Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bani telling Thapki that hatred can’t go from her heart for her, just as Bihaan can’t return. Thapki cries and is upset thinking about Bani’s words. Just then Bihaan’s pic falls. Thapki holds the frame and asks him to return. Bani is sad and recalls Bihaan. Munna comes and says I know you are sad as you don’t want to marry me. He asks her to tell everyone that she don’t want to marry him. Bani is silent. Munna says I will tell them and will not ruin your life. Bani holds his hand and asks him to let the things happens as it is happening. Tina comes to Bani and asks her to select lehenga. She says she is making her marriage arrangements since a year and there is less time to do arrangements for her.

She says we will select blue color for you and asks her to

say something. Munna says how she will say? Tina asks him to come and buy clothes for himself. She takes him with her. Bani is still sad.

Thapki gets Bihaan’s photo frame repaired at the shop. She is walking on the road and tells Bihaan that she needs him the most at this time. Some goons come there and make muddy water splash on Thapki. Thapki calls them shameless and scolds them. The goons stop them and tease Thapki, make her photo frame fall down in pit. They splash muddy water on her and laugh on Thapki. Bihaan’s lookalike comes in his car and comes near Thapki. Thapki tries to wipe mud from her face. She cries and tries to clean her eyes. Bihaan’s lookalike tries to help her and is about to hold her hand, but goon comes and stops him. Bihaan’s lookalike beats them. Thapki asks if someone is here, asks for help. Bihaan’s lookalike sees water pipe there and throws water on her to clean mud from her. Ranjhana plays……Thapki opens her eyes and cleans the photo as well. She sees Bihaan’s lookalike reflection on the photo frame. She turns and sees him. She sees him and recalls everything. A fb is shown. She recalls his death then. He asks are you okay? Thapki is in shock. He says that’s why I don’t help anyone, people don’t know how to thank. He sits in car and leaves. Thapki shouts Bihaan. She takes an auto and asks to follow the car.

Samar comes and tells that he met Tina and Munna and came to know that they are getting married in the same mandap and asks if she is fine. He says it seems matter is serious and asks her to share her worries. He sees her crying and says you are crying because you are getting married. He says you are typical and weak girl. Bani asks whom you call weak and asks him not to call her weak. Samar asks her to prove that she is not weak and holds her hand. He asks her to free her hands. Bani pinches him and frees her hand, asks him not to call her weak again. Samar says this is real Bani, Ms. Aunty.

Thapki comes following Bihaan’s lookalike. Someone comes and calls him Aryan Khanna. Thapki recalls hearing his concert and thinks he is like Bihaan. He comes to her and pats on her shoulder. Thapki sees him.

Aryan asks Thapki if she is a stalker and asks what she wants. She says she wants him to become her husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. the bkws seriall…i was thinking that may b aryan comes for bani but it seems tht cvs are intrsted to make thapki love affair….its so rediculous….how thapki who is a mothr of two young girls demanding a strange man to becom her hsband ….as this is th thapki old habit but frst she must hv to knw the age of aryn may b he is th age felw of her daugtrs thn hw can she mke her husbnd who is like her son…

    1. I’d rather Thapki becomes a cougar then have one of her daughters marry their dads look a like, that’s just disgusting

      1. There is nothing wrong with an older woman marrying a younger man, older men do it all the time and it’s not as Thapki even looks old

  2. Please bani & aryan not samar and bani?

  3. I am happy that manish is back! Thakpi just shocked to see Bihaan back but his name is aryan khanna. What a interesting and odd! Wait and see what happen next?. I missed Bihaan and thapki together. ?

  4. I am agree with sadia. Wow!!! What a great mind blowing expression n acting of your’ s!!! U just nailed all of ur performance. But I am sorry to say, you waste your talent for this disgusting serial. Plz once again quite it and come fast another new project. Best of luck.

  5. Manish!! Manish and manish goplani!!!

  6. Very very WISHFUL MORNING to all…..

  7. MISS you all very badly…..
    stay happy, healthy…

  8. Whatever our Manish is back. Just cherish it…Either he plays against bani or thapki,he is the reason we watch.

  9. Just dont get me wrong…for me its not good if bani n aryan become couple cauz aryan is look alike bihaan who is father of bani…a girl cnt marry n being romatic with a guy look alike with her father..its damn disgusting n a weird thing aso…frm my thinking im sure bani n samar n tina n munna wil b the couple like switch marriage…just i wanna aaryan must b a equal age of bihaan n they must b together..if bani n aryan wil b couple then i wil stop watching rather see a disgusting things…thats it…sorry if im wrong…n even thapki just aaking hym a help frm aryan to make everything alright with bani not for being a real husband i think so?

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