Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki lighting diya. Bihaan comes there and says Ghazab, you started decorating house for my engagement. She says Dadi asked me to do this. He asks what did you have to say about my engagement. She says its your life, you can decide for your life. He asks are you happy with this, if I marry someone, will it not matter to you, fine don’t tell anything now. He takes a diya in his hand and says if you don’t stop me before this diya blows off, if you don’t come to me, then this engagement will happen. She gets shocked.

Thapki goes to Sheena. Sheena tells Thapki that I m looking beautiful, think how beautiful will I look in my marriage, Thapki you make me ready in my marriage, thanks for everything. Sheena thanks her. Thapki asks what did I do. Sheena says you are

giving me your husband. Thapki cries. Sheena says I mean if we stay with lifeless thing for four days, we get attached, but you and Bihaan are so good and staying together, it won’t be easy to make someone ready for your husband. She asks what happened Thapki, are you fine. Thapki says nothing. Sheena asks Thapki to tell her if there is anything in her heart, I will stop this engagement. Thapki recalls Bihaan’s words and says no, if Bihaan wants to get engaged, I m fine, you are looking very pretty, I m very happy for you, don’t worry. She makes Sheena sit and covers her with the ghunghat. Bihaan looks on with annoyance. Thapki sees him. He goes.

Bihaan prevents the diya from blowing off. He waits for Thapki. Dadi comes there and asks what happened. Bihaan says Thapki is not saying anything, she is making Sheena ready, I don’t want to get engaged, I will go mad. Dadi says Thapki will realize her feelings. He says I told Thapki that I will do engagement if she does not come before diya blows off, shall I add more ghee in the diya, if Thapki does not come then…… Dadi says you have hope, Thapki will not let your engagement happen with anyone.

Suman and Preeti get ready for the fake engagement. Shraddha locks them in the room and says I will tell truth to Thapki. They worry. Thapki recalls Bihaan’s words. Shraddha goes to Thapki and tells her that she has to tell her something, its about Bihaan and everything, the engagement. Suman and Preeti come there and make much noise. Shraddha says engagement is just a drama. Thapki does not hear it. Thapki asks Suman and Preeti to stop making noise. Suman and Preeti say we are very happy for Bihaan and Sheena’s engagement. Preeti pinches Shraddha and signs her not to say anything. Suman asks Thapki to go and get Sheena downstairs.

They send Thapki and catch Shraddha. Shraddha says I m not scared of any elders, I will tell Thapki the truth, you can’t stop me. Suman says its your Maun Vrath today and applies tape to her mouth. Suman asks Shraddha not to do any mistake. Preeti records Shraddha’s statement. Suman asks Shraddha to agree to them now. Preeti asks Shraddha not to remove this tape till their drama goes on. Suman asks Shraddha to support them. Thapki gets Sheena for engagement. Bihaan looks at Thapki.

Dadi asks what happened to Shraddha. Preeti says Shraddha kept Maun Vrath for her to be born baby. Vasundara says this is called Maa ki Mamta, great. Suman compliments Sheena and says Thapki made her ready. Preeti says it seems Thapki is with bride’s side. Dadi says we will get Ballu here later. Vasundara says we will make new couple dance first. She asks Bihaan and Sheena to dance. Bihaan and Thapki see each other.

Bihaan and Sheena dance on Tu mera hamdard hai…… Thapki cries and imagines dancing with Bihaan. She gets sad seeing Bihaan and Sheena. Bihaan gets Sheena in her arms while dancing. Everyone clap for them. Thapki gets up to leave. Vasundara asks where are you going. Thapki says I will go and see Bau ji, if he needs anything. She goes upstairs. Everyone get worried.

Thapki gets the diya and tells Bihaan that she loves him a lot. She shouts I love you Bihaan. He happily cries and shows her the mirror. She gets surprised. He says you were my bride, you will be my bride and will always be my bride. They smile.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    love u thahaan
    finally MA confess
    Waiting for Tomorrow epi

    i want that Ds hear thapki words so that he realise that thapki loves only bihaan.

    I have saw AB pic in which he write Ds turning grey…so i was shocked as now Cvs turning Dhruv grey..Omg plz no more problem in thahaan life

    first Mom now her son

    no no no plz

    thapki dream too good

    • Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

      No no juggu mehandi to haldi poga arampicha apuram twist kwistnu solli ethachum panni namma santhosathuku aaappu vaichiruvainga,so saddu puddunu romance ah arampikirathu than yelllarukkummmm nallathu,inna naan solrathu??

      • Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

        Venumna innaiku nadantha engagemnt mathiti adutha naale ellar munnadiyum bihaan thapkiku mangalsuthra poddu viddu sindoor vaichu viddu oru simple kalyanam pothum,writer thampi ithuku mela twist vaicha nee seththa 🙁 be carefull

      • Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

        Epdi irunginga yellarum .. Ada paavi writer u… nee matum en kaila maatuna.. sethha…
        Engala paatha unnakenna paithiyamadhiri theriyudha..
        Rendu naala nangalum ippa varum, appa varum nu irundha…. oreythiriya dimiki kodukalamnu nenakiriya….
        Konnuduvan mavaney…
        Nethu nages akka bday annaikum confess panla…
        Inniki ennoda bday kachum indha ponnu confess pannum nenacha.. innikum pocha…..

        Dont make us fool.. ok…

        Indha ma thapki… unnakey konjam overah theriyala…
        Avan than love ah sollu nu evlo thooram unna kenchinala…. apppaiyum sollala.. sari… namala vera oru ponnu kuda irukra pathalavadhu ne love soluvanu nencha…. Indha MAHATHMA bihaan ah thaalavathu koduka porangalukum…
        Mavaley ne mattum ippa love ah sollala.. na thedi vandhu un kaathe pudichi thirividuven..
        Vekkamey illama.. 3 naala orey precap ah podra…
        U think. we are mad ? Dragging … Dragging …Dragging.
        Ennaku theriyum.. indha ponnu kandippa love solidum.. soliduchu… but its too late for us.. I hope tmrw thapki will surely coffess her love…

      • Nasreen akka tension avadheenga iniku confession confirm.
        Aprm theva illama prachnaiya kelapi vitena Tamil ponnunganu poda solli. I am Sry na oru identity kaga that Donna adha gangism groupgroupism nu solranga im Sry???

    • Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

      Yah nasreen don’t worry tdy confession confirm 🙂 and nasreen naan fb account open panitan unaku request kuduthitan accept pannu,bcz inga soolnilai sari illa kalavaram varum pola iruku so anga pesikalam

      @juggu-inga paaru ipdi ellam pesina pichupuduvan rascal,nee entha thappum pannala,u knw ennoda asaiya nee thairiyama niraivetri iruka.bcz naan arampathila ipdi podalamanu kekanumnu nenaichan buts antha guts enaku illa,so apdi nee kedapo rompa santhosa padu accept pannan,really proud of u darling 🙂
      Yaaru enna venalum solladum engaluku theriyum naama yarunnu,bad ah feel panna kannathila oru arai vuduruvan rascal pesama iru,and naan fb account open panitan kavitha kana apdinu irukum nee anga vaa pesikalam,anga nammala evan thadukiranu parpom athu namma area 🙂

  2. the episode was nice. but thapki was not saying to bihaan it was too bad. iam waiting for tomorrow episode. precap was soooo…….lovly . thahaan get together forever. i l u thahaan………… forever……..

    • sag

      in today’s episode

      thapki to D 4 dheeet or D 4 Dhakkan nikli…

      I think tomorrow the day for I watch this show…

  3. Fatarajo

    good thapki didnt confess today because i missed the episode 😛 but tomorrow I m so excited and no worries love confession is confirmed as I saw in tellychakkar and instagram and thapki’s dream sequence is so cute 🙂 cant wait for next episode m so excited 24 hrs too much for me 😛

      • Roshni

        Pls dont get too xcited. Tpk teams promises r like how political parties make promises b4 electn??. I hope thapki dosnt create a glass oxygen protective container for the diya with unlimited oil supply so tht the diya burns for a year. Then she can tak her own sweet tym to solve the love puzzle “do i luv him or is this funny feelin in my chest just gastritis”????

      • Roshni

        Btw…. i havnt seen this episode. Personally i dont like this track. I xpectd bettr outa them. Im al in for woman power. I like bold independent women who like wat they want not coz someone else wants it. This jealousy idea is sucha cliche. I mean is it really necessary for a girl to see her man with anothr woman to realis shes in luv?!she didnt realis it wen he was gettin beaten to death… or wen he ws abt to b jailed forevr… not even wen he proposed repeatedly. Shes even said tht shel do nythn fr bihaan. Yet shes livin with him as his wife. Kya yaar…. ab abhi nahi samajthi?!she cries on seein him with sheena. Ye pyaar nahi to kya hai? Khujli?! I thnk wen shes 60 shel b like “bihaan mein tumse pyaar karthi hu. Aftral iss umar mein mujhe koi aur nahi milega. Ur my only choiz”

  4. Superb superb extremely superb episode…Thahaan is evergreen pair.Their dance performance which is a fascinating element of this episode.anyways…so much of happiness and also excited for to see our Mahanathmas. Confession.I have been waiting for a long time to see that mind blowing moment…….Manish you just amazing.


    I like jigyasa acting. ….she is a very very good actress. ….and she is totally opposite off & on screen. ….
    I like jigs voice(off screen)…..
    great cvs

    Coming to serial …..

    TRP still same position 1.3

    Mera questions a ki……

    marriage first..engagement next…
    again marriage. …..!!!!???
    abb phir se shaadi tak dragging drama chalega…..!!!!!???


    kushi ki baath a ki ….thapki ki love confession hogaya……..
    Some news DS turning in to negative. …….!!!!????
    Mere liye tho a godd news a…..!!!!

    • vinlora

      I couldn’t watch today’s episode…from 3 days I’m missing thapki pyaar ki. heavy rain and thunder….waiting to watch online. ..

      • Fatarajo

        i got to watch today yeah 😛 because of rain my swimming class ended early thats why could go home at time n watch tpk lol 😛

      • SANTHOSH

        Hai dosth ……
        Male matthe gudugu bandre tv nodake yenu samasye…..!!!????

        1 power samasye
        2 cable samasye

        Idaralli nimm samasye yavudu..???

      • sag

        dear don’t miss today’s episode…..

        I hope all thahaan fans watch the confession with out any interruption….

    • sag

      actually santosh I don’t care about TRP n dhruv bas kal confession ho jai then I quit this show or me to is dragging se aazad…. 😉

      • Roshni

        Hey! Hmmm… usually theyl keep the same precap runnin til sat/sun get ur hopes up?. I hav semi quit the show now. I thnk watchin it onz a week on a weekend is sufficient if u wana catch up on wats goin on without getin stuck in the Drag.
        How r u al doin? No more jokes n al?

    • Roshni

      I know y u feel so…. Coz evry romantic scene in tpk has been jus a dream so far???. Evn if she realy dos confes…evrybdys gona thnk its a dream

  6. Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

    Hiii en iniya anbu thozhigale ellarum sowkiyama????
    Aandava,naalaiku kaalaila elunthathum kadaiku poi thookka mathirai vanki vaichukanum,summave intha bihaan ennaya thonga vida maddan ippa romanceah vera start panna poran enakku eppidi thookkam varum!!!

    Hey girls naan jigyasa pathi google panum pothu athu ankith kooda dating pokuthunu irunthichu dating na intha 6 padathila solra mathiri thane surya kooda solluvan raping ah vida kevalama iruku apdinu bcz jigyasa oru interview la real life love ah pathi kekum pothu ankith pathi sollave illa athan keddan,mmm munna pinna seththa thane sudukaadu theriyum 🙁

    @juggu-chellam adakki vaasimma nammala vida periya moolai karanga irunthalum theriyathu

    Hey yarachum plz fb la group ah create panungapa plz

  7. Fatarajo

    I just saw trp chart almost all shows had drop but TPK consitent and also from next week all trp likely to increase as no trp at least this time tpk should get very high trps because show is rocking currently

  8. Ally

    Waiting for tomorrow….. ??

    Bhabhies are so funny…..
    Shraddha looks like chudail today…. ??

  9. Tamil ponunga - Adithi

    Oh noooo… Power cut due to rain.. I missed the epi.. But still I will watch tomorrow anyways..
    Hey girls enaku yaru yaru enna padikuringa enda oor nu sollunga.. Because I don’t know anything about anyone..
    I’m from karaikudi near trichy.. I’m a be graduate completed this year..

  10. vinlora

    Is DS turning negative? ? If it’s yes…then it’s ok no problem. ..bcoz thahaan confession tho ho gaya. ..ab koi bhi unke beech aaye kuch kar nahi sakte. …aur ek baath hai ki ab tak thahaan ki love story shuru nahi huyi thi …aur ab thahaan confession hogaya. .ab serial aage badni hai na?? Tho thahaan ke beech problem creat karne ke liye koi tho entry chayiye na??? Aur DS k pass tho reason bhi hai. …

    • true love

      Right. It would be intresting see dark side of ds. And we know no one could come between thahaan.

    • sag

      exactly show continue rakhne k liye koi to reson chahiye na….

      opps kahi dhruv ne thapki se dhoke se shaadi karli to ???

      • vinlora

        Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sag…eaisa nahi ho sakta. …thahaan dream sequence ke liye itna karcha kiya hai,realisation ke liye sheena ko bhi laye. ..agar Dhruv se shaadi karwani hoti tho itna karcha nahi karte….so dont worry. ..problems may come many between thahaan but thahaan forever. .

  11. Thapki

    This comment section is becoming boring so many people speaking language which i dont understand..hindi mai bolo dosto plz

    • Tamil Ponnunga-Goms

      Thapki dont worry yaar..i will converse with you in English.. bcz i dono hindi ma..i can understand little little Hindi..

    • vinlora

      Hmm yes thapki even I don’t understand tamil. ..but kya kare??? So I’ll read only those comments which I can understand and reply….simple….wt to do dear? No other option. .

      • SANTHOSH

        Hai vinlora ….heege yelde antha bejaar madkobedi
        artha agalla andre bittbidi….
        Avarista……. avarugala bhashaabhimana comment madli bidi…. adrinda namigenu nasta illvalla…..!!!
        Nangu kooda artha agalla….
        aadre avara group nodi nangeno kushi agutte….

      • vinlora

        Hi santhosh….hmm doing the same….I’m not at all annoyed or jealous about them yaar….instead I’m happy with their bonding. …and u know wt I love to learn tamil and malayalum. …even my hubby speaks tamil and malayalum very well…he tried to teach me. …but wt to do???wo tho mere bas ki baath nahi. ..

    • Roshni

      Hey hw r u? Wats this tamil pennugal clone here? All wid the same title. Hw r u al? Havnt been watchin much of the episodes lately. Got a bit bored with this age old jealousy wala numbr.

      • Thapki

        Read and write these 3 lang Urdu ,english,sindhi ( as karachi is in sindhi ,we are taught in schools)
        Understand but cnt write
        ,arabic(learned at school),hindi (similar to urdu+many new word by watching hindi shows)
        N can add punjabi ..but few things so not including ?

    • Roshni

      Ok…hmmm….?. i was jus readin thru the comment section… and wel… i reallly dont wana hurt nybdys feelings.i jus wana put my point of view aross regardin this language barrier issue here.
      Its nice to see a lota tamil speakers gettin togthr n havin fun. Personally i dont mind coz i cn understand n speak tamil too.
      But nasreen…i thnk formin a grp wil discourage other ppl from comentin even though some may crave to do so. I knw ths may com as a surpise.. n wait… jus stop ur reaction for a sec-dont feel hurt/offended!!! Read ful msg calmly n imagine me talkin as a friend.Though ur intentions r entirely innocent ( n i dont disrespect it ) and aimed at promotin friendship… i thnk it wil make others feel alienated inthe section…. esp sinz the serial is aired nationally in hindi…there wil be a lota non tamil speakers who wil luk at the comment section and feel tht they arent part of this large chat groups. N yeh.. i knw u guys dont mind intereactin with other ppl n al. N no issue in comentin in the languag of ur choiz.Bt formin distinct language specific grps wl mak feel the othrs feel left out . often….certain actions send off cues to other ppls subconscious mind.imagin u guys openin comment sectn to see a larg grp named “hindi rockstars” n u guys r jus a few in numbr.

      Hope u guys dont take it in a bad sense. Recal how u and kana felt tht too many ppl r speakin in hindi and u guys may nt find much company. Nobdy intended to make u feel tht way… u wr alwys welcom to comnt n ask translatn wen v spoke hindi. Yet ur subconscious mind made u feel alienated. Dats wen we started mixin more english to mak it comfy for u guys. (Ys..i knw other languages r stil bein used. )So imagine wen ppl see a title / nickname
      dats language specific… theyl feel they r
      intrudin into someone elses space. Ppl hu read the update wil see a ” long thread” of msgs tht they dont understand(dats stil ok actually ) bbbut also belongs to a grp tht they can’t b a part of. Slowly the othrs wil withdraw frm commentin.

      I have more tamil friends in real life than the entire tamil ponnugal grp put togthr… so i absolutely dnt mean nythn despicable . I jus wana say tht friendship is sweetr wen different ppl intermingle…. diff language region occupation age education financial status etc etc. And wen all thse differences dissolve into nothingness… dats wen u know a bond has been formed. At som point evrybdy wil end up speakm same langauge so tht the othr buddy cn undrstnd.
      N yes… thre wil be ppl speakin hindi or tamil or kanada or telugu or broken english tht u can bearly understand. Bt dats evry1s comfrt zone.. nt evrybdy cn b multi linguistic or wel versed in english. Thre wil b ppl hu interact with certain ppl more than others. Lets not keep group boundaries.

      Let evryone feel like a single grp within the comment section. Aftral… u guys r fans of the same serial. I jus felt like puttin acros my school of thots sinz i saw thapkis n jahnabis msg regardin the language. I thnk ppl r struglin to b a part of a converstatn tht they can’t comprehend.

      Nages…kana..nasreen n al..forgive me if i sound rude. I knw its non of my biz. Again n again i jus wana highlight tht im jus tryin to encourage ppl of diff region and language to intermingle without bein categorised as belonging to a certain grp. Isnt it sufficient tht all r fans (some arent ?) or viewers of tpk?
      Just my view point. Dont knw how many ppl wud agree. Ignore if u feel im wrong. Its in no way a complaint or an insult. So pls dont send hate-replies.( i feel like tmrw u guys r gona b mad at me for sayin al ths).
      Nanga ethavadu thappu solitanga manichidunge. Stil… solpa yogichu pari naan solathu thappa sariya .u cn comnt n interact in tamil n eng mix.. bt let othrs feel a part of ur convrstn too ryt?

      Dont feel bad. Luv u all. Stay friends without barriers??????. Dnt kil me fr this pls?

      • Roshni

        I hope its clear wat i mean. Choice of language dosnt matter…. but perhaps a language specific grp isnt warranted.ryt?

      • Tamil ponnu...SMN

        Hi Roshni…everybody haf different POV so no prob of wat u said…that’s wat u felt…languages no boundaries so everyone free to use wat language they want even though it is Hindi serial….Even I cant understand Hindi yet juz ignore d msg in Hindi n read which one I can understand….I guess all of us want to haf fun here so no hard feeling yar….all pro n con take it in positive way….Chill….?

      • Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

        Well said nages akka 🙂 hi roshni this is wat i wanted to say,sorry for the inconvenience guys,we used our language to communicate easily between us and we do not have any intension to hurt anyone,if u felt uncomfortable then sorry for that 🙂 and don’t worry guys hereafter u guys will not feel bad bcz we are going to change our chating location so after that our distrubance will be decreased as u wish 🙂 tc bye

        And my dr tamil ponnungale i think u girls will definetly understand our current situation clearly,so girls let’s move to another location,en anbu thozhigale inga namaku sari varathu naan fb account open paniten naama ellarum anga santhipom anga yarum nammala onnum sollira mudiyathu 🙂 love u girls 🙂

      • India is a secular country
        Jana gana mana adi nayaka jayahe!!!!!
        No language separate us????
        Guys we started our fb group
        Tamil ponnungaa – thahaan fans
        Tq guys for your wonderful support to tamilians.

        Tamil ponnungala sernthurunga grpla

      • Roshni

        Hey kana… and nages (didnt realis SMN is nages initially)… pls dont apologise or anythin yaar coz i wasnt findin fault wid ny1.use of ny language is absolutely fine. I ws jus referin to “groups” coz i wantd evrybdy to mingle with eachothr and br frens beyond borders. Rembr hw u guys felt like a minorityand i told v wil translate the comments u like? Dats coz i want u guys to comment here and feel like u hav more frens than jus the tamil speakers. Wen i open the comment sectn…wethr i see tamik o telugu or kanada or watevr its al the same. I can undrstnd. So y shud i bother to send a msg like tht? Its only so tht i care and i want to see evrybdy united as one and enjoy eachothrs company… not to send u guys away frm personally i wud b sad if guys leave thinking usin
        tamil here is unwelcm.pls dont take wat i said in a wrong sense. I ws only referin to “groups”. Not languages . ????
        Il even miss tamil coments if u guys dont comment. use watevr languages u want n teach it to othrs too.wud b fun.?.

      • sag

        guys what happened to all of you….

        today is thahaan confession day nd u all talking about languages o_O

      • Roshni

        Lol sag….. tek bola. Actually kya aisa nahi lagta ki mein ne ye baat bolke ek bomb bhoda? Jab mein ne commnt sectn mein sabke msgs padi to mujhe laga ki sab ko khul milna chahiye. Mujhe aga ki bakinsab log chup hogaye hai. To socha ki ye tag hata kar sab ko ek karde.
        Hmmm me to sab ko ek karna chahti dhi…lekin ye log to kahi aur jane ki baat kar rahe hai. Lagta hai meri baat ko galat samjha. Hmm.

      • gina_baron

        Roshni, thank you for what you’ve said. I know your comments are well intended and I appreciate them very much. Language, religion culture etc shouldn’t be a barrier anywhere, especially not this site. Let’s be honest, we are all here because we are ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki’ fans. This is what has brought us all together. I’ve said this plenty of times: I am from the eastern Caribbean and I don’t speak Hindi or any other Asian language. I understand a few words which I have learnt from watching ‘Na aana is des laado’ (remember that?) which finished a couple of months ago on Rishtey Europe. I got into watching that soap because of the English subtitles and the interesting storylines. My family and I started watching TPK because my paternal grandmother stammered and most of the men on my father’s side of the family stammer (or have stammered when they were young.) I love watching TPK and I love reading everyone’s comments. Some of the comments really make me laugh and I really love this site. Sometimes, I wish I could understand what everyone is saying (in Hindi, Tamil or whatever languages are spoken here,) but I understand that TPK is a Hindi soap and I guess I expect Hindi to be spoken here. I am grateful for the English comments and the main thing is that I know people on this site will help me out with whatever it is that I don’t understand; I cannot rely on the lovely Amena to transcribe every sentence. This board has a lovely feel to it and I think there are some truly lovely, funny, crazy, artistic, people here. I love it! Were it not for the English comments, I would be lost as to what everyone is saying. So while I continue to ‘learn’ Hindi, I am very, very grateful for the English comments. So thank you Roshni for saying what you have said. And thank you to the lovely Tamil sisters for being so accommodating and understanding. I hope we continue to be a truly ‘inclusive’ community.

      • Roshni

        Thnx gina vinlora n nages for undrstsndin tht i meant no harm. N thx gina fr the response… coz thats exactly wat i was tryin to do… create friendshp beyond borders .
        Juggu kana… i knw u guys r mad at me and u thnk v hindi speakers hv a problem with tamil being used coz i hv sensed tht in some of ur msgs .But really… we dont! Im sayin the opposite. Stay. Interact. Speak in any language. But remain as one. Coz evrybdy luvs u guys too n we al wana b unitd as “one” family. The comnt sectn is a mixtr of many languages. So pls pls pls…dont take wat i said in the wrong sense. N juggu..sistr…. dnt feel bad. I knw u guys wr jus havin a lil fun. I luv tamil only bridgin the gap dear . Hope u all undrstand guys. Kana…nasreen … aditi..goms etc… we al luv ur commts n v r al friends here. Peace?

      • Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

        Hai guys.. And Hai Roshini.. First of all.. wat i want to say… A very sorry for inconvenience guys… If i did any mistakes.. pls forgive me.. if i used any wrong and bad words.. again im sorry… Yes.. Na enna solla vandhano.. Kana sollita… Mmm. I didnt want to hurt you guys.. .. Naanga ungala thappu solala..
        . Its my mistake.. I only did this. Sorry…
        U said… we are discouraging other language people.
        No. Not like that… We are happy to see our another own language people in same link.. Jus. we are enjoying this serial via togethering same language people.. Thats all.. Is this wrong. If we are discourage other language people.. Why we have see other languge serial and why we still enjoy this serial .

        See guys…. First we are all friends… Friendship didnt see language.. state.. Status.. Or Educated people….
        Im sorry sorry sorry..
        I didnt want to hurt you… And I didnt mistake you . Most of people dont know hindi.and other language. And they cant understand other language comments.. So they feel to see same language peoples . So that i make this way.. If u feel its wrong way. I will quit…
        Na saatharanamathan start pannen… but i didnt think its going to bad.. Im sorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy.
        sorry for inconvinent..
        Hey kana, Ash , Nasges akka.. , Juggu… and all my dear frnds… sorry…

    • Thapki

      Guys no nèed to fight ..and pls comment here ..dont move your chating session somewhere else
      … i didnt mean to hurt anyone i just shared my problem bcz i also wanted to interact with u guys thats it..

      • Sry Guys i am a little short tempered person .. and my love for Tamil is limitless more over saying frankly we love speaking in Tamil like everyone who speaks in Hindi.when U can’t understand Tamil he could we understand Hindi. But U doesn’t care so do we
        I am Sry if I’ve hurted U but even I’ve some lovely Hindi friends like anu and true love

      • Sry Guys i am a little short tempered person .. and my love for Tamil is limitless more over saying frankly we love speaking in Tamil like everyone who speaks in Hindi.when U can’t understand Tamil hw could we understand Hindi. But U doesn’t care so do we
        I am Sry if I’ve hurted U but even I’ve some lovely Hindi friends like anu and true love

  12. Tamil ponnunga-Shobi

    Hi Tamil ponnungala..naaliku thapki oda confession… right huh? Excited. Waiting 4 tmrw’s episode. But but but y’day’s precap was missing. I hate U devil shraddha….

  13. true love

    From the starting of episode i keep saying c’mon thapki confess your love. You are so stuborn. Poor bihaan. Bechara kab se wait kar raha hai…or thapki hai k bolti hi nahi.

  14. Ally

    Guys please put your comments in English. I don’t understand most of the comments because all are commenting in their own regional languages.
    Its better to understand ..if you’re giving information about promo, actors in English…..

    • sag

      ab jab kuch log languages ki bat kar hi rahe hai to I m also want to say

      Guys please put your comments in any languages which u want but I can understand only hindi n English 😛 😛 😛

  15. Tejaswi

    The I love u confession should be a dream and sheena and Bihaan should get married but obviously sheena and thapki should swap places but before that imagine if shraddhas truth come out and dhruv finds out that sheena and thapki have swapped places so he swaps with Bihaan and dhruv and thapki get married …

  16. Princess

    Awesome epi…..bihaan asking dadi about the ghee in diya was so cute…..It clearly showed his fear of losing thapki….thapki’s dream was beautiful….but she is very stubborn…..bihaan was very hurt when he asked her that if she does not care if he marries someone else and she did not say anything…..His eyes showed his pain…..

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    me too cant understand as Many r Talking in tamil here plz talk or comment in english or hindi

    cant understand

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    A thahaanian ff

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    In Tamilnadu the cable owned by the government . it’s not a set of box, we asked the cable operator they can’t do anything. If they provide colorstv only we can proceed. If” everyone one request to the cable operator and the colorstv channel then they will provide colorstv channel in Tamilnadu aarsu cable “. Pls help us to watch the thapki pyar ki show

  20. Umarani

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    Even if thapki and bihaan unite in the end there will be some problems i can see that happening.

    • sag

      problem after confession then no worries but if its before confession then it’s tensfull 4 me o_O

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    Tamil ponnunga neraiya peru irukkingala…I am so happy….unga Tamil ponnunga team cmnts ellame super….Ama innaikku varum nalaikku varum nu patha intha writer romba over ra pandranga….nasreen neenga yarune enakku theriyathu but unga cmnt paduchean so wish U happy birthday ????

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    Putting the same promo 4 three days
    What the hell is happening
    Please unite thapki bihaan immediately
    Please kill the shradha character it is very iritating
    Show more thapki bihaan romantic scenes and also their reunion marriage also

  24. Hai every one I started watching thapki 2 weeks before.naanum Tamil ponnu than thapki Tamil ethana maniku podranga and naanum Tamil ponnunga group last join pannalama.naa tahaanoda miga leriya fan aagiten

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    Superb episode love you Thahaan…waiting for tomorrow’s episode, finally Thapki will confess her love for Bihaan)))

  26. CC

    Ruined this show by making Dhruv and Thapki’ love unreal.. Jodis are paired by God and this show has desecrated this by evil doings and breaking their fate. I don’t watch this anymore

    • Thapki

      Yea thapki and bihaan marriage was in fate not thapki and dhruv…ok it was just like an arranged marriage for thapki she used to like dhruv but never loved him…has she ever confessed no ???? Right…
      But she loves bihaan destiny bring them closer ok byeee
      And its just a show so relax..

    • Sam

      First love is bihaan, because he is the one who completed the taj mahal for tapki with diyas. Druve was just a affection. nothing more.
      Thahaan always.

  27. sag

    Dil Tham Ke Baitho Doston.. Its going to happen Finally
    Confession se pehele hi Hum itne khush hayee… kal to
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    The chemistry between them is amazing.
    Cant believe I am addicted to a soap
    Kasam is ok as well ?

  30. Savi

    I don’t get this acting to make Thapki jealous. Why they torturing her this way? To have her husband re-engaged like is Thapki dead? is she divorce? If bhiaan claim he love Thapki why torture the one you loved just to confess everything happens is good time….. I find it so wrong

  31. A'isha

    Loool btw guys im not indian myself so i dont care what yall write to each other specially Tamil cos thats just hard but im sure i will learn to say few words if i have the will power to learn but i can read hindi and also understand when people around me speak it, my friends always talk to me in hindi

  32. A'isha

    Coming back to Thapki now i havent watched it for the past 4 days and i need to do alot of catchin up and i will deffo make time for it on this weekend

  33. Tamil ponunga - Adithi

    Oh oh guys.. So many of u want us to comment in English as u guys don’t understand Tamil.. We can understand ur feelings.. This is just like we are super excited about our language people over here.. So we feel happy to communicate in our mother tongue..
    But still we are Indians and not a big deal to comment in English.. From my side I comment in both English and Tamil.. If needed also in hindi…

  34. i am soo…… happy….. finaiiy thapki conffesses her love to bihan. precap was soo……. lovely and heart touching. thahaan was lovely and best couple in world.thahaan forever………….. i love u thahaan………………….

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    Nasreen,ash,juggu,nageska,jasmine,adithi,kumutha,shobi,goms,sivagami,gayathri,devi,nisi,balachithra,mozhi,fira,deeviya,tamil neela
    I think i’have mentioned all my dalings name,if i missed any darling names plz soory guys
    This is my fb id-kavitha kana

  36. Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

    Nasreen,ash,juggu,nageska,jasmine,adithi,kumutha,goms,shobi,sivagami,gayathri,devi,nisi,balachithra,mozhi,fira,deeviya,tamil neelah

  37. Hey guyzzz……. SBS showed dat thapki did confess her luv for bihaan. it was not a dream and thapki was like punching bihaan and saying “tum bohot bure ho bihaa …… tumne aisa kyun kiya?? tum bohot bure hoo bohot bure”………………… cuteeeeeeeeeee…………….nd finally dey get engaged………..luv thahaan

    • Tamil ponnuga-Nisi

      Tharalama join pannalam, but one condition, unga name ku munnadi Tamil ponnuga nu podanum avalothana…,

  38. Pls comments in Hindi & English then it will be understood by all thahaanians from different regions of India…? We like to read ur comments…❤

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.