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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan saying he has to say some truth. Dhruv says the truth that Bihaan realized his mistakes, and I have forgiven him. Bau ji gets angry. Dadi says its good and asks Vasundara to do grahpravesh. Dhruv and Bihaan stand beside Thapki. Vasundara does the aarti of them. Dadi asks Thapki to make kalash fall by her right leg. Thapki’s grahpravesh is done. Dhruv recalls Bihaan’s words, and takes his foot back, while Bihaan and Thapki enter the home together. Dadi asks Dhruv where is his happiness. She asks him to lift Thapki.

Dhruv holds his back and says he was sitting in mandap since long, so his back got stiff. Dadi asks Thapki to walk inside. She says they have to take Thapki to take blessings from Lord and then do ring finding ceremony. Dhruv asks Bihaan why

did he try to say truth and scolds him. Dhruv says I have to show them that I m Thapki’s husband, not you. Thapki lights diya in temple. Dhruv says I can’t risk Thapki’s life, I m nothing in your life, else you would have not married by deceive, if you respect me, then don’t tell anything to Thapki and others. Bihaan and Dhruv cry. Dhruv leaves.

Poonam says thanks you guys came in Thapki’s marriage and gives sweets to the ladies. Nimmi comes back and Poonam says Thapki got married. Nimmi acts annoyed. The ladies ask Nimmi why is she doing her daughter’s court marriage. Nimmi taunts Poonam and Thapki’s weakness. Suman and Preeti ask for the ring for the ritual. They start arguing. Dadi asks did they lose that ring, and asks them to give their ring. They say their rings are costly. Dadi says she is asking just for shagun. Thapki stammers and Vasundara gets angry. Thapki says take my ring. Dadi gets impressed and asks Suman and Preeti to learn from her. Kiran asks Thapki and Dhruv not to do cheating and play ring finding ritual soon.

Dhruv recalls Thapki and promise made to Krishnakant. Kiran asks what happened to him, and asks him to play. Dhruv makes the ring fall and says Thapki hasa won. The ring goes to Bihaan. Kiran tells a new ritual that the bride has to tell some poetry with her husband’s name. Dadi says now we will see how Thapki takes her husband’s name. Vasundara gets irritated by Thapki’s stammering. Thapki says few poetic lines and takes Dhruv’s name in it saying about star Dhruv in the sky and she is having her Dhruv.

Dhruv starts coughing by being upset and goes from there. Dadi says Thapki has taken Dhruv’s name, and asks Kiran to take Thapki to Dhruv’s room. Kiran takes Thapki to Dhruv’s room and teases her. Kiran gets a call and asks her to go to the room, she will come in some time. Thapki stands outside Dhruv’s room and smiles. She sees the cockroach and screams. She runs from there and gets inside Bihaan’s room. Bihaan looks at her. She says sorry, I came here by mistake.

She says she has to say something, she knows he does not like her, so he tried to break the marriage, but now marriage is happened and she has new relation with him now, she knows Dhruv loves Bihaan a lot, so she has thought that we have to forget everything and make a new relation. Kiran comes and asks how did Thapki come in Bihaan’s room, when Dhruv’s room is there. She takes Thapki.

Poonam tells Aditi about Nimmi’s taunts. Aditi asks how did Diwakar and his family agree for court marriage when they are greedy. Diwakar tells his plan to his mum, that they are taking money from Nimmi than spending on guests. Mishra and Manju smile. Vasundara tells Bihaan to come and say truth to everyone. Bihaan cries and says I can’t say the truth. She asks why. He says Dhruv asked me not to say anyone, what shall I do now, I m worried. She says she can understand his state, but he is not alone, she is with him. She hugs him saying his mum is with her. Preeti sees this and thinks there is something wrong that Vasundara hugged Bihaan.

Thapki sees the moon standing in window. Sanjay and Ashwin bring Dhruv to his room, and tease him. Dhruv comes inside the room. He sees Thapki feeling cold and switches off AC. She thanks him and says you understand my heart without my saying. He thinks to tell Thapki the truth.

Thapki asks Dhruv is he fine, what happened to him, why is he sad…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What will happen now???

  2. May be two three weeks they will continue with this Dhruv and Bihaan drama.Atlast Dhruv will win.After that vasundara will show her real face to thapki.Then they will continue with the vasundaras direct cruelty with thapki.

  3. exactly
    they are unnecessarily dragging this show it is boring

  4. I feel sad for thapki

  5. i like this episode//////////////

  6. i think ke agge ab thik ho………………thapk ko sab pata chal jayega/

  7. Pls make it intresting,

  8. Oho what a masala is this?it’s too boring so please understand viewers taste and mix some different masalas pls

  9. Thapki will find out about her wedding with bihaan (i think she’ll see bihaan’s face in the wedding photographs) i saw behind the scenes of that episode and i felt so bad to see thapki crying ? i don’t think I’m gonna watch that episode it’s too sad to see thapki breaking down

  10. Feel bad for thapki. Also feel bad for druv and bihaan. Poor bihaan got trapped by bad mother. But serves her right that her plan not working. I think bihaan would take care of thapki with kindness and care

  11. Here too …..
    O my god…..
    what happened to this director s
    laksh married ragini
    rama married amaya
    Thapki married bihaan
    irritating. …..

  12. vry nyceeeeeee show ever

  13. 🙁 🙁 so sad … thapki is going to be known the truth that she married bihaan instead of dhruv….and then she will decide to leave the house… she breaks the mangalsutra and hands over to bihaan… She cries a lot and the whole family… I’m really very sad for all … leaving this vasu.. feeling to kiilllll her

  14. let thapki know about truth of her real husband because trp is going down day by day and start with new twist. vasu real face must come before everyone

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