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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan angry as Thapki wants to do arrangements with him. She comes and her dupatta falls on him, while she slips. He holds her. He checks her bp. She says she is fine. He asks why did she drag him in doing arrangement with her in Dhruv’s engagement. She says Vasundara told her, they can’t refuse. He asks why. She says Dhruv will be hurt, can’t you do this for his happiness. He says he will do this for Dhruv’s happiness, but don’t involve me in anything else. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words.

She sees Dhruv coming in the mirror and acts caring for Bihaan. She says she will check his bp and holds his forehead to check his fever. Dhruv looks on, while Bihaan gets puzzled. Dhruv goes. Thapki scolds Bihaan and leaves. Bihaan says she is mad, and will make

me mad too.

Shraddha visits them. Thapki greets Shraddha. Vasundara says she called Shraddha to make her meet Dhruv. Shraddha says Vasundara is so cool, we are lucky that she is our mum in law. Thapki says no, she is not my mum in law. Vasundara says we will leave. Dhruv is in office and recalls Thapki and Bihaan. Shraddha comes to meet him. She takes him out and says staff has gone for lunch. Shraddha says I will be your host and you will be my guest. She hosts Aapki Awaaz and questions Dhruv about his likes and dislikes. Dhruv smiles.

Vasundara comes there and sees Dhruv smiling after a long time. She gets happy seeing them. She says now I m sure Shraddha will keep Dhruv happy. Vasundara asks them to choose their engagement rings. Dhruv says I have much work. Vasundara insists. He asks are Thapki and Bihaan coming, else we will cancel plan. Vasundara says I will send them at jeweler shop. They leave. Vasundara calls Thapki and tells about Dhruv going to buy engagement ring, he wants her and Bihaan to come there. She reminds Thapki her words that she will help her. Thapki says fine, I will go there with Bihaan. She ends call.

Thapki goes to Bihaan and says Vasundara called, she asked us to go to help Dhruv in selecting engagement ring, Dhruv and Vasundara want us to be there. Bihaan agrees. They leave. Bau ji says I don’t know whats happening. Dadi says maybe Bihaan and Thapki’s relation is written by Lord, that’s why maybe Dhruv said yes to marry Shraddha.

Aditi throws the newspaper at Diwakar’s face. She asks how dare you do this cheap thing. Diwakar says he would have ruined her respect and says this pic does not show our face, tomorrow’s paper will have clear faces, and threatens her. She cries. He says her parents will die and asks her to leave, this is his house. She takes the paper and asks what does he want. He says great, finally you understood, I will tell you what I want. He shows her sindoor and mangalsutra, and she gets shocked.

Thapki and Bihaan see the rings. Dhruv and Shraddha come there. Shraddha likes a ring and says it looks made for me. Bihaan thinks Thapki stammers, and this Shraddha talks so fast that there is no break. Dhruv says this ring is not so good and chooses the other one. He looks at Thapki. Thapki recalls its same as her engagement ring. Bihaan also recalls and says Dhruv, do you really want this. Dhruv asks why, do you want to do anything even this time like last time. Shraddha asks what did Bihaan do last time?

Thapki says these are not the rings which you chose for yourself and Shraddha. Dhruv says these are for you and Bihaan, I will get engaged to Shraddha, when you both exchange rings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. accha hai thahaan vi engagement karle . Kiyun ki pehele engamement dhruv ke sath hua tha. Main soch rahi hu ye boring dhruv dusri bar engagement karne ja rarha hain iss bar vi saadi hogi ya dulhan ko koi aur le jayega

  2. writters kahani kahase kaha leh ja rahi hai i dont like this story line plz milado dhruv & thapki ko

  3. although good epi…………. But little dragging also!!!

  4. Superb bihaan and thapki

  5. ha ha gud keep going let us c watz going to happen……dhruv and thapki oly……

  6. nice epi…….bihaan thapki made for each other

  7. Dhruv get jealous…….bihaan thapki unite

  8. suprrrrr……..epi………biki sooooo…………….cute…………couple……………made……….4……….each……….other……….

  9. nice thahaan moments , manish ur acting is very good ur expressions ur dialogues ur voice we like very much, thahaan made 4 each other …….thahaan rocks

  10. pooja prabha

    Its a nice episode,Bihan rocks…………i think there is a surprise behind in the coming episodes,let see…..Thahan you are the best for ever…………..

  11. Bakvas bandh karo!!!
    U idiot Thapki , u can make chaas within 10 minutes using washing machine , u can find watch by its light, bit not the cheater…..
    It is stupid to see this… They make us fool not her…..

  12. Thapki u don’t want Dhruv and Bihaan both…. U will surely get a better guy than them …they both cheated u… Bihaan married u…
    Dhruv going to marry ,though not going to happen ,he should have not said yes for it….
    U don’t want them

  13. Thahaan Rocks…….

  14. Nice…thahaan looks so cute…

  15. Nyz..epi… W8ng upcmng thahaan romance…:-D:-)
    bihaan..nd tapki made 4 each other..<3

  16. Can’t wait for thahaan upcoming drunken scene love u bipki they are going to exchange ring in drunken state hope at least they remember

  17. Super episode….love thapki and dhruv…writters pls unite thapki and dhruv…
    Bihaan and shradha stay away from thapki and dhruv…
    OMG when this evil vasundara true face will be exposed..!!!

  18. yaaa we r waitng fr tharuv
    plzzz reunite thapki & dhruv
    bcz still they lv each other
    lv u tharuv

  19. some ppl they have think love means fighting each other , romance atrraction this only.this is wrong they expected from thapki and bihan this only. I think love means give respect to each other and believe on each other . It happens in only between dhruv and thapki .dhruv always respect her feelings and always trust her . dhruv give his hand in her tough situation except marriage.

    1. vry true

  20. There is not his fault .bihan make a fault and spoil thapki and dhruv life.

  21. Thaannna ur best …..bihaan superb….

  22. Bihaan good hearted person….viewer’s pls don’t blame bihaan…he blindly believe vasu and blackmailed emotionally….she is ready to die to stop d marriage. And an orphan kid always wants mothers love wat will do.remember bihaan doesn’t know that dhruv loves thapki…. After knowing that he try to unite dhruv and thapki…he tolerates everything for bad vasu,he can sacrifice his life for his family….thahaan or tharuv….vasu devil played both of her sons life…

    1. kindhearted agree but without brains tht u people agree… and wer was his kind heart while he was spoiling two lovers life..

      1. Ur right diya.. if he’s really kind hearted why did he spoil thaoki and dhruv’s life. He should tell thapki that on wedding day he hit on dhruv’s head. And tell her to marry dhruv after divorce. And wht will this 3 months get over.

  23. I like Manish acting ….. His different expressions like anger fun fight dialogue everything is nice.his voice also good…ankit always romantic ya

  24. At first thahaan fight….FRM kc there’s some cute feelings formed btwn thahaan…now cute fight and little romance brewing btwn thahaan….I saw in u tube bihaan and thapki drunkthey exchange ring without conscious…..

  25. Nice episode..
    dadi says exactly correct thahaan is made by god. If any two person love each other ok 50% both attraction,self respect,consideration but 50% is fate by god written in everybodyies lifes.only god have known which is good relation and bad relation is so they untill unite for together ever . Man creates god disposses .

    1. ok thn let god do the same wid u

  26. Very excited…becoz of dhruv noe thahaan eill be engaged as they did not do engagement…all thanks to dhruv…love thahaan scenes…pls unite them….besy show only for manish n jigyasa..manyasa rocks n TPK..

  27. Eventhough she stammers,thapki suppose to be an intelligent girl but she behaves like a stupid person. Isn’t the three months up yet? The only person who is genuinely nice to her is druvfs dad and dadi mah. I still haven’t start watching this series yet. I read the written article to see if there is any changes between thapki and druvf before I start watching. The question is will thapki and druvf ever get united together?. I can’t bear to see thapki and bihan together because their marriage was based entirely on betrayal and lies. I don’t call that marriage.

  28. Boring……….even Thapki is an intelligent girl she is always cheated by others.No one ready to accept her feelings.I quit to watch this show bcoz it is too much dragging.Even the lead character is Thapki, she have always painful experience I can’t watch this…….I never think that Dhruv marriage another girl…….very bad. dhruv???????????

  29. Very bad episode. . Really disappointing.. dhruv’s marriage to shraddha is not making any difference to thapki. Doesn’t she love dhruv anymore now? How can she forget the respect and love given by dhruv when everyone insulted her in office. dhruv is the only one who never made fun of her. Bihaan also made fun of tgapki’s stammering. Then how can ppl love that bihaan and thapki as a couple. Dhruv is only made fir thapki. No one else. Unite THARUV……


  30. Thapki is the most stupid girl ever seen. Earlier she was shown as an intelligent and smart girl.. but now her thinking also stammers. How can she agree to vasundhara. She doesn’t have mind or what? And when will 3 months get over. If bihaan really wants to unite them, he should tell thapki that he hit on dhruv’s head and made him unconscious on his wedding day. Why isn’t he telling thapki about this. He can’t do anything except spoiling others life.. don’t know where the story is going.. and I don’t like shraddha. She has no match with dhruv. Plzzzzzz unite tharuv.

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