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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu coming to Thapki and asks her to read the newspaper fast. Thapki says okay. She stammers while reading. Vasu asks her to read louder and says she don’t have much time. Thapki reads about Prime Minister’s move of demonetization of 500 and 1000’s rs. notes. She takes her specs and hugs her. She asks if she will refuse that she is not Thapki, and says my truth have won. She hugs her. Thapki says no, you have a misunderstanding surely. Vasu says I heard your and Kabir’s conversation and asks why she is doing this, and making Bihaan hurt. She says Bihaan can’t live without you, I will tell you right now. Thapki calls her Maa. Vasu hugs her and says my daughter. Thapki asks her not to tell her secret to Bihaan else she will die. She says Bihaan had done

something wrong and says he had killed their baby. Vasu is shocked to hear this.

Sankara thinks Thapki is not letting Bihaan go, and says she will talk to her for one last time, if she refuses to help her then she will handle Bihaan her way. Vasu asks about letter. Thapki tells her that Bihaan killed their own baby. Vasu says Bihaan can’t be heartless and can’t do this with his own baby. Thapki tells her about the letter and says she wrote about her pregnancy in the letter, but he didn’t come and save her. Vasu says Bihaan is not having my blood, but he can’t do this. Thapki says she saw Bihaan having that letter in his wallet. Vasu asks did you talk to him and asks why he didn’t come there. Thapki nods no. Vasu says she will talk to Bihaan about the letter without taking her name or telling him anything. She says if I find him guilty then you can do what you wants. Sankara hears them and thinks if Vasu talks to Bihaan then she will have to forget him, and thinks to do something. Thapki cries.

Kabir comes to his sister Neha. Neha is seen talking to the parrot. Kabir says Bihaan was at my gun point, but I let him go as I didn’t want him to have an easy death. He says I will make Bihaan Pandey yearns for Thapki. He says Thapki is innocent, I won’t harm her, will do something so that I take revenge from Bihaan without harming Thapki.

Bihaan is talking to Thapki’s pic. Sankara comes to him and says she has written her feelings to him, and says you will fall in love with me after reading this. Bihaan tears the letter and asks her not to dare do this again. He says I love Thapki and nobody can take her place. Vasu comes there and hears their conversation. She says I have a question for you and asks him to answer rightly. She asks him about the letter. Bihaan thinks she is talking about Sankara’s pic, and says he has torn the pic. Vasu asks what did you do? Bihaan says I do whatever my hearts says. Vasu says Thapki made you a human. Bihaan says she made me an animal again and goes. Sankara thinks the truth can’t be hidden for long and thinks to trap Bihaan and kill Thapki soon. Vasu thinks about Thapki and Bihaan’s romantic moments and thinks they had so much love between them, and had always supported each other, but what happened suddenly. She thinks my Bihaan can’t do this, and says there is something which they both don’t know, and thinks to do something. She thinks to find out.

Aditi calls hotel and books a room for Dhruv and her. Shraddha hears her and thinks she wants to spend night at a five star hotel, and says she will ruin her plans. Thapki comes to Vasu and asks about her tears. Vasu says my tears are for your pain which you are bearing all alone. Thapki says this pain made me alive till now, else I would had died with my baby. Vasu says nothing can happen to you, and says all misunderstandings will be cleared soon. Thapki says you are saying this, Bihaan had kicked me out of house after slapping me. A fb is shown, Bihaan breaks relation with her and asks her to get out from his life and house. Thapki says he was blinded in Kosi’s love, that doubted me. She says you are a mum too and asks if I am doing wrong. She says my life is ruined and my baby is snatched from me. Vasu says what shall I say and says that baby was grand kid. She says I was unfortunate to lose him. Thapki asks whom you will support? Vasu says I am a mum too and knows the pain. I am with you. Thapki hugs her crying. Thapki asks her to promise that she will not tell anyone about her. Vasu promises her.

Vasu says I didn’t know that if he is guilty or not, but one thing is sure, he should be punished for not trusting you.

Sankara plans to kill Thapki and makes her smell chloroform. She hears Bihaan coming there and hides Thapki. Bihaan gets doubtful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I don’t understand one thing in this serial , why it is like this that the negative characters is always there in the right situations and positive characters always in the wrong ones ! This is silly !

  2. ok. now,.. vasu become bihaan’s enemy again… ???? OMG!

  3. pooja prabha

    So much of misunderstandings which will lead this plot in a more complicated ways.kabir Bhai I have a request for you to take your gun again and focus Sankara forehead and shoot het.she has to do anything for to get Bihaan.such a idiotic type character I never seen in anywhere…poor Bihaan who is punished for every time without any reason.whenever he will knows about the baby,he will definitely smash her…precap is catching one but I don’t put immense attention to it,the reason is this time labor will saves vaani from this danger…
    Guys…garima,reshal,sanity Bhai,any,vino,Jo…how are you???

  4. Why the negative characters r more talented and intelligent than the positive ones…

  5. Alister La Frenais

    The writers are having a laugh. I have never seen such rubbish in my entire life. I see that Vaani/Thapki is back to her normal weepy self. That woman must cry a river in the serial. Not having much knowledge of Indian women, I should like to enquire if all Indian women cry at every little incident, because if our western women did the same they would get a slap for being wimps.

  6. Precap is not an interesting one… Kabir is going to save her…. boriiiiinnnggg..

  7. Thanks Hassan for the fast update

  8. I have never before been as angry with an episode then I was today, the way Vasu asked about the letter was general that no way can the truth be determined by asking about a letter, it’s been 2 yrs so you can’t just say letter without being specific. Trust Vasu to be on Thapkis side as she always chooses the wrong side anyway. This is the time for Vasu to make up for all the bad she’s done with Thapki and Bihaan and find the real truth. Also will Thapki stop saying Bihaan killed her child, even if he did know about the letter there is no guarantee that he would have got there in time to prevent her accident. She needs to stop blaming Bihaan alone all the family went against her because of dadi and she herself asked Shraddha to help knowing she switches sides so fast. How can the writers just keep doing painful storylines, what is it with Indian dramas and their love for constant tragedy. It’s one thing when it’s a bit sad but this is just continual torture, how much is Bihaan supposed to endure. I have lost all sympathy for Thapki, without talking to a person directly you don’t know what the truth is or what is just misunderstandings

  9. Iam with vasu bihaan did a mistake when he don’t trust thapki about his mother truth and he need a punishment but I hope vasu do as she said to clear all the mistakes between bihaan and thapki and I hope after bihaan found out about kosi truth and sanker is the responsible about the baby death and I don’t know the story of kabir but I hope it end soon ?This serial make me angry every day I think I will stop reading the update until this serial have a happy end like kosi die kabir marry sanker and thahaan back together when this day will come ???the writer test our patience ? ?

  10. Pooja prabha I loved it wen you say kabir to shoot Shankar that wud be awesome. She’s physco needs behaan or someone to put her in place. I would love to see thahaan back together as the story is losing its plot and going haywire and that Shankar and kosi’s head needs cracking up. Tapki always supported behaan and trusted him so why can’t he. I miss thahaan closeness and romantic scene.

    1. Has everyone forgotten that Thapki also betrayed and lied to Bihaan, he was heartbroken when he found that she lied about giving him another chance. She has also used and hurt him deeply before. Also John just disappeared she helped him so she could have called him to help her exposing Kosi and naman

  11. stupid serial….again a new enemy for bihu….vasu g….uff…..bihaan u must die now to to get rid of such nonsense people….vasu was a clever women in the strt of this show….but now she is also behaving like a dumb women like thapki….thapki is jxt angry on bihu….wht rubish….all pandey nivas this vasu mdm also did nt belive on her but thapki always points on bihn…..shame on her…

  12. I hate this sankara… She dont have trust on Bihaan and wants him at any cost.. Cheap lady… Let sankara die instead of thapki… Then the misunderstandings will be cleared..

  13. That is not good! I hate Sanker rid of thapki.

  14. I am happy vasu knows now and is a support for thapki.
    But why did sankar have to know the truth…she kills me looking and acting so sweet innocent..but she is no better than a pr*stitute..I never liked her knew she is a evil person..?????

  15. Yeah stupid and i dont like thapki serial any more..bye

  16. Seriously..this is crap…how can villains always be there at right timing to hear and distrupt plans by good people..all the time..irs just ridiculars….just talk straight to Bihaan..clear the misunderstanding..and let Bihaan save Tapki not Kabir..dont drag..and thanks for bringing Pandey family in earlier episode..

  17. this plot does not educate and bring bad influence for watching …how come the evil one always win and the good one become so stupid always take their own conclusions without first investigating the truth …? It’s ridiculous!!!

  18. thapki and vasu ma supposed to investigates the truth first before making their own conclusion..poor bihan always be the bad guy in their eyes!!

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