Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan saying now its about my respect, I m helping myself, come with me. He holds her hand and takes her to stable. She says you are doing wrong, leave me. She asks why did you lock, you can’t stop me. He says I can stop you. She says I will go to my parents’ house. He says I will come along and show what I am, do you want to spoil things taking me there, use mind, your exit will happen, think this is interval, everything will be fine in second part of movie, then there will be happy end, then you will go from Pandey Nivaas and my life. She says fine, you are blackmailing me and stopping me, but remember, I will not try to win anyone’s heart here. He says you have to try to win Gulabo and Ram pyaari’s heart, then they will let you stay in their house.


ji says I did not imagine Thapki and Bihaan will leave like this. Dadi says Thapki will go to her home, where will Bihaan go, Thapki’s parents will not let him stay, go and find him, get him back. Vasundara says no need, they did mistake and have to bear punishment, leave them, think of others, the one staying here are our real loved ones. She asks Dadi to sleep. Dadi asks Bau ji to drop her to her room. They leave. Shraddha tells Vasundara that its good Bihaan left with Thapki. Vasundara says I will not let Bihaan and Thapki come back. She asks Shraddha to make Dhruv close to her.

Thapki sits covering herself with shawl as its cold outside. Bihaan comes eating samosas. She gets hiccups. He asks her to eat samosas. She refuses. He says I knew you will do acting, so I did not get anything for you. She drinks water and still gets hiccups. He says I m getting sleep and rests. She says she will eat samosa to stop hiccups. She eats. He smiles. She also rests to sleep. She does not get sleep in darkness, and says I feel lonely here, my both families are not with me, I feel there will be no light. He gets sad. She says you won’t understand, you sleep, I will try to sleep. He gets up and leaves.

Dhruv recalls Thapki’s words. Vasundara comes to him. She asks what is he thinking that he did not know she came, was he thinking about Thapki. He says yes, Thapki can’t do this, I know her very well. She says you mean we did wrong by making her out of this house, you have seen she called me thief, she insulted me so much. He says maybe you are saying right, there is no misunderstanding. He gets teary eyed and says maybe Thapki is wrong, maybe it was good that she left from here. She says yes, you don’t think about Thapki, think about Shraddha and move on in life. Shraddha looks on. Dhruv nods. Vasundara goes and signs Shraddha. Dhruv holds his head. Shraddha gets food for him, and asks him to eat. He says no, I don’t have mood and I m not hungry, thanks. She asks do you have headache, shall I massage. He says no, its okay, I will take medicines. She says you got silent after what happened today, you don’t share anything, I want to help, let me help. She massages his head. She thinks Dhruv is coming closer to me, now Dhruv will be mine forever.

Thapki is unable to sleep. Bihaan looks on. He gets some lightning bugs in a glass jar, to fill light in the stable, so that Thapki can sleep well. He leaves the lightning bugs free. Thapki sees them and smiles. She sleeps. Na na na na …………….plays…………. Bihaan smiles.

Shraddha comes out and says the day is too lucky, Thapki and Bihaan are gone together. She sees Bihaan and goes to him. She says you here, what are you doing here, and even Thapki is here, you snatched Gulabo’s house, you both are so shameless, its few hours you both came here and started romance too, where did your ego go, that you made you hear big filmy dialogues. He smiles.

She suggests him to let Thapki go, and apologize to Bau ji and Vasundara. He says I will not let Thapki go, and taunts her. He asks her to pack her bags as her truth will come out soon, the day it happens, she will leave from house such that she does not get stable. She says you are staying here with animals and your attitude did not go. He says yes, we will talk when you are caught red handed. She says that day will never come, I will go and sleep well, you sleep here with animals, don’t call anyone if you need anyone, good night. She smiles and leaves. He thinks Shraddha you try hard, but I will get Thapki back in this house.

Thapki does aarti. Everyone hear the aarti and go to see. Vasundara asks what are you two doing here, and asks them to leave out of the gate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is too rubbish living with animals. Couldn’t they go somewhere else at a bit dinner place and this show has turned into typical work ndian drama

  2. ThaHaan scene was good.

  3. After such a big insult they both should leave from this house……

  4. Today’s episode was good only cause of thahaan scenes it would be better if they stay somewhere else a new house would be the best, n I hope someone sees vasu scolding thahaan but still no use after all Pandey family is bewakoof , I wish there was a member in Pandey family who genuinely supported thahaan unlike Dadi n Bauji

  5. @anubhuti, ash n pooja thanks for telling me the repeat telecast timings 🙂

    1. Most welcome

    2. oh it’s my pleasure fatarajo

  6. Oh!!at last chuk chuk gaadi slightly opened her heart to Bihaan….and first time “na na na na” song played…till now they were just playing the music….now got it….but it was just for a short while……….it’s OK…day by day we will get ours……. I will wait for it…….but pl…don’t separate them yaar…..let her live without getting divorce…….pl.,..yaar…….

    1. They never allow us to watch the show peacefully. Sudden bumps, jerk, heartbreaking scenes, tears… O no I can t imagine. It will happen in future. Till we will enjoy the show.Because now it’s good, nice, cute, beautiful etc.

  7. Your welcome friend Fatarajo…Today episode is nice,Thapki your really lucky because you have a caring,lovable husband like Bihaan.B for BIHAAN B for BEST.what a selfish character vasundara you are and you never deserve innocent love of Bihaan and Thapki.Anyway….my hearty wishes for THAHAAN for your NEWLIFE&HOUSE WARMING,BEST OF LUCK……

  8. lol…jab vo lightning bugs aye to thapki ka koi reaction ni tha, bas cup chap se soo gyi….i mean itne common h kya vaha par…aur bihaan ko to dekha tak bhi ni usne, thanx to durr ki baat

    vese i m very excited ,mujhe janna h ki bihaan kal subh gharwalo se kya bolega

  9. I think thapki & bihaan ko tapki’s parents house chale Jana chahihe.Aditi bhi diwakar se safe rahe ga.Tab oor bhi maja ayega jaab bihan diwakar Ki band bajayg.Vasu jab red handed pakda jaaye ga tab uska expression kesa hoga voh mujhe dekhne ka maan kar rahi hain

  10. cute Thahaan scenes <3 :D,,,bt poor Dhruv 🙁

    1. I agree with you Yaar

  11. this is toooo much!!!
    thaahan should leave the house
    they should have gone to a new house
    After all they have been insulted so much
    writers plzz show something inspirational
    thapki should apply for a job,atleast now.
    plzz show something new.

  12. This is so unrealestic ???? after all that happened no one is willing to expose that old woman and her witch daughter in law ???

  13. Today shraddha is dressed like Dracula.. ??
    I like her acting very much that’s why we hate her character too much

  14. Abb thahaan tho garr se baahar hain
    Mera question aye ki jabb aye jodi baahar hain tho 2 evil ko galath kaam karna nahi padega
    Jabbhi Galath kartha thana bihaan ko sabooth nahi milne nahi diya aur abb kya karega B for bihaan B for bechara
    Shrddha ko Bolthatha ki main tume garr se bahaar kardoongi ….kuch bhi nahi hoga jabbtak stupid thapki bihaan ka saath nahi dhega tabbtak ……. kal kaya hoga bagavaan MA writer saab …….?
    Words and grammar mistakes hai tho adjust karlo guy’s

  15. Cute thahaan scenes…they stays in tabela its also tells something we will understand in future…may be after truth revelation vasu will occupy d tabela….so very soon we will see that too

  16. I like thahaan secne its nice

  17. Not bad………

  18. nice episode
    especially because of bihaan
    n thahaan scene is superb

  19. Why does vasu’ hair style never change, even one strand doesn’t come out of place. Is it real hair?

  20. just waiting to watch…
    when both devils shraddha n vasundara get exposed……it would b more interesting if thahaan lives somewhere not in pandey house…

  21. so want Shraddha to be caught but then, this will mean Dhruv will become available and then no more thahaan although can’t imagine someone choosing Dhruv over Bihaan to give up a fun life to live boring ever after.

  22. Yes puppy ji…
    I am slso waiting ……..
    Your last point is very good. ….

  23. Hai guy’s
    Thahaan ram pyare ki gharr me ruk gaya hai wahi gharr basarahahain
    Bihaan baazar se saaman karid ke laya hain wo jaan boozke namak chodke agaya hain kyon ki pandy parivar ke saath ristha bananekeliye namak waha se lane ke liye ……

  24. like the epi but only for thahaan and ur welcome fatarajo

  25. The episode was good

  26. Dhruv don’t have sense at all he believe whatever shradha says stupid Dhruv I hate this track. What a cheap mother let her son to go out of the house.

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