Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan saying my life got ruined after my name joined with Thapki. He cries and says she did not make me turn good, and complains to Bau ji. Everyone worry and look on. Bihaan says now no one trusts my loyalty, she made my family against me, even my Bau ji…. Everyone says marriage is of seven births, but I say this is result of my seven births’ sin, that I got married to her. He asks Bau ji to beat him….. he gets angry and gets a fruit knife. He gives it to Bau ji.

Dhruv asks Bihaan what is he doing. Bihaan asks Bau ji to kill him. Vasundara asks Bihaan to stop it, did he go mad, I don’t have courage to see this. Bihaan says even I don’t have courage to bear Thapki now. Thapki cries. Bihaan goes upstairs holding the knife. Dadi cries and says don’t know whose

bad sight caught my children….Vasundara asks Preeti to take Dadi to room. Dadi says no, how can I get sleep, till peace comes back. Dadi cries and asks Bau ji to try to explain Bihaan. Bau ji cries and says I will explain Bihaan, he saved my life, I love him like my real son, I can’t see him walking on wrong path. He goes upstairs. Bihaan hits knife between his fingers. Bau ji comes and stops him. Bau ji asks him to listen peacefully. Bihaan refuses and asks Bau ji to leave his hand. He says leave me, and go from here.

Bau ji and Bihaan pull the knife. Bihaan says I m very angry, leave me. Bau ji shouts Vasundara and falls downstairs. Everyone get shocked and shout. They run to Bau ji. Bau ji gets stabbed. Bihaan comes running with the blooded knife. Dhruv asks who stabbed knife, and looks at Bihaan. Dhruv fumes angrily and shouts Bihaan. Everyone look on shocked. Dhruv asks Bihaan what did you do to Bau ji. Shraddha says Dhruv, come fast, Bau ji wants to say something. Dhruv says I won’t leave Bihaan alive. Dhruv goes to Bau ji. Bau ji says this….. Dhruv asks Sanjay to start car. They all rush Bau ji to hospital. Thapki cries and everyone leave. Bihaan gets in shock and drops knife. He shouts Bau ji and cries.

Everyone worry for Bau ji, and cry. Vasundara asks Bau ji to be strong. Thapki asks Bau ji to keep eyes open. Dadi cries for Bau ji. Dhruv asks Vasundara not to worry, nothing will happen. Bihaan also comes there and sees Bau ji….. Bau ji is rushed to OT. Vasundara gets angry seeing Bihaan. She goes to Bihaan and asks what are you doing here, did you come to see whether your Bau ji is alive. He says no. She says you did this with your Bau ji, you did this to pay for his love, he was explaining you for your good, what did you do with him. She pushes him and asks him to leave from here, else she will curse him.

stops Vasundara and hugs her to console. Everyone cry. Dhruv says I was bad son of Bau ji, Bihaan you were good son of Bau ji, what did you do with him, I wish to leave all my humanity and goodness and just kill you…… I can’t do this, as this is difference between you and me, I have Bau ji and Maa’s blood in my veins, I can’t become like you even if I want. Sanjay says Dhruv, if you can’t become like him, we can become like him, we will not leave him, come Ashwin. They get angry.

Dadi asks them not to fight, as her son is fighting with his death inside OT. Vasundara hugs Dadi and they cry. Bihaan and Thapki cry. Ankhon pe dhoop si….. plays………… Thapki recalls whatever happened and cries.

Police comes there. Dhruv says I called them, and asks inspector to arrest Bihaan, he attempted to kill my Bau ji. Bihaan is taken away by inspector. Bihaan takes inspector’s gun and asks them not to come ahead. Family gets shocked. Bihaan says I won’t go anywhere without seeing Bau ji. Thapki asks him to leave gun. He aims gun towards her. Dhruv and everyone get shocked. Bihaan sees the OT bulb light on. Thapki walks to him.

Bihaan aims at Thapki. She stands fearless. Dhruv asks Bihaan to stop this madness. Everyone worry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Roshni

    Saw just last part. Hmmm does thapki wana help bihaan by takin her as hostage and escape. She did move closer. Tht wud be fun..they can go into hidin togthr and reconcile there relationship until bauji regains consciousness n cleara bihaan of charges

  2. Great now Bihaan became a sociopath… His taking a gun out and pointing at thapki and acting crazy, wtf is is this crap??
    It’s pissing the hell out of me.. I swear to god if thahaan doesn’t get together,’I will honestly hate this show?? Like what the hell man~Nusz

    • Roshni

      Hmmmm…. wel.. may b they wana go hollywood style. She wil let him point the gun on her…take her as a hostage and then run away from the police security until bau ji becoms concious n tels ppl wat really hapnd. Seein hw thapki helpd bihaan he wil forgv her. I dont see how else all this drama can be made worthwhile. Watevr it be.. the dialogues writin went a lil too far at insulting thapki

  3. devik

    What the hell this cvs ddirector think they r dragging the show if bihan shoots thapki then thahaan is seperated for ever ye log thahaan ko itna dhoor kyun kart I he

  4. sag

    hey guys I m back with new hope…

    in today’s episode they don’t show scenes of bihaan accidentally stabbing bauji…
    they show directly injured bauji n knife in bihaan’s hend

    N meanwhile when dhruv was blame bihaan at that time bauji shouted I think they want to say something…

    menace they keep little Window gap for something new twist….

    now I think bihaan is innocent.

    what u thinks guys ???

    • Hi there I also think the same. I got the feeling that there’s something fishy going. I think it wasn’t bihaan who stabed bauji it might be someone else.

  5. Lovely(helly)

    I don’t know what is going on writer ji’s mind.
    I don’t hope they are going unite Tharuv again.In that case they might unite Bihaan
    with Aditi.
    By the way new Aditi is not matching with Bihaan.earlier one was at least matching.
    But hope to see Thahaan love track.

  6. Maira

    Bihaan what are you doing yaar? I wish ke bauji bach jaye aur sab ko batai ke by mistake bihaan ne mujhe stab kia, waqi hi yaar us ne ghalti se stab kar dia,wo karna to nahi chahata tha na,bcz he loves his bauji dearly,i’m sure ke sub kuch jaldi normal ho jai ga leiken bihaan ne jis tarha bauji se baat ki boht bura laga,aur bihaan thapki ko shoot nahi kare ga bcz wo thapki se pyar karta hai:-)

  7. Prtibha

    Ye bihaan ko kya ho gaya hai yr suddenly aisa insane type behave kyu kr raha hai….m sooooo confused n sad to c this bihaan..he’s so kind n good how he can do all this…n WILL THAHAAN SEPARATE ??? should b happened…..pathetic…episode…how they can think that bihaan can stab him…

  8. Afnaz

    Ebb is bihan really getting maad? Fed up vd his doings…. jst readng dis update to knw wether thapki and bihan will unite or not…. pranth pudknn nth ith ? Bihan ingane ello akan enthindayn?

  9. aliza khan

    Now…iam sure thapki will leave PN…very soon…
    No thahaan nor tharuv… is better to go away…

  10. Kana

    Rompa santhosam 🙂
    Thapki nee unga daddy veeduku poo
    Bihaan nee jailku poo
    Bauji nenga mela pongo
    Nangalum ethavathu urupadiyana velaiya poi parkirom

      • Kana

        Innum nalllla nallllla varthaiya vaayila varuthu public la pesa koodathe endu parkiran 🙁

      • ash

        Appadiya! Neenga solra nalla varthai ethana perukku puriya pogudhu. Adutha episodela 4 nalla varthaya kadhu kulira solunga, ketukaren.

    • abi

      sema pa…current situation na evlo simple ah solitinga…nan urupadiyana velaya pakalam,,,thapki pyaar ki oru periya kumbudu….i love bihaan …so only waiting…bihaan char spoil pana…colors tv pakamae varavendam…

  11. reji

    if u r a tru fan of manyasa thn u don’t stop watching d is thos stupid writers who writes d script.our star work hard n give their best to their fans.v shld suport them.v should stay tune n make thm win more award n step ahed alng vit othr seriels only if u r a tru fan.

    • Kana

      This is our weakness reji,bcz we are diehard fans of thahaan, watever happend or watever track going on we will support them and they know it very well 🙁
      That’s why they make us fool 🙁
      Dragging….. dragging…..dragging….. and finally ruined bihaan’s character 🙁
      But manish is an outstanding actor,i just watch this drama only bcz of him

  12. Kana

    250th episode
    Thahaan fans – plz start thahaan love track
    Tpk team- coming soon

    300th episode
    Thahaan fans-plz start thahaan love track
    Tpk team- coming soon

    500th episode
    Thahaan fans-plz start thahaan love track
    Tpk team-coming soon

    we are not wild animals, we are humans beings,We have senses don’t make us fool
    Just quit this show

      • Kana

        Yah yah definetly definetly v’ll make a team 🙂 but one condition shall we make a challenge?
        tpk writer always tell us love track coming soon,coming soon means atleast 2 or 3 weeks nah?,so before 31st may they have to start.
        But i feel at the end of this month also they will say coming soon…. if they start love track before 31st then we will make a varuthapadatha tpk valibar sangam and naan thalaivar aayirran nenga seyalalar aayirunga appidi illa pesama quit pannitu urupadiyana velaiya poi parpom ok

  13. Bihaan

    Saw the olv, thapki comes closer to him then his hands vibrates and then he drop the gun and run towards OT to see bauji ,in interview its clear that neither bihaan stab bauji intentionally nor accidentally there’s someone else

  14. Mridula

    Oh..he is doing all this for seeing his bauji and bcoz he don’t want to be separated by going to jail..! Dont worry he will do nothing..thapki will stand in front of him , he will drop the gun and run towards OT.? And also bauji will be in coma! ? And the director told that thahaan love story track is gonna start..this means thapki is going to support bihaan and prove him innocent. Hopefully they do it fast! Already dragged so much…????

  15. Ally

    I’m sure that Bihaan is not the culprit who stabbed Bauji.
    Something happened in between their conversation..
    I think may be third person involved in it.
    Precap shocking… I hope Bihaan will not shoot Thapki in anger

  16. Bihaan…..i can never imagine to see you in this situation,but,iam sure Bihaan didnt stab his babuji,there is something mistaken.i think Thapki will find the real truth and reunite him with his family.Meantime,Thahaan will start their life with full of joy.MANISH YOU ARE A SPECTACULAR ACTOR have the ability to handle any situation in a realistic way.super…

  17. alisha

    It was just accident. Dont think shardha did it. Plus yesterdays episode was stupid. Bihaans anger is not justifyed and the way he carried on he might as well have dropped his mother in it and brought out the truth of shardha.

  18. Bea

    OMG . Bihaan you really need to get out of that toxic family. Today they proved that in spite of all the words they utter, they never really regarded you as a member of their family. Such crap coming out of the mouths of Dhruv and Vasundhra.
    WIthout knowing the full circumstances they accused of such a heinous crime against the person you loved the most in the world.

    That Dhruv, such a sanctimonious little prick, I hope he is soon made aware of the person who is responsible for all his misery after so proudly claiming to be her progeny. Pride comes before a fall and I hope he will make a big and messy splat when he does.

    As for Vasundhra, that evil incarnate, wanting to curse Bihaan, I guess it comes naturally to her because that’s what witches do, curse.

    Uugh I am fuming. Smoke coming out of my ears.

    That family will implode without Bihaan and the time has come for them to realise that indisputable fact.

    Leave Bihaan leave . Go make a success of yourself because you are clearly capable. When the time comes they will come to you wash your feet and drink that water themselves.

    • Nimisha ?

      Very well said Bea.

      vasu is responsible for ALL of this. She has conditioned him from a young age to be grateful for the scraps of love that he got. Her love has always been conditional.

      He felt forced to grab the gun, not to kill anyone or harm anyone, but simply to be allowed to stay at the hospital, to see bauji. Bauji is the only one who has truly loved Bihan but for years seeing his ‘ma’ not love him equally to dhruv has had a negative effect, what happened with thapki was the straw that broke the camels back.

      I also don’t think he intentionally stabbed bauji. They obviously had a skirmish and he got hurt.

      I don’t blame thapki for staying to find out the truth, but I can also empathise with Bihan. A lot!

    • Lado

      U r absolutely right bae ….vasundra never accepted bihan as her son …..she just used him and his unconditional love for her…….bihan saved her many times …….he kept her secret and now she and dhruv are giving him family lessons ……this is totally bulshit ???

    • aliza khan

      Everyone in forum is against dhruv’s character….if u take vasundra’s name so i understand but dhruv y??

      Yesterday situation was created like that dhruv or every one in the house blamed bihaan even thapki was silent…..
      And now everyone in the forum jst saying hate dhruv……i think we people are getting pshyco on this serial….

  19. I dont think bihaan staabed knife to babuji bcoz( he lvs babuji ;he is his life he is his god ;he is his everythink )there is someone who stabbed knife to babuji (i think shraddha do this becoz bihaan find out about her fake pregnacy nd thats why she hit babuji to make bihaan bad infront of everyone nd blame bihaan for his babuji mudder )….do u remmber bauji want to say something….

  20. rks

    I think bihan gets fall in some disease. So he will try to proof he is bad & creates hate in every people of his family.

  21. Pls change the story line. ..don’t spoil bihaans character. doesn’t look good plz. ..but who did this to bauji?

  22. Lucy

    The only reason he took the gun wasn’t too harm anyone but to give him time until bauji chines out of the theatre

  23. Sam

    Guys honestly. This was the only show i watch. Sometimes u get so fan of something that u never want jt let it go. But where writer taking this serial is pathetic, horrible, and painful. I watch this show to see bihaan funny jokes and tricks. Innocent love of thahaan. Writers and directors dont flop this serial. Showing violence anger. Yaar duniya mein itnah bara howa hain kay abb dil nahin kartha deknay ko. Mashallahsay itnee pyari jodi tee thahaan ke. Now all messed up. Feeling really disappointed.

    • Mridula

      Yes..missing old thahaan! I also used to see only this show till last month.. hopefully they change the track soon and bring back the old thahaan and bihaan! ?

  24. Fatarajo

    I already stopped watching this show a month ago when Bihaan got irritated by Thapki but I saw it last week because I thought their love track will start. I realize they only she’s thahaan scenes at the end of te month, like the star scene, thahaan alone, and then the cold storage scene, I think in the last month of May they will either confess or Thapki will realize her love or remarriage somehow. Not watching this show for now only reading updates and yes is not Bihaan someone else stabbed Bauji I read in tellychakkar

  25. rani

    I think bihaan must be suffering from some terminal illness n wants tapki to leave him n move on as he has realized tapki has started loving him.. weird guess

  26. Trupti

    did anybody knows thapki(Jigyasa) & Bihan(manish) had done a serial before on rajisthani channel.they look too cute in that serial ,even they both belongs from Jaipur

    • Mridula

      Yup..they say that in most of their interviews! ? But that serial is not online..? hopefully they upload it so that we can see it..just love manyasa chemistry..?

      • Trupti

        you can see title track of that serial on youtube.Jigyasa wearing shorts & manish lifting her

    • Roshni

      Chore tera guan bada pyara.even i wana watch it.trailer is so cute.jigyasa in modern clothz

  27. reji

    k kana i accept the challenge.adutha tamil padam varuthapatha tpk valibar sangama than irukanum!!!neenga thalaivar na seyalalar ,k?

  28. Guys………did you see the new promo?climax ka shukravar…I believe Thapki willbe unfold the truth infront of pandey family members.after the realization of truth,Bihaan will leave from his house……..lets wait and see.

  29. haha

    wow wow… i am a silent reader here but i read all the comment to know the future story a friend of tpk comment about a koeran drama named 49 days
    i search in google
    first i read the plot and decided to watch with the help of english subtitle
    today i finish watching all the 20 episode
    wow wow what a extraordinary story
    this searial make me cry from the frist part to the last part
    i love all the actores and actoress
    thanryou sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch for the person who tell about 49 days
    also icried whem shin ji hyen go to the elavator poor han kang and song

    • Fatarajo

      Yes I know that drama 49 days I like lee yo won and bae soon bin’s acting there me and my friends we loved that drama currently I watch sbs and witch’ castle but I also love indian dramas but they are too dramatic at times only diff between Korean and Indian drama is that Korean drama are finite if Indian drama had finite they would have always been in the storyline not out of concept one finite indian drama I know currently is dehleez on star plus and Naagin on colors but concept is unrealistic

  30. abi

    after prove bihaan s right…bihaan want to move from this house…all r blame him…simply dhruv told u r not our blood…how crucial his words…i hate more dhruv n thapki..they spoiled our charming bihaan…i want old bihaan with caring aggressive ghajab bihaan///how sweet he was….now totally crap..mindblowing actor manish….we frustrated for thahaan unite..hereafter not waiting…compare to serial Friends FF super…its fullfill our dreams


  32. Syed Hussain

    One toi spoiler it says that bihaan will be at home & in news channel they have shown that bihaan will be in jail. Now which is to be believed.

  33. Lado

    I think that it was not bihan who stabbed bau ji he can’t do it and moreover they didn’t even show that scene properly ……it is not clear that it was bihan who stabbed bauji and I now think that Thapki will sense that bihan is not the culprit and will try to free him from all the charges…..??

  34. Mounika

    Dud any saw today prepcap….thapki wil prove bhihan innocent ….all pandey family will see thapki angrily

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