Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan getting shocked seeing Thapki in quicksand. She asks him to help. He gets a tree bark and asks her to hold this, he will pull her. He asks her to try and hold this. She says she can’t hold it and sinks inside the quicksand. He shouts Thapki. Vasundara asks where did Shraddha go, its raining. Dadi says its not bad sign, I m afraid. Vasundara says nothing will happen. Dhruv tries calling Shraddha and says he called her, but her phone is not reachable, don’t know where she went.

Shraddha comes and says I m here. Vasundara asks is she fine, you got wet. Shraddha says I m fine. Dadi asks where did she go without telling anyone. Shraddha says I was afraid seeing honey bees, so I went to temple to pray for my family. Vasundara says we will start mehendi. Dhruv

says let everyone come, where are Thapki and Dhruv. Kiran says I have gone to their room, they are not at home, they went out. Bau ji asks Ashwin to go and see. Vasundara says no need to see, we will do mehendi ritual. Dhruv worries.

Bihaan jumps in the quicksand and brings Thapki out. He holds the tree bark. Thapki opens her eyes and sees him. it rains and they have an eyelock. Music plays…………. Bihaan and Thapki come out of the quicksand.

Aditi is worried to deal with Diwakar. Diwakar says he was eager, no one can stop him today, he wished there was red wine. She says main ritual is still pending, I will come out. She goes. He says either your truth will come out, or he will be glad. Bihaan asks Thapki did she not see the board. She says there was no board. He asks did she not see quicksand. She asks why is he scolding, she went there to get herb for his wound. He says I told you I will be fine, what was need to get herb. She says she would have died. He stops her from saying it and says nothing will happen to you, Lord would have helped you, we have to go home and expose Shraddha, we have to say she has run away with her boyfriend.

Shraddha gets mehendi applied and thinks she will get Dhruv’s name and this house in her hands. Thapki and Bihaan come there and get shocked. Shraddha sees them and acts, saying she is missing Thapki and Bihaan. Shraddha warns them and says they will regret a lot, if they try to stop them. Bau ji asks them to change, as they will get ill by wet clothes.

Aditi gets the milk for Diwakar. He says great, and drinks it. Aditi smiles. He asks for a kiss and gets close. He gets headache and falls asleep. She recalls she has added tablet in milk and says she will now delete the pics from his phone now, so that this drama ends. She does not get pics as phone is password protected. She thinks she has to continue this drama till she gets pics.

Thapki sees Vasundara doing arrangements. She recalls Shraddha’s words and cries. She says this marriage can’t happen, I have to do something, just one way left now. She goes to Dhruv. Dhruv recalls Thapki and gets sad. He sees her and thinks he knew she will come to stop this marriage. He asks did she have any work. She says yes, I had to say something. He asks her to say. She asks him not to marry Shraddha. He gets glad and says I knew you will stop this marriage. She says Shraddha is not a nice girl. Please refuse for this marriage. He asks is this the only reason. She says yes, I would have not stopped you if Shraddha was nice girl, don’t misunderstand me, just refuse, I will tell everyone you don’t want to marry. He stops her and gets teary eyed. He says this marriage won’t stop.

Dhruv asks her to get proof against Shraddha, else Lord can also not stop this marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sunny

    stupid thapki.. how can u hurt dhruv..he is such a nice guy…. feeling really really bad for dhruv….

  2. sunny

    thapki cared for bihan when bees bite him but when dhruv’s hands got burnt while saving thapki and bihan from fire, thapki didnt even care abt him…. how stupid is this… plz writers dont forget that dhruv is also the lead character and u cant kill his character.. after all thapki is in pandey house today because of dhruv..

    • mira

      Who told dat thapki came in pandeys house just bcoz of dhruv????? It was all bcoz of vasundharas plan and bihaans sacrifice…..

    • You idiot its just a serial.. Don’t take it so real.. And BTW thapki looks way better with bhihan than she looked with drive… Your such a big fool

      • Paul

        no way… thapki looks good only with dhruv… and why r u calling anyone fool here???? accept it or not but dhruv is true love of thapki

  3. sunny

    plzz thapki realise dhruv’s love for u,,, think abt him also not only bihaan… how can u forget ur first love just like that

  4. moni

    Luv u tpk…for showing more thahaan scenes…awsome scene d way bihaan was worried for thapki n thapki saying she is alive bcoz of bihaan otherwise she wud hv died n bihaan syping her by putting finger on her lips n says nothing will happen to her…so much love in both of their eyrs…omg!…yodays epi…was thahaan epi….pity for dhruv….but thapki is bihaan’s forever.manish n jiyasa(manyasa) rockzzzz.muaaahhhhhh.:-)

  5. Gajab………………awesome episode.Thapki tried to realize the fact Bihaan is your saviour forever…….what a perfect pair,Thahaan rockssssssssssssss.

  6. Ally

    Nice episode….???
    Today Thapki feels sad when Bihaan scolded her for entering forest without care.!!!!??….is it a positive sign in Thahaan relationship.Druv is not listening Thapki,Now a days he is so adamant.I think this marriage will happen if things go like this.

  7. Brity

    Hey Guys… Dhruv is not like Vasu or selfish or adament or over reacted… He was trusting his love, his Thapki… He had a hope that Thapki still loves him and she want to get rid of fack Marriage with Bihaan…. But he is broken now… He was crying when Thapki said ”If sharddha were good then I won’t stopped you from getting married”… He thought Thapki would stop him cause she wanted to be with him Whole Lifetime… Don’t forget guys,Dhruv is the only one who saved her from every problems before marriage… He didn’t noticed her stammaring… He always inspired her with her qualites…. And Bihaan insulted Thapki when they met first… Can’t Dhruv expect Thapki to stop the marriage?? He had made Thapki confident when she was totally down with her broken marriage with Diwkar… Think it guys!!!!

  8. Jacqueline

    You guys talk at of point by sayn tapki n bihaann…shitttt….nobody realises dhruv. N de pain his passing tru…well this is film..if twas to be kil both tapki n bihaan…

  9. Swathi

    Thapki you understand true love is only with one person…….here you luv Dhruv before the marriage&after……Bihaan. What’s this I hate this story………

  10. anu

    awsum episode nice to see thahaan cuming closer bihan jumped in lake for thapki …..
    thapki and bihaan made for each other best chemistry on screen
    manish nd jigyasa u did it yr glad to see ur chemistry
    luv u both….

  11. sunny

    writers are making thahan pair just to increase TRP. but this is wrong.. Dont neglect dhruv… He is the real hero and always supported Thapki,, and still loves that stupid thapki.. hate thapki and bihan

  12. sunny

    thapki can see bihan’s pain but she cant see dhruv’s pain… what kind of girl is she,, i hate her

  13. sunny

    3 months is already over.. their marriage happened in the first week of September. and now its december

  14. fairy

    nice epi……………..and that 3 months still never end i think that 3 months end on 14 dec because they start that 3 months on 14 sep!!!!

  15. lijiya

    Hello writer have you watch the Malayalam movie. “enn ninte moideen” I know you didn’t watch it.please try to watch it. And understand the value of love. I know without. Dragging serials can’t live.but this type of dragging destroy the value of love.if dhruv is thapki s lover how can she fall in bihan? I don’t know what is the importance of eye locks between bihan and thapki? Pls try to understand thapki.if you have a perfect love you can live without happiness.this is the theory of love .but here same time two lovers I think so,bad thapki.

  16. sunny

    tharuv moments were so awesome in initial episodes.. the scene where dhruv makes thapki wear her anklet,, there was so much of love and feelings… want those moments back,,,,,,,,,

  17. ishu

    wow…ty epi was awesome….i like thahan forever….i knw some people like druv….they also want to see the druvki pair….bt the fate is thapki is only for bihaan…i thik this is real love(life)for her….i believe in destiny….so the destiny chooose her life….
    everyone told that druv love is true and he always support and carring her…..bihaan always torture her….
    bt the realy is bihaan always help.thapki…in him ways…he is not to console her bt he is always to be strong for morethen….he is rockzzzz…..
    and the marriage…v knw its cheeting….bt its only for vasu…she is emotionly blackmail bihaan….bt he always help thapki indirectly….nw thapki is in panday house just only for bihaan….bcz of he save the thapki family from socity….
    thapki love druv in past…..its past…..nw she has no feeling for druv..maybe thapki to reach bihaan its only way of druv…..its destiny….
    nw thapki and bihaan is the superb jodi…..not duruv…..nw thapki and bihaan is also realized ther feelings…oh poor druv….its all of thats vasu’s evill deeds bt their punishment goes to her son only…..
    bt nw i njy the thahaan romantic sceens only…they r made for eachother in future …….im sure….

  18. Shwetha

    I like Bihaan’s acting more than Dhruv’s.Especially that day wen he told about always being sidelined by Vasundara,superb.

  19. Chanda

    Non-sense. Thapki was meant for Dhruv only. No sympathy for Bihan, a cheater and emotionally unstable BOY. There is no excuse of being an orphan: right should always be right and wrong, wrong.
    Writers, try bringing this serial back to life cause at the minute, it’s dying

  20. Swathi

    Most of the Hindi serials are like this.Here the central chara a girl loves one person unexpectedly,but the twist is hide in their wedding another person in that family may be her enemy or other marry her.At first both of them scold each other and last they become find love each other.Its very boring to see such scenes.there is no value for trueLOVE&care.writerji don’t make this story like this bcoz I love THARUV luv Dhruv❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Ks

    Thapkis real love for one an only bihaan..
    every problems bihaan saves thapki.
    at the end of hate is love. After Bihaans entry even is more than druv bihaan saves thapki. Yesterday also.thapki is deserve bihaan more than druv…
    parayan vakukalilla Hindi ariyillalo!;;!!;!!!!

  22. Roji

    Bihan always saves thapki bcz he doesn’t want to come in between bihan and thapki. Dhruv is unlike bihan who came between their sweet love and married his sister-in-law thapki..

  23. sunny

    Bihan always saves thapki because dhruv stays away from them… he doesn’t like to come in between bihan and thapki… dhruv is unlike bihaan who came in between their sweet love and married his sister-in-law thapki

  24. chriz

    Want THAARUV back!!!!!unite them…..hate thaahan………….feeling so sad on dhruv…thapki plz realize his luv fr u…..

  25. ashu

    Thapki should not do like this….it’s really becoming boring as thapki is nearing to bihaan…
    Please change the story….
    Druv lives thapki really…..and real love never fails…..

  26. Anu

    Druv-Shraddha mrge is done i saw in the insta pic of Shraddha
    so enjoy thahaan fans tharuv never unite. But doubt on who mrd Shraddha because insta pic is only Shraddha and vasu???

  27. Deepu

    Y the trp incresae only hppnd with thahaan ..even tharuv fans is online fans is more than thahaan..
    but offline fans of thahaan is more more than tharuv.
    i also support thahaan
    thahaan rocks

  28. Lifnaaa

    wooooowwww suprb THaHaaan Romanceeee Love U thahaaaan…… ummmah….. :-* bIhaaan ur Soooo sweeeeetttttt 🙂 only tHahaaan Rockzzzzz tHahan made 4 each Other…

  29. Deepu

    New spoiler is out
    druv mrd Shraddha….
    ha haaa
    enjoy thahaan fansss
    thahaan only in tpk
    definitely trp will increase sureee

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