Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts a man coming and opening the cold storage. The men rescue Thapki and Bihaan, and bring them out. Thapki gets conscious and then Bihaan gets conscious. She hugs him. the man asks how did you come here, its good guard has seen you in CCTV and came here. Thapki gets Dadi’s call and says we reached wrong address by mistake, we will come home. Thapki removes the jacket and gives it back to Bihaan. Music plays…………

She asks him what was he going to say inside, about his feelings. He says let feelings be as it is, come, lets go home, its late. He goes. She says whatever you wanted to say me, the way you gave me your jacket and stayed with me, it has one meaning that you don’t hate me to that extent which can’t end, I will end that hatred very soon, I will apologize

to you, I wanted to say this inside cold storage, forgive me once. He asks her to come. She smiles.

Preeti laughs hearing everything from Thapki. Vasundara scolds her for giving wrong address. Preeti says I was laughing as Bihaan fainted before Thapki, did Dadi hear this, hero fainted before heroine. Bihaan comes there. Bau ji says Thapki told us everything, come here. Bihaan says I have some work. Dadi asks Thapki is Bihaan still annoyed with you. Vasundara asks what happened. Bau ji says he maybe adamant on something, I will explain him again. Vasundara asks Thapki since when is Bihaan annoyed. Dadi says its since many days. Vasundara says no, Bihaan can’t be annoyed this way, whats the matter. Preeti says its personal matter of husband and wife, how will Thapki tell you. Dadi says Preeti said such sensible thing. Preeti says I m thinking to make them friends again. Dadi says Bihaan is too stubborn.

Bau ji says Bihaan, you did not end annoyance towards Thapki. Vasundara says we have to do something big, and tells about her annoyance with Bau ji, he did something special, he has sent everyone out and decorated home with diya and flowers, he told sorry, then I melted and could not stay annoyed. Thapki smiles and recalls what Bihaan did for her, the decorations on the day he wanted to confess love.

Preeti says yes, we will go to mall and till then Thapki you do all this. Dadi says no, we will go temple. Thapki says I already apologized. Preeti asks her to do this and try. Vasundara says yes, else I will explain him. Dadi says all annoyance will go. Bau ji asks Bihaan to talk to Thapki, she gave a chance to your relation on your saying. Bihaan asks did she complain to you. Bau ji asks don’t I have eyes, you know she does not do anything without any reason. Thapki says I will try and Bihaan does not listen to Bau ji. Bau ji tells Dadi that Bihaan did not agree and left. Dadi says its fine, Thapki will get chance to prepare. Bau ji asks what. Vasundara says I will say, come we will go. Preeti asks Thapki to say sorry to Bihaan in awesome style, all the best. They all leave from home. Thapki says Bihaan, you have to forgive me today.

Bihaan is outside home. Thapki calls him and he disconnects. Preeti calls Thapki. She asks did Bihaan come. Thapki says no, he is not taking my call. Preeti says don’t worry, I will call him. Preeti calls Bihaan. She says Thapki is much away, she has high fever, come home soon. She ends call. Bihaan says no peace, what shall I do if she has fever, I won’t go. Preeti wishes Thapki and Bihaan’s fight ends. A man collides with her and argues with her. Bau ji slaps the man. Dhruv and everyone look on. Dhruv scolds the man and asks him to respect women. The man says we know how Pandey family respects women, Bihaan does not respect Thapki, what will you teach us.

Bihaan comes home and sees the decorations. He sees a toy train with Thapki’s apology. She hides behind I m sorry board and comes there. Music plays………….. She asks will you not forgive me now, I have lit all the diya so that our relation gets light again. She cries and apologizes. He holds her tear and says I told you your tears are priceless for me, I will not let them flow. She asks did you forgive me. He says yes, but on one condition, that you will not lie to me again. She says never. Darmiyaan…..plays…………….. He holds her hand. Thapki’s imagination ends. She waits for Bihaan. Bihaan comes there and sees all the decorations and apologies. She asks will you not forgive me, tell me how will I get your forgiveness. He looks on.

Bau ji holds his chest and falls down. Everyone get shocked seeing Bihaan with the knife. Dhruv asks Bihaan what did you do. They all rush Bau ji to hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Roshni

      Exactly wat i felt! I read some spoilers regardin comin episode…arey yaar…. feel like bangin my head on the set ! Writers ke dimag hi asli chuk chuk gadi hai. Anywy… wat else to xpect…thse r the same ppl who showd thapki suckin money into the vacuum cleaner insted of usin hands to put them all into a cloth ,while a gunda is comin bak to consciousness!

      • Thapki

        Like seriously im fed up we were waiting for thahaan track not this family drama and bihaan’s chracter is getting messed up day by day seriously quiting this show it’s torture to watch :/

      • sag

        Cv’s r such a stupid nd heartless doesn’t think about audience of their show….

        But after that cold storage scenes I m sure that thahaa is ULTIMATE outcome but obviously after lots of dragging..

    • sag

      apna to aisa hai ki thahaa k liye har stupid drama dekha hai aur dekhenge 🙂

      Nd I think after this bauji stabbed drama bhihaan angry hona hi bhul jayega. n angry hi nai hoga to thapki ko bhi maaf kardega…

      N thahaan track will be back..

    • Roshni

      Nice interview.down to earth.
      Hmm so is thapki gona lev the house with bihaan like old tyms?! Thapki shud hav banned pandey parivaar from keepin knives n daggers also…. kya violent family hai yaar.??

      • sag


        but seriously I don’t think so thapki gona lev the house with bihaan like…

        I can’t wait to know that what impact would be of stabbing drama on thahaan relation…

  1. reji

    i couldn’t see tdys epi becz of current cut.plz anyone say how CAN i watch tdys episod in internet without downloading voot app.

  2. Aparna12 appu

    Wow super fast update… today’s episode was nice the imagination is just like bihaan imagined that day …I hope bihaan would forgive thapki

  3. reji

    welcome back amena…and NAZREEN Nanum tamil than. plz na mela ketta question ku eravathu answer pannunga plz

    • nasreen

      hai everyone. and hai reji..

      Today also same precap.. but awesome thahaan scenes..
      i think bihaan doing overacting…
      Bihaan mattum thappu panlama..? Thapki panadhu onnum periya thappu illa…
      unnaku avala pudikala.. ava mela verupa irukuna.. nee divorce kodu… unnala mudiyumla.. ?
      thapki stop this game.. Nee konjam silent ah iru .. avena thana varuvan. paaru.. sure.. bihaan will come. ..
      nanum indha show voot app illama pakanumnu try panen. mudiyala. but inniki than. yupp tv install pannen. live streaming via paakalamnu.. will try …

    • nasreen

      hai everyone. and hai reji..

      Today also same precap.. but awesome thahaan scenes..
      i think bihaan doing overacting…
      Bihaan mattum thappu panlama..? Thapki panadhu onnum periya thappu illa…yes bihaan is reacting unreasonable angry..
      unnaku avala pudikala.. ava mela verupa irukuna.. nee divorce kodu… unnala mudiyumla.. ?
      thapki stop this game.. Nee konjam silent ah iru .. avena thana varuvan. paaru.. sure.. bihaan will come. ..
      nanum indha show voot app illama pakanumnu try panen. mudiyala. but inniki than. yupp tv install pannen. live streaming via paakalamnu.. will try …

  4. sag


    Wakhi gajab hai P 4 pande or P 4 pariwaar… Today I love pura Pande pariwaar including sharaddha kyo ki wo chup thi….. :p

    Aur dadi ne sahi kha

    “agar bihaan add jayen to use hilana pahaad hilane jaisa hai”

    Moti buddhi….

    Aur a vasu bhi thahaan ko ek karna chahti hai…..
    So strange I can’t believe….

    I think kahi wo stranger to nahi hoga who want to take revenge from bauji…..

    No what I m saying yesterday someone share link of vedio n say that bauji stabbed by bhihaan… By the way I don’t found n watch that vedio so still hoping for positive…

    Nd what a sweet dream thapki…
    It awesome feeling after lots of time hearing NA..NA..NA..NAAAAAA……. Tune

    At last same precap n same tweets…..

    • sag

      in interview of 30 April manish conforms that

      “in upcoming episode what will goint to happens due to this bihaan will going to be blank and there is such situation in which bihaan not in position to think about thapki. he will face other issues it’s like agnipariksha 4 bhihaan

  5. Oh! Thapki fall in love with Bihaan.Thahaans part is mind blowing…but,tomorrow Bihaans response will create so much of pain to her.Bihaan,actually you tried to ruin himself,because…Thapki is your life and everything.anyway,I am sure Thapki will support him and get his trust again.Thahaan….

    • sag

      I m also thinking same…

      Thapki will support bihaan but with little doubts because thapki is more conscious about maa n bauji so it also possible that she don’t support him…

  6. Maira

    What the hell yaar! Main to samajh rahi thi ke jo imagination thi wo sach ho ge but…..never mind! Is episode main to wo scene dikhaya hi nahi jis main bauji stairs se gir jata hai aur sab bihaan ko dekhte hain;-(

      • Maira

        It will be today sag.bcz ajkal thapki pyar ki sunday ko bhi lagta hai:-) i wish ke tahaan lovestory age badhe, aur bihaan bauji ko stab na kare:-)

    • sag

      yes I hope 4 the same but today we have to watch lots of scolding drama…

      precap ka seen to Monday ko hi hoga…

      I m totally shocked because it’s confirmed through interview that bauji stabbed by bhihaan through i

      • Roshni

        Uh… i cant even think of watchin todays scoldin drama. Eh!its becomin morose evry day. I want some joy n humor.
        N lol… thapki shud say “mememeine bola dha na bihaan..Ye ye yeh bachon ke khelne ki cheez nahin hai ..
        hahaaHaath kat jaaye toh khoon nikal
        atha hai”???
        And maira… wenevr u see thahaan romancing.. be sure tht its only a dream.we cn make a gud thahaan luv story by editin only the dream sequences .

  7. This is my last comment. ….

    CVS tho MENTAL hogaya hai…….!!!!!??
    There is no thahaan track. …..
    Patha nahi aur kya kya dekh na padega……!!!!!!!!??????

    Iss serial ko dekh na bandh kaadhoongi….
    warna mai mental ho jaahoongi……
    THAHAAN unite ke liye wait karthe karthe mera dimaak karaab hogaya hain…….
    Abb manish iv dekh ke baadh pata chala ki hum dteam karna chodna padega……..
    Bye…. bye ……bye….. finally good bye. …..

    • sag

      ohh it means today one more genuine viewer quit that show

      By the way what u know in after watching manish iv tell us any bad news regarding thahaan unity ¿¿¿

  8. vani

    Earlier when suman used to be present, priti was not there; now wen priti is here, suman is not, does full pandey parivar ever gather 2gether or not…..

  9. Roshni

    I read that bihaan wil push thapki and shel fall on the floor , witnessed by all family members. This will end up in an argument between bihaan and bau ji and bauji wil say that hel kick bihaan out of the house. And then bihaan wil get locked up in his room.
    Anywy…i dont think bihaan did anythin to bau ji. But i dont like the turn of events. Right when u think the cold storage drama is going to make them realise that life is too short for unnecessary quarrels… again the writers go 360 degrees and bring bak the fight track. Im so annoyed. Before wen they used to hav their tu tu mein mein moments…at least it was enjoyable. Now bihaan is actin unreasonably angry. Bihaans charactr is one of the sweetest in the show so far… even the crime he committed…he did so bein brainwashed snd fooled by vasu. But now the writers r screwin up his character. The current behaviour goes against the character profile datz alredy been set . Bihaan keeps blamim thapki… says tht all she knws is to hurt others while he himslf is the sole witness to the fact tht thapki wil sacrifice evrythin for others…she even naively trusts shradda. She stayed in cow shed with bihaan (it ws his idea)…. drank poison to protect his maa… bcam a maid for him and so on. She even found out the marriage secret….ddnt tel druv n is stil in pandey nivas.she didnt knw bihaan ws in luv so she cudnt hav intended to hurt him. And oh..not to forget…thse 2 r supose to luk at
    eachothers eyes n read their minds. Then aftr all this drama y r writers draggin the story to an unbelievable track to keep epiodes runnin. Cant they just show thahaan fightin some other situation toghtr rathr than fightn each other. Truely irritated now. Wat abt the rest of u guys. I dont want them to spoil bihaans character profile… abhi tak to he was like a kid… innocent.. makes blunders but not so venomous

    • Thapki

      I reckon you.Bihaans character is ruined his charm ,innocence all gone . I dont know what the writter wants i can writter better and more intriguing story than him/her. Even many fan fictions are better than the real story.

      • Roshni

        Ur absolutely right. May b they shud hire new writers.i can gv umpteen examples of hw ridiculous thse writers r. Wat keeps me hooked is manish n his actin. Esp his actin durin the initial days wen vasu blakmailed him to marry thapki.. his actin made bihaans role so appealing.
        Examples of unrealistic n ridiculous ideas :
        If bauji n al luvd bihaan as his son.. y didnt they educate him.
        2 – vasu felt tht marryin a girl tht stammers wil bring shame on druv. Imagine the shame on a national level when media gets to know that the famous druv pandeys bride was deceptively married by his brother… makin druv luk like an idiot.
        3)3 months for divorce?? They cud gone for anullment. Marriage anullment means the court can say that this marriage is not valid. So thats better than divorce. U guys can luk it up
        4) is so famous… how can the bahu be in a cowshed…. esp with druv being a media person fightn such crimes. Other channels wud hav featured this on their shows.
        3)the episode wr pandey nivas gets robbed.. oh god… thapki usin vacuum cleaner to suck in cash n gold when usin hand wud hav been faster. She cooly enters house while she was forbiden to do so. Insted of runnin outsd n gettin help she stays bak so “wisely”. :-p She decides to inform bihaan that there r goons inthe house by a complicated hand made instrument. She then sends a letter thru the goat sayin “put the
        matchbox to the ear” insted of writin “bihaan there r gundas inthe house “.
        4) thapki savin family from bomb . She runs with bomb and a diya on the same plate. She loads heavy weight on the bomb?! It wud hav exploded even without a remort tht way. N insted of throwin it n runnin away shes busy pilin a tin dubba on it

        So on and so on. Sometyms i feel they think viewers r idiots! I like the theme of bihaans character… an orpham seekin acceptance. He marries a girl forcefuly cozof his mom… but this unintentionally gav him the luv of his life

    • Parvini

      very well presented Roshni, i have been thinking the same thing. All the points you presented is true what happened to the trust they built with each other?? they writers and directors are destroying the chemistry that the leads have. Especially Bhiaan, and yes he is the only one that makes the show worth watching. At least make the arguments funny and logical. I said it yesterday its the same lines all the time. I am sorry from Thapki and i am not the same Bhiaan from Bhiaan….WE GET IT!!!!

      Give more dialog with these two, thapki knows bhiaan; Bhiann knows thapki…WHY DRAG this on more..And why is thapki always crying..really .. has she ever smile in this show????

      as Thapki stated below the Fan Fiction is much better than this crap

      • Roshni

        So true parvini…thapki has same dull expression evryday …so much so tht i thot jigyasa is a bad actress.. but then, if u recollect,there was this scene wr bihaan and friends drink medicine insted of alcohol and she says “are wah..tum logon ko isise nasha chad gaya”…sumthn like that. She smiles and asks tht playfully . I thnk the writers shud utilise jigyasa’s cute giggles ( like in her interviews) and make the thahaan arguments more humorous than painful. Poor jigyasa… evry scene ends with tears…. i think they can use it to water the garden in pandey nivas :-p

      • sag

        has she ever smile in
        this show???? grate question

        yes but we have rare situation when she smiled…

        if want to see her huge smile then watch episode of 5th Jan 2016, scene after secret New year party when she said bhihaan tum buddhu ho buddhu….

    • sag

      U r right but it’s 90% sure bihaan accidentally stabbed bauji…and writers are stupid n now they going to ruined bihaan’s character…

      Why writers dragging thahaan love story is only they know. Now I irritated too and I also
      dont want them to spoil bihaans character

      But they will what they wand we can’t do anything right ???

      LOL tum ne to writers ki vat hi laga di….

      • Roshni

        I thnk if we start counting the blunders in the show then it wil be as many as the numbr of episodes!i can go on n on bt i thot the msg wud bcom too long!

    • sag

      exactly if u try to count all mistakes then the msg
      wud bcom too long! and that msg length measured in KILOMETERS :p 😉

    • nasreen

      ookk.. coool reji.. nanum try panitu than iruku.. ennakum yarachum idea sonna nalarukum.. can anybody tell me. how to see full episode without voot.. pls guys pls pls… we request you.

    • nasreen

      reji im from thiruvarur(koothanallur).
      Now im living in chennai(tambaram)
      jus now im came back to my native for vacation..
      R u from ?
      Wat about you kana?
      And wat about you all guys.. where u all from..
      Shall we make frnds team together?
      im not forced.. those who are interested.. tell me bye..
      good night
      Assalamu alaikum

    • Roshni

      U can try hmm hope i got the adrs ryt..else google it. Site offers many links… some r direct bufferin . But beware of viruses. Some of the gud episodes get removed due to copyright. I used to watch… but some links had viruses n ads n i didnt hav gud antivirus installed.

  10. Fatarajo

    Loved thahaan scenes today but turned out to be a dream, seriously???? First makers deceive us by Bihaan’s dream n now by Thapki’s dream not fair but one thing is sure thahaan will fall in love but don’t know when and precap and spoilers what on earth is going on m so disappointed already demoted this show by just reading episodes only watch te ones I like for example yesterday, only when I find a thahaan scene and within this month makers must must die die show thahaan love confession at least by end of this month may latest – 1 year of TPK, if not I will also stop reading updates, and will start watching show regularly again only after thahaan ka love confession because I can’t tolerate thahaan seperation no no no way

    • sag

      Yes they habituated to disappoint us….

      All time whenever we think all things going to be ok but next they again add some silly drama n now they cross all limits n going to totally ruined bihaan’s character…

      N with this thay postponed thahaan confessions one month minimum….

  11. StoryLover

    I really don’t think vasu can ever change u guys noticed still now she couldn’t accept bihaan as her son even when she knows he worships her like goddess &can even give his life for her but she never treated him like she treats her own son dhruv she always used him for her benefits then how suddenly she can turn a new leaf??when she never considered bihaan as her real son then how can she accept thapki her daughter in law…?? What she is doing is just penance as thapki prooved herself and she realized she was the right choice for dhruv and what a big mistake she did by bringing that evil psyco shraddha to pandey nivas…she is just making up for her sins..she don’t have any compassion neither for bihaan nor for thapki..

    • Roshni

      Right. Vasu is treated as some devi maa by al family membrs. Wudnt her husbnd n evry othr family membr hv knwn hr charactr by now. N thapki sides the right side usually. So hw ridiculous is story writin that thapki thot bihaan did an unforgivable mistake….but wen she discovered it was “maa”… she ignored vasus devious act and decided she has to prove herslf to a woman like tht.from the groom swap… to all the other tricks she played on thapki…. allprove shes a bad person.she even made her a maid.

    • sag

      Yo I also doubt on what she did today..

      But I think she change for at least thapki n I m sure that she will help dhruv if love triangle create after kick out shraddha.
      Shraddha definitely kick out from PN…

  12. shreshta

    ade precapna eshtu sala thoristhare.
    episode thumba boring aagitthu???
    n thnx 4 d update amena.

  13. Bihaan

    I am damn sure bihaan will ask her to leave his life and him all alone for the forgiveness,because the way he looked was similiar to all the tv serial whose male leads give to their respective female leads

    • Roshni

      Hmmmm…. Bihaans decoration was red… for luv. Thapkis yellow..for friendship. Haha?
      Did u notice how evrythin was written in english … even the forgive me msg on the train. Tabi to bihaan got angry…bechare ko kuch samaj me nahi aya hoga… uppar se yellow theme bhi daal diya when he
      wanted red for luv. Poor thing… bhir se dil toot gaya????

    • sag

      then tomorrow u will love bihaan a lot kyo ki ab tak jo angryness vo kal k tandav k aage kuch nahi hai…

      don’t miss upcoming 2 or 3 episode…

  14. reji

    thanks ANU,FATARAJO .NAZREEN Neengalum ivanga sonnatha try panni parunga .good luk n also neenga endha ooru nu na therinjikalama?nanum try panitu comment panren.ya allah kedacha nallathu!!

  15. Malu

    Superb episodes back to back but was up to precap? Is cvs planned to make bihaan as vilain again reunite tharuv something…really messed up with both thahaan….
    but we dnt like such a track plz bring back thahaan …
    start their love track we are the ardent fan of both Manyasa

  16. Malu

    Superb episodes back to back but was up to precap? Is cvs planned to make bihaan as vilain again reunite tharuv something…really messed up with both thahaan…. but we dnt like such a track plz bring back thahaan … start their love track we are the ardent fan of both Manyasa

  17. Sumesh

    Sathyathil bihaan thapkiyea ishtapedunnundo nowdays he like psycho. Onnu shamichal Allam theerumallo thapki athra pravisham sorry paranju.
    ho he was act like utter stupid if never know she had to be ready to her better half but he intentionaly avaoid thapki..
    cvs we dnt want rude bihaan.. This is too much

  18. abi

    Nowadays boring…love thahaan scenes…but precap is irritate…track s stupid…I thought I would stop watching serial

  19. Lucy

    Shraddha to get revenge on Bihaan and Thapki caused this fight between them, tried to convince Dhruv that Bihaan and thapki are falling for each other but she didn’t think that over time that the hot headed Bihaans behaviour towards Thapki will not go unnoticed. She’s actually made it worse for herself cos once she pretends to have a miscarriage Dhruv will not want to get closer to her as he is only staying with her for the baby and with Thahaans relationship a mess Dhruv might go after Thapki again. For shraddha it’s better if Thahaan had got together then Thapki wouldn’t be a threat to her

  20. Parvini

    the show needs to end soon… i am still not watching on regular basis, just after a written update if its worth it…disappointing./.

    • Roshni

      Hmmm but il miss manish…. his expressions r so touchin. Esp the “hurt “look. Gud actor.

      • Parvini

        I know manish is wonderful..but I can see a very bright future for him in movies or well as director. Next sharu..hmmm

  21. swarna

    nice episode but this story has going somewhere ,it was a totally a disappointing track

  22. I really wanna know if bau ji dies or not. I don’t think bihaan tried to kill him, I think bihaan saw the knife with blood and ran down and everyone blames know what I’d be really surprised if he dies cause bihaan got shot and everything and he’s still alive

    • Roshni

      Thapki drank rat poison..walkd out of hosp herslf. Bihaan was almost beaten to death in wwe..then went to collect his reward money hinslf. He got day he was playin holi. The docs in tpk r excellent ??
      But yaar… he shud hav stabbed vasu insted??

  23. MONA

    Nice episode and loved THAHAAN scene as according to olv there is some flower falling &thahaan dance scene ………… Where is that scene ?????

  24. Sam

    I just love the way tapki hug bihaan. And mow bihaan is over reacting. Plz dont add stupid track with stabbing fighting. I really want to see romantic episodes. Writer plz dont spoil bihaan character. Plzzzzzzzzz bihaaan dont ruined your innocence. Special request. Plzzzzzzzz

  25. Sam

    Yaar i just saw a episode on you tube. Bohaaat yee burah
    Waqwazz. Toooo much disappointment. Not happy at alll. Bihaaan character being horrible

    • Lucy

      I know from the location footage, he’s like a wild animal. The writers have lost it

  26. Nages

    Well me too cant see 2day’s episode which is full of disaster….I dont want bihann character become very wild…Very dissapointing….

  27. sag

    friends in upcoming episode…

    scolding drama is coming…

    Bihaan become soooooo angry…

    then he scold thapki so badly and rudely,
    so that bauji tack thapki’s side n become angry on bihaan….

    then bhihaan again scold thapki then bauji again scold bihaan in same way badly and rudely…

    then repetition of this scolding sequences…

    finally it’s become BIHAAN vs ALL PN

    u all will be going to be shock after seeing how bihaan scold thapki. he actually scold her about anything that he thoughts rong.
    he uesd word like “bhaad me jay” “jahanum” “meri joootti” “deemak” n so on….

    N after that stabbing drama…

    in totally i m worried k is bich hamara thahaan love kahi kho na jay..

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