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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan holding Thapki. They see each other. He then helps Thapki. He asks where is she taking the oil box. She says it was not opening, so I was taking it to kitchen. He says I will open it and pours oil in the little container. She looks at him. Ranjhana….plays………. She goes. Kosi heats a tong and signs Sankara. Sankara cries and puts a cloth in her mouth.

Kosi burns Sankara’s hand with the hot tong. Thapki comes there and gets shocked seeing Sankara’s hand burnt. She asks how did this happen. Sankara says kadai was hot and my hand burnt, you do the work. Thapki asks Sankara to go and rest. Kosi asks Thapki why did you call Sankara here to take her help, her hand burnt by kadai. Thapki says you also know well that her hand did not burn by kadai. Kosi

says you stammer but mind works fast. She throws the salt in the sink. Thapki cooks and looks for the salt. Kosi adds the powder in the food.

Thapki turns and Kosi acts like cooking the dish. Kosi says I was just saving the dish from burning. She leaves. Shraddha talks to the ladies. John comes and Shraddha introduces him to the ladies. The ladies ask him did he get married, where does he stay in London. John asks what. Shraddha asks how did this thing come in between. The lady shows her daughter’s pic to John and asks shall I call her here. Shraddha says you do Ganesh darshan, did you cone to find son in law here, John is not ready for marriage. John says yes, I will tell you when I m ready for it. He goes. Shraddha thinks I will not let anyone get John, I did all Shringhaar for him.

Sankara goes to washroom. Bihaan is already there and sees her hand burnt. He asks how did this happen. She says my hand burnt. He gives her toothpaste to apply. She applies some. He applies it well and asks how are you feeling now. She cries seeing him and says this is magical paste, its cooling. He asks her to leave it on hand and goes. Sankara smiles.

Bau ji asks servant to put all wine bottles locked, no one should drink it. Kosi hears this and goes to Bau ji’s room. She gets a bottle left there and says now people will know who is Bihaan’s real mum, Kosi or Vasundara. Bau ji comes back to take his phone. Kosi hides. He takes phone and leaves. Thapki asks Kosi what is she hiding. Kosi scolds her and reminds she is Bihaan’s mum and did not accept Thapki as her bahu.

The guests are served the food. Naman takes food for Dadi. Dadi refuses to have it. He jokes on her state. Dadi says she is not worried for herself, but just for Bihaan. She prays for Bihaan. The guests eat the food and start coughing. Kosi says this lady is not able to talk, this happens when Chuna is added in the food. She says Thapki has made food, how can Thapki add the Chuna in the food. She shows the Chuna box and everyone get shocked. Kosi asks Thapki does she want to make everyone mute as she stammers. The ladies ask Thapki why did she do this. Kosi scolds Thapki. Bihaan goes upstairs and falls down. Kosi and Vasundara rush to him. Bihaan says he just had juice. Kosi says Vasundara made the juice, Thapki ruined food and Vasundara spiked the juice. Vasundara says I did not add anything.

Bau ji and Thapki defend Vasundara. Bihaan says I know everything what Vasundara can do, she cheated me since many years, she can do this. Thapki says you are not in your senses. Bihaan says Vasundara added wine in my juice, everyone should know how Vasundara lied. He angrily tells them that Kosi is his real mum, Vasundara is not his Maa. He holds Kosi. Kosi acts innocent. Naman smiles. The ladies get shocked.

Naman tells Kosi that Bihaan’s kidney will be transplated to John. Kosi adds something in water and makes Bihaan drink it. Bihaan gets dizzy. They smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aami123

    Ty 4 update

  2. When thahaan will be together as before ?hiks hiks….:(

  3. pooja prabha

    Thapki now its your turn you should prove the power of relationship.kosi Devi has to manipulate everything in their own way.Thahaan scene is nice.precap…shocking.I wish Thapki will saves him….ThahaaN forever.

  4. Firda bihaan pandey

    Qw harap thapki bisa atasin smua msalah dan bihan akhirnya menyadari dan kembali lg thahaan yg sll bersama, berjuang bersama. Kluarga pandey hidup damai lagi

  5. Ermmm isnt Sharadha married to Dhruv already and isnt that the reason why shes still in that house? Im worried now Sharadha will also give them hand in this as shes already love over heels over that John lmaooo

  6. Hi guys i haven’t been watching much after the jungle bit, I’ve only been watching few episode and not paying attention what’s been happening? Why did shankari touched the ground after bihaan walked away
    As it its blessing, is she married to bihaan or something it’s all twist. I want to know the relationship. Between shankari and bihaan? I have funny feeling that she wil come in between thahaan relationship.

  7. That kosi man! She has wicked ideas and I don’t like about the precap if it’s like this I don’t think I can watch it. I miss all the evil part and only watch the good parts

    1. I think they got them married when they were kids as theyre villagers and she wiill come with her nonsense saying that Bihan is her husband ??

  8. Yea I think that as well. And then there wil be another story another test for tapki to fight with. I think this Shankar wil try and do lot of things to break thahaan’s marriage later on the show that’s how most serial work. I really don’t like this kosi! Manish goplani said that there wil b more interacting teist coming on the show.

  9. Shankara should help thapki in saving bihan’s life…

  10. Garima

    Hello pooja and seriously precap is not so bad I think all the mystery Will solve in three days or more but aisha really I also think that sankra is bihaan wife

  11. Will thahaan together or break such as thapki n druv?

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