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The Episode starts with Thapki being brought to give the audition by Sonu. The lady asks Vivek to prepare for Dhruv’s program and she will take the auditions. Thapki’s phone rings and she sends him outside. Poonam talks to Thapki and Thapki says she will talk later. The lady says talent is necessary to become an anchor and taunts her. The auditions goes on and Thapki is next. Thapki wants to say she did not come to become news reader. Thapki stammers while saying the lines, and the lady gets angry. Thapki wants to say she did not come to become news reader.

The lady starts laughing and calls Sonu. She asks Sapna did she not know how to hire people, how did he get such girl come in audition room. Thapki says no, its not her mistake, its my mistake. The lady scolds her and asks how did she

think she can become anchor. Thapki says I did not come for audition, my name is Vaani, I came here for internship. The lady says what a joke, is this your dad’s office, every work is done fast here, you are slow motion heroine, there is no place for you here. She tears the letter and Thapki looks on. The lady throws the torn letter on her face and asks her to leave. Thapki cries.

Dhruv says why did the details not come till now, I want fresh content. The lady asks Thapki to leave. Thapki says trust me, it was confusion, give me one chance, I will work hard. The lady says fine, what do you know about this field. Thapki says no but give me one chance, I promise I will work hard. The lady says we are not here to fulfill anyone’s dreams. Dhruv looks on and leaves. Vivek tells the lady that he did not get the content. The lady worries. Dhruv says we will cancel the shoot, as I won’t get data now. Dhruv asks Vivek to feed data to technical team.

Thapki helps them in the data in auto fare and the hike. The lady says she did not go till now, lets go, she is nobody, Vivek’s info is never wrong. Dhruv goes. Vivek tells Thapki that my info is never wrong, you are nobody. She recalls Krishnakant’s words. Ankhon pe dhup si…………thapki………….plays………….Dhruv starts the show and does not go as per Vivek’s info, and uses Thapki’s info. Vivek and the lady get stunned. She asks him about the increment. Dhruv asks them to call Thapki. The peon stops Thapki and tells her that Dhruv has called her. Thapki goes to Dhruv wiping her tears. Dhruv tells Vivek about his wrong info, his mistake could make him do wrong work, we are not here to make mistakes, and show mistakes to the world.

He tells Thapki about the auto fare and asks how did she know this. She says she came by auto in morning, and says the auto fare, and she calculated. He asks her to come tomorrow morning, she is hired. She thanks him being stunned. He says you may go. She smiles and turns. The lady gets irked seeing her. She asks Dhruv why did he hire her. Dhruv says she did what they all could not do, he spoke to auto driver union and came to know about the rate hike. Thapki comes home happily and tells Poonam that she got the job. Poonam says she will get kheer for her. She praises Dhruv and the office. She gets hiccups and asks her to call dad.

She says she has to take Dhruv’s autograph for Shubh. Poonam says she can meet him daily now. Thapki says call dad, I have to give him good news. Krishnakant is shutting his agency and Aditi is shocked knowing this. She confronts him and he gets speechless. Poonam calls him. She gives him the good news and he gets glad. He hides from her. Thapki talks to him and he cries. She asks is he fine. He says he is fine, her mum worries all the time, ask Aditi I m fine. Aditi says we are missing you, we are fine. Thapki says about Dhruv.

The shop is shut. Shubh comes and asks him about the shop getting shut and locked. Thapki and Poonam hear it on phone and get worried.

Thapki comes to office and the lady gives her the first task. Thapki faces humiliation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. poor thapki i feel bad for her in the precap

  2. Haii Guys, I guess that Thapki and Dhruv will come together but I think that Thapki will first in love with Dhruv… then she have to flirt with him… later dhruv will fall in love with thapki. What are you thinking, guys?

  3. name is suraj muze thapki pyar ki me actor banana hai

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