Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki giving saree to Kosi and says she brought it for her saas and business partner. Kosi likes the saree and says she didn’t wear so much costly saree in her life. She says she is very lucky to have her as bahu, and says that Thapki was useless and a stammering woman. Chacha asks Thapki where is his gift and says he is Bihaan’s chacha. Thapki asks him not to forget that he is Chacha, and not his father. She goes. Kosi says she likes the saree. Chacha tells her that Vani slapped on his face and insulted him. Kosi asks him to keep silent and says she will teach her a lesson after marriage and will take revenge for his insult. Thapki hears them and says she will take revenge from them, as they are the main reason for her family’s separation.

Dhruv comes to

Aditi and asks what is this. He sees her resignation letter and asks if she is going because of him. Aditi says no, and says she is going because of her and says whatever I told you yesterday was wrong, I wouldn’t have told you that. She says truth is that I love you and other truth is I am very happy for you and Shraddha’s life. She says those people are lucky who gets second chance in love. Dhruv says I don’t love Shraddha….Aditi, after whatever she has done with you, it is just sympathy. He tears the resignation letter and says you don’t need to go anywhere. Aditi goes. Dhruv recalls Thapki telling him that very soon his true love will enter life who will love him truly.

Thapki comes to her room and sees Bihaan sitting. She asks what you are doing in my room. Bihaan says I was waiting for you, which I haven’t done so far. He says I brought gifts for you for our engagement. He says you are marrying me forcibly so I will make you accept my conditions. He shows ghungroo, and says I have my first condition…and it is that I will go to dancer every night.

Thapki looks on. He shows the bottle and tells her that he will drink wine daily and will be drunk. He shows the photo frame and tells her that he will keep his girlfriends pics in it, and will change photos daily. He tells that he will go and come at any time, without informing her. He shows the stamp papers and asks her to sign on the papers, else refuse for this marriage silently. He keeps the stuff in the box and is about to leave from the room. Thapki stops him and takes the stamp papers. Bihaan gives her pen. Thapki tears the papers and throws it. She then empty the wine bottle and put the things, and lights match stick and throws on the wine. Bihaan is shocked. Thapki asks him not to dare keep conditions infront of her, else he knows better what she can do with his family. Bihaan is angry and goes.

Sankara looks at the ring and thinks Thapki selected ring for her engagement. She tells that she is wearing Bihaan’s name ring, and nobody can snatch Bihaan from her. She says I will see how you will get engaged to Bihaan. She says when you won’t have a hand, then how you will make Bihaan wear ring or wear ring on your hand. She looks at the scorpion kept in the box.

Kosi asks Servant to hurry up and says today is my bahu’s…I mean Bihaan’s engagement. Thapki comes. Kosi shows her arrangements. Thapki says she likes it. Kosi says she would have brought Taj Mahal for her. Thapki recalls the past. Kosi asks who is coming for engagement. Thapki says nobody, and tells that she will celebrate her engagement with them. Kosi praises her thought and goes.

Bihaan comes there. Thapki tells him that their engagement mahurat is of 6:30 pm and that too for 5 mins, she asks him to get ready on time else. Bihaan says you are threatening me, and says nobody can rule on me. He says I will not be in the house at that time. Thapki asks are you challenging me? She says I will give you an answer if you don’t turn up in those 5 mins, and then you and your family will go to jail in another 5 mins, and asks him not to show cleverness infront of her. Kosi thinks B…for Bihaan will make her B….for Beggar, and thinks if he don’t marry her then how rich bahu will get trapped.

Thapki and Bihaan are sitting for their engagement. Thapki puts her hand in a bowl and takes her hand immediately, as if something have bitten her. Sankara smiles and thinks scorpion have bitten her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    Just an OK episode…Waiting for their engagement…Shankar is absolutely a psychic character,I think she has to make somuch of problems for breaking their engagement and,guys we have to see more hesitating scenes of Sankar.
    Hello…garima…how are you dear?reshal,sruti,santhosh Bhai where are you???


      aur kaha…
      ghar par hoo…???

  2. I am waiting for tomorrow’s episode.I think scorpion won’t bite a days she is so Claver so I am just guessing this.and I hate I sankara.

  3. Shankar……you….out off between bhan and thapki…


      agar aisa hai toh sankar ke liye ek ladka dhoond..??

      1. In english plissss bhay…..I am from another country….I am Indonesian. I cannot speak hindi….sorry bhay

  4. Garima

    no so nice episode hello friends fatarajo you come back ? pata ha mana tumha kitna miss kiya hello pooja santhosh die for manayasa and Manish ki divani ?Anu where are you santhosh you and fatarajo anyone know where are Anu gone


      Anu ki shaadi fix hui hai..??
      Anu TPK shaadi track dekhthe dekhthe apni shaadi karneka faisla karliya hoga…???(don’t take seriously GARIMA, just kidding )

  5. Manish ki deewani

    Hi pooja garima die for msnyasa fatarajo how r u guys
    Fatarajo how’s your exams

  6. Manish ki deewani

    Pooja I’m here I didn’t comment bcz of some network issue


      sab ko poocha lekin, main tumhara dushman hoo kya.. ❗❓???

      network problem.. ??
      ab JIO hai na…❗????

  7. Plz thapki and bihaan is boring.l don’t like this couple.when I wish Vani and Dhruv.Please director return the old couple Thapki – Dhruv :). I fan the thapki pyar ki, I Like the old episode thapki with dhruv.

    1. Thapki+dhruv=bekaar episode
      Thapki+bihaan=superb episode

      According to my views 😛

      1. I don’t like dhruv….
        Bihan is superstar…
        Bihan is king of expression….
        Bihan and thapki always super

      2. SANTHOSH

        i hate VAHAAN..??

        i want only THAHAAN….

        well said pihoo???

  8. Missing ff tpk


      u want to FF..❗❓ just see TPK…??

      i mean??
      FAST & FURIOUS track….???

      (if u want to read the fan fiction just simple?? go to IF. read wonderful & interesting fan fictions )

      1. Hahaha …..

  9. Joylin

    hey today’s epi was not too good and some babhi is going to change the bowl so don’t worry thapki will be safe read in spoilers


      hiiiiiiii JOY…
      neevu Mangaluru meenu annie…????
      (u know Kannada.. ❗❓)

      1. Joylin

        yeah OK Kannada


      profile ge photo upload maadi…?

      neeve e forum ge 2 ne magaluru member. idakku modlu VINLORA anno hesarina obbru member iddru avru kooda magalurinavare….
      TPK page nalli 3 ne kannada member nodi tumbha kushi aythu….??

      neeve avana? illa avala?…❗❓

  10. I really like bihaan and vaani tashan. They just tooo too adorable with each other


      T for THAHAAN ke T for Tashan? …?

      T for Tension toh mujhe T for TRACK se ???…

      1. T for tension make me B for boring. I want T for thahan T for tracks F for funny….F for fighting. I mean funny fighting thapki and bihan…not tension fighting….it make me headache…

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    I just want to say something to cvs please stop dragging ????
    Reveal kosi ka truth asap
    I know it’s almost impossible still ?
    And I m so happy u all still remember me ?
    Well my lessons began three weeks ago so busy due to that


      ⭐”I m so happy”
      ⭐”u all still remember me”
      ➡ main tumhe bhool chuka tha..??

      (J for Jo sirf J for Joke)…

      bahuth dino baadh forum par entry….?? how aru u…❓

      finally come back karneke liye
      J for Jo ki J for Jai ho….????


    TOI Spoiler -Engagement drama

    Episode – 48306:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 03 Nov Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bihaan tries to make Thapki call the wedding off, but she doesn’t give up. Thapki threatens to put Bihaan’s family behind the bars again.
    Episode – 48406:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 04 Nov Set Alert
    More show timings
    Shankar tries to act innocent in order to reveal his plans in front of Kosi. Kosi plans to harm Thapki in order to foil her engagement plans with Bihaan.
    Episode – 48506:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 05 Nov Set Alert
    More show timings
    Dhruv saves Aditi from washing her hands with acid water and confesses his love for her. Meanwhile, Thapki and Bihaan finally get engaged.
    Episode – 48606:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 06 Nov Set Alert
    More show timings
    Shankar gets angry to see both Bihaan & Thapki so close to each other. He lights fire in Thapki’s room to kill her but Kosi comes and saves her.

    1. Hufffff………long scenes….

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Wah Kya spoilers hain love story mein romance Kam but drama zyaada ???
      This show going on only for thahaan ? Varna bache huwe fans bhi nahi dekta yeh show loving vahaan scenes ??


    new member grand entry in pandey parivaar…?? well come to pandey paagal Zoo SCORPIO bhai…????
    sankara turn to SCORPION QUEEN..???

  14. I like bihaan with vani / thapki. Bihan so handsome with his new looks and his clothes, and vani’s look more pretty with saree. Maybe bihaan don’t need wear jacket again, just his clothes makes him handsome.. No wear jacket.hehehe

  15. Manish ki deewani

    A big hello to u Santhosh Bhai how r u . ap merey dushman nahi bhai hai sorry agar ap ko bura laga WO to jaldi mai type kia tha


      hii …?
      i am just kidding don’t take seriously in my comment…???

  16. Manish ki deewani

    A big hello to u Santhosh Bhai how r u . ap merey dushman nahi bhai hai sorry agar ap ko bura laga

  17. I watched in SBS badki will change that milk with help of Aditi & milk was very cold so thapki remove her hand as shown in precap

  18. I recently started watching TPK only bcoz of Manyasa chemistry,I watch TPK 2 times @6.30 fresh episode &@9.30 old episodes on Rishtey channel

  19. Garima

    Hello trupti you take a pic of jana kya hoga rama re you sa it you know I am also saw it but ?

    1. yes I loved that serial after that I started watching TPK.I don’t watch any serial .

  20. Garima

    and fatarajo you forgot me or not ?

  21. Garima

    ha ha ha santhosh you are so funny.

  22. Hello friends…

  23. Please….juveria and Suhana I m waiting for your f f….

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