Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha lying about opening the store room. Dadi says this time we will make Thapki eat the cake first and asks Shraddha to feed cake to Thapki. Shraddha does so angrily. Dadi asks Shraddha to give cake to everyone. Dadi feeds cake to Bihaan for saving Thapki. She asks Thapki to go and rest now. Shraddha gets angry. Bihaan asks Thapki for her phone and she refuses. He gets adamant and falls over her on the bed. They have an eyelock. Music plays……

She takes her phone and says I have fed my number in this, as you love problems. Whenever you are in any problem, speed dial, I will come to save you. She asks why will you do this for me. He says because I m mad, I can’t see you in problem. She aks what. He says I mean we all…. He gets call and goes.


ji comes to meet Thapki. He asks her why did you lose in competition, I know you love Vasundara and know her well, why did you lose intentionally. Bihaan comes and hears them. Bau ji says I told you we have to do our Dharm, like Arjun in Mahabharat. Thapki says I m not Arjun, if Arjun supported this family, Mahabharat would have not happened, many lives would have not gone, forgive me, I should not talk to you like this, Arjun did right to support truth, but my family’s happiness and Maa’s happiness is truth of my life, if family gets happiness by my failure, then I m ready to lose. Bau ji says I thought wrong that you lost, but you have achieved victory for thinking of other’s happiness. He hugs her. She cries.

Shraddha is on her room and recalls Dhruv’s concern for Thapki. Dhruv comes to room. He says good night and rests. She holds him and he stops her asking whats wrong with her. She says I want to ask you, whats wrong with him, they are husband and wife. He says I told you I want some time. She asks how much time, I have to talk now, answer me. He says we need to know and understand each other. She says you don’t see me, you don’t talk to me, how will we know each other, something is in your heart, tell me, do you love anyone. He gets up and says yes, I love my old life and past, do you get that. He gets angry. He says I m sorry, I m not comfortable in this relation, this is new for me, I want some more time, you have to wait if we have to be together. He rests to sleep. She thinks she knows everything about his love and past, that Thapki, she won’t leave Thapki.

Dadi comes to Bihaan and asks what is he doing here, is he watching English movie. He says I m doing my work. Dadi goes. Bau ji comes and asks why is Bihaan here, go to room, Thapki is awake. Bau ji goes as Bihaan makes excuses. Bihaan calls his friends and asks is everything ready, fine, I will come.

Bihaan goes to Thapki and wakes her up. She gets scared. He says its me, come with me. She asks where. He says you question a lot, come. He blindfolds her and says its surprise for you. He takes her to the lawn and opens the blindfold. She gets surprised seeing the beautiful decorations and lights. She says its beautiful, but you did this alone? He says yes, for you… She says all this for me, why? He says real thing is still there to see, come with me. He shows the gift to her.

She asks whats in this. He asks her to open it. She sees it and reads its Gift a Star certificate on her name. He says people book property, but I bought a star on your name, I named it Twinkle Twinkle Thapki star, this is trophy for you for what all you did to win and lose, for my mum and family’s happiness. For Thapki who lost intentionally, the one who always fights with me, but when its about family, she fights with the world, who thinks about others and not herself. Thapki looks at him. He smiles and asks what are you seeing like this, did I say anything wrong.

She asks who told him all this. He says my ears are long, come to see the star closely. She asks what. He asks her to come and see the star by telescope, its small, but very beautiful. Her hair disturb her sight. He holds her hair back and she looks at him. Music plays……….

Shraddha burns Thapki’s pic and says see what I do with your face now.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sha

    Nice 🙂 can they please proceed the track in this way. Though Druv and Thapki make good real life couple, Bihaan and Thapki make awesome reel life couple 🙂

  2. puppy

    Really Loved the epi…..thank god…..Thapki didn’t scolded him……bihaan ghazab…….yaar
    When u said “can’t see her in problems and then convincing her by saying that I mean we all ….”
    He just has to realise his love…..I think he knows he loves her but don’t have guts to open it to her……
    Thahaan rocks….superb new year treat…….

  3. moni

    OMG! SO CUTE…thahaan’s first official small but cute date…..bihaan yaar u hv surely fallen in love with thapki….awww n d scene where he stammers n says he cares for her was too gud n d breath taking scene was d telescope one….bihaan or look for thapki n holding her hair was so loving…..thapki yaar I m jealous now….but happy DAT u got such a loving husband who encourages u when u lost hope….n said DAT u won by loosing….even loved bauji as always d way he gave u support as he always does…anyway I just love thahaan….U ROCK…

  4. Sonia

    After so much dragging the competition, now we finally have what we wanted.the Thahaan scenes were so cute. Love them together! ??
    But,the precap! ? I hope that Shraddha’s plan fails and may she get caught soon.

  5. Finally a really good episode of TPK am feeling happy that got to see this good episode live on colors after many days. Thahaan loved their scenes and no annoying Vasu. The first 3 boring episodes of this week doesn’t matter now as today’s episode made all amendments and this week TPK is ok overall, but today’s episode was extraordinary. Precap is annoying. And so sweet of Bihaan to gift Thapki a star and so sweet of Thapki accepting his gift happily, finally Thahaan is in love kind of. And Mallu Bhaia and Jigi Didi rocked today. 🙂

  6. puppy

    Bauji today I loved ur act …..great great bauji….. U are really doing what u said that “u will take care of her like ur daughter” and u r doing it….
    I was really touched when u hugged her and consoled…..
    Thank u B for Bihaan pandey for caring Thapki as B for Best hubby…..
    Pl. Expose at least shraddha …..writer ji
    And thanks writer ji for giving us such a nice awesome scene….keep going……

  7. Deepu

    Awesome episode. thahaan cute date with exotic location romantic mood ya finally bihaan realised her love thapki..
    thahaans rockssssss…

  8. Ammu

    I have doubt wts the need of that exotic location for thahaan ain’t no romance….
    but love to see both fall in love.
    bihaan already in love but thapki i think half fall…
    plz writerji dnt dragg more we want more thahaan scenesss

  9. Krishna

    Thahaan rocksssss soooooooooooooooopeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr……….
    this is every thahaan fans needs…..
    oh god awesomeeeeeee
    today ma dream all about thahaan sureee

    • Krishna

      So wt??
      even after thahaans marge thapki never think about druv. She move on with bihaan
      ha haa??

    • Deepu

      Fact is fact yar accept.
      in tpk bihaan is the hero they were admitted in there interaction videos.
      in real life tharuv happens but in reel life only thahaan.

  10. Deepa

    Today thahaan rocks best ever scenes
    this is needed sequence because her sepration tracks flash back scenes are important so….
    happy today thahaan closeness

  11. Juna

    I am saying how rubbish is all dese….pls plz make dhtuv and thapki togethr…beg yu scrpt writer plz

  12. Nanu

    Thahaanilicious episode
    fabulous episode
    cute thahaan scenes.
    i think dadi and babuaji only concern thahaan genuinely..
    like dadis dialogue “so late night r u watching English movie”
    ha ha.
    thapki perfect with only bihaan……

  13. Extremely beautiful episode……Bihaan….what a cute smile yaar,your the real star of this serial….writerji,we want always this way of story telling.I think coming episodes will fulfill our dreams.Anyway guys,I will take a short break from this written updates because,my exams are starts on next week….so,friends pls pray for me…..really miss you Bihaan and all my friends….

    • Brity

      Hey.. Friend I’m not Thahaan friend… So, I wanna wish you as a TPK fan not Thahaan fan… BEST OF LUCK Dear… Exam is very important than TPK… Do well…!!!

  14. Brity

    Hmmmm… Thahaan date, Huh??? Never mind, what to do!!! Nice episode for thahaan fans… I’m very sorry for Dhruv, he didn’t done anything but he is bearing the cheat of Mom,Shradha,Thapki,Bihaan…

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Oh desiffriend so u r a dhruvki fan hmmmmmm well I like dhruvki but I love thahaan. Sorry 😛 #justmyopinion

  15. preeti

    Luv thahaan scenes a lot but missing the initial days of thapki,want to see the challenging role of thapki for exposing the evil duos shraddha & vasu.

  16. I didnt watch todays episode but by reading this i can sayy that it was an amazinnnnnnggggg episode…
    Love you bihaaan..!!!♥

  17. LIfNa

    wOooooooWww Supper Epii nd Supper Thahaan Seen Thahaan Rockzzzzz… My Sweeet bihaaann… lve uuuuuu… ummmah 🙂

  18. aloke

    awesome cute little date for thahaa. thapki will noow fall for bihaan .please expose shraddha and vasu.dhruv still feels for thapki.thats annoying.shraddha’s plan should fail yaar

  19. Renuka

    Just love this couple be it Thahaan/Manyasa! Thank you writer for the touching and beautiful Thahaan episodes. Bihaan/Manish is a treat to watch…love him!

  20. sujoy

    This show has degraded so much. No quality at all.
    The couple(Dhruv and Thapki) who made the show such a hit are now separated in the story.
    It had such a unique story but alas it is now a rubbish same old typical Saans Bahu serial.

  21. Hey Dhruvki fans don’t be disappointed at least Dhruvki is reunited in real life so u all should be happy wid that so happy that they are couples in real life as for reel life enjoy Thahaan and real life Ansaya 🙂
    So as a result both thahaan and Ansaya fans should be happy

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