Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Preeti sending Bihaan to room, and says they will open room in the morning. Thapki feels shy. Bihaan asks what happened? Why you are shying from me. He says this doesn’t happen with me before and says I am afraid that if anything happens to our togetherness again. Thapki says we will fight together. Bihaan says I have won 5 crores and you also because of your help. Thapki says it is not because of me, but because of your determination. She asks him to study and get educated for her, him and their coming babies. Bihaan says ghajab and says he will study. Sankara is running as escape from Police. A woman holds her. Sankara is shocked to see Kosi standing. Kosi says you have eloped from jail, you have proved that you have my upbringing. Sankara says we will go

back and take revenge from them. Kosi says they will send you back to jail and asks her to wait for right time, and see how she takes revenge from Thapki and her family.

Bihaan asks what to do now. Thapki says studies. Bihaan says it is from tomorrow now, but today….it is our love night. Today I will not study, but will love you. He tries to kiss her, but Thapki puts book inbetween them and asks him to study first. Bihaan says I will study tomorrow. Thapki emotionally blackmails him. Bihaan says okay and turns the pages. He says he read? Thapki asks question. Bihaan tells romantic lines and makes her shy. Ranjhana plays……….They get closer.

Bihaan is studying. Shabdon ke pahade plays. Days are shown passing by. Thapki faints. Bihaan shouts Thapki. Doctor comes and checks Thapki. She congratulates Bihaan saying Thapki is pregnant. Dhruv and Vasu get happy. Bihaan goes to Thapki and thanks her for completing his family and giving him immense happiness. Thapki says our baby is coming again and says she lost hope after losing their first baby. Bihaan asks her to be happy always. Thapki says if again anything happens. Bihaan says I will die, but will not let anything happen to our baby. Thapki asks him to study well and score well in 10th class. Bihaan says yes, and tells that he will study so that their baby feels proud of him.

After 6 months. ….Vasu is making arrangements. Thapki brings aarti. Bihaan brings icecream for her. Vasu tells Thapki that she called a helper from villager, whose name is kalavati. Preeti asks Bihaan to blow in the balloon. Thapki asks him to hang it. Bihaan asks his baby to come fast.

Dhruv and Aditi comes with their baby. Vasu asks Thapki to bring aarti. Shraddha stops Aditi and says she shall do her aarti first as the real heir, the son is born to her. Aditi gets sad looking at her daughter.

Precap: Sankara and Kosi enters covering their head with pallu, as a caretaker women for Thapki’s baby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loved today’s Thahaan moments!!!

  2. Oh no not again kosi and shraddha track. Hope nothing bad happens again.

  3. Sorry meant sankara

  4. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    so sweet…….

  5. Happy seeing togetherness of Thapki n Bihan… ? ?
    but afraid of what Kosi-Sankar gona do…
    Hope Thahaan will manage all their problems together.., & the baby’s all right.. please don’t harm or exchange the baby.. (I hate kind of such story..)

    ?Thahaan ?

  6. Wah….cerita terlalu dipaksakan…konflik…konflik…dan konflik…..hitam….hitam…heavy….heavy….no romatic…no wise…..boring….boring….n boring…..we want thahaan happy with they are familly…

  7. Why Sankara and Kosi track so soon.
    Couldn’t we have a couple weeks episodes without them?

  8. gajab epi kauwaless hope he never return doNt harm our chotu this time thahaan together only biHu romantic and madam want him to study its very funny cvs always move fast when its time for some thahaan cute moments

  9. Vinolin.d

    I am become speechless about today episode.I don’t know how to say this.
    its completing stunning part.thanks to cvs.I think shraddha changes baby
    Its my openin. thahaan romance is very nice.after long days I gets happy.I was smiles.but I hope this time surely baby will born.thapki won’t lost her baby.

    hai pooja,garima,sruthi,reshal,navami Anu,Jo,naitan, Leena,sri,kudrat,ritz and all my tpk friends…. how are you

    1. Hi Vino, i’m fine thank you
      Lovely and funny epi, remind me of your ff 🙂

  10. pooja prabha

    Remarkable episode…I feel its like a visual treat for us.Thahaan,immensely happy to see you…Bihaans cuteness,love,affection,naughtiness,care and our Thapkis strictness,concern,attachment,love…really beautiful.
    Manish…asusal you just superb man.
    Overall a gajab episode….

    1. Vajra-SG29

      Yeh toh sirf Short time kushi pooja….??
      Kahaani mein big twist aane waala hai…

  11. Nyc episode……. Bt don do anything to thapki bihaan nd d baby… Afraid of kosi n sankara

  12. Superb episode .But again kosi and Shankar track. I hope thahaan manage the situations.

  13. After so many days, actually we saw our old bihaan… the episode was more than awesome… but I am still upset… they went very fast with the good things, they could have shown this for atleast 2-3 days and then take 7 months leap… again next week, 5 to 6 years leap is coming up…

    1. ???… ek aur 1 month thahaan ko kush dekhna chatha tha main. lekin, cvs??? ko humhari kushi se problem kya hai patha nahi…❗❕ ???
      5-6 years leap ke baadh Phir se kosi aur sankar track chaalu rahega ya nahi….!!!??
      Lot of confusion in upcoming track… ankit exit, 3 child artists, bomb blast ke baadh bihaan ka kya hoga, phir se kabir aayega ya nahi…
      Cvs ki jai ho…????

      1. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

        english please…..

    2. Vajra-SG29

      ???… ek aur 1 month thahaan ko kush dekhna chatha tha main. lekin, cvs??? ko humhari kushi se problem kya hai patha nahi…❗❕ ???
      5-6 years leap ke baadh Phir se kosi aur sankar track chaalu rahega ya nahi….!!!??
      Lot of confusion in upcoming track… ankit exit, 3 child artists, bomb blast ke baadh bihaan ka kya hoga, phir se kabir aayega ya nahi…
      Cvs ki jai ho…??????

  14. Nice episode

  15. After long time thahaan moment.marvelous

  16. After 6 months torture we have seen goodness in 2 weeks. This episode is so romantic , funny, happiness. New born babies, thapki pregnancy.OMG so very very very very fast. With in one day all are happened. But very nice episode.again evilness cAme it make me fear about thahaan and baby. Be hope better story in future.

  17. Agree to all of yr comments.

    1. Vajra-SG29

      Ha ha ha..?????

  18. i dnt understand….why they show thahaan scenes only for short time…means in thahaan separation one epi turn into three weeks and thahaan unity this must take atleast one week…but they show 6 mnths in one epi….

  19. First , thanks cvs for giving me the most wonderful gift before my birthday ??
    Second, this episode of tpk is the last episode for me all my dreams come truth with this episode , all I want from watching thahaan a episode when both of them be happy and this episode finally come ????
    and thapki get pregnant and Bihaan care for her lovely ❤️
    Thanks cvs so not so I mean thousands time no millions time thank you for this episode ???

    Hello guys, how are you ??
    I want to tell you something important I hope you don’t hate but I will stop continue meaning of love so sorry to all of you but I will not come to this website anymore because tpk is end for me .

    Huge sorry to all of you and am really really going to miss u ????

    Love u all take care ???

    1. Oh made me teary eyes….really… i miss you so much….but i respect your decision…
      Sometimes i felt restless too in watching tpk…and you’re right that now is perfect time for happy ending…
      Bye sweetheart…keep smiling 🙂 🙂 ♡♡

    2. I feel sad for your decision.. 🙁
      be happy always..

  20. pooja prabha

    Dear Sandi.,.its really sad to read,I don’t want to compel you because I believe there is some reason behind that you have to take this decision…your a good friend to me always.miss you a lot and miss your ff too…take positive..keep smiling.hopefully believes see you soon.
    Advance Birthday wishes dear sandy…miss you friend!!!!

    1. Thanks pooja for understanding and am really very sorry ??and thanks for ur wishes ❤ today my birthday I said before because the episode was for yesterday ?
      Am really going to miss u ??
      Love u take care ?

  21. Hello sandy di,
    how r u ?
    sorry di
    really really sorry 4 not cmt.. Ur ff
    plz forgive me
    plz don’t take that type of decision..
    i really like ur ff..
    plz don’t go anywhere…
    di plz post episode 2
    v wait 4 u..
    take ur time…
    but plz continue..
    di plz take care…
    v miss u…
    love you

    1. Hi sweetheart I miss u million zillion time ??
      my lovely kudrat don’t be sorry I understand that you was busy and I always say NO NEED TO COMMENT IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE ?
      Thanks sweetheart and maybe I will return in the future and continue this ff but in this time am really buys ??
      Love u more ❤️❤️ Take care ?

  22. Worst story line. No more fixed point. Want thahaan.

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