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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Rachna putting the zeera box on the big water tank on the terrace and also applying oil to its surface. Vasundara tries getting network and comes there. She asks them what are they doing here and scolds them. They lie to her that they were doing work and leave. Vasundara gets puzzled. Suman and Rachna think they got saved and Rachna asks Suman her plan against Thapki. Suman tells her that she wants to make Vasundara angry on Thapki for failing to make good butter milk, she will kick her out.

The plumber comes and says he got complain about water leakage. Suman asks him to check in bathroom. They send Thapki to get the zeera box from the terrace. Thapki goes there. The man checks the tank and sees oil and spices on the tank. He says strange people and see

the water tank level. He says he will switch main tap off and water will stop. Thapki looks for the box. Suman and Rachna look on. Thapki sees the zeera box and tries to get it by getting on the railing. Suman pulls the box away by the string. Suman says now it will be fun to see zeera falling off her hands. The zeera box falls inside the tank. Rachna tells Suman by signing. Thapki sees a stool. She gets it and stands on it.

She keeps a metal box on the stool and stands on it. Suman and Rachna look on. Thapki looks inside the water tank and slips inside it by the oil. Suman and Rachna get shocked. Thapki gets hurt as there is no water inside. Suman stops Rachna and says she did not know this will happen. She takes her from there. Rachna says but Thapki… Suman asks her to come. Rachna says if anyone knows then… Suman says nothing will happen, now Thapki will get scared and not come back here. They go to impress Vasundara. Nimmi shows the gifts and jewelry to Mishras and they get glad. Aditi comes with her parents and greet Nimmi. Nimmi welcomes them and asks them to sit. Aditi sees the gifts and says this is much. Nimmi says she got this for their relatives. Aditi asks Mishras to mend their ways else she will tell everything to Nimmi. Vasundara asks for Thapki. Suman says maybe she went as she did not make the butter milk. Vasundara thinks how did she go without telling her. Thapki gets up and asks for help.

Aditi asks Nimmi to show the ring to her. Nimmi says Mishras gifted 100% gold ring and asks them to show. Aditi takes the ring and Diwakar gets tensed. Aditi drops her in water glass intentionally and says sorry. Nimmi says its fine, its not fake that it loses color. She gets a call and goes. Aditi checks the ring and its color does not go. Diwakar’s mum says nothing will happen. Diwakar says its real gold and they fooled her, as they have seen Poonam hearing them, and they knew she will do something so bought a new one. Diwakar asks them to leave and not interfere in their matter. Dhruv says Thapki can’t go without saying, she is responsible girl. Vasundara asks him to call her and find out. Thapki asks for help.

Dhruv calls office and finds out that Thapki did not come there. Thapki tries to come out and fails. She coughs and calls for help. She falls down and her head hits the tap. She gets hurt and faints.

The plumber opens the water. Thapki lies unconscious and Dhruv comes to the terrace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh idiot suman & rachana. What will happen to thapki now :-O

  2. Yes ,suman and rachna are fools

  3. Oh god!! Suman n rachna!!!!!!!!! U both are irritating!! Thapki got hurt!!!! OMG!!!!!

  4. dhruv very caring about thapki and thapki great idea
    love u………. so much dhruv

  5. So discosting rachana and suman ……OMG save thapki……


  7. Unnecessary characters and test of Thapki. The writer is just killing the story.

  8. Omg!! Thapki fel dwn!! Bt f cours dhruv wl save hr!!:-)

  9. So sad this episode

  10. I’m sure this time thapki’s stammering truth will come out. When she comes out definitely she will talk. So bad

  11. Its just enough
    Suman and Rachna both are just disgusting…….

  12. ohhh so much have happened within few days! gud to see dhruv vanis’ bonding nd its getting more interesting!

  13. Oh GOD poor thapki .first sakshi now,
    Suman and rachna .”three idiots “

  14. Poor thapki…..

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