapki ko to andaar se gussa hi ho rhi hogi ki ku chep ho rha h ye…lol

  11. In today’s episode when Shraddha told Dhruv about Thapki and he went to meet her, I felt a little odd. Putting all the other things aside and talking about the main thing….. Our “MAHAN ATMA” is no longer “MAHAN ATMA” but there is something that is wrong. I feel like Thapki is trying herself to get out of the house. As, she heard that Vasundara wants her to get out of the house, so she could have put that necklace in her room so that she gets blamed and is asked to get out of the house. I just assumed it because in the promo no one blamed Vasundara. Even Shraddha and Vasundara were seen smirking evilly that leads to another point that maybe Shraddha could have put that necklace in Thapki’s room. Anyways, at last what I think what happens is for good. It’s good for Thahaan to leave the house. Let’s see what happens in the Television Blockbuster tomorrow. Can’t wait to see Bihaan’s heroic entry.

  12. Not bad….oh Mahan aatma when will u stop this non sense very unrealistic…bihaan never let thapki alone….our thahaan moments going to start…but I want thahaan to separate then they miss each others that they fall in love….

  13. Thapki is very foolish ; vasu and shradha very cruel and wicked and thapki is giving chance to both of them to create havoc in her own life ; it wud hv been best if Thapki had died rather than being like this

  14. I m thinking the same Neha
    thapki intensionally placed the mukut to her bag n saves vasundhara again
    but I m OK with this coz after that bihaan n thapki track will be shown so I m happy with that…
    waiting for the next episode…..

  15. Family accuses Thapki taking Bihaan away from them.

    Thapki asks Bihaan not go against with family members then Bihaan is ready to leave house along with her.Dadi blame Thapki for separating Bihaan from them.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. I read the spoiler in ‘Apne Club’ site

  16. If Thapki is trying to put mukut herself in her bag in order to fulfill Vasu ‘s wish of throwing out her…..
    Then I must say Thapki is characterless …???

  17. I dont believe Thapki’s life came to this

  18. Thapki is not MA just fool. Will anyone do in real life to purposely taking the tittle of thief? For whom she does all this? For her husband’s family? When she never accepted him as her husband and counting the days to get out of that relationship, where does this devotion for his family comes?

    If any other self respecting woman was in her place,she would have left the house with when she realised her precious ma wanted to get her out of Panday Nivas. She could have left the house citing some problem at her mother’s house.

    What does she think that her parents will be proud of her returning home after she is thrown out of her in laws house as thief, careless (Ash and die matter), malicious (bhabhi’s matter). Already her father is a heart patient, for his respect and health only she came to stay in her husband’s house temporarily. Now how can he bear all the insults thapki brought herself. How she is going to justify her actions to her parents, who is sincerely loving and caring about her?

  19. Thapki mhan aatma would have kept mukut in her bag and to make the dream of vasundra come true she will sacrifice her respect

  20. Huh..i m speechless.What’s going on.Rubbish

  21. Ooo boring epi…… As usual thapki trap by either shraddah and vasundra

  22. Ok dis is why dadi will slap thapki

  23. Omg…I thought there would b some interesting scenes onwards…. By watching vasundara’s change,ther might b a “Tu Tu Mai Mai” between vasu n shraddha….. But not becoz of stupid thapki mahaan..plz writer ji stop concentrating in mahaan character…got fed up…concentrate on thahaan…

  24. I am fed up with the way. Colour have treated its uk viewers by getting us hooked on shows like that’s with English subtitles then discontinuing the subtitles making n g I t impossible for me to follow the shows that I like . You don’t want us to view and understand your showerhead block your channel …I and the others who used to watch your channel will go back to star plus who knows how to treat their views well .that is why star plus is number one in the uk

  25. Jenniferobunomu

    I hate all this, nobody go through this, l hate it, u people should put it right , the wrong can not get joy, every time .poor thapti, what massage are u give to the world,just put the story right l hate it, l have stop watching it , since when the family getting on thapti. Ok

  26. Writeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!!!!!!this episode is getting totally boring.At least prove Thapki right for once

  27. Hi guys!!!! Amazing news……thahaan to stay somewhere but not in kk land…..until shraddha gets exposed….we will be having a lovely time in the upcoming weeks…….thahaan love….shraddha exposure…..

    1. Wow that will be great at least will be save from annoying Pandey drama and also more thahaan scenes

    2. Wow thanks for great news puppy I’m so excited to see thahaan scene….

    3. What is kk land?

      1. Arae yaar,it is krishnakanth house I mean thapki’s house….

      2. TK puppy, means thank you, not hindi tk….ok

      3. U are welcome…..

  28. isn’t Dhruv supposed to be an investigative journalist. I wonder how he got to that position with his inability to smell a rat. He wouldn’t be able to spot a conspiracy even if it bit him in his backside. & Vasundra- beh pendi ke lota.

  29. fool thapki at least understand bihaan if you get any spare time apart from being mahaan atma

  30. want to see thapki n bihaan together….

  31. Dhruv is not investigative journalist but a news channel runner…..they show like that only..he will not collect news and publish it…he will only publish the news which he gets…..and coming to adithi she never seems to have mind…uff…they say she have completed law…… Everything just for name….that’s it….

  32. It’s better Thapki kick out from Pandey Nivas , oh sorry Pandey zoo..
    Divakar drama is too boring there is no need 4 this boring drama.
    I can’t tolerate thapkis MA nature.?

  33. I will not watch today’s epi … Bcozz it’s too boring I watch only after she thrown out from dt home

  34. Obviously thapki have kept the gold mukut in her bag after taking out from vasu’s cupboard.Because thapki understood there is no place for her in her so called maa’s(vasundhara)heart and also for the entire pandey she may have decided to go herself out with again saving vasundhara by naming vasu for the theft but by making the entire family find the mukut in thapki’s own bag.But after this scene i think vasundhara may think again about thapki’s honesty and love towards vasu and her pandey family.And itz also better if thapki and bihaan go out from the house because only then vasu and her whole family will know shraddha’s cunning and ruthless selfish behaviour .Because even shraddha is waiting for achieving all the riches name and fame of dhruv and his family.So only if thapki and her husband goes out they can prove shraddha’s original intentions .And maybe thapki pyar ki serial will again achieve trp after her leaving the pandey house..the writers and producer’smay have now realized this.

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