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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the family spending entertaining time. They all play a game. Bau ji convinces Vasundara by singing a song for her. Bihaan praises him. Bau ji tells him that its their chance next. Bihaan says shayari and describes Thapki. Dhruv comes and gets angry seeing Bihaan and Thapki. Thapki cries happily. Bihaan says she is no angel or fairy, but she is his Thapki Pyaar Ki. He gives her a pat. Everyone clap. She holds Bihaan’s hand.

She says you are love of me, you are my small world, the thread in which I put relations, you are my eyes innocence and heart’s goodness, I stammer to talk and you don’t stop loving me, this Thapki is of your love. They have an eyelock. Everyone clap. Bihaan wipes her tears. Family smiles.

Dhruv recalls Bihaan’s and Thapki’s words.

She gets angry and throws the juice on Bihaan’s pic. He says Thapki you will be always mine. Suman comes there and asks Dhruv about the sound, did you break this photo frame, but why…. Dhruv says I have tension in office, I m working hard and not getting what I want, its difficult for me, I was taking on phone and hit glass on the frame, sorry, I will get new frame. Suman says fine, but don’t worry, there is always a solution to any difficulty, you think with cool mind. He thanks her. She asks him to take care and goes. He gets angry and says I have one way to make this problem get off my way, sorry Bihaan, you have to die. He cries and says I will get Thapki after Bihaan’s death.

Vasundara tells Suman that she is going to well to do rasam, and inform this to Bihaan. She leaves. Dhruv looks on. Bihaan gets ready to pick Vasundara. He looks for his wallet and keys. Thapki helps him and says I have bike keys and wallet. She gives him a new keychain and says it was whistle. He asks why this whistle. She says whenever you have to call me, whistle and I will come to you. He smiles and says Ghazab. She says I m going now. He whistles and she stops, asking what happened. He holds her and says I will whistle all day as I need you all the time. She smiles and goes. He whistles and says I was just checking. She asks him to go to Maa fast. He leaves.

Dhruv tells Suman that halwa is burning. She says how will I give Vasundara’s message to Bihaan. He says I will inform you, you go. She runs to kitchen. Bihaan comes. Dhruv asks him where was he, Maa is waiting for him and gives wrong well address. Bihaan leaves.

Bihaan comes to the well and thinks where did Vasundara go. He says puja items are here, where is Maa. He gets shocked seeing Vasundara’s saree inside the well and shouts Maa. He takes a bucket’s rope and ties to the tree. He throws his jacket away and ties rope to his waist. He jumps down in the well. He looks for Vasundara. He says Maa is not here, I will go out and see. He climbs up with the help of the rope. Dhruv comes there and says I bought saree like Maa wears, so that Bihaan jumps in the well, see that’s happening.

He gets a cutter and starts cutting the rope. He says I will not let you survive now, you can’t call anyone for help. He says sorry Bihaan and cuts the rope. Bihaan falls down in the well. He shouts for help. Dhruv says now Bihaan won’t be able to tell anyone, they will feel its accident, not murder. Thapki holds the diya and prays for her and Bihaan. Bihaan shouts for help. The diya flickers. Thapki worries and protects the diya flame. Bihaan calls for help.

Thapki asks Vasundara where is Bihaan, he left to reach you. She calls out Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey nice epi

  2. Aami123

    I hate dhruv wen is he gna bcom gud

  3. What actually druv want …only thapki?…not love…..?what he thinks vl thapki goafter him if bihaan dies….?

  4. Aami123

    Thapki will save him

    1. Favour maurice

      I trust thapki so much, shes my role model

  5. Dhruv is so evil…..
    His acting as a villain is excellent.. I saw him in Saavdhan India as a villain who molest and plotting against his own sister in law….

  6. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    Heys guys just check out for the you tube video of thahaan so cute name:thapki cares fir bihaan

  7. Oh my god…… Bohot bura laga bihaan ke liye… Plz thapki bihaan ko bachau

  8. Truelove

    At least we are getting little little thahaan moments. I hope comments starts increasing. Tomorrow’s episode will be awesome when thapki will take bihaan’s care.

  9. Love todays thahaan scene !!! Akhir kar cvs ko thodi budhi mili

  10. Describe Shayari plz. And today thahaan scene ☺☺☺?????????and thanks for fast update amena. And someone plz translate shayari ????

    1. bihaaan: jane kon si duniya se aayi hai,
      masum aankhe, nek dil , or dher sara pyaar layi hai,
      najuk se kandho pe hai dher sare riste, hajaro sapne,
      jiske liye hai zindagi useke sab apne ,
      apni mithi boli se peroti hai har resto k moti ,
      ruk ruk kar bole par phir bhi chup chup sab kuch hai kehti,
      na hai ye hai koi apsara na hai ye koi pari , yeh to hai hai hamari thap….thap…thapki..
      (give her pat) thapki pyaar ki.
      In reply,
      thapki: (hold his hand) is thapki ka pyaar tum ho, chota sa sansaar tum ho,
      jis dhaage me piroti hu riste, mere usi himmat or saath ka dhaga ho tum,
      in aankho ki maasumiyat or dil ki neki tum ho,
      ruk ruk kar bolti hu par tum utena hi pyaar karene se nahi rukte,
      is janam me hi nahi apne har janam me ye thapki…..thapki hai tumhare pyaar ki thapki.

  11. Dhruv has gone completely insane like his wife.

  12. Favour maurice

    Gosh dhruv ure sooo bad, i hate u

  13. dhruv is not a evil.he is very good character.dhruv u kill that bihaan.

      1. Manyasa29

        Ohh ….vinlora ….hiiii ???
        U r back !!!
        Sabse pehle yeh batao ki tumhari tabyet kaisi hai ???
        San bhaii ne kaha tha ki u are ill !!???

      2. Vinlora

        @manyasa29 hi dear….I’m feeling better now. ..fever and headache ke wajah se medicine kha kar bahuth bura haal huva tha mera ?
        Ye kya abhi tak wo sapola mara nahi hai kya??????????????????????

    1. Priyadarshini


    2. Somebody kill that vino, i think she is out of her mind by calling murderer as a good person…

  14. javeria riaz

    oho…yeah kya hua behan ko ana paray ga apnay pyaar ko panay k liayay

  15. thahaan is a ugly name.tharuv is nice name

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Thahaan means tolerate in my sg language. Thahaan can tolerate everything ahhaha. And tharuv reminds me of dhoom 3 😛

    2. Sharuv is even better name?

  16. Can anyone tell me what is the current TRP of TPK…TRP is increasing or decreasing for the current track …pls answer if someone knows here…pls…???….

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Its neutral trp jahnabi neither decrease nor increase, and trp is 1.3

    2. Trp increased by 0.1 so its 1.3 now!

    3. Trp is stuck at 1.3
      It’s neither increasing nor decreasing.

    4. Vinlora

      TRP is 1.3…….it is stable from 3weeks. .

    5. Manyasa29

      I had already replied to ur comment yesterday !!!
      I guess….u did not check it.
      OK…I m saying again …the trp is 1.3 !!
      Neither increasing nor decreasing from 3 weeks…….! ???
      But it was 2.1 in that mask party mahaepisode????.
      Shocking !!?????

  17. Hope thapki saves bihaan

  18. Thnks fr thahaan moments, thy r adorable n cute.nly reason i watch the serial is thm. Jst hate dhruv

  19. RANdomfANCreationz

    this week tpk is better than last week tpk because of thahaan scenes but I still want more when I get fully satisfied only then I will watch it regularly 😛

  20. Good episode

  21. Today epi was ossom but precap was not so but i know thapki will save bihaan. We need more thahaan scenes.

  22. In spoilers, Thapki saves Bihaan when he gets trapped in the well and he whistles and then thapki hears him and finds him. She gets him out and shrub plan fails


    p for pink knife mai p for p(pandey) symbol nahi….. ?????

    again thapki turning to SPY….

    S for sapola aur s for spy (thapki)ke beech ka jung kab katham hoga….????

  24. ,well down tharuv Sr you have to do this act with Bihan when he destroyed your wedding and cheated you.
    I love you so much.

    1. Go marry druv then! And leave thahaan alone ? thapki doesnt love him. Atleast u do

    2. If u like dhurv so much then u only marry that psycho. Why thapki will marry dhurv in case if bihaan died, she is not an idiot like u.

      She would agree to marry diwarker or makkan lal… just to get rid of that Sapola….

      But everyone knows it is never going to happen, thahaan is forever.

      I will give advise to so called tha…….urv fans. Better u guys move out of this show. If u want to watch then better leave the hope of thapola uniting.

  25. Pls stop dhruv’s villain drama… is irritating….we want some more thahaan scenes…….???..

  26. Why no. Of comments decreases these days?Before one month no. Of comments often crosses 100……?….I hope it will increase soon…?

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