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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha apologizing as she does not know Vasundara’s father’s name. Vasundara says its okay. The lady asks Shraddha to go back, and calls Thapki for the round. She says the winner will be the one who wins this round. The lady asks Thapki with whom is Vasundara’s relation unique. Vasundara writes answer. Thapki says Maa has unique relation with Dadi, they are saas-bahu, but has love and fights like mother-daughter, they are incomplete without each other. The lady says your answer is right. The man asks second question, what is the thing Vasundara is allergic too.

The lady says if you answer right, the score will be equal. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words that she will be happy when Shraddha gets super bahu title. Thapki says sorry, and they all get shocked.

The lady says Thapki does not know this, even then she can be equal to Shraddha’s scores. She asks whats Vasundara’s fav novel. Vasundara writes it. The lady asks Thapki to answer. Thapki says I don’t know. Shraddha smiles. The lady asks them to go to their seats.

The lady announces the winner, Shraddha is the super bahu. Everyone clap. Diwakar says I m glad Thapki did not win. Shraddha gets the trophy. Vasundara thinks Thapki acts and does not know me, Shraddha knows me well. Shraddha says I won by your blessings. Vasundara says you did not let my trust break, you have no weakness. She taunts Thapki and praises Shraddha.

Bau ji asks Thapki to come with him and talk. Thapki asks why did you bring me here. He asks why did you do this, I know you lost intentionally. The lady thanks them for organizing competition here and takes him on stage. Thapki goes to kitchen. Shraddha shows the trophy and taunts her. She calls Thapki a loser and scolds her.

Thapki cries and says Maa has allergy with til/sesame seeds, and tells about Vasundara’s favorite novel, and also answers Vasundara’s father’s name, Kailash. She says I don’t need to prove how much I know Maa. Shraddha gets shocked and asks really, why did you not tell that time, you could have won. Thapki says yes, I would have easily won, I would have lost in Maa’s eyes. Maa has high expectations from you, I heard Maa blessing you. She asks her to take care of Maa and lose sometimes, but not let Vasundara lose. She leaves. Shraddha fumes.

Diwakar congratulates Shraddha for her win. He gives her an apple and bites the apple He asks her to take it now and taunts her. He drinks water and gives her the glass. She asks how dare you give me these. He asks whats the problem, you have got everything left over. She asks is he in his senses. He says yes, the award is Thapki’s jhutan/left over, you know Thapki would have easily won the award, but she did not, I heard everything there, its my hobby to hear everything, award is useless, but what about your husband Dhruv, he is also Thapki’s jhutan… She gets shocked.

She calls him a cheap man. He says it means you did not know anything, I will tell you, Dhruv and Thapki were madly in love for each other, they got engaged and their marriage was also fixed. Shraddha gets shocked. He says Thapki is Dhruv’s first and true love.

Shraddha gets angry and tries to kill Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nowadays I hate thapki……she deserves a tight slap!!!! Will director give her a slap??????
    At least bauji understood that she did it wantedly….
    If she knows everything about maa , then y she doesn’t know the truth…. Is she hiding the truth from all ……as she said today that she will lose herself to make that vasu churail to win….
    Stop this nonsense….
    This is my one and only and the first soap I am seeing in my life…. Don’t make me think why I started seeing this bakwaas…….
    Pl..writer ji pl…expose vasu or send thapki out of the house……
    But I think thapki should go to some hostel or somewhere as diwakar is in that house …..he will make irritating plans and torture thapki…….

  2. Pls bring vasundara’s truth at least in front of thapki
    Pls it’s a request

  3. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    nowadays Thapki episodes r soooo boring, no thahaan scenes for the last 2 days seriously? This week thapki pyaar ki is very boring till now, and this thapki can see all the flaws in bihaan but can’t see any flaw in vasundhara, what’s going on her mind??? she is not Mahan atma she is just being a little bewakoof. Thapki should take some classes from Dhaani from Ishq Ka Rang Safed, who knows what is true love and life. Shows name is thapki pyaar ki but the way they are showing this show nowadays I don’t think so I heard that bihaan is gonna save thapki n slap shraddha is it true? If it is then its ok.

    1. Well said… Not little bewkoof but the world’s greatest bewkoof….

      1. Yeah puppy I mean the guy who did only one mistake she hates him even though the mistake is very big, and he is doing all he can to help her and she’s being nice to te one who ruined her life (even though she doesn’t know) and is always insulting her

  4. Today shraddha won but hearing the truth from Thapki …and marriage truth from Divakar she failed totally eventhough having trophy.. I really like it. ??
    Precap is so bad and cruel.. shraddha is a thirsty vampire.

  5. Rupali Jagtap

    Feel like killing vasundara and shra dha

  6. Thapki u should left frm bihaan life and also pandey nivas.our bihaan will b very happy without u….if u will b with bihaan he will fall in love with u and u never accept his love then he will suffer with heartache…moreover Mahan aatma wants dhruv and his mother happy only…so pls get lost frm our bihaan life

  7. Thapki ,don’t make yourself a chracterless…..disgusting….Bihaan is the only realistic actor of this serial…..

  8. I am also agree with you!!! I also never watched any soap before it but now a days this soap is going too boring and weired because thapki knows that vasu prefer shraddah over her and also knows that vasu hates that people who stammer and also know that vasu does not like bihaan but by knowing all these things she is unable to understand truth!! Is it possible??

  9. Dumb thapki loser just like shraddha said .after todays epi she proved that she is a loser

  10. i just hate thapki

  11. Thapki is a disgusting character to dis grace all the women. Her devil mother in law has insulted her less than a piece of garbage and yet she is following her like a poppy and wiping her bottom , begging for her petty.

    I am not Indian but as a woman am in huge shame , by these kind of women ,with no DIGNITY AND PRIDE , AND THIS IS AN OVERWHELMING CRIME OF INDIAN WRITERS , BY CREATING SUCH A DISGUSTING CHARACTERS LIKE THAPKI, ITCHCHA……….

    I recently switched to eastern (Indian) soaps, because I was fed up with amount of rudeness parts in western soaps , but extremely sad , i fond it more annoying in different way.

    Hope these kind of feed backs bring the Indian writers to the sense and not picturing the Indian women so pitiful and low.

  12. Now shraddha will try to kill thapki in d fan…..but she deserves to die NCOs she is allowed n doesn’t take stand for herself so she is wasting her time as well as letting bihaan down everytime……I know even after did bihaan will save her from dying….thapki plaza at least for or bihaan’s sake as he is always protecting u like a dumb person…..plzzzzstop being actually mahaan asthma….

    1. ur Ryt moni!!! stupid tapkii…

  13. I mean mahaan aatmaa….

  14. i think this Thapki needs a tight thappad (slap).

  15. I would ask the director to stop showing the character thapki degraded and helpless always and shows us some facts which can motivate people to watch ur show, we want to see her fighting over her problems.

    I was very found of your show in the first few episodes but no it is nothing but de motivating for people and for those are actually facing problems with their stammer.

    Make shows to motivate people not to demotivate people.

  16. ohho tapkiiii Dnt very … I m sure #agaIn Bihaan save To Tapkiii….
    tapki ka…
    b 4 bihaan pandy
    b 4 bodygard ….. he

    ishq ka rang safedil… vip & dhaanii unite
    eni ethil ePpoya thahaan unite aaakaaa…. tpk the writer thahaan fans the shama parishchath poreee…. !!!! plzzz uniteee thahaaan….

  17. So sad feeling bad for Thapki she’s getting scolde very badly by fans but I do agree that she’s very foolish. C’mon Thapki stop finding flaws in Bihaan u Should be thankful tht Bihaan is not a tharki 😛

  18. Ya u r saying right fataraju now a days every one is scolding thapki why cvs r spoiling her role ?nobody has a big heart like thapki to tolerate every insult ,it is impossible to believe. Thapki u should go to ur parents home, but one thing I really appreciate bau ji always supports her.

  19. I have never seen such a girl who give up her self respect knowingly for someone who not even talks to her…..don’t she find a change in their behaviour…. she is completely mad…..
    Just a stupid storyline…eating our time…writers pl.. Come to the track…..
    Y thapki don’t take a stand for herself !!!!!! Pl..think somewhat practically…
    She will hear what all not needed….but not the important matters….stupid…the world’s greatest stupid…

  20. Hoping at least after this she will know the truth…

    1. Yeah puppy I will start loving this show like I used to do in the beginning when they will show the truth? I mean seriously? The girl who can remove stains using homely elements and make lassi using washing machine , does not even know the actual person who ruined her life, she should have immediately know that Vasu is responsible not Bihaan

  21. Pandey nivas k store room se tang aagai hoon, jab kabhi shradha thapki ko hurt karna chahti hai kisi na kisi bahane se store room me bhej deti hai ,store room k ilawa koi jagah nahi hai kya? Lol store room politics.

  22. Lol! Everybody seems to think Thapki and bihaan ought to be together knowing how she was separated from Dhruv, for as long as audience approve of such silliness, d silliness in Indian series will continue! Smh though

  23. Really a waste of time while watching this show, initially thapki seemed to be a bit different show from others but now it has turned out to the same as any other saas-bahu dailysoap serial.

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